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Now, on this house-sized array disc, there was a crack several feet long and the width of a finger. This was because it was constantly being used.

Yang Kai carefully observed for a moment before taking out some rare ores from his Space Ring and using his Golden Crow True Fire to repair them.

However, he was just a layman in the Dao of Artifact Refining, so how could he repair it? After several days, not only had the crack not been completely repaired, it had instead expanded greatly.

Yang Kai scratched his head and could only take out another damaged disc array and continue to act recklessly.

Several days later, the crack on the second disk array also widened.

Yang Kai picked the third one!

The pair of eyes hidden in the depths of the void couldn’t bear to watch any longer and secretly felt that Yang Kai was really wasting a precious treasure. Suddenly, a fluctuation of the Space Laws appeared in the air and a vortex-like door appeared not far from Yang Kai.

Immediately after, a giant green hand reached out from the vortex and grabbed the three array discs Yang Kai had taken out.

Yang Kai didn’t try to stop it and simply turned his head to look at the vortex door, a look of relief appearing on his face as he stood up and slowly walked in.

His vision blurred for a moment before he entered a different world. Looking up, he saw countless large and small stars in the sky, as well as a large sun hanging high in the sky.

The first time he came here, Yang Kai’s strength wasn’t high and his vision wasn’t broad enough, so he couldn’t see anything special about this place. Now that he was here again, he was able to see some clues.

The sealed space here should have been forcefully dug out from the Great Evolution Territory by a great master and sealed here.

It could be said that this place was the foundation of the Great Evolution Territory, and the ruins of the Great Evolution Paradise was also the reason why the Great Evolution Territory had never changed its name.

The Heavenly Martial Building thought that the Great Evolition Territory was supreme, but they never knew that there was such a great domain in the Great Evolution Territory.

In order to dig out such a vast expanse of space from the Great Evolution Territory and seal it up, only an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master would be able to do so, and not just one or two Eighth Order masters.

It was easy to imagine just how glorious it would be at the peak of Great Evolution Paradise! Yang Kai couldn’t understand why such a top force of the 3000 Worlds would suddenly fall into such dire straits.

After asking Xu Linggong about it, Xu Linggong should know something, but he didn’t go into detail. He only knew that the world was ever-changing, and sometimes, knowing that it was impossible to stay forever, the ancestors of Great Evolution Paradise were a group of people everyone deeply respected.

When Yang Kai was chatting with Xu Linggong, he mentioned this Troublesome Grandmaster and learned some of the secrets of the Great Evolution Paradise.

Looking towards the source of the aura, he saw a white-haired old man sitting cross-legged on the ground. In front of him were the three damaged array discs he had taken out earlier.

“Senior!” Yang Kai bowed.

The last time he had accompanied the Proprietress to see this Artifact Refining Grandmaster, Yang Kai had vaguely guessed that he was a High Rank Open Heaven, but at that time, his strength was too low to verify it. Today, after arriving here as a Sixth Order Open Heaven, Yang Kai was able to see that his guess was correct.

Troublesome Grandmaster was indeed a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master!

Yang Kai felt a deep sense of respect for this old man. As a High Rank Open Heaven master, he had spent tens of thousands of years guarding the Sect’s foundation, enduring unimaginable loneliness and pressure, causing the old man’s back to bend slightly.

“You know that this old man doesn’t like others wasting good things, so you deliberately took it out to lure me out, right?” Troublesome Grandmaster glanced at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grinned, “How could I dare to scheme in front of Grandmaster?”

“Hmph!” Troublesome Grandmaster curled his lips, “You're just like that little girl Lan Youruo, so shrewd and annoying!”

Yang Kai said proudly, “Senior is too kind.”

“The last time I saw her bring you here, I knew I would see you again in the future, how troublesome!”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Senior has forgotten that this Junior still owes you a favor, so naturally we will meet again.” The last time he had asked him to refine the Execution Heavenly Sword and Heavenly Net Umbrella, he had said that Yang Kai would owed him a favor.

Yang Kai naturally agreed.

Troublesome Grandmaster didn’t express any opinion, only frowning slightly as he said, “A mere Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, what use do I have for you? When I saw your extraordinary talent back then, I thought you would be able to directly advance to the Seventh Order, but in the end, you actually made a loss!”

Yang Kai bared his teeth, finally understanding why this Artifact Refining Grandmaster in front of him had made such a request in the past. It turned out that he had taken a liking to his aptitude for breaking through to the Seventh Order directly.

How could he not want to break through to the Seventh Order? It was just that he had been forced to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage in the Shattered Heaven. Although he had obtained a Mid Rank World Fruit to restore the situation, if he didn’t obtain more opportunities, his limit in the future would only be the Eighth Order.

With an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, how could there be fewer with such cultivation in the Cave Heaven Paradise? Not to mention others, even this Troublesome Grandmaster in front of him might be able to break through to the Eighth Order in the future.

Saying that Yang Kai’s favor was useless was the truth.

“These three are broken, are there any others?” Troublesome Grandmaster asked.

“Yes, Grandmaster’s vision is really sharp!” Yang Kai quickly flattered, taking out the remaining dozen or so array discs.

