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However, based on Yang Kai’s previous performance, this strange technique was not something that could be casually used, otherwise Yang Kai would have been able to destroy him in the first instant and there would have been no need to wait half a cup of tea time.

Thinking about it, the method to directly attack the Small Universe World was quite profound and naturally required a long time to accumulate strength, which was quite consistent with some of the secrets he knew.

Thinking up to this point, Blood Crow grinned maliciously, “There’s a road to heaven you don’t want to walk, but there’s no door to hell you want to walk through. Boy, let’s settle all our grievances today!”

Yang Kai raised his spear and pointed it towards him, “I have the same idea!”

This trip to Shattered Heaven was for the sake of Wind Spirit. Now that his goal had been achieved, all that was left was to temper himself. Blood Crow's escape from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had something to do with him, so he naturally wanted to bear the consequences.

By the time he finished speaking, Yang Kai had already thrust his spear forward.

Although Blood Crow and Yang Kai were both Sixth Order, Yang Kai didn’t treat this old monster who had taken over a body and was reborn with ease, thinking that he could easily kill him. If he really had such thoughts, he would be the one to suffer.

Who knew how many trump cards this old monster, who originally had an Eighth ORder Open Heaven Stage cultivation, had? Back in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Yang Kai had personally experienced them.

Facing this aggressive spear, Blood Crow's ferocity seemed to have been stimulated. His hands clenched slightly and a pair of butterfly blades appeared in his hands. As the world’s power surged, the two blades suddenly released a dazzling light that was a thousand zhang long, illuminating the void like the wings of a dancing butterfly.

He raised his dual blade and crossed them into a cross, pressing them against the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear and pressing down, suppressing Yang Kai’s sharpness and momentum. Taking advantage of this momentum, his dual blade slashed forward, wanting to chop off Yang Kai's head.

Yang Kai’s figure flew backwards as a dazzling blade light brushed past his forehead, his long spear slashing out, slashing towards the Blood Crow’s chest.

As Blood Crow's figure flew back like a ghost, the blade in his right hand slashed towards Yang Kai’s head.

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and thrust his spear towards the Blood Crow’s throat.

World Force collided and a shockwave visible to the naked eye spread out. A few strands of Yang Kai’s black hair were cut off and a bright red spot appeared on Blood Crow's throat.

In less than three breaths of time, the two of them had each taken a trip to the gates of hell, a testament to the level of danger they were in.

The two of them didn’t even have time to catch their breath, as if they were connected by telepathy.

In a fight between Open Heaven Stage masters, it was a competition of the strength of their respective Small Universe, the strength of the World Force they could utilize, the more powerful their World Force was, the greater their advantage. Many Divine Abilities, Secret Arts, and Battle Techniques were just icing on the cake.

However, for example, Yang Kai and Blood Crow, an open Heaven Stage where both sides were using their artifacts to engage in close combat was still rare, but it was even more dangerous. If they were not careful, they would lose everything.

Blood Crow didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so fierce, nor did Yang Kai expect Blood Crow's combat experience to be so rich. Every time the butterfly blades struck, it was like a stroke of genius, so even if he used his Great Unrestrained Spear Technique to neutralize them, it was still a situation where both sides lose.

For a time, the two sides were evenly matched.

Xu Wang’s blood boiled as he watched this. As a cultivator from Bright King Heaven, he admired this kind of straightforward fighting style the most. Competing in Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques was not Bright King Heaven’s strong point. Their physical bodies were the most powerful artifacts, and each of their punches and kicks had the ability to split the world.

The scene of the battle in front of him was undoubtedly very much to his liking, and in an instant, he was filled with fighting spirit. However, before he could step forward to help, the two remaining Blood Servants surrounded him, obviously not intending to let him join forces with Yang Kai to fight two against one.

Xu Wang had no choice but to fight.

If he had been at his peak, these two Blood Servants, who had broken through to the Sixth Order due to their Evil Art and unstable foundations, would naturally not have been worthy of his attention. However, after suffering a great loss at the hands of the Blood Crow and being trapped for so many days, his current cultivation was not even seventy percent of his peak. Facing these two Blood Servants, he felt somewhat restrained, but at least he could maintain the situation.

On the other side, the more Blood Crow fought, the more shocked he became!

When Yang Kai had killed the two Blood Servants with a flick of his finger, he had felt that this little brat’s Small Universe's foundation was not small, but he was confident in his Eighth Order Open Heaven foundation and had even managed to escape from the hands of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage many times, so he didn’t pay much attention to Yang Kai, who was also a Sixth Order.

It wasn’t until they fought that he realized this boy was a monster.

Amongst the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, he had never seen anyone with such a deep foundation. Every time the World Force collided, he would always be at a disadvantage. Once or twice was fine, but each time, it was enough to cause his Small Universe to tremble.

What surprised him even more was Yang Kai’s unpredictable spear technique. The long spear in his hand seemed to be able to take his life, and even his exquisite battle skill was unable to gain any advantage.

His foundation was not as solid as his opponent’s, and his battle skill was also unable to gain the upper hand. The two Blood Servantss had to restrain Xu Wang, and it was impossible for him to deal with Yang Kai alone.

With this thought in mind, Blood Crow began to retreat.

The only reason he had been able to live for so many years and even find an opportunity to reincarnate after being suppressed was because he knew how to judge the situation.

