As the stream of light dissipated, a beautiful figure landed not far from Yang Kai. It was a woman who appeared to be in her twenties. She wore a floral green dress and her beautiful hair was casually tied up behind her head. She had a graceful figure and a tranquil temperament.

Seeing Yang Kai, the woman was obviously stunned for a moment before glancing at him suspiciously. Her eyes were as clear as water as she gently bowed and walked past Yang Kai towards the main hall.

Yang Kai stared at her back in a daze. The woman seemed to have sensed something and turned back to look at him with a faint smile.

A moment later, the woman entered the main hall where Troublesome Grandmaster had spent all his time in seclusion.

Yang Kai was even more certain that this woman was someone who lived in this sealed off place, and it was highly likely that she was a remnant of the Great Evolution Paradise. Otherwise, there was no reason for her to act so casually.

One had to know that he had been trying to enter the hall these past few days, but he had never succeeded. Every time, he had been ignored by Troublesome Grandmaster.

After waiting outside for less than an hour, the woman in the green dress walked out again.

Yang Kai waited for her to arrive and cupped his fists, “Yang Kai from Void Land greets this Senior Sister!”

The woman in the green dress smiled slightly and asked, “Are you here to find Old Ancestor to refine artifacts?”

Old Ancestor! Yang Kai suddenly understood and confirmed his guess, nodding, “Yes!”

The woman in the green dress covered her mouth and smiled, “Old Ancestor didn’t agree?”

Yang Kai smiled awkwardly, “Senior Sister’s eyes are sharp, Grandmaster has indeed rejected me.”

The woman in the green dress suddenly understood and said, “Half a year ago, Old Ancestor opened the door, so it was you who came? It’s been half a year, and you’ve been waiting here?”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he replied, “With sincerity, even metal can be broken.”

“It’s useless,” The woman in the green dress shook her head, “If the Old Ancestor is unwilling to help you, it’s useless no matter how long you wait. Since you called me Senior Sister, I’ll tell you a reason.”

“Senior Sister, please speak.”

“Go back to where you came from. Continuing to stay here is just a waste of time.” Saying so, she winked at Yang Kai playfully and disappeared.

Yang Kai was speechless for a moment before turning around and chasing after the woman in the green dress.

The woman in the green dress was somewhat surprised by his thick skin, “Why are you following me? I don’t know how to refine artifacts, the Old Ancestor never taught me this.”

Yang Kai grinned, “I’m not asking for Senior Sister’s help, I just want to have a casual chat with Senior Sister.”

“What do you want to talk to me about?” The woman in the green dress frowned slightly.

“I’m just casually chatting, whatever comes to mind,” Yang Kai casually replied. Although they hadn’t interacted for long and had only exchanged a few words, Yang Kai could tell that this Sixth Order woman’s temperament was extremely pure. To put it nicely, she had a pure and innocent heart, but to put it bluntly, she was ignorant of worldly affairs.

For a Sixth Order Open Heaven Staeg cultivator to have such a temperament was truly rare. In the outside world, which Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator hadn’t experienced mutual deception during their growth? No matter how pure a person’s temperament was, if they were to throw themselves into this world, they would still be dyed a myriad of colors.

The reason the woman in the green dress was able to maintain this temperament was obviously because the Great Evolution Paradise had sealed its gates.

“But I don’t have anything to say to you,” The woman in the green dress shook her head.

Yang Kai flashed a smile thinking she is clean and said, “The first time I saw Senior Sister, I felt like we were very close, as if we had known each other for a long time.”

The woman in the green dress blushed slightly as she asked angrily, “Why are you so blunt?”

Yang Kai said sincerely, “I’m speaking the truth, I’m not joking at all. Senior Sister, please don’t be angry.”

The woman in the green dress easily believed him and instead felt somewhat embarrassed.

Soon, the two of them flew to a Universe World and landed in front of a group of palaces.

From Yang Kai’s perspective, this Universe World was not bad. The Heavenly Law is complete, the laws are rich, and the World Energy here is extraordinary. It could be considered a superior Universe World.

Moreover, when he looked down from high up in the sky, he also discovered that this Universe World was quite popular, and obviously had many living creatures living here.

A few Open Heaven Stage cultivators of different grades were waiting here, and when they saw the woman in the green dress return, they all called out to her.

A man in his thirties asked nervously, “Senior Sister, what did the Old Ancestor say?”

The woman in the green dress smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, the Old Ancestor said that the wine you brewed this time is rich and fragrant, with an 'A' grade evaluation.”

Hearing this, everyone cheered.

Only now did Yang Kai understand that the woman in the green dress had sent a bottle of wine to the Troublesome Grandmaster, and the wine was obviously from these Open Heaven Stage masters.

However, the grades of these people in front of him caused Yang Kai’s brow to furrow slightly. No matter what, they were still survivors of Great Evolution Paradise, yet their grades were so uneven. Besides the green-dressed woman, who was a Sixth Order master, these people in front of him were all Third Order, Fourth Order, and Fifth Order.

Although Yang Kai could sense that there were several Sixth Order cultivators cultivating in seclusion in certain locations of the Universe World, none of them were Seventh Order!

