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Using High Heaven Palace’s Space Array, it was extremely convenient to teleport directly to a nearby Domain Gate.

There was a teleportation hall built here with Void Land's Open Heaven Stage master inside, controlling the Space Array and collecting travel fees for cultivators.

Seeing Yang Kai arrive, the several Open Heaven Stage masters guarding this place quickly bowed.

Yang Kai waved his hand and followed Xu Linggong out of the teleportation hall, heading straight for the Domain Gate.

After exiting the Domain Gate and entering another Great Domain, Xu Linggong tossed out a Flying Artifact and the four of them entered. Qing Kui was in charge of controlling the direction of the Flying Artifact’s flight while Xu Linggong led Yang Kai into a private room and sat down.

Looking out the window, Xu Linggong was lost in thought.

Yang Kai’s mind kept replaying the scene of him leaving the World Tree, feeling like something was about to happen, but he couldn’t figure out what.

“Little Girl Qu has been imprisoned for almost ten years now. When her confinement period is up, don’t forget to go to Yin-Yang Heaven to find her,” Xu Linggong suddenly said.

Yang Kai nodded, “Of course I remember.”

“You don’t need to worry too much about Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuan Heaven. Although the deaths of Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao weren’t completely flawless, there weren’t any major flaws. No one saw how they died, and no one saw how they died at your hands. The two Cave Heavens had their own guesses, but in order to protect the World Tree’s interests, they had no choice but to accept it. After all, they also knew that Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan Xuan were the ones who provoked you first, so even if they were killed, they were still inferior to the living. Of course, if you hadn’t even killed Zuo Quan Hui, they wouldn’t have given in so easily. How much strength do you have?”

Yang Kai nodded again.

“However, if you think that the two Cave Heavens are soft and easy to bully because of this, you’re gravely mistaken. The reason they are willing to endure is not because they are afraid of your Void Land, nor are they afraid of you, Yang Kai. It’s because you’ve borrowed the momentum of the other Cave Heaven Paradise that they are qualified to compromise. It’s best if you don’t let them find you for some kind of mistake, otherwise they’ll act faster than anyone else.”

“Senior,” Yang Kai called out softly.

“En?” Xu Linggong looked up at him.

“Are you going to some extremely dangerous place?”

“Why do you say that?” Xu Linggong looked at him in amusement.

Yang Kai didn’t mince his words, “It feels like you’re telling me about your funeral.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Linggong slapped his head, “You jinx!”

Yang Kai covered his head, “And those people on the World Tree, why did they set up such a big formation for no reason?”

Xu Linggong laughed shamelessly, “Do you know my position so well? This old master only left for a moment, but they are like children who have lost their milk, unwilling to part with me!”

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he silently cursed his status. It was obvious at a glance that his skin was thin, but he didn’t dare say this out loud. Xu Linggong really knew how to hit people.

“3000 Worlds, a beautiful scenery!” Xu Linggong turned his head to look out the window and sighed.

Yang Kai looked around but didn’t see any special scenery, so he didn’t know where he got his grief from.

Along the way, Xu Linggong and Yang Kai talked about some interesting stories, and the two of them chatted happily. Time passed by quickly, and on the way, they passed a few transits to Universe Temple.

On a certain day two months later, there was a knock on the door and Su Yingxue’s clear voice rang out, “Master, we’ve arrived.”

Xu Linggong nodded, stood up, and pushed open the door.

Yang Kai followed behind him.

A short while later, a group of four people appeared in a Universe Temple. Unlike the Universe Temple Yang Kai had seen before, this place was actually devoid of people. Although there were many shops on both sides of the street, all of them were dilapidated, obviously because they had been out of repair for many years.

A golden-armored general holding a halberd blocked the way. His armor was bright and his entire body was covered from head to toe, giving him an awe-inspiring appearance. He was obviously an Open Heaven Stage master of Great Battle Heaven.

Xu Linggong said loudly, “Yin-Yang Heaven’s Xu Linggong, under the orders of the Sect Master, has brought Yang Kai from the Void Land!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai clearly felt the eyes of the golden helmet emit a dazzling golden light as it stared straight at him, as if all his secrets were about to be exposed.

Yang Kai frowned slightly.

However, the golden-armored general didn’t take any action, only glancing at Yang Kai before stepping aside and allowing Xu Linggong to lead Yang Kai forward while Qing Kui and Su Yingxue stopped behind him.

Yang Kai glanced back and his brow wrinkled even more.

Previously, he had heard Xu Linggong say that the matter regarding the Universe Temple was of great importance and was likely related to the peace of the 3000 Worlds. He had thought Xu Linggong was exaggerating, but now it seemed that the various Cave Heaven Paradise really cared about the Universe Temple.

Such an abandoned Universe Temple actually had a master wearing Great Battle Heaven's golden armor guarding it, a testament to how important it was.

The Proprietress had told him that Great Battle Heaven, who was wearing golden armor, was at least a General Level, a Mid Rank Open Heaven Stage cultivator, while the one just now was obviously a Sixth Order Great General!

Moreover, judging from the aura hidden around them, there was definitely more than one Sixth Order guard here.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with doubts.

