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Everyone had more or less investigated the Star Boundary, so they naturally had some understanding of its situation.

Xu Linggong continued, “The Star Boundary obtains the World Tree, the world’s good fortune, and with the World Tree’s feedback, all living beings will benefit. In the future, the Star Boundary will have a large number of good saplings. This fat piece of meat cannot be eaten by Little Boy Yang’s Void Land, my Yin-Yang Heaven cannot eat it alone, no one here can eat it alone! That’s why we’ve all gathered here today, so there’s no need for us to hide anything. Don’t pretend to be dignified and show off your true nature. It’s good for everyone to share it well.”

Opposite him, an old man with a hawk nose and a sinister expression chuckled, “Since this matter was led by Old Man Xu, he must have made a fuss about it. Why don’t you tell us about it? If it’s reasonable, we will naturally agree. If it’s not, we can continue our discussion.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, knowing that Xu Linggong and Yang Kai, this old man’s son-in-law, must have made some kind of deal in private, just that they didn’t want to expose it.

Xu Linggong didn’t back down and simply smiled, “Our various Cave Heaven Paradise have transcended the world’s top forces and have been passed down for tens of thousands of generations, all because of these words! If we want the glory of our respective forces to continue, we need a large number of talents!”

“In the past, which Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t need to expend a great deal of manpower and financial resources to find talents, but how much did they gain? The number of Core Disciples who could directly advance to the Sixth Order are few and far between. Forget about the others, just how many of you managed to break through to the Sixth Order directly? Weren’t all of you slowly cultivating from the Fifth Order? If you were able to break through to the Sixth Order at that time, you wouldn’t be an Inner Sect Elder anymore. You might even be an Eighth Order Supreme Elder from your respective Sects!”

“The higher one’s starting point is, the greater one’s advantage! In this Star Boundary, talents is the greatest number! The World Tree has only just grown, but it has already shown its divine might, if the Star Boundary’s creatures is to reproduce three or five generations. This Xu does not dare to imagine what kind of scene that would be. Three or five generations, to us, is only a hundred years of time. In the blink of an eye! At that time, what kind of flourishing flowers could this small Star Boundary produce!”

One of them interrupted him, “Old Man Xu, don’t talk about such trivial things. We can see what you can see, so don’t try to mislead us.”

Xu Linggong chuckled, “Then there’s no need to say anything. I know what everyone wants, it’s just to collect more outstanding talents from the Star Boundary. To be honest, I have already reached an agreement with Little Boy Yang that Yin-Yang Heaven can recruit ten disciples from the Star Boundary every hundred years!”

“Ten!” The one-armed Xun Ping raised his brow, “It’s not a lot, but it’s not a small number. It’s very fair, on the premise that you, Old Man Xu, speak the truth.”

Xu Linggong wore a hurt expression, “Brother Xun, your misunderstanding of me is too deep! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Little Boy Yang.”

Xun Ping sneered, “He is your Son-In-Law and both of you are in the same boat, so of course he’ll say whatever you say.”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Senior Xun misunderstands, Elder Xu's words are not false, there are indeed ten!” Yang Kai was still a little confused about why Xu Linggong was so honest, but after thinking about it carefully, when Yin-Yang Heaven took in disciples in the Star Boundary, this kind of matter could not be hidden, so he decided to just reveal it from the start.

Xun Ping nodded lightly, “This old master will listen to Old Man Xu's words, this old master will believe whatever you say!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Many thanks, Senior!”

Xun Ping said, “Since Yin-Yang Heaven accepts ten people in a hundred years, then my Purple Exquisite Paradise will follow the rules and accept ten people in a hundred years!”

Everyone agreed, “Yes!”

Xu Linggong grinned wickedly, “Little brat Yang is the son-in-law of my Yin-Yang Heaven, so this old master can naturally take advantage of him. If you want to be like me, ask Little brat Yang whether he agrees or not.”

He didn’t hesitate to lightly push the responsibility away.

Yang Kai didn’t mind. As the Star Boundary Great Emperor, he naturally had to take responsibility. He lightly said, “Ten people for each family, with 108 forces, it will be a thousand and eighty people. Although I don’t know how many talents there are in a hundred years in the Star Boundary, it’s impossible for there to be so many. If all the Seniors divide them up, my Void Land won’t have any benefits.”

Xun Ping lowered his eyes, “Since this little brat wants to squander his wealth to avoid disaster, he naturally has to pay some price.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Inviting Elder Xu to send a message to all of you here is this boy’s sincerity. Since all of you are Seniors, you can’t possibly empty out all of my Star Boundary’s resources. This is simply bullying the weak.”

Xun Ping didn’t say a word, but someone else took the initiative and began bargaining with Yang Kai. A table full of Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, none of them felt that there was anything to be ashamed of, instead, they were quite excited.

However, it wouldn’t really be as noisy as a wet market, but instead, it added a kind of solemnity to the atmosphere. Yang Kai and these old seniors fought back and forth, but not only did they not retreat, they instead became more courageous.

Seated on Yang Kai’s right was Xu Linggong, and on his left was Hong Xiangling from Azure Void Cave Heaven. The old man was short and had a kind look on his face, but he didn’t say anything, his eyes constantly darting around.

