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What was expected was that if Yang Kai really excluded the two Cave Heavens, it would be a life or death situation in the future. Now that they were included, it was not impossible as a mean to compensate them.

Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao were dead, but if the two Cave Heavens could find good seedlings in the Star Boundary, after hundreds or thousands of years, there might be a few more Core Disciples who could directly advance to the Sixth Order.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai was actually so straightforward, showing no intention of making things difficult for them.

After negotiating the number of people, everything else became simple. As usual, Yang Kai proposed the conditions of the Star Boundary. Every disciple who was selected would need a Sixth Grade resource or equivalent materials as compensation.

This request was not too excessive, so everyone accepted it without any intention of bargaining.

After that, they talked about the World Tree and the World Fruit, but Yang Kai didn’t give any details. He only said that if the World Tree really bloomed and bore fruit one day, it wouldn’t be too late for everyone to sit down and discuss it.

Everyone probably felt that it wasn’t appropriate to discuss such trivial matters, so they readily agreed.

There was no need for them to sign any kind of contract. The thirty or so High Rank Open Heaven masters represented the face of their respective Sects, so their words were the greatest guarantee.

A difficult negotiation lasted for three days and three nights before the dust finally settled. As for when and where the various great forces would recruit disciples, it was up to them to decide. At that time, all they needed to do was greet High Heaven Palace of the Star Boundary and make a report.

In the end, Yang Kai said, “This discussion is only limited to the Star Boundary! This Great Domain, with the exception of the Star Boundary, belongs to my High Heaven Palace. Outsiders cannot covet it!”

“Naturally!” Everyone nodded.

Xu Linggong secretly rolled his eyes. Yang Kai was just bullying them because they didn’t know about the new Great Domain that was connected to the Domain Gate five hundred thousand kilometers away from the Star Boundary. If they knew about this, how could they agree so readily?

Although many people saw the Domain Gate, they didn’t pay much attention to it, only thinking that it led to a certain known Great Domain.

However, this kind of matter was destined to not be concealed for long. Once these High Rank Open Heaven masters were freed, they would naturally be able to find some clues. However, with Yang Kai’s final judgment today, in addition to the benefits they had received from the Star Boundary, it would be difficult for them to compete with him.

Although the resources of a newborn Great Domain were abundant, the foundations of the various Cave Heaven Paradise were rich, so they might not be willing to entangle themselves with Yang Kai because of this matter. If they were to offend Yang Kai because of this, the gains would not make up for the losses.

After the discussion, everyone immediately dispersed, even Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan had disappeared. As soon as they arrived, they were invited into the main hall. Since they didn’t know much about the situation in the Star Boundary, they naturally had to investigate it personally.

Most of the remaining people had chosen to build their own branches and sites, so there was no rush to select disciples. Just as Xu Linggong had said before, the World Tree had only just begun to display its divine might, but its true effect would only be apparent after several generations, like Yu Changdao, who had found an innate Dao Body suitable for his legacy.

Of course, if they really encountered an extremely talented and outstanding disciple, they wouldn’t mind accepting them. In any case, they could recruit five people every hundred years, and Star Boundary, the cradle of Open Heaven Stage cultivators, was destined to send a steady stream of talents to the 3000 Worlds.

News of this place would soon spread throughout the entire 3000 Worlds, and at that time, all the Cave Heaven Paradise that had not participated in this event would definitely send people over. However, with the current example, all those who came later would have to follow the rules.

Compared to the Cave Heaven Paradise that had yet to arrive in the Star Boundary, the only advantage the thirty or so participating families had was that they could choose the best Earth Domain in the Star Boundary and rule it!

“Why don’t we go over and take a look?” Yu Changdao suddenly appeared beside Xu Linggong. Both of them were running around the Star Boundary, and Xu Linggong had found a good place to survey the surrounding environment, preparing to build a Yin-Yang Heaven’s Training Hall here.

This place is the South Territory, the ruins of Azure Sun Temple. When the Great Demon God had wreaked havoc in the Star Boundary, the South Territory had fallen and Azure Sun Temple had no choice but to abandon their Sect’s foundation and retreat to High Heaven Palace under the leadership of Palace Master Wen Zishan.

Later on, the Great Emperors joined forces to kill the Great Demon God and purge all the evildoers. Wen Zishan saw that this place had been destroyed by the chaos of war and that the Spirit Vein had been broken, so he found another place to rebuild Azure Sun Temple.

If not for the World Tree’s support, this place would still be barren and desolate.

However, under the nourishment of the World Tree, the Spirit Vein was restored and the World Energy was abundant. A large number of verdant trees grew and mountain ranges rose and fell. For a Universe World, this was a rare paradise.

Xu Linggong grinned, “Didn’t you also not follow them?”

Yu Changdao frowned and said, “He is the son-in-law of your Yin-Yang Heaven, what if something happens to him? Those two are both High Rank Open Heaven masters, if they join forces, how can Yang Kai resist?”

Xu Linggong didn’t care at all, “You’re still his High Heaven Palace's Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder, if you don’t care about his life or death, why should I care?”

“You’re really not going?” Yu Changdao was shocked.

