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The place where the Astral Wind Divine Ability was located was the depths of Shattered Heaven, and there were very few people here. Xu Wang had only found this Body Refining Treasure Land by chance, but now that he was trapped by the Blood Crow’s Divine Ability, even if he wanted to find someone to save him, it would be impossible.

The joint attack of the Blood Crow’s Sixth Order subordinates made his situation even worse.

In just a few days, the golden light of the Motionless Bright King Body had become much dimmer, and the golden figure behind it was on the verge of collapse.

In such a dangerous situation, without the protection of the Motionless Bright King Body, Xu Wang would die!

Xu Wang wasn’t afraid of death, and after cultivating for so long, he had long since become indifferent to life and death. He could only sigh that his strength was too low and that being targeted by this Blood Crow was simply a bad luck.

Coming from Bright King Cave Heaven and cultivating the Motionless Bright King Body, Xu Wang’s strength was naturally not low as he was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Among those at the same Grade, only a Sixth Order who also came from the various Cave Heaven Paradise had the qualifications to compete with him. The other Sixth Order cultivators were no match for him.

However, Blood Crow was different. This guy had possessed a body and was reborn, possessing an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage foundation. His Divine Ability was strange, and his methods were profound, far stronger than ordinary Sixth Order. There were even several Sixth Order Blood Servants acting as accomplices for him, causing Xu Wang to feel powerless.

“Boy, you won’t be able to hold on for much longer, why must you struggle so hard? You should know that the sooner you die, the sooner you will be able to reincarnate!” Blood Crow's voice resounded in his ears, obviously trying to disturb his mental state.

How could Xu Wang be disturbed by this little trick? He turned a deaf ear to the Blood Crow’s words, resisting the corrosion of the blood mist while dealing with the attacks of the Sixth Order Blood Servants.

“You really are stubborn. Since that’s the case, you should properly experience the pain of death!” As Blood Crow's words fell, the blood cloud surrounding him began to surge like a tidal wave, and a small crack immediately appeared on the Motionless Bright King’s body. The blood fog quickly filled the gap and swarmed into Xu Wang’s body like a snake.

Xu Wang shouted angrily and used his strength to seal all the pores and acupoints in his body. He knew that once this blood mist invaded his body, he would really be finished. At that time, no matter how strong his physique was, he would definitely not be able to resist the Blood Crow Divine Monarch’s blood dao refinement.

While he was distracted, he was being beaten up by the several Sixth Order Blood Servant.

Life and Death struggle!

From within the giant Astral Wind Divine Ability, a figure suddenly rushed out. When he saw the scene in front of him, he was slightly surprised, “So lively!”

Feeling a somewhat familiar aura, Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow and looking towards the blood cloud, “Black Crow?”

Just as he was about to break through the sturdy Bright King’s Body and swallow Xu Wang’s Blood Essence, Xue Ya’s movements froze for a moment before his Divine Sense swept over Yang Kai’s location and whispered, “Boy, why are you here?”

Yang Kai was surprised to encounter Blood Crow here, and the same went for Blood Crow.

The two of them were old acquaintances.

Back in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Blood Crow had wanted to seize Yang Kai’s body because of his immense Blood Qi, but in the end, he had failed. Qu Huachang, a woman, was not his target, and Pei Wen Xuan from the Myriad Demons Heaven also had a trump card to resist his possession. In the end, Blood Crow could only settle for the next best thing and seize the Great Thousand Blood Land’s Zhou Yi before successfully resurrecting.

Afterwards, Blood Crow went straight to the Blood Monster Divine Palace, wanting to refine it for his own use. If he could achieve this goal, he could become the master of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. At that time, the lives of all the cultivators inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would be under his control. With the abundant resources inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven as his backing, he could hide inside and slowly restore his strength.

In the end, Yang Kai had interfered and ruined everything. The Blood Monster Divine Palace had been destroyed, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had collapsed, and even Blood Crow Divine Monarch had become a street rat.

It could be said that the reason Blood Crow had hidden in Shattered Heaven was entirely because of Yang Kai. If it weren’t for this little brat secretly plotting against him, he would have been able to hide in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven for so many years, living a carefree life.

The last time Yang Kai had rescued the Proprietress and came to the Shattered Heaven, the two of them had met and secretly worked together. In that battle, Blood Crow Divine Monarch had led his Blood Servants and killed many Open Heaven Stage cultivators from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

However, even though they had cooperated before, it could not resolve the great hatred between the two.

There wasn’t a single day that Blood Crow didn’t want to skin Yang Kai alive, tear him apart, and devour his bones. Unfortunately, after Yang Kai appeared in the Shattered Heaven last time, there had been no news of him for the past decades, so even if Blood Crow was filled with hatred, there was nothing he could do.

Who would have thought that he would encounter him here today!

On top of his surprise, Blood Crow was also overjoyed. Last time, Yang Kai had a master protecting him, and his own strength wasn’t high enough, so there was nothing he could do to Yang Kai. It was only because of this that he was able to cooperate with him. However, things were different now. Not only had his cultivation reached the Sixth Order, but the strength of his Blood Servants had also improved at a rapid pace. Even Xu Wang, who was born in Bright King Heaven, had become a trapped beast. As long as Yang Kai didn’t have a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master guarding him, how could he escape?

