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However, under Yang Kai’s strong argument, the jurisdiction of High Heaven Tettiroy's Star City was unexpectedly seized.

Being in charge of such a large Star City naturally had its benefits.

With such authority, High Heaven Palace could at least monopolize 5% of the Star City’s profits! 5% of the profits didn’t seem like much, but the remaining ninety-five percent will be divided by the 108 forces.

In comparison, 5% of the profits were quite terrifying.

Xu Linggong also said not to look down on this 5% profit, it might not be any worse than Void Land Star City’s.

But correspondingly, Yang Kai needed to set up a Space Array around the Star City and the Domain Gate leading to High Heaven Territory, making it convenient for him to travel.

This was what Xu Linggong had previously said about both sides taking a step back.

High Heaven Palace had taken away Star City’s jurisdiction and taken the biggest chunk of fat, but the Space Array required Yang Kai’s effort.

Yang Kai said gloomily, “Setting up a Space Array isn’t a problem. Ordinary Space Arrays can’t be teleported too far away, and once they’re too far away, it’s impossible to connect them. However, if i use the Star Boundary's power to guide them, it’s enough to send someone from the Domain Gate to the Star Boundary. However, I’m curious about one thing. Why didn’t they build the Universe Temple in High Heaven Territory? Instead, they asked me to set up a Space Array!”

Every Great Domain basically has a Universe Temple, which was used as a place for cultivators to travel and rest, saving them a lot of time.

However, in the case of High Heaven Territory, there was no such thing as Universe Temple, which was previously marked as unnamed domain in the Universe Chart.

Xu Linggong leisurely said, “It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that we can’t! The Universe Temple left behind in the various Great Domains is an extremely ancient artifact that was left behind a long time ago. The people in the various Cave HEaven Paradise don’t have the ability to build the Universe Temple.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Is there anything a Cave Heaven Paradise can’t do?”

Xu Linggong said, “The Universe Temple can be considered an upgraded version of a Space Array, but no matter which one it is, it requires an extremely profound mastery of the Space Laws. Without this, it is naturally impossible to obtain this porcelain work. You may not know this, but there are a few great domains whose Universe Temple has been in disrepair for many years and has lost its efficacy. Although old fogies like us try to repair it, it is useless. There aren’t many people who cultivate the Space Laws in the entire 3000 Worlds, and there are even fewer who are proficient in this field.”

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

Xu Linggong glanced at him as if he had foreseen this and asked, “I know what you’re thinking, do you want to study the mysteries of the Universe Temple?”

Yang Kai nodded, “If there is such an opportunity, it would be for the best.” The mysteries of the Space Great Dao were naturally contained in the Universe Temple, and if he could enter a secret place to comprehend them, it would be of great benefit to him.

Xu Linggong smiled, “Just wait, I’ve already reported this matter to the Sect Master and the Sect Master has made arrangements, but since you don’t come from a Cave Heaven Paradise, I’m not sure if you’ll have the opportunity to enter the Universe Temple to investigate. The final decision of this matter will require the higher-ups to discuss it.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning, “Why do you need to be so cautious? If we can repair the Universe Temple, it will be beneficial to everyone, right?”

Xu Linggong let out a long sigh, “Of the 3000 Worlds, what you see isn’t everything. There are many things I can’t explain to you in detail for the time being, but once your achievements reach a certain height in the future, you will naturally know the whole story. Right now, I can only tell you that the secrets of the Universe Temple are extremely important. If you act carelessly, it is very likely you will endanger the peace of the 3000 Worlds!”

Yang Kai was inexplicably frightened as he stared at Xu Linggong, not knowing if he was exaggerating or not.

“Regarding the Space Array, what do you think?” Xu Linggong urged, “Those shameless old farts want me to be your lobbyist, can’t you just say something?”

Yang Kai snorted, “If we want to teleport from the Domain Gate to the Star Boundary, the Spirit Arrays we set up will have to be extremely large and the cost will not be small. My High Heaven Palace and Void Land’s small sects cannot afford it.”

Xu Linggong sneered, “Little brat, if you really want to build it, the materials you need will naturally not from your pocket.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s still acceptable, but the distance from the Domain Gate to the Star Boundary is too great. Even if there are Spirit Arrays connected to it, it still needs to be guided by the power of the Star Boundary. Every time it is used, it will damage the foundation of the Star Boundary, so even if the Spirit Array is successfully laid out, it cannot be used for free. Every time it is used, a certain fee will have to be paid to my High Heaven Palace.”

Xu Linggong sneered, “You’re currently using two treasure land like the Void Land Star City and High Heaven Star City, and with the new Great Domain’s abundant resources as your backer, you’re actually planning to use this Space Array to make money?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Mosquito meat is also a meat, accumulating small amounts of sand into a tower cannot be underestimated. Elder Xu, if you don’t take charge, you won’t know how expensive it is.”

Xu Linggong pondered for a moment before saying, “Each of the various Cave Heaven Paradise people will be given a free quota each year. The quota doesn’t have to be charged, but the outsiders will be charged the same.”

Yang Kai lowered his head and thought for a moment, “Sure!”

“What materials do you need to lay out the Space Array? Make a list yourself and hand it over to me later. I’ll ask them to find it for you.”

