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Compared to the 3000 Worlds with a long history, whether it was the new Void Land or Yang Kai, neither of them was more than a fledgling.

There were too many secrets about this vast expanse of universe, too many sights he had never seen before.

Just as Xu Linggong had said, the secrets of the Universe Temple were related to the safety of the 3000 Worlds, and Yang Kai still couldn’t understand why.

Universe Temple was a place where cultivators often transited. As long as one left a mark of one’s aura on it and entered the same domain, they would be able to use the Universe Escape Law and instantly return to the Universe Temple. Although this thing was extremely profound, what did it have to do with the safety of the 3000 Worlds?

There was no need to pay too much attention to things he couldn’t understand. In the future, there would always be a time when he would be able to understand the root of everything.

Staring at the huge Astral Wind Divine Ability in front of him, Yang Kai was just about to rush in when a figure suddenly rushed out from the Astral Wind.

His clothes were tattered and stained with blood, almost bumping into Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly came to a stop, and the person who had rushed out was also stunned, obviously not expecting to encounter a living person here.

However, his reaction was also extremely fast. With a turn of his body, he brushed past Yang Kai and cautiously landed a thousand feet away, staring at him in shock.

Yang Kai also looked at him and saw that although this person was in a sorry state and had a weak aura, he was obviously a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Moreover, the numerous wounds on this person’s body were flashing with a faint golden light, and under the golden light, the flesh and blood on his wounds were rapidly healing.

Yang Kai raised his brow. This scene reminded him of a Cave Heaven's Secret Technique, Motionless Bright King Body!

Fortunately, the World Tree of the Star Boundary was famous throughout the world, and Yang Kai had been stationed in the Star Boundary some time ago and had dealt with the 108 Cave Heaven Paradise's High Rank Open HEaven. Under the influence of Xu Linggong, he had a slight understanding of these top forces.

The 36 Cave Heaven has Bright King Cave Heaven, and all of its disciples were Body Refining masters. Their physiques were ridiculously high, far surpassing cultivators of the same grade. This was because this Bright King Cave Heaven has Motionless Bright King Body which was most suitable for Body Refining.

As for Bright King Cave Heaven, from top to bottom, whether it was the Sect Master or the Elders, or the ordinary disciples, all of them were proficient in the Dao of Body Refining, and those who were qualified to cultivate the Motionless Bright King Body were even more outstanding.

They weren’t used to using any kind of Artifact, their bodies were the greatest Artifacts. In the entire boundless Universe, Bright King Heaven had collected the most Body Refining Cultivation Technique and Secret Techique, such as the Dwarf Motionless Bright King Body, Diamond Unbreakable Body, Flawless Golden Body, and other techniques which were rarely seen in the outside world, but in Bright King Heaven's case, there were many of them.

Xu Linggong had once joked that the greatest characteristic of cultivators who came from Bright King Heaven was their endurance! Whether it was men or women, they had thick skin and thick flesh, so ordinary injuries were nothing to them.

For cultivators of the same realm, if they didn’t have a decisive strength, it was often the Bright King Heaven’s cultivators who ultimately won, relying on their strong physiques to grind their opponents to death.

Yang Kai hadn’t expected to encounter a cultivator from Bright King Heaven here, and it seemed like it was just as Xu Linggong had said. These cultivators who cultivated the Motionless Bright King Body were all madmen who often needed external help to hammer themselves.

For this person to be able to rush out from the giant Astral Wind Divine Ability, it was obvious he was tempering his physique!

Yang Kai was filled with admiration. This kind of physique was almost the same as his own Half Dragon physique. One had to know that this Astral Wind Divine Ability was most likely left behind by a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage. Even ordinary High Rank masters would find it difficult to enter it. Although this Sixth Order cultivator in front of him was in a sorry state, it was only a superficial wound.

He had a strong physique because he possessed the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, but this person in front of him had cultivated it.

“Junior Brother, are you also here to temper your body?” The man raised his brow and asked.

“Yes, yes,” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

Hearing this, the man’s eyes lit up and he gave Yang Kai a big thumbs up without hesitation, “You have good eyesight and courage.” The man poked his nose again and shamelessly said, “You have some of my style!”

Yang Kai chuckled. Since he was certain this person was from Bright King Heaven, there was no need for him to be vigilant. A cultivator from a Cave Heaven Paradise wouldn’t take the initiative to have any disputes with others.

“Xu Wang!” The young man introduced himself and looked at Yang Kai eagerly, “How should I address Junior Brother?”

Even though they were both Sixth Order, he unceremoniusly regards himself as Senior Brother, he was obviously an open-minded person.

“Yang Kai!”

“So it’s Junior Brother Yang,” Xu Wang nodded slightly, and as he spoke, the numerous wounds on his body had completely healed. Although his spirit was still somewhat dispirited, he only needed to rest for a while to recover, and he enthusiastically said, “Since Junior Brother has taken a liking to this Astral Wind Divine Ability and wants to enter it to temper his body, Senior Brother must remind you.”

“Senior Brother Xu, please speak!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand.

Xu Wang said, “This Divine Ability is indeed a good place to temper one’s body, but it is also extremely dangerous. Junior Brother must be careful, especially of the Wind Spirit that is growing inside it. Don’t let it get close to you, that thing is extremely difficult to deal with. It can swallow the World Force to strengthen itself, so the more you fight it, the stronger it becomes. If you don’t beat it, it will be like a maggot clinging to your bones, and it can even invade the cultivator's Small Universe.”

