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Yang Kai had also tried to figure out the reason, but he was unable to figure it out, so he could only give up.

What surprised him was that apart from Nalan Lushui, the Eldest Senior Sister, and a few elderly Open Heaven Stage cultivators, the others like the girl surnamed Cen didn’t even know they were survivors of the Great Evolution Paradise.

They had been born here and had never left this sealed space, so no one had told them about the past of Great Evolution Paradise.

This was once one of the top forces in the 72 Paradise, but its former glory had been completely forgotten by its descendants.

Three months was enough for Yang Kai to deduce many things.

Three months later, Yang Kai returned to the Troublesome Grandmaster’s secluded residence. The door to the main hall was still closed, showing no signs of opening.

Yang Kai stood outside the hall with a faint smile on his face as he slowly said, “Back then, Junior used the body of Emperor Realm to escape from the world's shackles. Not long after I entered this 3000 World, I encountered an accident and accidentally fell into a Secret Realm called the Great Ruins Boundary.”

“The Secret Realm is extremely mysterious and dangerous, with many Holy Spirits living together and fighting each other. In the Great Ruins Boundary, there is a Secret Territory that the Holy Spirits call the Unaging Land. Only cultivators can enter that place, and the Holy Spirits cannot enter. This Junior is fortunate enough to enter the Unaging Land and compete with many young talents.”

“Inside the Unaging Land, there is a Divine Tree called the World Tree, and it bears the World Fruit. Junior’s luck is quite good, and after experiencing many trials, I obtained a number of World Fruits and even obtained a World Tree's root by chance.”

There was no response from the hall, as if he was talking to himself, but Yang Kai knew that the Troublesome Grandmaster would definitely be able to hear him, just that he couldn’t be bothered with him.

Yang Kai didn’t mind and continued, “This Junior came from a Universe World called Star Boundary, and there was a great catastrophe there. Powerful masters fought amongst themselves, and the Heavenly Law collapsed, causing all of it's spirits to be lost. Some clansmen of the Giant Spiritual God Clan told me that the World Tree could save that Universe World, so after this Junior obtained the World Tree's Root in the Great Ruins Boundary, I found an opportunity to return to my homeland and find a place to plant the World Tree's Root.”

“The Giant Spiritual God's clansmen really didn’t deceive me. Over the years, the roots have gradually grown and transformed into a World Tree's Sub Tree. The Star Boundary that is on the verge of collapse has also gradually stabilized and is no longer in danger of collapsing.”

“This Junior thought that this matter would end here. To be able to obtain a World Tree’s root by chance is truly a stroke of good fortune. Saving this Junior’s origin Universe World was even more of a dream come true, so how could this Junior dare to hope for more? However, who would have thought that the mysteries of the World Tree had only just revealed the tip of the iceberg.”

“Several years ago, someone from my homeland went to the Void Land and brought a piece of shocking news to this Junior. Under the constant feedback of the World Tree over the years, the World Tree’s foundation continued to strengthen, allowing the cultivators living in it to comprehend the Heavenly Law and Martial Dao more easily, allowing them to cultivate more efficiently and condense more solid Dao Seals. Without mentioning anything else, this Junior’s parents’ aptitudes weren’t very good. If they didn’t have the opportunity, they would have been able to reach the peak of Third Order Open Heaven Stage, but because they were in my homeland and had experienced the process of revival, after condensing their Dao Seals, they had the potential to reach the Fourth Order and even Fifth Order Open Heaven!”

The calm aura of the ancient well in the hall rippled slightly!

Yang Kai smiled knowingly, “Senior resides deep in the Great Evolution Ruins and doesn’t pay any attention to the outside world, so he naturally doesn’t know that Junior had a fierce battle with Thousand Crane Paradise's Inner Sect Elder Zuo Quan Hui. In that battle, there were hundreds of Open Heaven Stage cultivators who died, and even several Sixth Order ones. After these Open Heaven Stage cultivators died, their Small Universe collapsed and the World Force dissipated, all of it is being swallowed by the World Tree. Because of this, the World Tree grew rapidly, and now it has grown to a height of several thousand zhang, covering the entire land of Junior’s homeland, the energy it produced is astonishing.”

“Now, 108 Cave Heaven Paradise have gathered in Junior’s Star Boundary, and Junior has reached an agreement with them, allowing them to accept five disciples every hundred years and even giving them five hundred thousand kilometers of land each to build their Training Hall branch. In all 3000 Worlds, the Star Boundary is the only Universe World with the nourishment of the World Tree, the Star Boundary will definitely be filled with talented people in the future. Even if they aren’t born in the Star Boundary, if they are raised from a young age there, their future achievements will not be bad. After hundreds or thousands of years, the number of people who can directly advance to the Fifth or Sixth Order will be as many as a carp crossing a river!”

With a creak, the door that had been shut all this time suddenly opened. Yang Kai smiled, adjusted his sleeves, and stepped inside.

Inside the main hall, Troublesome Grandmaster was sitting cross-legged with his brow furrowed and a suspicious look on his face. Seeing Yang Kai walk over, he shot him a look of distrust.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged in front of him and smiled wryly, “It’s not easy to meet Grandmaster.”

