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When a person was immersed in something and unable to extricate themselves, they would not notice the passage of time.

Yang Kai entered the Universe Temple to meditate and comprehend its mysteries, using his own comprehension of the Dao of Space. Not only did he not find it boring, he even enjoyed it.

The Universe Temple was worthy of being called an extremely ancient artifact. The Universe Formation was extremely complicated and profound, and there were many novel aspects that made Yang Kai’s eyes light up, allowing him to gain some insights into the Dao of Space.

After a full five years, Yang Kai finally managed to comb through the entire Universe Formation and discovered many damaged areas. These damaged areas were the remnants of the Array and had to be repaired in order to restore its former function.

It took a lot of effort to deduce this thing, so Yang Kai spent a lot of effort on it. Every time he broke through a bottleneck, his attainments in the Dao of Space would improve.

However, no matter how much he enjoyed it, such a dull day still made him feel pressured and lonely. If he didn’t have a firm and steady temperament, he would probably go crazy.

Therefore, from time to time, Yang Kai would come out of seclusion and rest for a while, allowing him to work more efficiently.

Every time he came out of seclusion, the Sixth Order Open Heaven golden armored general from Great Battle Heaven would immediately appear in front of him, probably afraid that he would have some kind of request.

However, this person was a taciturn person who couldn’t produce a single fart. Yang Kai first tried to chat with him, but he didn’t receive any response.

After that, he didn’t expect him to respond to him. Sometimes, when he was in a good mood, he would casually mutter a few words to him. Sometimes, he would walk alone in the desolate Universe Temple, the golden-armored general following him like a servant.

There were also times when he would instruct him to find some good wine and food to drink alone.

This golden armored general had never complained, and no matter what Yang Kai wanted, he would do his best to satisfy it. At first, Yang Kai was a bit embarrassed, thinking it was too much trouble, but after a while, he felt at ease.

This time, Yang Kai asked him to prepare a table of food and wine.

Right in front of the main hall of the Universe Temple, Yang Kai casually picked up a stone block and sat down, pouring himself a drink. The golden armored general stood not far away from him, his body as straight as a spear, his eyes not even glancing sideways.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of wine, Yang Kai became quite excited and muttered to himself, “After five years of investigation, I’ve found 1135 flaws. After two years of deduction, I’ve only managed to repair seven of them. At this rate, it will take at least a hundred years to completely repair the Universe Formation.”

A hundred years… was neither too long nor too short. Ordinary people could live a life of mediocrity, but for Open HEaven Stage cultivators, it was like the snap of a finger.

“Brother Jin!” Yang Kai raised his head and looked towards the golden armored general. He didn’t know what his name was, so he casually gave him a surname. The other party didn’t have any objections, so he just kept calling out, “I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to stay here with me for a few more days, but don’t worry, a hundred years is just a normal speed of deduction. I spent half a year on the first one, but the second one only took five months, and the third one took four months. In the future, it will definitely become faster. Perhaps it won’t take long.”

Sure enough, Brother Jin remained silent, as usual.

Yang Kai finished the pot of wine and stood up, turning around and walking towards the main hall, “I’ll continue with my work, you should rest.”

“Why don’t you go take a look at the other Universe Temple?” An unfamiliar voice suddenly came from behind him.

Yang Kai turned his head and stared at the golden armored general in shock, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

After a while, he couldn’t help laughing, “So it wasn’t Brother Jin, it was Senior Sister Jin!”

It wasn’t until this golden armored general spoke that Yang Kai realized she wasn’t the man he had thought she was, but a woman. Her voice was clear and pleasant to the ear.

With such a beautiful voice, her looks couldn’t be too bad.

However, after interacting with her for so long, she had never opened her mouth, and wearing this golden armor, her figure was quite imposing. Yang Kai’s first impression of her was that she was a man.

After a moment of surprise, Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I understand Senior Sister’s meaning. In the 3000 Worlds, there are several Universe Temple that have been damaged over the years and are no longer usable. These places aren’t all the same. If I go to the other places and look around, perhaps I won’t need to spend any effort trying to figure out how to solve them. After all, this place is damaged, so there’s a chance it’s completely intact in other place.”

“But if that’s the case, why don’t I just find an intact Universe Temple and carefully study it? This way, I’ll have a clear solution to any damaged areas.”

Senior Sister Jin remained silent.

Yang Kai continued, “The reason why I didn’t do so was because if I didn’t deduce it on my own, it would be meaningless. If I blindly imitated the ancient people, I would only be following the old path of others. If I deduced it on my own, it would truly belong to me.” He nodded his head and unconsciously glanced towards Senior Sister Jin’s chest.

A cold light flashed as Senior Sister Jin unsheathed her sword.

Yang Kai shrank his neck and entered the Universe Temple, his voice drifting out, “Many thanks for Senior Sister’s hospitality. The next time I come out, I’m afraid I’ll need Senior Sister to prepare some repair materials.”

