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Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the black dot in the void slowly expanded until it was the size of a baby’s fist. From this black dot, the aura of a Universe World spread out!

Yang Kai raised his brow, finally understanding why so many people had gathered here.

Xu Wang also called out, “Universe Cave Heaven!”

The black dot that had suddenly appeared in the void was actually a door leading to a certain Universe Cave Heaven!

The High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe, transformed from illusory to solid. When the body was destroyed, if the Small Universe did not collapse, there would be a chance to preserve it. The Small Universe World left behind after the death of the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was called the Universe Paradise, while the Eighth Order and Ninth Order were called Universe Cave Heaven.

The vast universe, 3000 Worlds, and countless Great Domains. Any Great Domain could have a Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, but it was just difficult to find one.

However, if one were to say which Great Domain had the largest number of Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven, it would undoubtedly be Shattered Heaven. After all, this was a place where many great masters fought in ancient times and countless High Rank Open Heaven had fallen here.

Many Sects and forces in the world, especially Second Class forces, had teams searching Shattered Heaven all year round, hoping to find that hidden door.

Before Yang Kai came to Shattered Heaven, he had also thought about whether he would be able to discover something by chance, but he had only thought about it for a moment and didn’t have any expectations.

Shattered Heaven had existed for so many years that it was easy for others to discover its existence. Those who weren’t discovered had naturally hidden themselves deeply. Shattered Heaven was so vast that even if Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to obtain anything.

However, he had never imagined that on the way to chase after Blood Crow, he would actually see the door to Universe Cave Heaven!

This was a treasure left behind by an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator after he died, and it contained all the relics of that master. Not to mention a Mid Rank Open Heaven, even a High Rank Open Heaven would be tempted.

Just as Yang Kai was lost in thought, the black dot expanded to the size of a palm, and in front of everyone’s eyes, the entrance to the Universe Cave Heaven suddenly closed and disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Yang Kai and Xu Wang both wore shocked expressions.

The burly man who had been questioned by Yang Kai just now had been staring at the door with great anticipation, his whole body seemingly ready to charge in at any moment, but now that the door had suddenly disappeared, the burly man couldn’t help sighing and cursing.

Listening to the meaning behind his words, it seemed that this situation had occurred more than once, but each time, the door had not fully opened.

Yang Kai finally understood why this place had attracted so many people.

It was obvious that for some unknown reason, this Universe Cave Heaven's door was about to open, but it was unable to open completely at once, causing the news to spread and Open Heaven Stage cultivators to gradually gather. All of them were waiting for the moment when the door would completely open before entering and plundering.

“If Junior Brother takes action, can you forcefully open it?” Xu Wang secretly asked.

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before nodding, “It will take some effort.”

Xu Wang raised his brow, “Junior Brother is amazing!”

Yang Kai looked at him and asked, “Does Senior Brother Xu know me?”

These words were somewhat strange. After all, the two of them had just parted ways outside of the Astral Wind Divine Ability and had even exchanged their names, but Xu Wang knew what he was asking.

With a faint smile, he said, “When I first heard Junior Brother’s name, I found it somewhat familiar, but after seeing Junior Brother’s methods, I finally remembered that during the Yin-Yang Heaven Dao Exchange, there was a man who caused several Cave Heaven Paradise to be covered in dust, even killing a core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise.”

“A few years ago, news of the World Tree in High Heaven Territory’s Star Boundary spread like wildfire. Although this Xu doesn’t really care about the outside world, he has heard a bit about it. If that’s all there is to it, then it’s fine. There are billions of living beings in this world, and there are no lack of people with the same name. However, with a cultivation of the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, even an old monster like Blood Crow, who has been reincarnated, is no match for him. If I still can’t figure out who Junior Brother is, then I’d be a fool to call me someone from Bright King Heaven.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Xu Wang was surprised, “Are you really Yang Kai from the Void Land?”

Yang Kai laughed, “Didn’t Senior Brother already guess?”

Xu Wang slapped his forehead and grinned, “I was just making a casual guess, I didn’t expect it to be true.” Suddenly, his eyes burned, “I heard you killed Zuo Quan Hui? Is that true?”

Yang Kai said, “It’s true, but i'm not alone!”

Xu Wang nodded and said, “No matter what method you use, being able to kill a Seventh Order with a Sixth Order is already shocking enough. Uh, since you’re stronger than me, shouldn’t I call you Senior Brother?”

As he said this, Xu Wang’s face became somewhat embarrassed. When he first met Yang Kai, he had regarded himself as a Senior Brother, since they were both Sixth Order, other than those who also came from various Cave Heaven Paradise, it was impossible for anyone else to be his opponent. Now that he knew that Yang Kai was the Yang Kai, it was too embarrassing to call him Senior Brother.

Yang Kai smiled, “In terms of age, Senior Brother Xu is definitely older.”

