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Under the roots of the World Tree, a table was set up. Yang Kai and Xu Linggong sat across from each other and drink some wine while chatting.

No matter which High Rank master came to visit, the first thing they would see upon arriving in the Star Boundary was the towering giant tree that was thousands of zhang tall. As they flew down, they naturally saw Yang Kai and Xu Linggong.

The people who came were all friends of Xu Linggong’s, so they were naturally not strangers. All of them introduced themselves to Yang Kai one by one, allowing him to become familiar with a group of High Rank Open Heaven cultivators who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

No matter who it was, after asking Xu Linggong about the situation of this world, some will stay, some immediately went deep into the Star Boundary to investigate. For a time, High Rank Open Heaven was everywhere in this small Star Boundary.

In less than a month, Yang Kai had met more than thirty people.

At the same time, the entire Star Boundary was also carrying out a large-scale campaign. With High Heaven Palace leading the way, all the Sects and forces cooperated to engrave all kinds of information about the 3000 Worlds and even the 108 top forces in the Outer Universe into a small book and distribute it throughout the world. As long as there was a place where people gathered, no one was left out.

The Star Boundary was destined to become the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage, and the various Cave Heaven Paradise would have to accept disciples in the Star Boundary sooner or later. Since they were following the trend, they had to first let the people of the Star Boundary learn about the outside world so they could have more choices.

It was easy to imagine what kind of impact the billions of living beings in the Star Boundary had suffered under this violent storm.

After all, before this, most of them were just frogs at the bottom of a well, but now they had a chance to jump out and see the vastness of the world.

In less than a month, basically every living being in the Star Boundary knew about the Outer Universe, there would be 108 top forces coming to recruit disciples. If they were lucky, they would be able to instantly leap over the dragon gate and soar into the sky.

Countless wanderers rubbed their fists, full of hope that they would be able to catch the eye of this high and mighty celestial being, but unfortunately, their hopes were destined to be for naught. Although the aptitude of this generation in the Star Boundary had changed due to the growth of the World Tree, the greatest change was still the newborns and infants. The situation would only become more obvious in the next generation.

A month later, when the last person arrived, Xu Linggong finished his tea, stood up, and said, “Everyone is here, let’s discuss the rules.”

Yang Kai quickly sent a message to Hua Qing Si, telling her to prepare herself.

Xu Linggong faced the north and opened his mouth slightly, but no sound came out. He then called out to Yang Kai, “Let’s go.”

With a thought from Yang Kai, the two of them appeared outside High Heaven Palace.

After standing in place for a moment, streams of light flew over from all directions and landed in front of the two.

Xu Linggong stood next to Yang Kai with his hands behind his back, either joking around with the newcomer or nodding lightly, while Yang Kai repeatedly greeted them.

It couldn’t be helped, these Seventh Order masters were all Seniors and Xu Linggong’s old friends. As the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven and the Star Boundary Great Emperor, he naturally couldn’t be disrespectful.

The High Heaven Palace Disciples who had been arranged to lead the way led the High Rank Open Heaven cultivators into the hall.

Everyone’s efficiency was extremely high. In less than an hour after Xu Linggong sent the message, everyone had rushed back from various parts of the Star Boundary. When Yang Kai followed Xu Linggong into the hall, he saw a huge round table.

More than thirty people, more than thirty High Rank Open Heaven masters, were sitting around a round table, all of them silent, with only their Divine Senses silently communicating with each other. The female disciples who were standing behind these people and waiting to serve them were all inexplicably flustered and drenched in sweat.

The round table was specially made, and it was only after Yang Kai had consulted Xu Linggong that he had allowed High Heaven Palace craftmen to forge it. This couldn’t be helped, all of the people who came were of high rank and had extraordinary backgrounds, so Yang Kai couldn’t decide who was more noble and who was more lowly. Ordinary seating arrangements were divided into high and low levels, but the round table wasn’t so particular. Everyone was treated equally and there was no distinction between high and low.

Xu Linggong stepped inside and his Divine Sense, which had been shuttling back and forth non-stop, suddenly calmed down. Many pairs of eyes turned towards him, but most of them were staring at Yang Kai who was following behind him.

Yang Kai instantly felt a mountain of pressure bearing down on him. Even though this High Rank Open Heaven masters didn’t emit any kind of aura that targeted him, it still caused his figure to falter slightly, but only for an instant, he was completely safe.

Several High Rank Open Heaven masters raised their eyebrows in surprise.

The round table was quite large, with more than thirty people sitting around it. Xu Linggong found a relatively spacious seat and sat down next to Yang Kai.

No one felt that there was anything wrong with Yang Kai’s position here as a Sixth Order. After all, this is the Star Boundary, and he is the Star Boundary’s Great Emperor. Moreover, everyone had received a message from Xu Linggong and had a good relationship with him, so no one would embarrass Yang Kai over such a trivial matter.

