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From the beginning to the end, Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan, who had been secretly attacking him, had not shown up. Yang Kai had no intention of killing them, only exchanging a single blow with them.

As the wind and clouds surged, two giant cracks suddenly appeared in the sky above the vast Star Boundary. No matter where one was, one could see them clearly.

The crack slowly opened and expanded, revealing a pair of giant eyes that seemed to contain an invisible god.

Looking down at all the living beings in the world, the billions of living beings in the Star Boundary couldn’t help feeling an urge to prostrate themselves in worship. Even the thirty or so High Rank Open Heaven masters who were currently running around the Star Boundary couldn’t help frowning, feeling a great pressure pressing down on them, causing them to unconsciously stop and look up.

That pair of eyes was smiling slightly, as if saying, 'This is my territory, if anyone dares to act presumptuously, I will beat them up!'

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan’s hearts pounded as they fled together. However, the eyes were fixed on their figures, making it impossible for them to hide. The murderous intent that was locked onto them was like a chain that wrapped around their necks, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Their expressions were filled with grief and indignation.

Who would have thought that the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage would be able to instantly rise to the peak of the Seventh Order by borrowing the World Force of the Heavens and Earth? In addition, this is the Star Boundary, and with all the advantages available to this young man, even if they wanted to go all out, it was likely they wouldn’t be able to accomplish it.

The giant eyes in the sky stared at them quietly, like a cat staring at two mice that had broken into its granary.

At the summit of the Snow Mountain, Yang Kai gently closed his eyes.

The giant eyes in the sky also slowly withdrew.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan crashed into a cave wall and sat down cross-legged, wiping the blood from their mouths. As the cold wind blew, their backs became wet.

The two of them looked at each other, both of them having lingering fears.

After a while, Zhuo Buqun said with a gloomy face: “If there is no Eighth Order taking action, i'm afraid no one can do anything to him.”

Yu Huan nodded gloomily, “At least he’s sensible and didn’t go too far.”

If Yang Kai insisted on making things difficult for them, today was destined to be a battle to the death. Perhaps Yang Kai’s outcome would not be good, and at least one of them would die.

However, even though Yang Kai had borrowed the World Force, he had only given them a brief warning before withdrawing. It was obvious that he wanted them to back off and not completely fall out with the two Cave Heavens.

Moreover, today’s events had been witnessed by more than thirty High Rank masters, so even if someone were to mention it in the future, no one would say anything bad about Yang Kai. Instead, they would praise him for being able to see the big picture.

In comparison, Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan, who had been secretly bullying the weak, were quite despicable.

“This loss, our two families will definitely suffer,” Zhuo Buqun said with a gloomy expression.

Although they had speculated and firmly believed that their disciples Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao had both died at Yang Kai’s hands, no one had witnessed it with their own eyes.

In the past, if these two Cave Heavens wanted to take revenge for their respective disciples, what need was there for too much evidence? Just a bit of suspicion was enough, so who would dare say anything?

But now that the Star Boudary has the World Tree, it was destined to become the focus of all the 3000 Worlds, and as the Star Boundary’s Great Emperor, Yang Kai had the qualifications to stand on equal footing with them, having the qualifications to negotiate with the Sect behind them.

If they were to recklessly make things difficult for Yang Kai, they would definitely be subjected to the criticism and obstruction of the other Cave Heaven Paradise.

Otherwise, with their status and identity, why would they need to act so sneakily today? They could simply find Yang Kai and kill him.

Who would have thought that this little brat would borrow the World Force to raise his strength to the peak of the Seventh Order, causing the two of them to suffer a great loss.

This was only secondary. After all, Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of making things difficult for them, he simply played around with them for a while before ignoring them.

However, it was likely that Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao had died in vain. Without any evidence, in addition to Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuan Heaven wanting to obtain benefits from the Star Boundary in the future, they would definitely not mention this matter again, or else they would only bring trouble to themselves.

Everyone was well aware of this mutual understanding.

Looking at each other, the two of them let out a long sigh. The death of a Sixth Order Core Disciple, it would be a lie to say that they didn’t feel heartache. In the past, such a loss wouldn’t have been a serious one, but it was definitely not small.

However, if they could find some good seedlings from the Star Boundary to supplement their strength, it wasn’t impossible to make up for it, but the resentment in the heart was still hard to swallow.

At the top of the Snow Mountain, Yang Kai sat cross-legged as snowflakes danced around him, forcefully suppressing the murderous intent in his heart. If possible, how could he let Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan off so easily? Just as he had said to Xu Linggong before, if the people from these two families came, he would treat them with courtesy. If they were sensible, then so be it, but if they weren’t, he would naturally treat them accordingly.

Letting them participate in the Grand Meeting and allowing them to have a share of the Star Boundary was Yang Kai’s gift.

However, the two of them still secretly attacked. If Yang Kai was really just an ordinary Sixth Order Star Boundary cultivator and the Star Boundary was just an ordinary Universe World, how could he survive from the sneak attack of the two Seventh Order cultivators?

In that instant, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about killing them all.

