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Those who were proficient in the Space Laws were adept at escaping, so they were naturally good at chasing. Although Blood Crow had disappeared, if Yang Kai insisted on pursuing him, he could forget about escaping!

Yang Kai didn’t immediately chase after him, instead arriving in front of Xu Wang.

The two wounds on this fellow’s chest and abdomen were bleeding profusely, and his face was slightly pale. On top of that, there was also a dark red blood energy invading his wounds, drilling into his body like a spirit snake, constantly devouring Xu Wang’s blood essence to strengthen itself.

Although Xu Wang tried his best to suppress it, it would definitely take some time to expel this strange blood dao force.

“Junior Brother, chasing after the enemy is more important, don’t worry about me,” Xu Wang raised his head and said.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Senior Brother Xu, be careful.”

Xu Wang grinned at him, “Senior Brother’s skin is thick, he won’t die. You go first, I’ll come later.”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything else and simply chased after the fleeing Blood Crow.

Blood Crow had comprehended the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture and possessed an unfathomable Blood Dao cultivation. Its Blood Dao escape technique was also unparalleled, but in the face of the Space Laws, its speed was somewhat lacking.

Although he had fled for several dozen breaths of time, constantly changing directions to confuse Yang Kai, he was still unable to escape from Yang Kai’s pursuit.

A day later, in the depths of Shattered Heaven, the two of them once again engaged in a great battle!

Blood Crow had lost a battle before and knew that he was not Yang Kai’s opponent, so when he fought again, his momentum was no longer as imposing as it was before. In just half a cup of tea’s time, he had completely fallen into a disadvantageous position and the situation was precarious.

Just as Yang Kai was about to kill him, Blood Crow suddenly clenched his teeth and his figure flickered, transforming into three! Not only was his figure exactly the same, even his aura was the same, each of them holding a pair of butterfly blades!

The three Blood Crows formed a triangle and attacked Yang Kai together.

Yang Kai raised his spear to block the attack and retreated several dozen kilometers. When he looked up again, the three Blood Crows had already transformed into three streaks of light and fled in three different directions.

Not only that, but the three Blood Crows also split into three!

This time, there were nine Blood Crows!

Even with Yang Kai’s vast experience, he couldn’t help frowning as his Divine Sense spread out like a tide, but he was unable to tell which of the nine Blood Crows was real and which was fake!

Blood Crow's Secret Technique was truly astonishing. The Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture is truly profound!

Without wasting too much time, Yang Kai raised his spear and chased after the nearest Blood Crow. Since he couldn’t tell if it was real or fake, he would kill all nine Blood Crows!

Another round of pursuit ensued.

A month later, eight Blood Crows had all died under Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear, leaving only one of them still fleeing.

Yang Kai didn’t think that his luck was that bad. Killing Eight out ofr Nine had actually given Blood Crow a chance to survive. He could only guess that the Secret Techniques to transform into nine body, all of them were real and fake at the same time.

In other words, as long as one of the nine Blood Crows was still alive, he would not die!

After another five days, Yang Kai finally caught up to the last Blood Crow. After a fierce battle, the Blood Crow was unable to fight back, and at the critical moment of life and death, its body exploded, transforming into blood-colored crows that flew in all directions. Although Yang Kai tried his best to kill it, it was still difficult for him to stop their escape!

Even though Yang Kai had the absolute upper hand, he couldn’t help sighing. Blood Crow's life-saving methods were truly endless, broadening his horizons. He was definitely the most difficult person to kill!

The void was silent. Above a Shattered Spirit Province, Blood Crow's face was filled with anger as he swallowed a Open Heaven Pill to replenish his consumption.

In both his previous life and this life, he had never been so miserable.

He had also been pursued by a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master before, but even that Seventh Order master from the Myriad Demons Heaven had not been able to force him to such a state.

However, Yang Kai, who was only a Sixth Order, had shown him the true meaning of life!

Although the Blood Dao was extraordinary, the Space Dao was even more profound, Blood Crow couldn’t help feeling a sense of helplessness when facing someone who was proficient in the Space Dao.

He secretly rejoiced that the Myriad Demons Heaven Seventh Order master who had chased after him was not proficient in Space Laws, otherwise how could he have survived?

After fleeing for a long time, Blood Crow had used several Secret Techniques which had consumed a great deal of his strength, allowing him to barely survive. At this moment, Blood Crow's aura was low and his strength was less than fifty percent of his peak!

Several streaks of light suddenly appeared in his vision and flew towards him.

Blood Crow had been chased by Yang Kai recently and had become a frightened bird. As soon as he saw this streak of light, his heart trembled and he instinctively tried to escape.

However, upon closer inspection, he discovered that it was not Yang Kai, but several cultivators who had come to Shattered Heaven together.

Although there weren’t many people in Shattered Heaven’s depths, there were definitely some, especially those who came from second class forces.