Xu Wang rolled his eyes, “Just say that my aptitude isn’t as good as yours!” He was also a person who could take things lying down. Yang Kai didn’t care about what they call each other, so he naturally didn’t care.

Xu Wang’s expression became solemn as he stared at the spot where the door had once appeared and asked, “I wonder which Senior left behind this Universe Cave Heaven. Does Junior Brother want to open it?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “With so many people watching, if we act rashly, it’s very likely we’ll incur public wrath, so it’s best to wait and see. What’s more, I don’t know where Blood Crow is hiding. If he takes advantage of this opportunity to launch a sneak attack, the situation will not be good.”

Xu Wang nodded in agreement.

The two of them waited silently.

A few days later, the door appeared again. The last time it had expanded to the size of a palm, it had suddenly disappeared, but this time it had expanded to the size of a washbasin.

Yang Kai didn’t know how many times this door had appeared, but from the looks of it, it was getting bigger each time. The reason why the people gathered here didn’t move was because the door wasn’t big enough for them to pass through, and if they tried to force their way through it, it would likely lead to unpredictable consequences.

However, according to this situation, there would at most be two more times before the door could be opened and a fierce battle would break out.

The Blood Crow was hiding here, not moving or revealing his aura, obviously trying to take advantage of this opportunity to escape Yang Kai’s pursuit.

How could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? This guy’s vitality was so tenacious that Yang Kai had already experienced it. If he couldn’t kill him this time, it would be difficult to kill him after he recovered.

Although the two of them had some grudges, Blood Crow was the one who suffered the most. If Yang Kai hadn’t ruined his plans back then, Blood Crow would have already successfully refined the Blood Monster Divine Palace and occupied it. At that time, with the resources stored in the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven as the backbone, he would be able to slowly restore his strength. Naturally, it would be better than wandering about in Shattered Heaven.

From Yang Kai’s perspective, there was no need to fight him to the death.

However, Yang Kai had set his sights on the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture!

He had also comprehended a few Blood Shine Scripture’s inscriptions in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so he was well aware of how profound and powerful this Secret Art was. Unfortunately, these inscriptions were not complete, so he was unable to see the full essence of this Secret Art.

The Blood Shine Scripture was a Blood Dao cultivation technique, and if one could comprehend it, it would be greatly beneficial to his Dragon Race bloodline! Not only would he benefit from it, but the Dragon Race in the Void Land would also benefit from it, and even the other Holy Spirits would be able to find a way out of this cultivation technique!

Similar to Zhu Jiu Yin, the path of pure Holy Spirit Cultivation was different from that of a cultivator. The path of a Holy Spirit Cultivation was always to improve one’s bloodline, the stronger one’s bloodline was, the stronger one’s strength would be.

To the Holy Spirits of the Void Land, the Blood Shine Scripture would be of great help even if it wasn’t a key to unlocking their bloodline shackles.

As such, if he could capture Blood Crow, Yang Kai would not hesitate to take action. Unfortunately, this guy ability to preserve his life and escape was top-notch, not weaker than his own, causing his previous efforts to fall short.

After a few days, the door opened again, and it was obviously larger than before.

From the looks of it, the situation was just as Yang Kai had predicted. If there was a next time, the door would allow cultivators to pass through.

He wasn’t the only one who had thought of this. The many Open Heaven Stage cultivators gathered here had also thought of this, so the several hundred people who had gathered here in harmony suddenly felt like they were ready to fight at any moment, as if a storm was approaching. All of them were silently circulating their strength, waiting for the next door to open before rushing in to take a look at the supreme scenery of the Universe Cave Heaven.

As time passed, the atmosphere became more tense, and from time to time, people would turn their heads to look around vigilantly.

At a certain moment, a group of five or six people suddenly stepped forward and directly arrived at the place where the door was opened.

Xu Wang sneered, “Ignorant fool!”

These people suddenly acting like this obviously wanted to take advantage of the situation, but although these people seemed to be quite strong, with so many Open Heaven Stage cultivators present, how could they allow them to act like this? If they were not careful, they would provoke public anger and be eliminated early.

However, just as Xu Wang’s voice fell, three more groups of people suddenly appeared from all directions. There were many, some were two, and some were seven or eight.

In an instant, more than thirty people had gathered around the opening of the gate.

These people seemed to have come to a consensus and formed a circle around the opening of the gate. In the next moment, they all activated their auras.

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly, even Xu Wang’s expression became serious.

Because among the thirty or so people, seven of them were Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage! Although the rest were not Sixth Order, all of them were Fifth Order.

These people obviously didn’t come from the same force, at least five or six of them. They all knew each other and secretly came to an agreement to help each other. If they didn’t take action, it would be fine, but if they did, they would gain an absolute advantage, causing the remaining people to be quite wary.


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