“If he is a person with good luck, he should be able to survive this calamity. Even if we can protect him for a time, we won’t be able to protect himself forever. If his luck is good, he will be able to turn this calamity into a blessing,” Xu Linggong said calmly, “Moreover, there are some things he must face once, otherwise there will be no end to it.”

Yu Changdao frowned at him, not knowing what he was up to. Shaking his head, he said, “If you don’t want to go, I’ll go myself.”

Saying so, he transformed into a streak of light and soared into the sky.

Xu Linggong remained standing in place for a long time before glancing in the direction Yu Changdao had flown, but he quickly withdrew his gaze and ordered, “Qing Kui.”

Qing Kui, who had been standing silently behind him, cupped his fists and greeted, “Master.”

“Return to Yin-Yang Heaven and inform the Sect Master about the matters here. As for how to arrange it, it will be up to the Sect Master!”

“Yes!” Qing Kui nodded and left.

Xu Linggong stood atop the mountain peak with his hands behind his back and suddenly chuckled, “Old Yu must have boarded a pirate ship.”

In the North Territory, a snowstorm was blowing, and the entire place was covered in silver. At the peak of a snowy mountain, Yang Kai stood alone in his azure robes.

The change in the Star Boundary was unexpected, and the one hundred and eight forces were destined to gather here. As the Star Boundary’s Great Emperor, there were many things he needed to handle.

The most pressing matter at hand was to expand the population of the Star Boundary!

During the battle with the Great Demon God, the Star Boundary had suffered a great loss, and although it had been a hundred years of rest, it had not recovered much. Most of the land had become uninhabited, and most of the bustling cities were now deserted.

All the great forces wanted to take in disciples from the Star Boundary, and Yang Kai could even foresee that after the news spread to the 3000 Worlds, other than the top one hundred and eight forces, the remaining Second Class forces would also swarm over like cats smelling fish, hoping to find an opportunity to secretly eat some.

Yang Kai didn’t try to stop them and was prepared to listen to them.

Xu Linggong had a good point. What kind of magnificent scene would the Star Boundary talent create in the future?

In order for the Star Boundary to produce more talents, one would need a large population base to encourage reproduction.

With the current population of the Star Boundary alone, it would be impossible to fill this huge gap in a short period of time. Fortunately, there were many Universe Worlds in the newly formed Great Domain. Those Universe Worlds’ Martial Dao standards were low, so it shouldn’t be a problem to migrate some people from these Universe World!

This matter had already been handed over to Yue He, and when the time came for the migration, he would personally act.

After all, his Small Universe had already transformed from an illusionary existence into a real one and could accommodate living people, no one else had the ability to do so. The migration of hundreds of millions of living beings was a huge project, and only by using the Small Universe to accommodate them could it be considered easy.

Xu Linggong and Yu Changdao could also help, but Yang Kai was not prepared to allow anyone other than the Void Land and High Heaven Palace to enter the Newborn Great Domain.

The cold wind became more bone-piercing, and a boundless killing intent suddenly filled the world.

Two streaks of light shot towards Yang Kai from the sky, containing an extremely terrifying World Force.

Yu Changdao, who was hiding in the shadows, let out a sigh. Those two fellows finally couldn’t hold back from attacking. Although Yang Kai had already given them a share of the spoils, enough to compensate for the loss of their Core Disciples, they had no choice but to act.

Just as Yu Changdao was about to rush out and block these two attacks for Yang Kai, the entire Star Boundary suddenly buzzed, as if a sleeping giant dragon had flipped its body. Thunder and lightning flashed across the world, and an incredibly thick World Force began to revolve around the young man in azure robes.

The aura of a Sixth Order Open Heaven rose at an incredible speed.

In the blink of an eye, he had broken through to the Seventh Order!

In an instant, Yang Kai, who had reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven, had the power of a peak Seventh Order master, only a hair away from reaching the Eighth Order!

Yu Changdao’s breathing stagnated for a moment before he called out, “Borrowing World Force!”

Suddenly realizing why although Old Man Xu knew that Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan would secretly attack him, he doesn't care.

It turned out he was certain Yang Kai had the ability to fight back! It was laughable that he had run over to secretly protect him.

Ordinary World Force could not be used much, how much World Force could a Universe World have? However, how could an ordinary Universe World compare?

When Yang Kai had first borrowed the World Force, if it weren’t for the assistance of the various Great Emperors who had broken through to the Sixth Order, it would have been difficult for him to reach the Seventh ORder.

But this time, even without the assistance of the Great Emperors, he easily broke through to the Seventh Order and reached the peak.

There was only one explanation for this situation. The Star Boundary's current foundation was countless times more powerful than it had been back then, allowing Yang Kai’s strength to soar after borrowing its strength.

Amidst the buzzing of the world, Yang Kai raised his spear and stabbed forward, his black hair and clothes fluttering in the wind. The snowflakes falling from the sky for a million kilometers froze in mid-air.

With a loud bang, the two High Rank Open Heaven's divine ability were instantly destroyed.

Yang Kai’s aura fluctuated wildly as he used his Sixth Order body to control his peak Seventh Order strength and laughed, “It’s impolite not to reciprocate!”

With a thrust of his spear, the snowflakes that had been frozen in mid-air suddenly exploded, transforming into countless invisible murderous auras that spread out in all directions.

Two muffled groans sounded.


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