From the looks of it, he was obviously alone, so how could he have the protection of a Seventh Order Open HEaven Stage master?

“Hahahaha!” Xue Ya couldn’t help laughing loudly, his laughter filled with pride, “It really is a case of searching high and low only to find it by luck! Today’s double happiness has arrived, it seems this King is going to have a good meal. The Heavens are truly generous to this King!”

In terms of vitality, Yang Kai was far stronger than Xu Wang. If it weren’t for this, Blood Crow wouldn’t have taken a fancy to Yang Kai’s body and wanted to possess him.

Originally, Yang Kai’s hope had allowed him to increase his cultivation by a large margin at the Sixth Order Open HEaven Stage. If he were to devour another Yang Kai, he might be able to step past the Seventh Order!

It was impossible for others to break through from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order so quickly, but he was different. He had the foundation of an Eighth Order Open HEaven Stage and had also comprehended the mysteries of the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture. Although it was somewhat dangerous to break through to the Seventh Order so quickly, as long as he spent some time to stabilize his foundation, there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Capture him!” Blood Crow shouted.

The several Sixth Order Blood Servants who were besieging Xu Wang in the middle of the blood cloud immediately rushed towards Yang Kai from both sides.

The two Blood Servants' bodies were both covered in a bloody mist, and their exposed skin was covered in an abnormal shade of red. Their eyes were also red, like two red lanterns, terrifying to the extreme.

Yang Kai quietly looked at the Blood Servants on his left and sighed.

The one on the left was originally an Elder from Ding Feng City, Tan Luoxing. His status was the same as Pang Duo and Gong Yang Xi, but unfortunately, with a single misstep, he had become a traitor to Ding Feng City.

Before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, he had escaped from Ding Feng City and somehow managed to catch Blood Crow Divine Monarch’s eye and bring him out.

In the past, Tan Luoxing had only been infatuated with Ding Feng City’s City Lord, Mo Mei. Although he was somewhat sinister and cunning, there was nothing wrong with him. However, the current Tan Luoxing was filled with an evil aura, his eyes cruel and ruthless without the slightest trace of humanity. It was obvious that his temperament had become twisted.

However, he still recognized Yang Kai, and the flames of anger and murderous intent in his eyes were several times stronger than his companion’s.

Pang Duo, Gong Yang Xi, and the others were still at the Fifth Order Open HEaven Stage, cultivating step by step. It would take them at least hundreds or thousands of years to reach the Sixth Order.

However, this Tan Luoxing was already a Sixth Order! However, from the World Force emanating from his body, it was obvious that this was not an orthodox method of cultivation. Such a rapid increase in cultivation definitely have a huge hidden danger. It was likely that his Martial Dao would only be able to stop here, and even his lifespan would be greatly affected.

The two Sixth Order Blood Servants quickly rushed over, but Yang Kai just stood there, not moving, as if he had been scared silly.

The World Force fluctuated wildly as the two blood-colored figures collided with Yang Kai. In an instant, the figure on the right was sent flying like a paper kite. It came and went even faster, causing blood to spurt out from its body as the blood mist on its body was scattered.

Tan Luoxing, on the other hand, was grabbed by the neck by Yang Kai and lifted into the air. He was a dignified Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, but at this moment, he was like a child who had never cultivated before, unable to resist Yang Kai at all.

In the blood cloud, Blood Crow's strange laughter suddenly stopped as he stared at this scene in horror.

One had to know that the few Blood Servants he brought out this time were all Sixth Order. Although they couldn’t compare to elites from Cave Heaven like Xu Wang, they were still much stronger than ordinary newly promoted Sixth Order master.

The two of them attacked together, one was sent flying while the other was captured!

Blood Crow didn’t even see how Yang Kai had attacked, only feeling a surge of World Force.

Of course, this was also because he didn’t care too much about Yang Kai’s situation. In his opinion, even if Yang Kai was a Sixth Order, it had only been a few years since he had broken through, so his foundation wouldn’t be too strong. Two Sixth Order Blood Servants taking him down was like taking something out of his pocket, so it wasn’t worth paying too much attention to him. What he needed to do now was take Xu Wang down and enjoy these two delicious meals.

The result shocked him!

Even if he personally took action, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a feat. A full-powered strike might be able to send one of the Blood Servants flying, but controlling another Blood Servant in such a manner was simply inconceivable.

The Sixth Order Blood Servant was not a child, and Blood Crow could also see that Tan Luoxing was trying to resist, but every time he tried to use his Small Universe's power, he was immediately interrupted by Yang Kai’s profound technique, causing him to be unable to display his full strength, causing the situation to become quite funny.

An Open HEaven Stage cultivator who couldn’t use the power of their Small Universe couldn’t be considered a Open HEaven Stage cultivator, only a brute with a stronger physical body.

Yang Kai held onto Tan Luoxing, his gaze indifferent.

This was the first time he had used the Ox Beating Technique on an enemy, but he hadn’t expected it to be a cultivator from Ding Feng City. In the past, if Tan Luoxing hadn’t been blinded by his own selfish desires and escaped from Ding Feng City, he would have been like Mo Mei and the others, following his orders.

Unfortunately, this was the path of life. One wrong step led to another wrong step!

Since he was wrong, there was no turning back. If he fell here, he would die a worthy death.

The Space Laws surged, sending out a violent burst of energy into Tan Luoxing’s Small Universe World.


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