“Thank you for coming from afar, old friends, but it’s rare for all of you to gather here, so today’s opportunity is quite rare. I’m sure all of you have already investigated the situation here and have some understanding of this place. This Xu has summoned all of you here this time because he wants you to have a good discussion and come up with a satisfactory plan,” Xu Linggong said softly.

An old man with a broken arm waited for him to finish before saying, “Old man Xu, there’s no hurry to discuss this, this old master has something to ask the little child beside you.”

Yang Kai looked towards the speaker and recognized him as Purple Exquisite Paradise's Inner Sect Elder, Xun Ping. His High Rank Open Heaven cultivation was extremely powerful, making it difficult for him to find a worthy opponent, but he didn’t know why Xun Ping had lost an arm, but even if it was just an arm, it didn’t affect his powerful cultivation and profound foundation.

Yang Kai smiled and cupped his fists, “Senior Xun, please ask!”

The man next to Xun Ping seemed to know what he wanted to ask and immediately put on a look of anticipation.

Xun Ping’s voice resounded throughout the hall, clearly enunciating each word, “Zuo Quan Hui died?”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, not knowing why he suddenly asked this question. Turning his head to look at Xu Linggong, Xu Linggong simply nodded lightly.

Yang Kai nodded, “Dead!”

“Who killed him? How?” Xun Ping asked again.

Yang Kai replied, “He summoned his Small Universe and was killed by me and several of my people from the Void Land.”

Xun Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly.

All of the High Rank Open Heaven Stage masters around the round table, with the exception of Xu Linggong, who already knew the inside story, were all visibly moved.

Using their own Small Universe was the last resort they had, and no one could imagine what kind of crisis Zuo Quan Hui had encountered to make such a decision.

Even so, he was still killed!

As an Inner Sect Elder of the Cave Heaven Paradise, the thirty or so people present all had some kind of relationship with Zuo Quan Hui, and now that Zuo Quan Hui had died, they couldn’t help feeling a little strange.

“Zuo Quan Hui is dead, what about Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan?” Another dignified woman asked, it was Luo Sheng Cave Heaven's Inner Sect Elder Luo Xiu.

Yang Kai said lightly, “They also died!”

Most of the people seemed to have expected this and their expressions remained unchanged. After all, Zuo Quan Hui had led Heavenly Sword Union to attack the Void Land, it was no secret that Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao had come to help. Even Zuo Quan Hui had been killed, so how could Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao escape unscathed? They were only surprised by Yang Kai’s boldness, but a few of them wore solemn expressions.

Luo Xiu glared at Yang Kai angrily, “You’re just like Old Man Xu, sly and cunning!”

These words were said in an inexplicable manner, but Xu Linggong laughed loudly, “My family’s Son-In-Law, what does it have to do with me?”

Luo Xiu coldly snorted, “It doesn’t matter if a traitor from Thousand Crane Paradise dies, Thousand Crane Paradise will swallow all its blood, Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao, these two juniors, dying is the real trouble, don’t think this Queen doesn’t know what kind of evil plans you two have.”

Xu Linggong asked curiously, “What kind of scheme can we have? How come I don’t understand what Junior Sister Luo is saying? Why don’t you come to my room tonight and we can talk?”

“Good!” Luo Xiu smiled sweetly and charmingly, “It’s better to be early than late, I’ll go find you tonight.”

Xu Linggong couldn’t help nodding, “Yes, yes!”

Yang Kai stared at him in amazement.

Xun Ping sighed slightly, a little depressed, “Zuo Quan Hui actually died just like that, what a pity he still owes me something.”

Yang Kai couldn’t tell what kind of relationship this man had with Zuo Quan Hui, but since Xu Linggong had invited him here, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Enough idle chatter!” Xu Linggong knocked on the table, “Let’s get down to business.”

Sure enough, everyone stopped talking and looked towards Xu Linggong.

Before this, Yang Kai had asked Xu Linggong about this matter. This time, he had invited more than thirty people, representing more than thirty Cave Heaven Paradise. Even if they could come up with a satisfactory result, how could the other Cave Heaven Paradise that had not yet arrived accept it? After all, none of them had participated in this.

Xu Linggong only smiled and said that since ancient times, the Cave Heaven Paradise had always been one and the same. More than thirty families were enough to represent all of them, and no one was a fool. These thirty or so people not only represented the forces behind them, but also all of the Cave Heaven Paradise. When discussing matters, they would naturally stand on everyone’s side and consider the issue, not just speaking up for their own family.

As for the Cave Heaven Paradise that were unable to participate in this matter, in the future, they would not refuse to acknowledge the results of this discussion. In the future, if they wanted to participate, the first thing they had to do was to recognize the rules of this discussion, otherwise they would not have the qualifications.

At that time, Yang Kai was still skeptical, but now that he saw that none of the thirty or so people had any objections, it was as if it was only natural for them to come to a conclusion.

This was destined to be a meeting that would change the future of the entire 3000 Worlds, a meeting that would make all historical records go wild.

However, it was held in a remote region of the 3000 Worlds, a small and unknown Small Universe World. Before Xu Linggong’s message, no one present had ever heard of such a place.


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