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Inside the Universe Temple, Yang Kai, who was squatting on the ground and studying the Universe Formation, suddenly froze.

Looking up, Yang Kai saw that a figure had appeared at the edge of the Spirit Array at some point. This person seemed to have been there all along, but Yang Kai didn’t notice it at all. He only noticed that someone was staring at him and was alerted.

It was impossible to see the person’s face clearly, the figure was shrouded in a hazy light.

Yang Kai turned his head to the side and saw a similar figure standing to his left and right.

The three of them stood in a triangular formation while Yang Kai stood in the middle.

Slowly standing up, Yang Kai didn’t dare act rashly. The aura these three gave him was even stronger than Xu Linggong’s. Obviously, they were all Eighth Order Open Heaven.

Thinking back to what Xu Linggong had mentioned before, how could Yang Kai not know that these three were Sect Masters or Great Elders from the various Cave Heaven Paradise?

“Yang Kai of Void Land greets the three Seniors,” Yang Kai bowed respectfully.

The three of them didn’t say anything and just quietly observed Yang Kai, their invisible pressure causing him to frown.

After a while, the first person Yang Kai saw said, “Xu Linggong should have explained the situation to you.”

Yang Kai replied, “Elder Xu said that this Junior will come here to undergo a test, but Elder Xu didn’t explain what kind of test it was exactly. I must ask the three Seniors to explain!”

The figure didn’t say anything, simply raising his hand slightly and pointing a finger towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t move, not because he trusted these three mysterious Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, but because he believed that Xu Linggong wouldn’t bring him here for no reason.

What’s more, if the three Eighth Order masters really wanted to attack him, there was no way he could resist.

A bright light suddenly blossomed from the man’s finger, pure and flawless. The white light expanded and wrapped around Yang Kai.

Yang Kai lowered his head and examined his body, but he didn’t find anything wrong with it. This white light seemed to be just a method of inspection, without any offensive power.

Yang Kai didn’t know what they were examining, so he could only take things as they came.

A moment later, the white light dissipated and the figure who shot the light nodded slightly, while the pressure released by the other two figures seemed to have been greatly reduced.

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Does this mean Junior has passed the test?”

The figure smiled, “The real test has yet to begin.”

Yang Kai was speechless for a moment before calming down and asking, “What does Junior need to do?”

The figure didn’t beat around the bush and directly said, “We need to investigate your Small Universe World, so you only need to open it.”

Even though Yang Kai was mentally prepared, after hearing such an unreasonable request, he still couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed and asked in a low voice, “Investigate my Small Universe World?”

“Yes!” The figure nodded.

Yang Kai laughed in anger, but the three figures were like wooden stakes, completely unresponsive.

The Open Heaven Stage's Small Universe was the most basic foundation, and it also hid all of a person’s secrets, so how could it be so easily investigated?

The degree of secrecy of the Small Universe World was even deeper than the Space Ring worn by cultivators!

Under normal circumstances, if someone wanted to investigate another person’s Space Ring, it would be equivalent to humiliating others, not to mention the Small Universe World.

Yang Kai also didn’t expect this so-called test to be this. Was comprehending and repairing the Universe Temple directly related to this? Why were they so anxious and careful?

Yang Kai couldn’t understand and instinctively wanted to refuse, “What if I don’t agree?”

The figure said lightly, “No one is forcing you. If you don’t agree, you can leave.”

Yang Kai immediately cupped his fists, “Junior will take his leave!”

Turning around, he quickly left the hall.

Three figures were still quietly standing at the edge of the grand array, not moving at all.

A moment later, Yang Kai slowly walked back with his hands behind his back and sat down in the center of the grand array, accepting his fate, “Let’s begin!”

Yang Kai didn’t trust these three Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who didn’t even show their faces, but he trusted Xu Linggong. Since Xu Linggong had helped him with this matter, Yang Kai didn’t want him to waste his efforts.

What’s more, Yang Kai didn’t have any secrets he could reveal. At most, only the transformation of his Small Universe World from illusory to solid. The mysteries of the Space Dao left behind by ancient artifacts were extremely attractive to him.

After weighing the pros and cons, he decided to swallow his anger.

The figure smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, it’ll just take some effort!”

As Yang Kai took the initiative to open up his Small Universe, he immediately felt three auras enter his body. Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy, as if three thieves had broken into his courtyard.

As soon as the three auras entered, all of them were startled, obviously noticing that Yang Kai's Small Universe World were different.

Under normal circumstances, only when a cultivator broke through to the Seventh Order would the Small Universe World turn from illusory to solid. However, Yang Kai was clearly only a Sixth Order, yet he already have the foundation of a Seventh Order.

On top of that, this Sixth Order Open Heaven's Small Universe foundation was truly astonishing.

The three of them were all Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, so in terms of experience and knowledge, there weren’t many in the entire 3000 Worlds who could compare to them, but none of them had ever seen a Sixth Order cultivator with Yang Kai’s profound heritage.