Xu Linggong’s words came from the front, “Later, when we meet with the Sect Master, there will be a test. Whether you participate or not is entirely up to you, but if you don’t participate, you won’t be allowed to enter the core of the Universe Temple to comprehend its mysteries.”

This was what Xu Linggong had said when he set out from the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai quickly asked, “What kind of test?”

Xu Linggong knew that he would find out when the time came, so he didn’t say anything.

A short while later, the two of them arrived in front of a large hall. Xu Linggong turned his head and said, “You go in yourself, I won’t go in.”

Yang Kai nodded and walked forward.

Xu Linggong suddenly said, “Boy, don’t forget the hundred-year agreement with Little Girl Qu.”

Yang Kai waved his hand without looking back, “I know!”

Pushing open the door to the main hall, Yang Kai walked in and saw that the main hall was completely empty. On the ground, there were complex patterns. At first glance, Yang Kai knew it was the Universe Formation of the Universe Temple!

Normally, when a cultivator used a spell technique somewhere in this Great Domain and returned to the Universe Temple, they would arrive here.

Yang Kai had used this method more than once, so he was no stranger to it.

Looking around, Yang Kai couldn’t see anyone, so he immediately snuck over to the center of the great array and began observing it. He had always wanted to find an opportunity to study this great array, but unfortunately, every time he came to this place with the help of the Universe Temple, he couldn’t stay any longer.

This was a rare opportunity, so he naturally didn’t want to miss it.

Outside the Universe Temple, Xu Linggong walked over step by step. Qing Kui and Su Yingxue greeted him, but the Golden Armoured Great General was nowhere to be seen.

“Master!” Su Yingxue called out softly.

Xu Linggong glanced at her with a smile before raising his hand and rubbing her head affectionately, “When I picked the two of you up back then, your Senior Brother protected you, thinking I was some kind of bad person and even bit my hand.”

Qing Kui grinned awkwardly. This young man, who had been fighting with wild beasts all year round, had a fierce and ruthless aura about him. Now that he had suddenly encountered a fellow who was full of vulgarities and didn’t seem to be a good person who wanted to take him and his junior sister, how could this young man agree? This young man, who had seen many young people resorting to unscrupulous means just for a piece of dried meat, thrust a bone blade towards the man’s abdomen, only to break it in half, causing his hands to bleed.

In the blink of an eye, the burly man picked him up and without hesitation, the young man bit his wrist, nearly breaking his teeth.

Being protected by him for so many years, the thin, yellowish eight-year-old girl didn’t even have the strength to walk. Gritting her teeth, she pounced forward, grabbed the man’s thigh, and bit down.

This was the first time the master and disciples had met!

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue’s memories were still fresh, just like yesterday.

At that time, their master was still a young man, high-spirited and full of mettle. Without any explanation, he carried the two of them as fast as lightning, causing the two little brats to cry out in fear, but he still laughed out loud.

Since when did Master have a few strands of white hair on his temples? Su Yingxue stared blankly at the dazzling silver threads, feeling as if a knife had been twisted in her heart, while Qing Kui tilted his head slightly.

“Do you blame Master?” Xu Linggong asked, his expression unprecedentedly gentle. If someone who was familiar with him saw this expression, they would probably be shocked.

The two personal disciples shook their heads.

Xu Linggong smiled happily, “As long as you don’t blame me, there’s nothing wrong. Who told you two to be seen by me back then? Once you leave, you’ll never be able to return. I’ll give you half a year to settle any unfulfilled wishes you have.”

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue looked at each other as the Senior Brother said, “Being able to follow Master is our greatest wish.”

Su Yingxue hesitated.

Xu Linggong understood immediately, “Do you want to see Little Girl Qu?”

Su Yingxue nodded before shaking her head, “Little Junior Sister’s heart is pure and innocent. If I go and see her, I’m afraid she’ll notice something. It’s best if I don’t.”

Xu Linggong chuckled, “That Yang boy is a man of his word. If he doesn’t die, when the hundred year agreement expires, he will naturally go find that Little Girl Qu. With him protecting her, I can rest assured.”

“Master has always been a good judge of character,” Qing Kui nodded.

“Since there are no more wishes, let’s set out,” Xu Linggong waved his hand.

Once they left, no one will be able to see them again this time.

On this trip, there were a hundred thousand flags and a hundred thousand soldiers, all of whom were bathed in blood.

Inside Yin-Yang Heaven’s Forbidden Zone, Qu Huachang suddenly opened her eyes as she sat in meditation, her heart feeling uneasy, as if an invisible hand was gripping her heart, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Her beautiful face instantly became as pale as paper as she stared at the rolling sea of clouds outside the forbidden area and muttered, “Master!”

Her figure flickered as she attempted to break out of the forbidden area.

However, after taking a few steps, she suddenly stopped and stood in place for a long time, tears flowing down her face.

Suddenly, she wiped her eyes with her sleeve and returned to her secluded cultivation, carefully sitting down cross-legged.

As soon as she could break through to the Seventh Order, she would be able to find her Senior Brother and Senior Sister!


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