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Being exposed by Wu Kuang, Yang Kai didn’t feel awkward.

Although this person in front of him had helped him greatly in many places, Yang Kai had never forgotten that this was the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, a terrifying figure who had once poisoned countless Star Fields. Wherever he went, the stars would shatter and all life would perish.

If he were to act recklessly in this new Great Domain, he would definitely cause endless trouble. In this new Great Domain, the Universe World’s Martial Dao standards were generally not high, so who could stop a Heaven Devouring Great Emperor who was filled with murderous intent?

Not to mention that this Heaven Devouring Great Emperor was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Wu Kuang’s words made Yang Kai feel a lot more at ease. With his current cultivation, even if he went to wreak havoc in the Universe World, he wouldn’t gain any benefits.

“Tell me, why are you looking for me? You can’t be here just to see me,” Wu Kuang asked casually.

“There is indeed something I need to ask you,” Yang Kai nodded and looked up at him, bluntly saying, “After the Dao Exchange Conference, I went to Yin-Yang Heaven’s Small Source World called the Divine Weapon World to gain experience and tried to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, nearly causing my cultivation to go berserk.”

Wu Kuang chuckled, “Did you really cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”

Yang Kai nodded, “This Secret Art’s effects are heaven-defying, it can be said to be able to absorb all energy in the world, allowing one to make rapid progress in the early stages. However, as one’s cultivation grows, it will become more dangerous, affecting one’s temperament.”

“Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, how could there be no hidden dangers in the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”

Yang Kai stared at him, “But when you cultivate, there seems to be no hidden dangers!”

Wu Kuang sneered, “Who says there are no hidden dangers? Do you think this King was born to be a cold person, born to kill people as if they were grass?” He revealed a look of reminiscence, “Thinking back to when I first debuted, I, Wu Kuang, also swept the ground in fear of harming ants and cherished the lives of moths!”

Yang Kai stared at him in surprise. This Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, who had once been a notorious figure in the Star Boundary for ten thousand years, actually had such a pure and innocent personality? Yang Kai couldn’t believe it, but at the same time felt it was reasonable. After all, human nature was inherently good.

Wu Kuang suddenly let out a loud laugh, his face filled with malice, “Of course I’m lying to you, little brat! This king was born to be a cruel and ruthless person. In this king's eyes, all of these common people are nothing more than ants! The reason why you cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and has so many hidden dangers is because you can’t resolve the many impurities you’ve absorbed. This king can resolve them, so naturally this king won’t be troubled by them.”

“How do I resolve it?” Yang Kai asked humbly. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was undoubtedly an evil technique, but he had to admit that it was a good thing. When he was in Small Source World, Yang Kai had experienced it deeply.

There was no guarantee that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to enter another Small Source World in the future. If he were to start over again like he did in the Divine Weapon World, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law might become something he could rely on! Relying solely on his Dragon Vein’s suppression wasn’t enough to guarantee success. If he could obtain Wu Kuang’s assistance, perhaps he could solve this problem.

“You won’t be able to resolve it,” Wu Kuang smiled and waved his hand, “There are some things that are destined to happen. For example, the Stone Puppet Clan is naturally suited to cultivate this king's Heaven Devouring Battle Law! No matter who others want to cultivate it, they will inevitably encounter hidden dangers.”

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

Although Wu Kuang didn’t clearly tell him anything, how could Yang Kai not understand the meaning behind his words? Wu Kuang was obviously saying that he was just like the Stone Puppet Race, born to be able to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Several thousands of years ago, Wu Kuang had been killed once, and several Great Emperors had fallen in the Star Fragments Sea’s battle. However, Wu Kuang’s remnant soul still remained, and he had hidden himself in the Star Fragments Sea in an attempt to revive himself. Bustling World Great Emperor had not hesitated to sever his own cultivation and fall from the Great Emperor Realm to the Principle Source Stage, venturing deep into the Star Fragments Sea in order to eliminate him.

In the end, Wu Kuang seized the opportunity to seize his body. Although he only succeeded halfway, he was still able to escape.

In the battle with the Great Demon God, Mo Sheng had died while Wu Kuang had seized Mo Sheng’s body and truly revived.

However, he was still able to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. In other words, his physical body couldn’t restrict him from cultivating this Evil Technique, and his physical body wasn’t what he relied on to cultivate this Evil Technique. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law after he possessed it.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “What’s so special about your Soul?”

Wu Kuang paused for a moment before glancing at Yang Kai in surprise, “You can actually see this far? This little brat is not simple!”

“Is it really because of your Soul?” Yang Kai asked excitedly. This was just a guess, but he hadn’t expected it to be true.

Wu Kuang put down the wine pot and pondered for a moment before suddenly grinning, “Fine, since you’ve guessed this, I’ll let you see something good. I’ve never even let Duan Hongchen see this thing before.”

Yang Kai quickly raised his hand to stop him, “If you want to kill me after I see it, I won’t bother!”

One had to know that Wu Kuang and Duan Hongchen had lived together for many years. If Wu Kuang really had some kind of secret, Bustling World Great Emperor would definitely know about it, but since he said that Duan Hongchen had never seen it before, it meant that it was an extremely deep secret.

This was definitely Wu Kuang’s biggest secret!

Wu Kuang laughed loudly, “If I can’t beat you, how am I supposed to silence you? What’s more, you also have something similar. If not for that, I wouldn’t have let you see it.”

