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Killing this Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was as easy as crushing an ant. Even though they were used to seeing this woman’s ruthlessness, many of the mine slaves couldn’t help trembling in fear, fearing that they would be implicated.

Yang Kai’s face was expressionless, not showing any sympathy at all. The winner was king while the loser was vilified. If Void Land had lost that battle, the result of thousands of Open Heaven Stage cultivators would not have been any better.

“Begin,” Yang Kai said lightly.

Luan Bai Feng nodded and began making the necessary arrangements. The reason why all of the mining slaves in the Black Prison were gathered here was to refine some extremely important materials, which required a great deal of manpower and resources.

When Luan Bai Feng had returned to the Black Territory from High Heaven Territory, Yang Kai had told her about one of his wonderful ideas.

Since Open Heaven Stage cultivators could use Space Arrays to travel through the void, it wasn’t impossible for the mineral stars in the depths of the Black Territory to move in this way.

Of course, if he wanted to move the mineral star, the amount of Space Arrays he needed was naturally enormous.

The last time Yang Kai had moved the mineral star, he had relied on his own strength to push it back. Not only did it take a lot of time and effort, but he also had to constantly change directions and control his speed, making it extremely troublesome. If he were to accidentally collide with another mineral star, he might even fail.

However, if he could use the Space Dao to directly teleport back the Mineral Ore, it would be much easier.

However, if they wanted to achieve this step, they would need to invest a great deal of effort in the early stages, but just as Yang Kai had said, when it came to moving the mineral star, sharpening the blade will not delay cutting the firewood. If their plan could really be implemented, the efficiency of mining black stones would definitely increase by a million times, and in the future, the Yin-Yang attribute resources of Sixth Grade and above would also be greatly guaranteed!

Luan Bai Feng had spent the past twenty years in the Black Territory constructing the Void Array until Yang Kai came and used his attainments in the Dao of Space to complete it.

The mineral stars in the Black Territory varied in size, so the Spirit Arrays they arranged couldn’t be too rigid and needed to be adjusted.

Using this as a foundation, Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng combined all of their efforts and condensed the essence of the Space Dao and Array Dao. It was an unprecedented feat.

Over the next three years, in the outer palace of the Black Territory, hundreds of Open Heaven Stage cultivators were bustling about. These Open Heaven Stage cultivators had all kinds of talents, such as those who were proficient in Artifact Refining. These people were often entrusted with important tasks by Luan Bai Feng, while the others who didn’t have any ability but only knew how to use brute force were simply acting as assistants.

Yang Kai was in charge of overseeing the operation and was responsible for checking the procedures to make up for any mistakes.

Three years later, sixteen pieces of heavy equipment appeared, divided into two sets, one set into eight pieces, one for Yin and one for Yang, like a mirror.

As a result, Yang Kai named these two artifacts the Void Yin-Yang Mirror.

Each of these artifacts was a disk array that had been refined with countless resources. If converted into Open Heaven Pills, each of these artifacts was worth three billion Open Heaven Pills!

If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Kai now had two Star Cities and a new Great Domain, and had brought a massive amount of resources with him before setting out, he really wouldn’t have dared to play like this.

A single Artifact Disc Array was worth three billion, so sixteen of them would be worth four hundred and eighty billion. Such a terrifying number was enough to buy hundreds of seventh grade resources, enough to make any second class force empty their pockets!

The supplies Yang Kai had brought with him before setting out had been used up by more than half in an instant, causing him great pain.

If this matter was successful, it would naturally be a great profit, but if it failed, it would be a great loss to his family.

Even with Yang Kai’s current wealth, after he finished forging a total of sixteen disk array for the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, he couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious.

Yang Kai gave Luan Bai Feng one set of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, while he take the other set. Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai looked towards the depths of the Black Territory and said, “Wait for my news.”

Luan Bai Feng also nodded nervously, but she was also filled with anticipation.

Since such a Divine Artifact came from her own hands, Luan Bai Feng naturally wanted to know if it would be of any use to her. Although the two of them had already tested it out and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with it, it was still just a small experiment. If they really wanted to move such a huge mineral star, no one would be able to guarantee anything.

This wasn’t the first time Yang Kai had been to the depths of the Black Territory, and the strange aura that permeated the area was slowly eroding the Small Universe's foundation.

However, with Yang Kai’s Towering Evergreen, he was able to resist for a while, allowing him to reach a place where ordinary people couldn’t.

After more than ten days, Yang Kai felt that he had reached his limit. If he continued forward, even the Towering Evergreen Secret Technique would find it difficult to resist this strange aura.

After finding a mineral star, Yang Kai immediately began arranging it.

The eight Void Yang Mirror Disk Arrays he had brought with him were taken out and arranged outside this mineral star in the Qian 乾 Kun 坤 Zhen 震 Xun 巽 Kan 坎 Li 离 Gen 艮 Dui 兑 Eighth Trigrams.

Yang Kai sat down and changed his hand seals. As the Space Laws surged, he shouted, “Rise!”

As the Void Yang Mirror eighth Disk Arrays buzzed and trembled, beams of light shot out from the Arrays and connected with each other.