Towards an invincible enemy, one absolutely could not easily provoke them. Those newborn calves who were not afraid of tigers generally died miserably.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Blood Crow still felt that Yang Kai was an invincible existence among the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. If a High Rank Open Heaven didn’t appear, who could stop him?

Without waiting for him to retreat, Yang Kai once again found an opportunity to find the ethereal Qi and activate his Secret Technique.

In an instant, Blood Crow felt as if his Small Universe had been violently shaken, and the vast territory of the small universe world began to shake violently.

This unreasonable method again! Blood Crow grit his teeth, forcefully suppressing the surging blood in his heart and suppressing the Small Universe turbulence.

In his field of vision, a great sun suddenly appeared and a Golden Crow’s cry rang out in his mind. Inside this great sun, three-legged strange birds were frolicking about.

The void lit up! Blood Crow's face was filled with horror.

Yang Kai’s face was expressionless as he swung his spear towards the Blood Crow. The timing was just right, it was the moment when the Blood Crow’s Small Universe was unable to resist.

At the beginning, Yang Kai didn’t use this Divine Ability Manifestation to attack the blood cloud because he was worried that Xu Wang would be trapped inside. If he really did attack, it might implicate him, but later on, it was useless and he couldn’t find a suitable opportunity. Although the Golden Crow Sun Casting was powerful, if he couldn’t hit him, it would be useless.

After the Ox Beating Technique, and the Golden Crow Sun Casting. No matter how powerful the Blood Crow was, he was unable to escape and could only resist.

Sure enough, facing this Divine Ability Manifestation that was comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven's shot, Blood Crow roared and instinctively pushed his two blades forward.

However, it was useless!

When the great sun burst, Yang Kai vaguely heard a miserable scream as the Blood Crow also exploded into a bloody mist!

The dazzling light gradually faded, but Yang Kai didn’t feel the slightest joy after succeeding. His eyes suddenly became cold as he turned his head towards Xu Wang.

Of the two Blood Servants that had been attacking Xu Wang, one of them had suddenly become Blood Crow.

“Substitute!” Yang Kai shouted.

The Golden Crow Sun Casting did not return empty-handed, it had definitely killed a person, but in that instant, Yang Kai clearly felt that the Blood Crow and a Blood Servant had swapped positions.

In other words, he had killed a Blood Servant, not the Blood Crow!

Blood Crow, who had used his Secret Technique to escape this calamity, was slightly pale, obviously having consumed a lot of energy, so he crossed his blades and stabbed towards Xu Wang.

Xu Wang was shocked!

Originally, when he was fighting against the two Blood Servants, although it was somewhat difficult for him to deal with them, he was still able to handle them. But now that one Blood Servants had suddenly transformed into a Blood Crow, his offensive power had more than doubled!

The two blades instantly broke through the blockade of his World Force and entered his body.

At this critical moment, Xu Wang’s figure flickered, his thumb grasping his middle finger as he formed a hand seal and shouted in a dignified voice, “Motionless Bright King!”

The dazzling golden light only lasted for a moment before it was broken by the Blood Crow.

The two blades stabbed three inches into his body, causing blood to flow out!

Fortunately, the physique of the cultivator who came from Bright King Heaven was strong, and three inches was the limit of the Blood Crow’s attack, unable to go any deeper.

Seeing that the situation was hopeless, Blood Crow raised his leg and kicked Xu Wang’s shoulder, sending him flying. His figure turned into a streak of blood light as he flew into the depths of the void.

At the same time, the only surviving Blood Servant turned around and pounced towards Yang Kai. Obviously, Blood Crow knew that Yang Kai would come to stop him, so he let the Blood Servant to block his path.

Yang Kai had indeed rushed over, and when he noticed that something was wrong, he knew that Xu Wang was in trouble. However, Blood Crow's methods were unfathomable, and he was still a step too late. Seeing Xu Wang being stabbed by two blades and then sent flying by a single kick, his life and death unknown, he was immediately enraged.

Staring at the fleeing blood light, Yang Kai thrust his spear forward.

The incoming Blood Servant didn’t even try to dodge, his body flashing a dazzling red light as his blood boiled.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, but when he realized something was wrong, it was too late to dodge.

The Blood Servant exploded without a sound, transforming into a cloud of blood that wrapped around Yang Kai. In an instant, the surroundings were dyed red and Yang Kai couldn’t see anything.

In order to create an opportunity for him to escape, a Sixth Order Blood Servant was abandoned by him just like that. Blood Crow's method was incomparable.

However, he also clearly knew that a single Blood Servant wouldn’t be able to stop Yang Kai for long. After all, even he himself had been beaten senseless by Yang Kai, so how long could this Blood Servant, who had lost all rationality and only knew how to kill, last?

The two Blood Servants from before had been killed in three breaths.

If that was the case, it might as well self-destruct and trap Yang Kai for a moment. Perhaps he would be able to escape.

The blood cloud was strange and extremely corrosive, but it was unable to resist the burning Golden Crow True Fire.

After a dozen breaths of time, Yang Kai emerged from the blood cloud, his body covered in black flames, completely unharmed. The thick blood cloud behind him had been burnt to a crisp.

Looking around, Blood Crow was nowhere to be seen. It was unknown where he had fled to.

Yang Kai stared towards a certain direction and sneered lightly, “Fleeing? Can you escape?”


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