Yang Kai naturally knew about this. When he had brought many Open Heaven Stage masters from Shadowless Cave Heaven and used this Astral Wind Divine Ability, some of them had been invaded by the Wind Spirit into their Small Universe. In the end, the Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage had only taken a dozen breaths before it was completely devoured by the Wind Spirit, causing the Small Universe to collapse and die.

For Xu Wang to say such words to Yang Kai, who he had just met, it was obvious he wasn’t hiding anything.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, “Since Senior Brother says so, could it be that your Small Universe was invaded by the Wind Spirit?”

If not for this kind of encounter, it would have been impossible to understand so clearly.

Sure enough, Xu Wang showed a look of lingering fear, “It was indeed invaded. Fortunately, I was lucky and managed to force it out, otherwise I would have died long ago.”

Being able to force the Wind Spirit out of his body was obviously not something that could be explained by luck. This Xu Wang obviously had his own unique methods.

Yang Kai didn’t ask any further and nodded his head in thanks, “Many thanks for Senior Brother Xu’s reminder, I’ll remember it. When I saw the Wind Spirit, I will run faster than anyone else.”

Xu Wang grinned, revealing a mouthful of snow white teeth, “A real man knows when to yield and when not to, Junior Brother is to my liking!” Suddenly, he clenched his fist and slammed it against his other palm, his battle intent soaring as he shouted, “As a reward for informing Junior Brother of this information, this Senior Brother has a presumptuous request!”

Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling as the corner of his eyes twitched, “Since it’s a presumptuous request, why don’t you just leave?”

Xu Wang laughed loudly, “How can that be? It’s rare to see an opponent who is also a Body Refiner of the same grade, so how can I miss this opportunity? Junior Brother, please fight me with all your strength. Don’t worry, I won’t beat you to death, if you can, it’ll be best!”

Saying so, he didn’t care if Yang Kai agreed or not, his figure flickered as he rushed in front of Yang Kai and punched him.

Yang Kai, who had already anticipated this, quickly raised his fist to meet it, and a violent force suddenly surged forward, giving Yang Kai the illusion that a world was colliding with him.

Borrowing this force, Yang Kai’s figure flew backwards and disappeared into the Astral Wind Divine Ability.

Xu Wang, who had just exchanged a single punch, was stunned for a moment before curling his lips and saying, “Junior Brother, you’re too fast!”

He wanted to chase after him in the astral winds, but the previous experience had consumed a great deal of energy, so if he really did chase after him, he would only be asking for trouble. After thinking for a moment, Xu Wang grinned, “I can only stay for five days in the first time. I don’t believe you won’t come out!”

Finished speaking, he sat down cross-legged, took out the Open Heaven Pill, and swallowed it, silently recovering.

Three days later, Xu Wang showed a look of surprise. He had thought that Yang Kai would at most be able to endure the strong winds for three days before coming out, but who would have thought that he would actually disappear?

One had to know that the first time he came here, he had only lasted five days.

Five days later, there was still no sign of Junior Brother Yang, and a look of admiration flashed across Xu Wang’s eyes. This was the first time he had achieved the same level as him, so it was clear that Junior Brother Yang’s physique was not inferior to his own. Only such an opponent could fight him!

Ten days later, Xu Wang’s expression gradually became serious.

After half a month, Xu Wang finally couldn’t sit still anymore and rushed into the strong winds to look for Yang Kai.

A month later, Xu Wang’s body was covered in blood as he rushed out from the astral winds. Looking back at the huge astral winds, he sighed lightly, “The Heavens are jealous of geniuses, there’s one less person in this world to fight, it’s really lonely!”

For a whole month, that Junior Brother Yang had disappeared without a trace, and when he went in to search for him, he found nothing. Obviously, that Junior Brother Yang was in trouble.

It was likely that he had accidentally allowed the Wind Spirit to invade his Small Universe, causing him to die. He had the means to force the Wind Spirit out of the Small Universe because of a fortuitous encounter in the past, so how could the other Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage have such abilities?

What made Xu Wang somewhat resentful was that Junior Brother Yang had died without even having a good fight with him!

However, although he was angry and resentful, the two of them had only met by chance, so although they had some mutual appreciation for each other, there was still no friendship between them. Xu Wang only felt pity for Yang Kai for a moment before deciding not to think too much about it. He recovered his strength and once again charged into the astral winds, allowing them to cut his body and comprehend the essence of the Motionless Bright King Body.

At the same time, Yang Kai, who Xu Wang thought had died a long time ago, was sitting cross-legged somewhere in the astral winds, an ancient tree floating behind him, its branches forming a solid barrier to resist the invasion of the astral winds. The bloody astral winds, which were strong enough to cut even Xu Wang’s strong physique, were unable to penetrate the Towering Evergreen Tree, only causing ripples outside the dark green curtain.

A human-shaped Wind Spirit with four limbs and a blank face rushed towards Yang Kai like a shark that had smelled a fishy scent.

Just as it was about to collide with the Towering Evergreen, Yang Kai opened up this defensive Secret Technique.

Without any hindrance, the Wind Spirit plunged into Yang Kai’s Small Universe World.


[MSN: Hmm, just a thought. But I wonder if someone could refine the World Tree into their Dao Seal, like YK does with the Eternal Tree. Imagine if it does, and it has divine ability that could give world fruit. LOL]

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