Troublesome Grandmaster's long white eyebrows twitched, “As you said just now, you grew a World Tree Sub Tree in your homeland. Is there really such a profound mystery?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “My homeland Star Boundary is there, and so is the World Tree. If Senior doesn’t believe me, you can go take a look yourself and see if Junior is boasting.”

Troublesome Grandmaster shook his head and said, “This old master has naturally heard of World Tree, but I have never heard that World Tree has the ability to nourish a world.”

Yang Kai said, “I only found out about it recently, I’m afraid no one knew that the World Tree had such an effect before. After all, the Master Tree lived in the Great Ruins Boundary and no one had ever brought it out and placed it in the Universe World, so naturally no one could see what happened next.”

“This old master will personally see the Star Boundary you speak of, but if you dare deceive me…”

“Absolutely not.”

Troublesome Grandmaster curled his lips, “Did Lan Youruo tell you about Great Evolution?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Proprietress didn’t say anything about it, I talked about it while chatting with a senior from the Yin-Yang Heaven.”

Troublesome Grandmaster's face relaxed slightly and he nodded slightly.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he said, “Junior doesn’t know what kind of crisis Great Evolution encountered in the past. A top force ranked amongst the 72 Paradise has fallen to such a state, but now that Great Evolution Ruins has sealed itself, Senior has strict requirements for Senior Sister Lushui and the others. They are not allowed to leave until they reach the Seventh Order. Presumably, you are afraid that old enemies will seek revenge on them, so staying here is relatively safe. However, if they were to leave, it would be difficult for them to hide their tracks. Great Evolution Ruins has been recharging its strength, and while this Junior admires it, a clever housewife cannot cook without rice. If you want to take revenge, you must have the capital to do so. With Great Evolution's current situation, when can you restore your former glory?”

Troublesome Grandmaster glanced at him, “What are you trying to say?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Senior may as well find some young children with good aptitude and send them to my Star Boundary to be raised like those 108 Cave Heaven Paradise. In the future, they may be able to obtain a number of outstanding disciples. Although this is a bit risky, if I arrange for them to be sent to my Star Boundary, the enemies of Great Evolution may not notice it.”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “Enemies… naturally there are, but who do you think my Great Evolution's enemies are?”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, “Is it not what I think?”

He thought that Great Evolution's enemy was one of the 108 Cave Heaven Paradise. After all, the level of Great Evolution Paradise was not something an ordinary force could easily humiliate.

Many years ago, Troublesome Grandmaster had said that he owe him a favor. What he valued was his potential to reach the Seventh Order, and he had hopes of breaking through to the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage in the future.

If Yang Kai really managed to break through to the Ninth Order, he would be able to fight against those Cave Heaven Paradise.

But from the tone of this Troublesome Grandmaster, it seemed he had misunderstood something.

The old man didn’t explain, but the World Tree was obviously very attractive to him, otherwise he wouldn’t have opened the door to the main hall and let him in.

Pondering for a moment, Troublesome Grandmaster said, “Wait here for me for a few days, this old master will go out to investigate. If this matter is really as you say and affects the 108 Cave Heaven Paradise, it will surely cause a great deal of commotion, but if you dare deceive this old man, don’t blame me for kicking you out!”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand, signaling him to do as he pleased.

Troublesome Grandmaster immediately left and soon disappeared.

After the old man left, Yang Kai let out a long sigh and couldn’t help feeling a bit excited. Originally, he had followed Nalan Lushui because he wanted to see if he could persuade her to help him make Troublesome Grandmaster change his mind and help him refine the Palace Artifact.

Unexpectedly, after learning some insider information, the situation had taken a turn for the better. Now, there was no need to persuade Nalan Lushui. As long as this old man still had the desire to restore the Great Evolution's former glory, he would never be able to resist the temptation of the Star Boundary.

After all, even the attention of the 108 Cave Heaven Paradise's was focused on the Star Boundary, so how could the dilapidated Cave Heaven not be affected?

The current Great Evolution was like a traveler walking through a desert, while the Star Boundary was like an oasis filled with water.

Rubbing his chin, Yang Kai was in a good mood. This time, it wasn’t that he needed the Troublesome Grandmaster's help, but rather that the latter needed his help. With a change in status, could he think of a way to obtain more benefits?

Such an Artifact Refiner Grandmaster was a rare talent, and it would take a great deal of time and effort to nurture one on the Void Land.

Yang Kai wasn’t afraid that the old man wouldn’t be able to find out anything. After such a long time, the matter of the Star Boundary's World Tree had long since spread throughout the 3000 Worlds. Now, not only were there 108 Cave Heaven Paradise in the Star Boundary, but there were also many Second Class Forces. Before Yang Kai left, High Heaven Palace would often have powerful masters asking for a place to build their Training Hall Branch.

High Heaven Palace naturally didn’t agree. The dining table was only so big and there were only so many seats. The 108 Cave Heaven Paradise seat were already fully occupied, so if anyone wanted to interfere, not only would they have to look at High Heaven Palace’s face, they would also have to look at the other Cave Heaven Paradise faces. Naturally, they didn’t dare act rashly.

Although they hadn’t divided up their territories, High Heaven Palace didn’t ask too much about these masters accepting disciples in the Star Boundary. Being able to receive such good seedlings was also an opportunity. Yang Kai was looking forward to the future growth of cultivators from the Star Boundary in the 3000 Worlds, so he naturally wouldn’t stop them.


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