Inwardly, they were amazed. No wonder the news they had received said that this man had killed Zuo Quan Hui, a Sixth Order cultivator who had killed a Seventh Order master. Although he had not killed Zuo Quan Hui single-handedly, he had to have a certain level of skill.

A moment later, the three auras split up into three groups and began swimming through Yang Kai’s Small Universe World.

Yang Kai felt that these three seemed to be searching for something, not sparing a single blade of grass or piece of wood from his Small Universe.

His entire Small Universe had been thoroughly combed from head to toe by these three auras.

Again and again!

By the time these three auras left Yang Kai’s Small Universe World, half a month had passed.

Yang Kai felt extremely tired for them. All he needed to do was open up his Small Universe and sit down, but the three of them had actually examined him three times, so their consumption was definitely not small.

The three of them looked at each other and nodded slightly.

Yang Kai closed his Small Universe and asked, “Did I pass this test or not?”

The figure standing in front of him said, “ You pass.”

“May I ask what Senior is looking for?” Yang Kai asked.

The figure didn’t answer and instead continued, “The Universe Formation is divided into two main arrays, the Inner and Outer Arrays. These are only the Outer Arrays that are used to draw people in and out in the domain. The Inner Arrays are classified and ordinary people have no chance to see them. Today, the Universe Temple Inner Array will be opened to you, so you can study it as much as you want. If you need anything, just instruct the Great Battle Heaven Disciples stationed here.”

As he spoke, a jade flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and was about to ask more questions, but when he looked up, there was no one in front of him. Turning his head around, he saw that he was alone in the hall again.

The three Eighth Order masters appeared and disappeared unpredictably, so much so that Yang Kai didn’t even know if their true bodies had appeared or if they had been projected here, much less how they had appeared or disappeared.

After carefully examining the entire hall and finding nothing suspicious, Yang Kai walked to the door and peeked outside.

Before Yang Kai could see what was happening, a golden light flew over and stopped not far from him. It was none other than the golden-armored general he had encountered when he first arrived with Xu Linggong!

The golden-armored general didn’t say anything, staring at him from beneath his golden helmet.

Yang Kai blinked and said, “Please invite Xu Linggong over.”

The golden-armored general remained silent and did not move.

Yang Kai called out again, but seeing that he still didn’t take any action, he couldn’t help flashing out.

After a while, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. He couldn’t find Xu Linggong, Qing Kui, or Su Yingxue here, they had obviously left.

This made Yang Kai secretly curse. Why didn’t he greet him before leaving? He had originally wanted to ask Xu Linggong what the test was about, but now he couldn’t.

The golden-armored general followed him closely, his bright armour constantly emitting clanging sounds. If it weren’t for the aura of life coming from this man’s armour, Yang Kai would have thought he was dead.

Xu Linggong had already left, and this golden-armored general didn’t seem like someone who could be discussed with. Yang Kai was also concerned about the mysteries of the Universe Temple, so he immediately rushed into the hall.

Holding the Jade in his hand, Yang Kai poured his strength into it and quickly understood that this was the Formation Jade that conrtols the Universe Temple here, just like how the Nine Layers Heaven Formation also controlled by the Formation Jade.

However, if he wanted to control it, he had to first refine the Jade.

It took Yang Kai half a month to refine most of the Formation Jade before he was able to open the Universe Temple Inner Array. The entire Universe Temple began to buzz as the lines of the Spirit Array began to flicker, revealing the hidden Inner Array inside.

A look of joy appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he plunged into it and began studying it.

When he first came into contact with the Universe Temple, Yang Kai had discovered that this thing had similar effects to his Space Spirit Bead, both of which could locate the Void and use it to travel.

However, the difference was that the Space Spirit Bead was two-way while the Universe Temple was one-way. In this aspect, the Universe Temple was inferior to the Space Spirit Bead.

However, the Universe Temple also had its own unique place, and that was to leave a mark of your own aura in the Universe Temple, fulfilling the condition of being in the great domain where the Universe Temple was located. No matter where one was, as long as they activated their Secret Art, they could return to the Universe Temple.

In the distance aspect, Universe Temple was several hundred time ahead of the Space Spirit Bead.

Of course, the further away they were, the greater the pressure they would have to endure when they were teleported, so under normal circumstances, when they passed through the Universe Temple, the cultivators would act according to their own limits, never choosing to go beyond their limits. Otherwise, if they were teleported back to the Universe Temple, they would likely die.

On top of that, activating the Secret Art would take some time, which was not as fast as using the Space Spirit Bead, so it was easy to interrupt the transmission to Universe Temple.

On the whole, Universe Temple and the Space Spirit Bead both had their own advantages and disadvantages. Yang Kai had long wanted to combine the two together, but unfortunately, he had never had the opportunity to do so, so now he was finally able to get what he wanted.

However, what he needed to do now was first comprehend the mysteries of the Universe Temple!


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