Yang Kai grinned and took out a jade slip from his robes, handing it over, “Here.”

Seeing the look on his face, Xu Linggong couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he took the jade slip.

Although he didn’t know how many materials were needed to set up the Space Array, the jade slip Yang Kai gave him was obviously asking for too much.

He didn’t say anything and simply put away the jade slip before leaving. Obviously, he was looking for the High rank Open Heaven cultivators to ask for the supplies.

Xu Linggong’s efficiency was very high, and in less than three days, he handed over a Space Ring to Yang Kai. Yang Kai didn’t even glance at it before storing it away, decisively returning to the Star Boundary, pulling Luan Bai Feng along with some people and heading straight for the Domain Gate.

Fortunately, before his battle with Heavenly Sword Union, he had left behind a lot of Space Spirit Beads in High Heaven Territory, so he didn’t need to fly all the way there. Using these Space Spirit Beads, he quickly arrived at the Domain Gate.

Setting up a Space Array was something Yang Kai was very familiar with, but the one he was setting up this time was different. It was much larger than any other Space Array, so the amount of resources required was not small.

After busying himself for nearly a month, a huge Space Array appeared near the Domain Gate.

Yang Kai then rushed back to the Star Boundary and set up a second Space Array to connect.

This Space Array was connected to the entire Star Boundary, and every time it was used, it would draw upon the Star Boundary’s vast heritage to form a pulling force. Otherwise, it would be impossible to connect with the Space Array at the Domain Gate hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

Yang Kai and Xu Linggong had said that every time this Space Array was used, it would consume the Star Boundary’s foundation, they weren’t speaking nonsense.

However, the amount of resources consumed was not much. With the constant feedback from the World Tree, this consumption was almost negligible.

Another ten days later, the Star Boundary’s Space Array was completed.

When Yang Kai returned to the Star City, it took him a day to complete the Star City’s Space Array.

In this way, from the Domain Gate to the Star Boundary, from the Star Boundary to the Star City, the three Space Arrays had been completely formed, allowing cultivators to travel from place to place. Otherwise, anyone who came to High Heaven Territory would have to spend at least half a month flying from the Domain Gate.

During this time, the Star City had already been established, and the various Cave Heaven Paradise and High Heaven Palace were all located in the best locations, selecting a few shops for themselves while the rest were waiting to be rented.

Many sharp-eyed merchants were already inquiring about the various matters of the Star City, obviously preparing to move in, but the management of the Star City had yet to be set up, so Yang Kai ignored them.

Void Land Star City had Mo Mei, a Sixth ORder master overseeing it, so as a larger Star City, High Heaven Star City naturally couldn’t be lacking.

Yang Kai intended to choose one of the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary.

The Great Emperors could also borrow the World Force of the Star Boundary. With the current powerful foundation of the Star Boundary, if they borrowed the World Force, they would definitely be able to display the strength of a Seventh Order master. Although they were slightly weaker than Yang Kai, the difference was only in their own strength.

Only by doing so would they be able to suppress High Heaven Star City. Yang Kai had deliberately chosen Star City’s location not too far away from the Star Boundary in order to allow the Great Emperor who was in charge of the Star City to borrow its power.

Taking some time to gather the various Great Emperors and explain this matter, everyone turned to look at Duan Hongchen.

Bustling World Great Emperor chuckled, “If I don’t enter the mortal world, who will?”

With this matter settled, the High Heaven Star City's Viceroy position will be given to Bustling World Great Emperor. Although this would delay his cultivation, as long as the time was arranged appropriately, it wouldn’t delay too much.

On the opening day of the Star City, the number of merchants pouring in was like a school of carps crossing the river, and the threshold of the Viceroy’s mansion was almost completely flattened.

At the same time, in a Universe World in the new Great Domain.

Yang Kai and Wu Kuang sat opposite each other. After not seeing each other for so many years, this guy’s cultivation had become even more profound. It seemed that because he had swallowed several Sixth Order Open Heaven, he was unable to restrain his aura and his Demonic Qi had become even more obvious.

This Universe World showed signs of life, but there were no sentient beings here, so it shouldn’t have been born for a long time. The environment here wasn’t very good either. Sand and stones flew about, covering the sky and earth.

However, Wu Kuang didn’t care and chose to remain here.

Yang Kai looked up at him and asked, “What are your future plans?”

Wu Kuang held the wine pot Yang Kai had brought with him in his hand as he leaned back in his chair, raising the wine pot high into the air. As the wine flowed into his mouth, he casually replied, “Hide for a few years and digest what I’ve eaten first.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s also good. With more than a hundred High Rank Open Heaven master gathered in the Star Boundary, if you show yourself now, you’ll definitely be discovered by others, and at that time, you’ll be nothing but a street rat. However, hiding like this isn’t a good thing, you’ll have to leave sooner or later.”

Wu Kuang glanced sideways at him and said, “Rest assured, since this king has eaten that delicious food, it’s difficult for me to eat anything else. If it's not at least a Fifth Order, this King won’t even taste anything, let alone those tiny creatures in this Universe World.”


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Wu Kuang vs Yang Kai will have to happen eventually no doubt... He's nothing good.

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