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The rumoured Blood Servants were nowhere to be seen, and the Blood Crow Divine Monarch himself seemed to have suffered heavy injuries. It was obvious that he had fought a great battle with some powerful master, otherwise with his methods, how could he have displayed such a display just now?

In a flash, the old man in the lead decisively declared, “He’s injured, let’s attack together!”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to escape, but facing such a fierce character, if he really tried to escape, he would only have a slim chance of survival. On the contrary, if the three of them worked together, they might have a chance of survival.

At his peak, Blood Crow Divine Monarch were naturally not their opponent, but a heavily wounded Blood Crow might not have the mood to fight with them.

It had to be said that the old man’s personality was extremely decisive. Compared to when he was young, he was also someone who dared to fight, so when he shouted, he was the first to attack Blood Crow.

The woman’s reaction was half a beat slower, but she quickly caught up and released a dazzling Divine Ability.

On the other hand, the other man who was still alive had a look of horror on his face as he turned around and fled without even hearing the old man’s words!

Blood Crow's figure remained motionless, allowing the two Divine Abilities to land on his body, his lower body transforming into a bloody mist as he cackled, “If the four of you had attacked together just now, this King might have really suffered a miserable defeat, but now… two mere Fifth Order dare act so presumptuously in front of this King?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the blood cloud beneath him surged towards the old man and the woman.

The woman cried out in alarm and the old man panicked. Although he tried his best to resist, he was still unable to escape this fate and was instantly enveloped by the blood cloud.

A moment later, the blood cloud returned to the Blood Crow’s body, and the old man and the woman’s figures were nowhere to be seen. Even their clothes had been completely corroded, leaving only two Space Rings that seemed to have been baptized by wind and frost.

Blood Crow's face became more rosy as he licked his lips and whispered, “Not enough, not enough!”

Looking towards the direction of the fleeing man, he turned into a streak of light and chased after him.

A moment later, the man was blocked by Blood Crow. His face was as pale as paper as he knelt down and kowtowed, “Divine Monarch, please spare me, please spare me!”

Blood Crow chuckled softly, “But this King is very hungry. If I let you off, what will happen to me?”

The man was shocked at first, but quickly recovered and shouted, “If Divine Monarch wants to supplement his strength, I know a place where there are many people. Divine Monarch can go there!”

Blood Crow raised his brow, “Oh?”

The man quickly explained the situation to Blood Crow before carefully turning to Blood Crow, “This lowly one is willing to submit to the Divine Monarch and will follow the Divine Monarch's lead in the future!”

Blood Crow nodded slightly, “You’re too kind.”

The man carefully looked at Blood Crow with a flattering smile.

“Since you’re so sincere, then merge with this King. This King will grant you eternal life!” A faint red mist spread out like two long rivers wrapping around the man.

With a scream, everything returned to normal.

Blood Crow took back the blood mist and stabilized his chaotic aura. The several Sixth Blood Servant he had painstakingly cultivated over the past few decades had all died in battle. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s relentless pursuit, he wouldn’t have minded taking in another Blood Servant and cultivating it well. Presumably, it wouldn’t take long for it to reach the Sixth Order and become his capable assistant.

However, Yang Kai was like a maggot clinging to his bones, unable to escape. He himself was in desperate need of restoring his strength, so how could he waste time talking nonsense with a mere Fifth Order?

Turning his head, he looked towards a certain spot in the sky. According to what the man had said before he died, there were many Open Heaven Stage cultivators gathered in that direction, as if they had discovered something important.

The four of them had originally been investigating this place, but unfortunately, they had encountered a group of enemies, and their strength was inferior, so they had no choice but to retreat.

They had never imagined that they would encounter Blood Crow Divine Monarch here and be completely wiped out.

Blood Crow wasn’t very interested in what this group of people discovered, he was more interested in them. Those Open Heaven Stage cultivators were all delicious delicacies to him!

Of course, if he could take advantage of this opportunity to obtain what they discovered, Blood Crow wouldn’t mind.

His figure flickered as he transformed into a streak of light and disappeared.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai flew over and landed on Shattered Spirit Province. After checking his surroundings, he frowned slightly.

He could feel traces of a Blood Dao Secret Art being used here, so it was obvious that Blood Crow had been here for a short time. He didn’t know who was so unlucky to have encountered him, but the outcome was obvious.

Along the way, Yang Kai had almost lost track of Blood Crow, but since he had found traces of the Blood Dao Secret Art here, it meant that he was chasing in the right direction.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai flew deeper into the void.

A few hours later, the scene that entered Yang Kai’s eyes caused him to be slightly surprised.

At a certain point in the void, there were only a few figures or at least two hundred Open Heaven Stage cultivators gathered in groups of three or five. These people were spread out in a radius of several dozen kilometers, seemingly doing something.

However, Yang Kai felt a faint trace of Blood Dao aura here.

The Blood Crow was here!

If it had been anyone else, they might not have been able to sense it, but Yang Kai had been constantly chasing after this bitch and had fought several battles with him, so his perception of the Blood Dao aura was extremely sharp.