However, if a fight really broke out, the Star Boundary would not be able to withstand it, and the High Rank masters would definitely not sit back and watch. At that time, if they interfered, this conflict would only be resolved and he would become the villains for nothing.

Suddenly, he felt a little envious of Wu Kuang. He was all alone, free, how could he care about the lives of others?

However, if he were to ask himself, would he really be as happy as Wu Kuang? Since ancient times, he had been alone, like a tree with no roots, like water without a source, drifting along with the waves.

Wu Kuang situation wasn’t something he could do, so there was nothing to be envious about.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, opened his eyes, and returned all the World Force he had borrowed. His cultivation rapidly fell from the peak of the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order.

Facing a certain direction, he gently nodded in thanks.

On the other side, Yu Changdao, who had concealed his aura, smiled and retreated, returning to High Heaven Palace to tease the baby named Shi Dazhuang.

Shi Dazhuang was too young and had only been born a few months ago, so naturally he couldn’t cultivate. However, Yu Changdao would use his exquisite cultivation to help him nourish his meridians every day, once every six hours, four times a day, without stopping.

However, not only did the old man not have the slightest intention of finding it troublesome, he was even willing to do so, causing Shi Dazhuang’s mother, Liu Caixia, to feel quite apologetic.

Although she hadn’t lived in High Heaven Palace for long, she knew that this old man was an extraordinary character, one who was even higher than Lord Void.

Liu Caixia couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong with such a lowly character whose son was so highly regarded by others. If this child couldn’t achieve the expectations of this old man when he grew up, how could he live up to his expectations?

However, the old man was extremely satisfied with Shi Dazhuang.

The only thing he wasn’t satisfied with was the child’s name. Shi Dazhuang, Shi Dazhuang, was too much of a country bumpkin. Just listening to his name made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Thinking about how this child’s cultivation would be successful in the future and how he would go out to gain experience, Yu Changdao felt a bit awkward for him.

He proposed to change the child’s name, but was strongly rejected by Liu Caixia. She said that the child’s father had given it a name before he died, so he absolutely could not change it, otherwise he would be a great unfilial son!

The old man had seen this woman’s stubbornness before, so he immediately gave up. Since it was just a name, there was no harm in not changing it. When he went back and reported his name to his enemies, it would certainly weaken his momentum and perhaps even make them lower their guard.

What made Liu Caixia slightly gratified was that this child Dazhuang seemed to have a great affinity with the old master. These past few days, Dazhuang didn’t even want his mother anymore. As long as the old master showed up, Dazhuang would crawl into his arms and only think of his mother when he was hungry.

This made Yu Changdao even more gratified!

High Heaven Palace had specially cleared out a Spirit Peak for Yu Changdao and Liu Caixia to live on. Disciples would deliver fresh food to the mountain every day, so there was no need for them to worry about their livelihood. From Yu Changdao’s attitude, it seemed he was going to stay in High Heaven Palace for a long time. Before Shi Dazhuang advanced to Open Heaven, he would be taught cultivation in High Heaven Palace.

The story of Dazhuang’s sudden rise to prominence was one where many High Heaven Palace disciples were envious of him.

In the Star Boundary, in the mountains and rivers of the Spirit Mountain, the once uninhabited mountains and forests were now bustling with activity.

As time passed, the branches and Training Hall of the various Cave Heaven Paradise gradually took shape.

After more Cave Heaven Paradise learned of this news, they sent their own foreign envoys to the Star Boundary.

High Heaven Palace had specially arranged a place to receive these masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise, and whenever anyone came, they would inform them about the agreement between the High Rank Open Heaven and the current situation of the Star Boundary.

For a Universe World's Sect, even if it was a Sect that ruled over the world, these people who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise naturally wouldn’t put them in their eyes and naturally wouldn’t believe High Heaven Palace’s words.

However, after a brief investigation, they learned that High Heaven Palace’s words were true.

They then went to ask thier old friends about the situation, and after investigating the thirty or so forces that had built the Star Boundary's Training Hall branch, the newcomer couldn’t sit still.

Although the Star Boundary wasn’t small, if all the good places were occupied by others, there would be less space for the family to choose from.

Immediately, they began exploring the four regions of the Star Boundary, searching for a suitable location.

Hua Qing Si was originally a bit worried whether those who came later would agree to the outcome of that meeting, and if they didn’t, there might be some kind of dispute.

However, no matter how many Cave Heaven Paradise came, none of them had any objections. Only now did she believe what Yang Kai had just said. The thirty or so families who had first participated in the meeting not only represented their respective Sects, but also all of the Cave Heaven Paradise. Naturally, the things they had discussed together would not have any problems.

Beside the World Tree, there were always people standing and watching. Even the High Rank Open Heaven masters who came and went like the wind had only read about the World Tree in ancient records and had never seen it with their own eyes, so they were naturally very curious.

As for the richness of the Star Boundary’s foundation, everyone was amazed.

As this World’s Great Emperor, Yang Kai’s ability to use it's strength to reach the peak of the Seventh Order was no longer a secret. As such, no matter which High Rank master it was, they all recognized that Yang Kai had the qualifications to stand on equal footing with them.

At the very least, this was the case in the Star Boundary!


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