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Three visible ripples spread out from Tan Luoxing’s body, and soon after, the Small Universe collapsed and he turned into a bloody mist as he died.

Even though they were both Sixth Order Open HEaven masters, Yang Kai had been able to defeat the Profound Yang Mountain’s Great Mountain Lord, Mao Zhe, when he had just broken through, not to mention after his many years of accumulation.

Whether it was the power of Small Source World, borrowing the World Energy of the Star Boundary, or recently killing the Wind Spirit in the Astral Wind Divine Ability, all of this had greatly strengthened his Small Universe's foundation.

The gap between an ordinary Sixth ORder Open Heaven Stage and him was not small. If Tan Luoxing still had some sense left, he might have been able to fight him, but the Blood Servant with a twisted personality was only blinded by hatred and murderous intent. It was only good to bully the weak, but against an even more powerful master like Yang Kai, it was clearly not enough.

The Blood Servant that had been sent flying by Yang Kai earlier once again charged towards him. The blood mist that had almost been dispersed from his body condensed once more, as if it was boiling. Before the Blood Servant arrived, the blood mist transformed into a giant bloody hand that grabbed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai raised his hand, grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear, and thrust it forward, transforming it into a spear shadow.

When the blood hand shattered, the spear shadows that filled the sky also transformed like a giant fish. Yang Kai pushed the returning Blood Servant to the tip of his spear and pierced through his chest.

The Blood Servant, however, did not immediately die. Instead, it let out a roar like a trapped beast as it opened its mouth and spat out an arrow of blood. This small arrow of blood contained the full power of a Sixth Order Open HEaven. Even if there was a Universe World in front of it, it would still be able to pierce through it.

Yang Kai tilted his head to the side to avoid the blow, but his cheek still hurt from the powerful force.

With a flick of his spear, the World Force within it exploded the upper body of the Sixth Order Blood Servant, leaving only its lifeless lower body floating into the void.

Three breaths of time, in just three breaths of time, the two Sixth ORder Blood Servamt sent by Blood Crow Divine Monarch had died! Yang Kai’s method of killing these two Blood Servants was not much more difficult than slaughtering chickens and dogs.

The Blood Crow was shocked!

The last time he had met Yang Kai, he had only been a mere Emperor Realm. If it weren’t for the fact that he had a powerful master protecting him, he wouldn’t even have the qualifications to speak to him on equal terms. But now, seeing him again, he was actually so strong!

What surprised Blood Crow even more was that Yang Kai was clearly a Sixth Order Open Heaven, not a Fifth Order!

In just a few short decades, no matter how great Yang Kai’s accumulation was, his foundation should not have been so robust. How could such strength be achieved without hundreds or thousands of years of accumulation?

In the midst of his shock, the blood cloud that had been wrapping around Xu Wang suddenly burst open and blood crows with bloodshot eyes flew out from it, covering the sky as it rushed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai coldly snorted and activated his Space Laws, Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

The space in front of him seemed to be stretched endlessly, and even though the Blood Crows were trying their best to rush towards Yang Kai, they were still stuck in place, as slow as turtles, as if they had crashed into a strange space.

The void trembled slightly as the Blood Crows transformed into a bloody mist.

Yang Kai raised his spear, stepped forward, and pierced through the blood clouds.

As the spear pierced through the clouds, Yang Kai activated his World Force, but it was like a stone sinking into the sea.

Blood Crow's strange laughter rang out, “Is that all this little brat has?”

Although Yang Kai’s strength was great, Blood Crow was not a pushover who could be easily bullied. With his foundation as an Eighth ORder Open Heaven Stage cultivator and the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, if there is no Seventh Order, who could stop him?

Moreover, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t managed to escape from the hands of Myriad Demons Heaven’s Seventh ORder Open Heaven Stage master all these years!

“You’ll know how capable I am once you try!” Yang Kai remained unmoved. With a flick of his wrist, a jet-black Golden Crow True Fire instantly spread out, burning the Azure Dragon Spear that had pierced the blood cloud.

Fiery light flashed and blood clouds roiled as the two World Force collided, causing the surrounding space to distort.

“Nothing more than this!” The Blood Crow sneered. While resisting the Golden Crow True Fire, he still had enough strength to separate one Blood Crow after another from the blood cloud and launch a suicidal attack towards Yang Kai.

The Space Laws around Yang Kai constantly surged, forming an airtight barrier around him. As the blood crows collided with him, they turned into clouds of blood mist, but as time passed, the blood mist around him gradually became thicker, showing signs of wrapping up.

And once he was truly wrapped up in this blood fog, he would definitely fall into the same situation as Xu Wang and be trapped inside, unable to break free.

After half a cup of tea’s worth of time, Yang Kai’s figure had become blurry.

Blood Crow let out a strange laugh, “Got you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Blood Essence left behind by Tan Luoxing and the other Blood Servant who had been killed by Yang Kai suddenly came to life, transforming into two streaks of blood light that shot towards Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai acted as if he hadn’t heard anything and simply grinned, “What a coincidence, I also wanted to say that!”

Ox Beating Technique, searching for the trace, and with a shake of his spear, a powerful force struck the Blood Crow’s Small Universe World.