Because this place had once been the place where many ancient masters and supreme masters had fought to the death, countless High Rank Open Heaven masters had fallen here. Not to mention the treasures they had left behind after their deaths, even the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise were not few in number.

However, these were originally High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe World that had been transformed into Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise after their deaths, so their entrances were extremely hidden.

The Shadowless Cave Heaven that Yang Kai had once entered was one of them!

A Second Class Force could not compare to the top of the 3000 Worlds, so the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven hidden in the Shattered Heaven were naturally extremely attractive to them!

If they could find an entrance, they would be able to monopolize the resources of the Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven, the inheritance of a High Rank Open Heaven!

Since ancient times, there had been many Sects who had benefited greatly from Shattered Heaven, allowing their Sect’s strength to soar!

As such, many Second Class Sects in the 3000 Worlds had sent their masters to Shattered Heaven to explore this place for years in hopes of obtaining some harvest.

The opening of Blood Monster Cave Heaven could attract the attention of the 3000 Worlds, and many Cave Heaven Paradise would allow their disciples to enter them to gain experience, not to mention the wealth hidden in this Shattered Heaven.

At this moment, the number of cultivators who were flying towards Blood Crow were all cultivators from some Second Class Force. There were a total of four Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, three men and one woman.

Blood Crow had been chased by Yang Kai all this time, so he had been extremely careful in concealing his aura. On top of that, he was also a Sixth Order Open HEaven Stage cultivator, so when the four of them flew over, they didn’t notice him at all.

After landing, the four of them saw Blood Crow, whose face was as pale as paper. Shattered Spirit Province wasn’t big, only a dozen or so kilometers in radius, so it was difficult to not see it.

The four of them were slightly shocked, and the old man in the lead stared vigilantly at the Blood Crow. Shattered Heaven is a lawless place, and in this place, no matter what one’s background was, strength was the most important thing. Every year, disciples from various Cave Heaven Paradise would die here, and even if the Cave Heaven Paradise behind them wanted to avenge their disciples, they had no way to find out who had killed them.

In such a place, those who dared to act alone were naturally not mediocre.

The timely look of panic on Blood Crow's face caused the vigilant four to calm down!

A middle-aged men’s eyes among the four flickered as he smiled and walked towards Blood Crow, asking warmly, “Is this friend injured?”

Blood Crow, who was sitting cross-legged, tensed up and nodded imperceptibly.

The middle-aged man’s smile became even more warm, “Friend, don’t panic, this one is Si Deye, an expert in healing. If you don’t mind, I can help you take a look.”

Even so, Si Deye didn’t care if Blood Crow minded or not, reaching out to grab his wrist.

Seemingly unable to resist, Blood Crow was caught by Si Deye. In the next moment, Si Deye’s figure suddenly froze in place as a bloody mist rushed towards him and entered his seven orifices.

The corner of Blood Crow's mouth curled up, but he didn’t move an inch, letting out a comfortable sound as if he was drinking cold water.

The other three people naturally saw what Si Deye was planning, but they didn’t try to stop him. As someone who had just arrived in Shattered Heaven, perhaps they still had the principle of not attacking others unless they were attacked, but as long as they stayed here for a long time, it was obvious that human nature could be distorted. Killing and robbing was a common occurrence!

Si Deye’s back was facing the three of them and the bloody mist was also blocked by his figure, so the three of them didn’t notice it at all.

After a while, seeing Si Deye not make a single sound, even his body was stiff, the only woman finally noticed that something was wrong and frowned slightly, softly calling out, “Senior Brother Si?”

Si Deye didn’t answer.

The expression of the old man in the lead turned cold as his killing intent suddenly erupted, “Something’s wrong!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a strange cackling sound rang out, as if a crow was whispering in his ear. Si Deye’s burly figure was suddenly covered in a layer of dark red blood mist, and soon after, he was reduced to a pool of blood, his clothes quickly corroded by the blood.

The pale-faced man slowly stood up at this moment, his robes fluttering in the wind as the aura of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was revealed.

He suddenly opened his mouth and sucked in a mouthful of blood before swallowing it whole. His pale face quickly regained some color as he licked his lips and let out a long sigh, “I’ve finally recovered some Yuan Qi!”

The expression of the old man in the lead changed drastically as he blurted out a name that caused the other two to tremble, “Blood Crow Divine Monarch!”

The cultivators who lived in Shattered Heaven naturally heard of the name Blood Crow Divine Monarch. Over the years, countless cultivators had been killed by him, and it was rumoured that he was proficient in the Blood Dao. Those who were targeted by him were all refined into blood and used as supplements.

How could these people have imagined that they would suddenly encounter such a great demon in Shattered Spirit Province!

What was even more surprising to them was that this notorious great demon was actually showing weakness to his enemies, deliberately luring one of them to attack and refine him!

It was rumoured that Blood Crow Divine Monarch had several Blood Servants around him all year round, each of them at the Sixth Order. Any one of them would not be a match for them, so why was it that none of them had appeared?


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