After a day of discussion, without any results, everyone dispersed. After a night of rest, the next day it continued.

Yang Kai took a step back and promised each family four people every hundred years! However, the crowd was still dissatisfied and continued to press forward! The intense battlefield was not filled with smoke and fire, and many Seventh Order masters were like the people in the marketplace, haggling over every penny!

Suddenly, the noise in the hall subsided and everyone fell silent.

Yang Kai suddenly looked up into the sky, his eyes narrowing slightly.

After waiting for so many days, it was finally time.

Before the person arrived, two sharp auras had already appeared from afar, causing the entire Star Boundary to buzz.

These two auras were originally demonstrating their might, but they soon became stunned.

Because they hadn’t expected that there would actually be more than thirty people in a small Star Boundary whose status and strength weren’t inferior to their High Rank Open Heaven. Realizing this, the two of them were both surprised and puzzled.

Xu Linggong gently said, “Since you’ve come, come down and have a chat.”

The voice wasn’t loud, but it was loud enough for the two to hear.

The tightly shut door of the hall suddenly opened and two figures descended from the sky. One of them had Demonic Qi surging from his body while the other had a dignified expression.

Looking towards the main hall, the two of them were at a loss, unable to understand why so many High Open Heaven masters had gathered here. It wasn’t reasonable to say that they were here to ambush them, but at the same time, they also felt that something big had happened.

Beside Xu Linggong, Yang Kai looked at these two uninvited guests with a calm expression. He recognized both of them; one was Zhuo Buqun from Myriad Demons Heaven, and the other was Yu Huan from Xuanyuan Cave Heaven.

At the end of the Dao Exchange Conference, these two had been present. As foreign envoys of their respective Sects, they held great authority and were able to handle all external affairs, so naturally, they had appeared in public.

The many High Rank Open HEaven Elders present were all Inner Sect Elders of their respective Sects and many of them had the status of foreign envoys.

“Guests from afar, please take a seat!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand, not standing up.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan looked at each other and frowned. Naturally, they had come here because of the death of their Core Disciples.

A Core Disciple who had reached the Sixth Order directly was a talent that every Sect had to nurture with great effort, a cornerstone of the Sect’s future. Zhao Xing’s death and Zuo Quan Hui’s betrayal of Thousand Crane Paradise were not only due to their relationship as master and disciple, but also because of Thousand Crane Paradise.

Which one of Pei Wen Xuan’s and Yin Xinzhao’s identities was worse than Zhao Xing’s? They were both Heaven’s Chosen from their respective Sects and had a chance to become Eighth Order in the future.

If it was in the past, who would dare provoke such a character when they traveled the 3000 Worlds? But this time, both of them had fallen.

Myriad Demons Heaven was furious, Xuanyuan Cave Heaven was also furious.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan took action at the same time. First, they went to the Void Land and aggressively sought Yang Kai to avenge their disciples.

Bi Xi's strength was great, but his courage was small. He endured the attacks of these two for a long time before finally convincing them that Yang Kai was not in the Void Land.

The two of them then used a Secret Technique to follow the vine to find the melon and trace it back to the Star Boundary.

Unexpectedly, before they could even launch an attack, they were greeted by such a grand scene.

As soon as Yang Kai’s words fell, the two of them shot daggers at him, the pressure of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master crushing down on him.

Yang Kai sat still!

Xu Linggong and Yu Changdao, who had been silent all this time, both looked up.

A soundless collision rang out and the aura in the hall exploded, followed by several muffled groans.

The onlookers all looked towards Yu Changdao in surprise. Yang Kai had been attacked, so it was reasonable for Xu Linggong to defend him. After all, Yang Kai was Yin-Yang Heaven's son-in-law, so how could Xu Linggong not protect him?

Yu Changdao’s sudden actions were quite confusing. The people of Free and Unfettered Paradise had always been pure and simple-minded, and among the one hundred and eight top forces, they had the least amount of friction with the other families. It was really hard to say what kind of benefits Yang Kai had given Yu Changdao to be able to earn his favor.

“Did you two eat firecrackers? Why are you so angry?” Xu Linggong looked at Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan with a smile.

Zhuo Buqun coldly snorted as his Demonic Qi surged, “You’re asking the obvious!”

“Enough nonsense, if you want to fight, this old master will accompany you. If you don’t want to fight, then just sit down obediently. What kind of Senior bullying a Junior?” Xu Linggong curled his lips.

Zhuo Buqun’s anger did not dissipate, but Yu Huan suddenly laughed: “Brother Zhuo, since we’ve come, let it be!”

With Xu Linggong here, the two of them probably wouldn’t be able to kill Yang Kai in a short time. Rather than making things difficult for him, it was better to wait for an opportunity. What made Yu Huan even more concerned was why so many High Rank Open Heaven masters were gathered here.

He and Zhuo Buqun had not received any news.

Before he sat down, he couldn’t help thinking about the giant tree he had seen in the void…

It was like the World Tree recorded in ancient books!