It wasn’t unreasonable for Senior Sister Jin to call this Secret Technique Ox Beating Shameless, because if one didn’t use the World Force when facing an enemy, they wouldn’t be able to display the strength of an Open Heaven Stage cultivator. However, if they were to use the World Force, it would give Yang Kai an opportunity to explore the World Force trace. Facing such a strange technique, it was truly difficult.

Yang Kai didn’t know if there were any Divine Abilities or Secret Arts in this world that could directly attack Open HEaven Stage's Small Universe, but considering the profound heritage of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, he was certain there were.

However, these were probably all top-tier forces’ secrets! Moreover, the effects were definitely not as good as the Secret Techniques he had comprehended.

After all, he had used his Space Laws to activate it.

If he wanted to successfully use this Secret Technique, there was a prerequisite. He had to follow the trace of World Force the enemy had used and accurately locate the enemy’s Small Universe.

This was the key to the Secret Technique of Ox Beating. As long as Yang Kai had the opportunity to discover the location of his enemy's Small Universe, he would be able to make his enemy suffer.

Earlier, Tan Luoxing had been struck by Yang Kai’s Secret Technique, constantly shaking his Small Universe, causing him to be unable to resist the World Force at all. In the end, he was easily killed by Yang Kai.

Tan Luoxing’s temperament had been distorted, and his eyes were filled with hatred and murderous intent. The aura that should have been ethereal was easily grasped, so Yang Kai was able to subdue him in an instant.

However, if he wanted to use the same method to deal with the Blood Crow, he would have to expend some effort. The Blood Crow’s Small Universe was not so easy to find. Yang Kai’s spear thrust into the blood cloud was unable to achieve anything, so he could only take advantage of this opportunity to compete with him in terms of World Force. Although it seemed like he was helpless, it was also intentional.

Half a cup of tea’s worth of time was more than enough for Yang Kai to explore his surroundings.

Therefore, when the two Blood Servants’ Blood Essences enveloped Yang Kai’s body, the Ox Beating Technique was also activated.

The blood mist condensing into clouds suddenly showed signs of dissipating at this moment. The Small Unvierse felt as if it had been struck by a hammer, causing him to tremble violently and Blood Crow to feel dizzy.

Before he could recover from his shock, a massive force suddenly erupted from within the blood cloud.

Shocked, it was too late to suppress it.

Xu Wang, who had been trapped for many days, transformed into a stream of light and rushed out from the blood cloud, his clothes fluttering in the wind and his hair flying wildly! He was at least a Sixth Order Open Heaven master, so his grasp of this opportunity was naturally perfect. Although he didn’t know why the blood cloud binding him had loosened in that instant, he knew that it was the key to his escape.

The strength he had accumulated for many days erupted at this moment, allowing him to regain his freedom.

Looking up, Xu Wang saw Yang Kai holding a long spear, the two Blood Servants who had been attacking him, and a figure condensed from blood clouds.

Blood Crow Divine Monarch! Speaking of which, after being trapped for so many days and nearly being refined into a pool of blood, it was only now that Xu Wang was able to see this notorious resurrected person.

It was a young man with a sinister look on his face. According to Xu Wang’s intelligence, this young man was originally a disciple named Zhou Yi from the Great Thousand Blood Land, but after being possessed by the Blood Crow, Zhou Yi’s Soul had definitely been devoured.

At this moment, Blood Crow was staring at Yang Kai in horror, his face slightly pale as if he had suffered a great loss.

Seeing this scene, how could Xu Wang not know that Yang Kai had saved his life?

Although his expression remained calm, his heart was filled with shock.

This Junior Brother Yang actually didn’t die from the Astral Wind Divine Ability? It had been almost half a year since he last saw him! He was actually able to endure the Astral Wind for half a year?

Thinking about it, the disappearance of the Wind Spirit must have something to do with him, otherwise it would be impossible to explain.

What surprised Xu Wang even more was that in just half a year, this Junior Brother Yang’s aura seemed to have become more vigorous than before, even stronger than the old undyings who had been stuck at the Sixth Order for many years.

Xu Wang really wanted to ask Yang Kai where the Wind Spirits had gone, but at this moment it was obviously not a good time to ask, so he simply nodded slightly towards Yang Kai as a way of thanking him for saving his life.

“What did you do?” Blood Crow's face was extremely gloomy as he stared at Yang Kai in shock. If it weren’t for his Small Universe suddenly being struck and causing the Small Universe to tremble, it would have been impossible for Xu Wang to escape, and Yang Kai would have been trapped by him. At that time, he would have been invincible, and even if he had spent a bit more time, he would have been able to swallow these two fellows whose blood Qi were incredibly vigorous!

This child actually had a strange method to directly attack the Small Universe World!

“Do you want to try again?” Yang Kai smiled at Blood Crow.

Blood Crow coldly snorted but didn’t answer, his thoughts quickly turning. He was extremely wary of Yang Kai’s methods, if he didn’t know, then so be it, but since he knew, he had to take precautions.

Suddenly, he remembered the tragic death of the Blood Servant Tan Luoxing. At that time, he had only felt that Yang Kai had used some kind of mysterious technique to kill Tan Luoxing, causing him to be unable to resist. Now that he thought about it, this technique should be the one he had used to deal with him.

Even a reincarnated person like him had suffered a loss, let alone a blood servant who only knew how to kill and hate.


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