“Something similar…” Yang Kai frowned, not knowing what Wu Kuang was talking about.

Just as he was wondering, Yang Kai suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, because this guy had stretched out his hands, grabbed his skull, and pulled it to the side.

The top of his head was split open, revealing his brain!

Such a scene could only be described as horrifying. Yang Kai almost jumped up and cursed!

Wu Kuang, on the other hand, had his head lowered as he stared at him. On his white head, there was a small Soul Avatar visible to the naked eye. This Soul Avatar was undoubtedly Wu Kuang’s Soul, but at this moment, this Soul Avatar was sitting on a blooming lotus!

When Yang Kai saw this lotus flower, he was stunned for a moment. From its appearance alone, this lotus flower was exactly the same as his Soul Warming Lotus. The only difference was its color. The Soul Warming Lotus was a seven colored light, dazzling and resplendent, while the lotus flower in Wu Kuang’s head was pure white, giving off an extremely clean and pure feeling.

“There is a supreme treasure in this world, a Twin Lotus, one of which is the Soul Warming Lotus, and the other is my Stainless Pure Lotus.” The Soul Avatar sitting in the middle of refining slowly opened its eyes and smiled towards Yang Kai, not showing the slightest trace of malice, instead seeming like the cleanest person in the world.

“This Twin Lotus, one is for the Soul and the other is for the physical body. The Soul Warming Lotus has the ability to nourish the Soul and nourish the power of Divine Soul. Although the Stainless Pure Lotus has some use for the Soul, its greatest use lies in the physical body. It can cleanse all impurities in the body and anyone who obtains the Stainless Pure Lotus can obtain the Stainless Sacred body!”

“During the battle in the Star Fragment Sea, this King's physical body was destroyed and a wisp of his remnant soul was able to protect the Stainless Pure Lotus while barely surviving. If it wasn’t for this artifact, this king's soul would have been destroyed in that battle. Unfortunately, the effects of the Stainless Pure Lotus on my Soul are incomparable to your Soul Warming Lotus. It took me countless years to barely recover.”

“Since everyone is a Great Emperors, the reason why this King is stronger than others is mostly because this king possesses the Stainless Sacred Body.”

Wu Kuang slowly explained, causing Yang Kai’s heart to churn.

Finally understanding why Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law had no drawbacks, he also understood what Wu Kuang meant when he said he had something similar.

The Soul Warming Lotus targeted the Soul, while the Stainless Pure Lotus targeted the physical body. No wonder Wu Kuang was able to frequently seize body, after seizing Duan Hongchen, he was able to snatch Mo Sheng's body, and there were not many hidden dangers. It was all because of this Stainless Pure Lotus.

With this thing, no matter how many impurities Wu Kuang swallowed when he used the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, it would be easily expelled, so how could he be affected? This was simply a supreme treasure that perfectly matched the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

The reason he was able to conceal his cultivation under the watchful eyes of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master was also understandable. It was likely due to the effects of this Stainless Pure Lotus. After all, the greatest use of this Stainless Pure Lotus was for the physical body. Wu Kuang had obtained it many years ago, so it wasn’t strange for him to be able to use this Stainless Pure Lotus secret technique.

Just like how Yang Kai had comprehended the Secret Techniques of Life Lotus and Furious Lotus.

Otherwise, how could a Mid Rank Open HEaven Stage, even if it was a Sixth Order Open HEaven Stage, be able to hide from a High Rank Open Heaven's eyes?

Wu Kuang reattached his split head, his torn skull perfectly intact without a trace of blood.

Yang Kai was stunned by this scene and couldn’t help feeling envious, “With this Stainless Pure Lotus, wouldn’t you have an immortal body?”

Wu Kuang asked, “You have the Soul Warming Lotus, do you have immortal soul?”

Yang Kai suddenly understood. The Soul Warming Lotus could repair the damaged soul, just like how the Stainless Pure Lotus could repair Wu Kuang’s physical body, but if it was destroyed in an instant, no matter what kind of World Treasure it was, it would be useless.

Wu Kuang chuckled again, “If I didn’t know you had the Soul Warming Lotus, this king wouldn’t have revealed this biggest secret today. Little brat, you must keep it a secret for me.”

Yang Kai curled his lips, “That depends on what price you can pay.”

The corners of Wu Kuang’s mouth curled up, but he didn’t comment.

Yang Kai originally wanted to ask him how he had concealed his cultivation, this thing was extremely useful and could be used to play the pig to eat the tiger. At a critical moment, it might be able to turn the situation around, but there was no need to ask.

Wu Kuang’s ability to conceal his cultivation was not some kind of Secret Technique, but rather the Stainless Pure Lotus.

“These twin lotus, one is for the Soul and the other is for the physical body. If they could be combined into one, what kind of scene would that be?” Wu Kuang revealed a look of yearning.

Yang Kai said, “Give me the Stainless Pure Lotus and we’ll know.”

Wu Kuang glanced over, “Why didn’t you give me the Soul Warming Lotus?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Then let’s see who dies first! If you die, I’ll have a chance.”

“Same here!”

Yang Kai stood up and said, “When do you want to go out? Come and greet me. If you have nothing else to do, help me investigate this new Great Domain and see if there is anything good.”

Wu Kuang lay down on his chair and closed his eyes to rest, impatiently waving his hand, “Scram!” As he spoke, he took out a jade slip.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to receive it, and after examining it for a moment, he raised his brow and smiled lightly before flashing away.


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