In the blink of an eye, the Void Yang Mirror’s eight array discs were connected at the head and tail. From high up in the sky, one could clearly see that these eight array discs had formed a square cage, and inside this cage was the mineral star Yang Kai had chosen as his target.

As for the eight Disk Arrays connected to each other, they formed a massive Void Principle Array!

At the same time, in the void outside the Black Territory, Luan Bai Feng waited with bated breath. The eight arrays of Void Yin Mirror were controlled by eight Fifth Order Open HEaven Stage, and they were also arranged according to Eight Trigrams.

At a certain moment, the eight Arrays of the Void Yin Mirror began to hum and tremble. As rays of light flashed, a huge projection appeared in the Void Yin Mirror.

This was the projection of the mineral star that Yang Kai had selected as his target. The size was exactly the same, but it wasn’t a real object.

Luan Bai Feng raised her brow and shouted, “Follow the plan!”

The Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage controlling the eight Disk Arrays did not dare to be negligent as they quickly circulated their strength to move the Disk Arrays and place them in the appropriate positions. Each Array was perfectly aligned with the situation at the Void Yang Mirror.

In the depths of the Black Territory, Yang Kai’s gaze was profound, as if he could see through the obstruction of space and see Luan Bai Feng’s situation.

The hand seals in his hand changed again as he shouted, “Accept!”

Under the turbulence of the Space Laws, the Yin-Yang Mirror and the sixteen Disk Arrays began to flicker as if they could disappear at any moment.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand, his expression completely solemn as he slowly flipped his palm and shouted, “Transfer!”

A violent burst of energy burst out and the eight flashing disks stabilized, no longer trembling.

As for the mineral star that had been trapped in the cage created by the eight disk arrays, it suddenly disappeared.

Outside the Black Territory, Luan Bai Feng stared blankly at the giant mineral star that had suddenly appeared in the sky. Although she had some guesses in her heart, when she saw this scene with her own eyes, she couldn’t help muttering, “Success!”

With the Void Yin-Yang Mirror as a guide, Yang Kai had actually teleported a huge mineral star to this place.

Such a magnificent feat was simply astonishing.

Standing next to her, Xin Peng couldn’t help swallowing his saliva as he stared at the mineral star that had suddenly appeared and asked instinctively, “How did you do it?”

Although he was also a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator and his vision wasn’t low, this scene was still too bizarre.

If someone had told him before today that such a huge mineral star could move from one place to another in an instant, Xin Peng would definitely not have believed it. Even the legendary Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage couldn’t accomplish such a feat.

But it had happened right before his eyes.

Luan Bai Feng smiled, obviously in a good mood as she explained, “That guy named the thing he forged over the past few years the Void Yin-Yang Mirror. The name is quite fitting. On his side is the Yang Mirror, while on our side is the Yin Mirror. With his Space Ability, once he turns the mirror upside down, the thing over there will naturally move to our side.”

Xin Peng listened in a daze, obviously not understanding.

Luan Bai Feng chuckled lightly, “It’s just like the back of your hand, if you were to grab something in your palm, wouldn’t you be able to turn it upside down?”

Xin Peng said in a flattering tone, “Sir and the warden are both truly wise, Xin Peng can’t match up to them. But according to what the warden said, what we have here right now is the Eight Disk Arrays of Yang Mirror that Sir took away?”

Luan Bai Feng smiled lightly, “Not too stupid.”

The mirror had two Yin and Yang sides, two sets of eight Disk Arrays, which were mainly used for positioning. When they were used together, not only did they move the Mineral Star over, but the Yin Mirror and Yang Mirror also swapped positions. Yang Kai had taken the Void Yang Mirror with him before, leaving behind the Yin Mirror, but now he had the Yin Mirror.

She fell silent for a moment. Although she was unwilling to be forced to sign the Loyalty List back then, from the looks of it now, that fellow’s wisdom was far beyond her own. Working under such a person wasn’t too shabby.

Moreover, the ingenuity of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror’s concept was also amazing. The one Luan Bai Feng had given to Yang Kai three years ago was just a simple map of the Void Array. If it was really as she had originally planned, it would certainly be effective, but it would not be so convenient.

The Void Yin-Yang Mirror could be adjusted at will, creating the most suitable cage to envelop the Mineral Star. It was undoubtedly many times better than the Void Array she had constructed.

The Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage in charge of controlling the eight disc arrays was still in a daze when Luan Bai Feng shouted, “Don’t just stand there, hurry up and prepare, the next mineral star should arrive soon.”

Hearing this, the eight of them quickly took out their respective disc arrays and flew to another empty space to set up a formation.

In less than ten days, another huge projection appeared in the Void Yang Mirror’s Eight Disk Arrays. With their previous experience, without waiting for Luan Bai Feng’s instructions, the eight of them began moving.

A moment later, as the light from the disc array blossomed, a mining star that was not inferior to the previous one was suddenly teleported over.

On the first mineral star that had been teleported here, hundreds of mining slaves had swarmed in to mine the black stone.


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