Even if Blood Crow was deliberately suppressing it, how could he hide from him?

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the crowd and a sneer appeared on his face. Was he trying to disappear in the crowd so he couldn’t investigate?

It had to be said that Blood Crow's actions were extremely bold and effective.

Because when Yang Kai swept his eyes over the two hundred Open HEaven Stage cultivators, he couldn’t find any trace of Blood Crow! On the contrary, his arrival had attracted the attention of many people, and a few obscure Divine Senses even swept past him.

In this life, Blood Crow Divine Monarch had not only accumulated many experiences and methods from his previous life, but he had also comprehended the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture that originally belonged to Blood Monster Divine Monarch. It was said that when this Blood Shine Scripture was cultivated to the extreme, it could allow one to revive from a single drop of blood, allowing one to obtain an indestructible body. Yang Kai had also personally witnessed many methods to escape, and these methods were truly endless, so his concealment methods were definitely not bad.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s eyes landed on a white-robed young man and his brow wrinkled slightly.

The young man’s face was filled with undisguised disgust and disdain.

As their eyes met, it was as if they had a blood feud.

Yang Kai remembered this person. After sending Wu Kuang away in the Shattered HEaven Star City, he had seen this white-robed young man when he was looking down from the second story window.

At that time, Yang Kai had felt an inexplicable sense of rejection. At that time, he thought it was because he was affected by his state of mind, but the second time they met, it was still the same.

The young man was accompanied by a young girl who looked like a maidservant. Standing behind the young man, she bared her fangs at Yang Kai like a vicious tiger.

Yang Kai retracted his gaze, unable to understand why he felt so repulsed and hostile towards a stranger.

Calming himself down, Yang Kai walked towards a nearby Open Heaven Stage and asked with a smile, “Brother, what is everyone gathered here for?”

More than two hundred Open Heaven Stage masters had gathered here, so it was obvious that something big was about to happen. However, Yang Kai had come here to observe for a while but hadn’t seen anything, so he couldn’t help feeling puzzled.

The aura of the person who was being questioned wasn’t obvious, and it was unknown what grade of Open Heaven Stage he was. From the looks of it, he was a burly man who was staring at a certain spot in the sky with his eyes wide open. After being interrupted by Yang Kai, he immediately shot him a displeased glance, “Just wait and see, why ask so many questions?”

Yang Kai sniffed.

The burly man didn’t use his strength and his aura wasn’t obvious, so Yang Kai couldn’t tell his opponent’s grade. However, he had rushed over just now with his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage aura.

Facing a mere Sixth Order, the burly man still dared to act so arrogantly. Obviously, he was also a Sixth Order, or else he wouldn’t have such confidence.

And the Open Heaven Stage here was obviously not limited to the burly man alone!

Yang Kai became more curious. What kind of treasure was here that could attract so many Open Heaven Stage cultivators’ attention?

For a time, Yang Kai couldn’t find the Blood Crow, nor could he ask about the two hundred or so people in front of him, so he simply sat down cross-legged and observed the situation!

Over the past few days, there had been no movement, but the number of more than two hundred people had suddenly increased to three hundred. These past few days, many Open Heaven Stage cultivators had rushed over from all directions, undoubtedly having received some kind of news. Many of them wore excited expressions, obviously anticipating something.

Yang Kai couldn’t help clicking his tongue in amazement. He had long heard that there were many Open Heaven Stage cultivators in Shattered Heaven, but he had not encountered many of them on his way to the Astral Wind Divine Ability, so he thought the rumors were exaggerated.

Now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he knew it was true, but Shattered Heaven was too big, so it was difficult for him to meet anyone on his own.

A few days later, a stream of light flew over from afar. Feeling this familiar aura, Yang Kai immediately turned his head.

The newcomer paused for a moment and also saw Yang Kai. In a flash, he appeared beside him.

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

This person was none other than Bright King Heaven’s Xu Wang. This fellow had needed to recuperate after the Blood Crow escaped, so he had allowed Yang Kai to leave first before he arrived.

However, Yang Kai had chased after Blood Crow Divine Monarch for many tens of thousands of kilometers, but it was still difficult for him to catch up.

Xu Wang let out a sigh and looked around curiously, “What are so many people doing here?”

Yang Kai shook his head and smiled bitterly, “I don’t know.”

Xu Wang was stunned, “What are you doing here?”

“Blood Crow is here!”

“En?” Xu Wang’s brow rose as he recalled the great loss he had suffered at the hands of Blood Crow. His face filled with anger, he began to search around aggressively.

“I can’t find him, I don’t know what method he used to conceal himself, only a faint aura is leaking out.”

“Then what should we do?” Xu Wang frowned, knowing that Blood Crow was here but unable to find any trace of him, causing him to be quite annoyed.

“Wait!” Yang Kai said lightly, “Wait for him to expose himself.”

Just as Xu Wang was about to speak, a slight fluctuation of the Space Laws suddenly appeared in the void, followed by a bean-sized black dot.

In an instant, the hundreds of Open Heaven Stage cultivators waiting here all became spirited as they stared at the black dot greedily.


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