As the main hall closed, Yang Kai’s face was filled with guilt, secretly thinking that this woman’s intuition was indeed sharp. Just now, he had only thought of the words ‘big chest and no brain’, but now he had attracted a murderous intent. A woman born in the Great Battle Heaven was truly terrifying.

However, what Senior Sister Jin had said before, it wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about it before, but he had rejected it. Taking the old path of the ancients really saved time and effort, but it didn’t have much benefit to his proficiency in the Dao of Space. If he could see through all the mysteries of the Universe Formation in advance, it could only be said that he was using a mountain stone to attack jade, but if he were to deduce its flaws and construct a method to resolve it, the benefits he would obtain would definitely be great.

If that wasn’t the case, how could Yang Kai be willing to work here?

Just as he had said, it took him half a year to deduce the solution to the first flaw, but when it came to the second flaw, it only took him five months. The third flaw took him four months, and the time it took for him to solve it became shorter. In the later stages, he only needed to take a glance to solve many of the flaws.

After another three years, more than a thousand flaws had been completely deduced. Yang Kai sat in the middle of the Universe Formation, the World Force surging as he carefully combed through the complete Universe Formation he had constructed. After confirming that there were no problems, he came out.

Senior Sister Jin appeared in front of him in a flash.

Yang Kai’s expression was somewhat tired, but his eyes were filled with vigor as he handed her a jade slip, “Senior Sister, please prepare these materials.”

Senior Sister Jin took it and turned around to leave without asking anything.

For the next few days, Senior Sister Jin was nowhere to be seen, obviously preparing the materials Yang Kai had asked her.

Although the Universe Temple of this Great Domain had been abandoned for many years and was no longer used, there was still a Star City, and although the materials Yang Kai needed were precious, they weren’t rare. With Great Battle Heaven's foundation, it wouldn’t take long to find them.

After resting for a few days and recovering his energy, Yang Kai flashed into the void, closed his eyes, and slowly punched out with his fists.

Ten years of secluded meditation in the Universe Temple to repair the flaws in the Universe Formation had allowed him to take a big step forward in the Dao of Space.

After cultivating for so many years, Yang Kai had divided his Dao Law into ten different levels, from the lowest to the highest. These ten levels were, superficial knowledge, get a glimpse of the door, entering the door, familiar with it, integrated, outstanding, technical champion, peaked, superb, and shaking the ancient and dazzling the present.

This kind of division was extremely distinct and had a clear understanding of a cultivator’s cultivation. Yang Kai had already passed down this division to the Void Land and High Heaven Palace.

When he had first discussed this matter with Xu Linggong, Xu Linggong had also praised Yang Kai’s classification and said that Yang Kai had a chance to create a new system of Law Cultivation. If this method could really be popularized, it would definitely be a great accomplishment! Yang Kai’s name would definitely be recorded in the annals of history, and in the future, when someone compared this system to their own cultivation, they would think of him as the founder!

According to this system, Yang Kai’s previous Space Dao was only at the 7th stage, which is the technical champion, but now he had reached the threshold of the eighth stage.

The improvement of Yang Kai's Dao of Space also gave him a birth to a vague feeling.

As the two fists punched out, the Space Laws fluctuated and distorted the surrounding space.

Yang Kai felt like he was a silkworm pupae trapped inside a cocoon. If he could break out of this cocoon, he would be in a completely different world, but he was still unable to break through the final shackles and was extremely depressed.

A golden figure had appeared not far from Yang Kai at some point and was quietly observing his movements. From an outsider’s point of view, Yang Kai’s movements at this moment were quite comical, his fists punching out in an irregular manner, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, as if he was an old man practicing his martial arts and cultivating his body.

However, these seemingly harmless punches shook the void and contained boundless power.

Senior Sister Jin stared for a long time before suddenly raising the halberd in her hand. As the World Force erupted, she transformed into a stream of light and fiercely stabbed towards Yang Kai.

She didn’t show any mercy as she went all out, seemingly wanting to kill Yang Kai while he was distracted.

The World Force surged like a raging sea, causing Yang Kai to turn his head and meet the incoming halberd with his fists, circulating his World Force around his fists.

A soundless collision occurred in the void as two figures crossed each other. Yang Kai’s clothes were instantly torn and Senior Sister Jin’s bright armor splashed with fire.

However, this woman had no intention of stopping. As she turned around, her halberd transformed into a shadow of a halberd that surrounded Yang Kai’s body, filled with murderous intent.

Yang Kai retreated again, but his fists were still the same as before, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, smashing into the halberd with varying degrees of force, neutralizing the other party’s fierce attacks.

The two figures entangled each other, transforming into a spinning top that flew out in a thousands of kilometers in the blink of an eye, exchanging countless blows.


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