It was rare for this Artifact Refining Grandmaster to be interested in something so crude, so how could Yang Kai not be satisfied?

With sixteen artifacts the size of houses placed together, the scene was quite spectacular. With his hands behind his back, Troublesome Grandmaster bowed slightly as he walked around the sixteen array discs.

After a short while, he raised his brow and commented, “The refining method is unsightly, but the concept is extremely exquisite. Did you create it?”

Yang Kai replied honestly.

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded and said, “Void Yin-Yang Mirrow, when it is flipped, it can move objects and break the void.” His expression became serious, “What are you moving? You actually need such a large amount of work.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Some Dead Star or Mineral Star.”

Troublesome Grandmaster was slightly shocked, but that was all. He sighed and said, “Young people really dare to do such things, it’s quite a struggle.”

Saying so, he waved his hand, “Put it away.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed that he couldn’t get him to repair it, but this trip wasn’t to ask this Artifact Refining Grandmaster to repair the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, so he didn’t insist and quickly put away the sixteen array discs before solemnly saying, “Senior, this Junior has a request to make!”

Troublesome Grandmaster shook his head repeatedly, “I won’t listen, I won’t listen!”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Senior, you should at least let someone finish speaking.”

Troublesome Grandmaster chuckled and put on a shrewd look, “This old man doesn’t have anything here, you come all the way here just to ask me to help you refine artifacts, right? It’s enough to make a loss once, this old man isn’t stupid, why would he do it again?”

Yang Kai said, “If Senior has any requests, this Junior can satisfy them. To be honest, although this Junior’s cultivation isn’t high right now, he still has some weight in the 3000 Worlds, so it’s not impossible for Senior to fulfill his wishes!”

“Oh?” Troublesome Grandmaster's long white eyebrows rose, “How much weight do you have?”

Yang Kai smiled guiltily, “That depends on what Senior wants.”

Troublesome Grandmaster hesitated for a moment before suddenly raising his hand and pointing towards the empty space in front of him. Immediately, a black light appeared and spread out like ink.

Yang Kai looked over with a puzzled expression.

Seeing his ignorant expression, Troublesome Grandmaster showed a disappointed expression and withdrew his finger. The spreading ink also slowly dissipated as he turned around and waved his hand, “You can leave now. You don’t need to return the favor you owe me. The next time you come, this old man won’t open the door.”

How could Yang Kai listen to him? It wasn’t easy for him to enter this place, so he had to get what he wanted. Before coming here, he had been considering whether he could invite this Artifact Refining Grandmaster to come out of seclusion and become a Supreme Elder or something in the Void Land. Now that he saw his attitude, he didn’t even need to think about asking him to become a Supreme Elder, but at the very least, he needed to ask him to forge a palace artifact for him.

He quickly caught up to him and tried to persuade him, but Troublesome Grandmaster ignored him completely. After ordering him to leave, he didn’t seem to have any intention of chasing him away, as if he was completely ignoring Yang Kai.

In fact, this was indeed the case. For the next half a year, Troublesome Grandmaster had not paid any attention to him. No matter how he tried to persuade him, this Artifact Refining Grandmaster simply ignored him.

This made Yang Kai feel even more discouraged. Thinking about what he liked, Yang Kai took out precious materials from his Space Ring and Small Universe one by one and showed them to him.

The old man didn’t even spare him a glance, only a ray of purple Qi which caused Troublesome Grandmaster to glance over, seemingly somewhat moved, but he still remained silent.

Speaking of this Purple Qi, Yang Kai didn’t know what it was, but he had robbed it from Luan Bai Feng.

Luan Bai Feng, on the other hand, had found it somewhere in the New Great Domain. After Yang Kai had obtained this Purple Qi, he had left it in his Small Universe and ignored it. This time, if it weren’t for the fact that he wanted to use something to attract Troublesome Grandmaster's attention, he probably wouldn’t have thought about it.

Since Troublesome Grandmaster seemed to be interested in this Purple Qi, Yang Kai naturally played along with it and allowed it to wrap around his fingertips all day long, swaying back and forth in front of the old man.

Troublesome Grandmaster still turns a blind eye!

Yang Kai had competed with him for more than half a year in terms of patience, but he really couldn’t compete with him. The old man was truly strong in will despite his age, making it difficult for others not to admire him.

His firm attitude also forced Yang Kai to retreat. After all, pestering him like a rogue wouldn’t solve anything.

On this day, Yang Kai was sitting in a palace in the old site of Great Evolution Paradise when he suddenly raised his brow and looked in a certain direction. In the next moment, his figure flashed out of the palace.

Looking up, Yang Kai saw a stream of light speeding towards him. From the aura of this stream of light, Yang Kai could tell that it was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator!

Yang Kai was stunned. Someone else had actually come to this sealed place? But after thinking about it carefully, he realized that something was wrong. Troublesome Grandmaster open the door to this place for him, if others wanted to open the door, they wouldn’t be able to.

Could it be that other than the old man, there was someone else living in the ruins of Great Evolution Paradise?


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