Just now, he had only caught a glimpse of it and had not had time to examine it carefully, so he wasn’t too sure. Now that he had seen so many High Rank Open Heaven, his suspicions had been confirmed.

One had to know that without great benefits, how could so many high and mighty figures be gathered here?

After the brief disturbance subsided, Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan both sat down. Since there was room at the round table, there was no need to make any arrangements.

The ruckus continued!

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan’s eyes slowly filled with shock.

When they first arrived here, they really didn’t know why so many of them were gathered here, but after listening quietly for a while, how could they not know that they were here to share a huge piece of fat meat?

The towering giant tree they had just seen was indeed the World Tree. Because of the World Tree, this Small Universe called Star Boundary was actually filled with talents and countless talented individuals.

And the owner of this fat piece of meat was actually the Yang Kai they wanted to kill!

Both of their hearts sank. If that was the case, how could Yang Kai be killed?

As the saying goes, one’s mouth is short while one’s hands are weak. Once the agreement is reached, these people present will definitely not sit back and watch them act.

Thinking up to this point, Zhuo Buqun sneered and interrupted everyone’s noise, “A group of High Rank Open HEaven masters is being controlled by a little brat, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Xu Linggong looked at him with a smile, “What's your opinion?”

Zhuo Buqun did not conceal his murderous intent, “If he dies, no one will be able to control you! Not to mention, what qualifications does a mere Mid Rank Open Heaven have to negotiate with us!”

Yang Kai said lightly, “If this Mid Rank Open Heaven can kill Zuo Quan Hui, I can kill you!”

Zhuo Buqun’s face sank, “You also killed Pei Wen Xuan?”

Yang Kai knocked on the table and said, “Elder Zhuo, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you want. Did you see me kill Pei Wen Xuan?”

Zuo Quan Hui had died at his hands, so he could openly admit it. After all, Zuo Quan Hui was a traitor of Thousand Crane Paradise, and Thousand Crane Paradise was not in a position to seek revenge on him. On the contrary, they had to thank him for cleaning up after them.

He would never admit the deaths of Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao, otherwise, he would simply place the Void Land above the fire.

What’s more, these two hadn’t died at his hands, so Yang Kai’s face didn’t even twitch when he said this.

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “In terms of qualifications, I am the Great Emperor of this world, and this world is my territory. Is this qualification enough?”

“What kind of dog shit is a Great Emperor!” Zhuo Buqun said disdainfully.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand, “Since Elder Zhuo is so prejudiced against me, please leave. My Star Boundary does not welcome you!”

Naturally, Zhuo Buqun would not leave just like that. If he really left, he would be a fool. After letting out a cold snort, he did not say anything more, his skin as thick as a city wall.

Xu Linggong jumped out to mediate the situation, “Alright, alright, stop talking, we’re still discussing something, don’t be so noisy.” Turning to Yang Kai, he reprimanded, “Boy, Elder Zhuo is already so old, why are you so angry with him?”

“Elder Xu is right,” Yang Kai said politely.

Zhuo Buqun closed his eyes and pretended not to hear Xu Linggong’s ridicule. Out of sight, out of mind.

Yang Kai’s voice rang out, “Every hundred years, there will be five disciples for each family. This is my limit. If everyone agrees, then we can continue our discussion. If you don’t, then there’s no need to continue.”

The hall fell silent.

Although five people were double the gap for Yin-Yang Heaven's ten people, this was indeed Yang Kai’s limit. He didn’t know how many geniuses would emerge in the Star Boundary after a few generations, but the Heavenly Law had its own spirit, so it was unlikely that too many top talents would emerge.

After the one hundred and eight forces divided up several hundreds, there wasn’t much left for the Void Land.

After letting everyone digest this information for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “Of course, as compensation, I am willing to allow everyone to establish their respective Training Hall branches in my Star Boundary. Each branch is a five hundred kilometer boundary, and with the exception of the World Tree’s ten million kilometers radius and the Star Boundary’s existing Sects’ residences, the rest is up to you. Junior will not interfere.”

This was the tone Xu Linggong had set with him before, and now that it was thrown out, it was undoubtedly extremely attractive.

With their own branch training hall, it meant that they could find people from outside to cultivate in the Star Boundary. If they started off as an infant or an unborn child, they might be able to obtain the talents they wanted, and they wouldn’t be limited by numbers.

Originally, everyone had been somewhat dissatisfied with the five people per hundred years and had been prepared to bargain with Yang Kai to see if this little brat would be willing to compromise. But now, hearing these words, their expressions all changed.

Luo Xiu said something fair, “That’s not bad!”

Most of them nodded slightly, while the rest silently agreed.

Seeing this, Yang Kai said without hesitation, “Then it’s settled. In addition to Yin-Yang Heaven, each family can take five disciples from my Star Boundary every hundred years, and each of you can choose a five hundred kilometers boundary for your Training Hall Branch!”

“Good!” The one-armed Xun Ping nodded.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan looked at each other and both frowned slightly. Yang Kai did not exclude Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuan Cave Heaven, but instead included them. This was both within their expectations and beyond their expectations.


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