As the saying goes, a thin camel is still bigger than a horse. The situation in Great Evolution Paradise was clearly deteriorating with each passing day, and there were no more talents.

An Open Heaven Stage girl who looked like a Fourth Order Young Lady noticed Yang Kai and curiously asked, “Senior Sister, who is this?”

The woman in the green dress said, “This is a guest who have come to find Old Ancestor to refine artifacts.”

Hearing this, the young girl’s eyes lit up, “Guest! Doesn’t that mean you came from outside?”

The other Open Heaven Stage masters also suddenly became spirited, all of them staring at Yang Kai with burning eyes, sizing him up from top to bottom as if they could see a flower from him.

“Yang Kai of Void Land greets everyone!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Everyone suppressed their curiosity and returned the greeting, introducing themselves.

The Fourth Order young girl, however, quickly rushed over to Yang Kai and looked up at him, “Senior Brother Yang, since you’re from outside, can you tell me about the outside world?”

As the Eldest Senior Sister, the woman in the green dress scolded, “Junior Sister Cen, don’t be rude!”

The young girl surnamed Cen, pouted and lowered her head, losing her spirit.

Yang Kai smiled, “If Junior Sister Cen wants to hear it, I’ll let you hear it. It’s not a big deal, but have you ever been outside?”

The girl surnamed Cen neck shrank, “The Old Ancestor said that if I don’t cultivate to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, I won’t be able to leave.”

She was only a Fourth Order, even if she broke through to the Fourth Order Open Heaven directly, her limit would only be Sixth Order, and she would never be able to reach the Seventh Order.

Yang Kai was stunned, “Why are there such rules?”

No one could explain why, but no one dared to violate the rules set by the Old Ancestor, so although everyone knew that there was still the outside world, they had never come into contact with it.

Yang Kai had spent half a year at the Troublesome Grandmaster's place, but he hadn’t been able to get the Troublesome Grandmaster to help him refine artifacts. The reason he had come here with the woman in the green dress was because he wanted to curry favor in a roundabout way. He wanted to see if he could start with the survivors from the Great Evolution Paradise and establish a good relationship with them before getting them to persuade the Troublesome Grandmaster.

Now that the other party had a request, Yang Kai naturally wanted to play along.

The group of people, regardless of whether they were male or female, welcomed Yang Kai into the main hall and sat down in a circle around him. Even the woman in the green dress who was the Eldest Senior Sister was no exception, all of them staring at him expectantly.

Yang Kai felt both sad and amused.

If he wanted to talk about the outside world, it was naturally not a problem. He had traveled far and wide these past few years and had experienced many things, so he immediately began to talk about the things he had seen over the years.

Most of the time, it was just some boring and trivial matters. Occasionally, when he talked about how he was in danger, it would cause a wave of alarm and hatred.

Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing in his heart. This group of people who had lived in isolation for so long had such a pure and innocent temperament. It was no wonder the Troublesome Grandmaster not allow them to go out. If they were cheated and sold, they would probably help others count their money.

After being rejected by Troublesome Grandmaster for half a year, he had come here to become the most sought after person in the world.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to ask them to come out and persuade the Troublesome Grandmaster. After all, half a year had passed, so what was there to be afraid of?

The Eldest Senior Sister, Nalan Lushui, had arranged a place for him to live. It was a three layers bamboo house with an extremely quiet and elegant environment. When he pushed open the door, he could see a vast sea of flowers, all of them colorful and vibrant.

However, Yang Kai’s place was never peaceful. Almost every day, people would come to find him and listen to him talk about some strange things.

After spending a month together, everyone gradually became familiar with each other, especially the girl surnamed Cen. She had always been an easy-going person, and now that Yang Kai had deliberately favor her, in her heart, Eldest Senior Sister was naturally ranked first, the Old Ancestor was second, and this guest named Yang Kai was third. All the other fellow disciples had to stand aside.

Occasionally, Yang Kai would walk around and chat with others, gradually understanding the situation of this Universe World.

This was the only Universe World in Great Evolution Paradise where people still lived. Although there were several other habitable Universe Worlds in this sealed space, there were no survivors.

Logically speaking, this was the only legacy left behind by Great Evolution Paradise, so no matter how desolate Great Evolution Paradise was, it wouldn’t be as desolate as it was now. But in fact, for the past ten thousand years, there hadn’t been a single Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator in the Great Evolution Paradise. Not to mention a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, there were only a few Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the entirety of Great Evolution Paradise!

None of these thirty or so Open Heaven Stage masters had reached the Sixth Order directly! Although the Eldest Senior Sister Nalan Lushui had reached the Sixth Order, she had also cultivated step by step from the Fifth Order.

Basically, these survivors from the Great Evolution Paradise could only advance to the Fourth or Fifth Order directly, or even lower.

It was as if this place had been cursed by some mysterious force! This invisible force was suppressing the future of the survivors of Great Evolution Paradise.

But in fact, Yang Kai had investigated the situation of the entire Universe World during this time. Although the population here wasn’t too high, it wasn’t too small either. Logically speaking, with the heritage left behind by the Great Evolution Paradise, it was impossible for the number of cultivators who had broken through to the Open Heaven Stage to be so few, and their grades wouldn’t be so low.


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