Finally, Yang Kai’s words came to a halt, and after a moment of silence, Hong Xiangling finally found an opportunity to tug at Yang Kai’s sleeve.

Yang Kai turned his head and respectfully asked, “What advice does Senior Hong have?”

Hong Xiangling grinned at him, stretched out his hand, and pushed his World Force forward, condensing a lifelike image in his palm.

Yang Kai didn’t understand what he meant, but when he focused his eyes, he saw that in the reflection, there was a graceful woman standing atop a mountain peak, gazing towards the sea of clouds. The woman’s side profile was revealed, her skin was fair, her figure was graceful, and her beauty could topple cities. The sea of clouds seemed to make her appear ethereal.

“How is it?” Hong Xiangling raised his brow and asked.

Yang Kai’s face went blank as he couldn’t figure out the relationship between this woman and the old man, so he commented, “Her appearance is outstanding and her temperament is extraordinary, like a goddess!”

Hong Xiangling’s words were shocking, “I'll let her marry you!”

“Ah?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

Xu Linggong rolled his eyes.

Hong Xiangling was like an old farmer selling vegetables in a market as he tried his best to promote, “This is my Third Disciple. When she broke through to Open Heaven, she was a Fifth Order, and now she is a Sixth Order. In the future, she will have a chance to break through to the Seventh Order. Her temperament is the most gentle and virtuous, a good choice for a good wife and mother. Marrying you will not be a loss, and there is no need for you to marry into our family like the Yin-Yang Heaven!”

Yang Kai’s mouth was agape for a long time.

After a long time, he smiled bitterly and said, “Senior, isn’t this a bit too childish? Although beautiful women are sought after by gentlemen, your disciple and I have never met before, so suddenly discussing marriage is a bit too rushed. Moreover, this Senior Sister may not be willing to marry someone like me.”

“Why not?” Hong Xiangling glared at him, “As her Master, she can’t be happier after i find a good family for her. So what, if she agree or not, just nod your head, I’ll immediately have her come over and marry you in less than three months!”

The old man’s eagerness made Yang Kai completely unable to resist.

Although he knew that the Star Boundary’s current situation was extremely tempting and that the various Cave Heaven Paradise would be more than happy to take a share, he didn’t expect the temptation to them to be so great. Hong Xiangling was actually willing to marry off his own disciple to gain more benefits.

Turning their heads to look around, some people revealed thoughtful expressions, as if they were considering whether they should also find a Sixth Order female disciple to marry Yang Kai.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a headache coming on and looked towards Xu Linggong for help.

Xu Linggong spoke up for justice, “Old Man Hong, this Yang boy is the son-in-law of my Yin-Yang Heaven, don’t try anything funny.”

Hong Xiangling said unhappily, “It’s normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. So what if he is the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven? Can’t he become the son-in-law of my Azure Void Heaven?” Saying so, he winked at Yang Kai, “Little brat, what do you think?”

Xu Linggong hummed, “With that stubborn disciple of yours, if she really marry him, you wouldn’t receive any favor.”

Hong Xiangling sneered, “Plants and vegetables all have their own preferences, maybe this little brat Yang likes elegant temperament.”

Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel, Yang Kai had no choice but to speak up, “This Junior is deeply grateful for Senior Hong’s kindness, but I hope Senior won’t bring up the matter of a man and a woman again. This Junior already has several wives in his family and doesn’t want to cause any more trouble.”

Hong Xiangling opened his mouth but eventually sighed, “What a pity!”

Yang Kai didn’t want to waste any more time talking to him and instead straightened his face before knocking on the table and saying, “If each family ask for ten people every hundred years, my Star Boundary can’t afford it. My idea is, excluding Yin-Yang Heaven, each family will have three people every hundred years!”

Luo Xiu rolled her eyes, “Little brat, the difference is too great. The difference between ten and three people is too high.”

Yang Kai smiled at her, “Senior, please forgive me. After all, I am the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, so I must give them some benefit.”

Xu Linggong grinned from ear to ear.

When Yang Kai had won the Dao Exchange Conference, although he wasn’t dissatisfied with it, he still felt that Yang Kai’s background wasn’t worthy of his disciple, otherwise he wouldn’t have paid such a price to send him to the Small Source World.

Thinking that Yang Kai could grow up quickly, at least he had the ability to protect his woman.

Now it seemed that Yin-Yang Heaven had picked up a great bargain. Who would have thought that this boy’s Star Boundary would become the center of attention of the 3000 Worlds!

Yang Kai’s calm performance made him extremely satisfied.

He is the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, and his only goal was to take a side with Yin-Yang Heaven, so who could say no?

After that, there was naturally another round of verbal sparring and bargaining. Yang Kai won't back down to send three people every hundred years. More than thirty High Rank Open Heaven masters had taken turns to fight, and with some emotional reasoning, they had almost taken action to teach this ignorant junior a lesson. The fierce aura of a High Rank Open Heaven master filled the hall, and the maidservants who served them had long since retreated. Otherwise, with their cultivations not even reaching Emperor Realm, they would have died without a complete corpse.

Yang Kai sat still like a spring breeze! So what if there were more than thirty High Rank Open Heaven? This is his territory, so if he didn’t take the initiative here, who could?


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