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“Martial Uncle Yu wants to take that child as his successor, does Elder Xu also want to take someone as disciple?” Yang Kai asked.

“Accept disciple my ass!” Xu Linghong’s saliva flew everywhere as he wore a pained expression, “In this life, taking in three disciples is enough. Becoming the father and mother, they’ve all been brought up together, I don’t want to accept any more disciples.”

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue both rolled their eyes, thinking that the two of them were already ten years old when they first entered the Sect, how could it be as exaggerated as what he said? Little Junior Sister Qu Huachang had entered the Sect when she was a baby, but the one who raised her was them Senior Brother and Junior Sister. As her Master, he is the only one who did nothing.

Although they were thinking about it, they didn’t dare say it out loud.

Xu Linggong chuckled, “But even if this old master doesn’t accept disciples, it doesn’t mean I can’t accept some disciples for Yin-Yang Heaven. Your Star Boundary is now filled with talented people, and the World Tree is truly mysterious. Taking root in this place and allowing the World Tree’s aura to cleanse one’s Soul and flesh, even before a baby is born, it is equivalent to having its marrow cleansed. Otherwise, how could there be so many top talents in the ordinary Universe World? In this old master’s eyes, your tiny Star Boundary is simply filled with gold. Boy, if you want to use the tiger skin as a flag, are you prepared to let others demand an exorbitant price?”

Yang Kai leisurely said, “If one is willing to part with some of it, one could still obtain something. If one keep treasuring it for oneself, it will bring endless trouble.”

Xu Linggong looked at Yang Kai in admiration, “When little brat Qing return, he mentioned it. This old master admire your words. The current Star Boundary is the biggest piece of fat meat in the world. If you really want to monopolize it, you’ll be stuffed to death sooner or later! Which one of the Cave Heaven Paradise isn’t a raccoon with a keen sense of smell? Once the fragrance of this fat meat spreads out, they will naturally come looking for it. For you to be able to see through this and take the initiative to open your own door, you are truly an extraordinary person.”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious, “I must ask Elder Xu to teach me!”

Xu Linggong waved his hand, “Just as I told you before, you have a lot of talents here. Although I won’t take in any more disciples, disciples with high aptitude in the Cave Heaven Paradise is not much. In all the 3000 Worlds, among the various Cave Heaven Paradise, Core Disciples who can directly advance to the Sixth Order can only appear once every thousand years. Just like that little Qu girl, each Cave Heaven Paradise requires a great deal of effort and financial resources to nurture. Of course, you’re a freak. If it weren’t for those families stopping you, I’m afraid you really would have been able to advance to the Seventh Order directly.”

Saying so, he glanced at Yang Kai with some regret.

Yang Kai smiled indifferently, “Beautiful tree in the forest is moved by the wind, now is also very good. At the very least, he won’t be stared at by so many pairs of eyes, making it difficult for him to sleep.”

Xu Linggong turned around and glanced at Qing Kui and Su Yingxue before pointing at Yang Kai and saying, “Learn from your Junior Brother Yang’s open-mindedness. It’s not easy for a young man to have such a temperament.”

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue both nodded, “Master is right.”

Xu Gong sighed, “Little brat, don’t blame those few Cave Heaven Paradise forces for extending their reach too far. It’s just that there are some inexplicable reasons and they don’t want others to know about it, causing them to be wary of anyone who tries to break through to the Seventh Order directly.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “I heard that in the past, there were people who directly broke through to the Seventh Order and eventually reached the Ninth Order. In the end, an accident occurred, causing rivers of blood to flow through the 3000 Worlds.”

Xu Linggong seemed to ponder for a moment before replying, “This is only one of the reasons, the exact reason is not easy to explain. You will slowly understand in the future, you will naturally understand when the time comes.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, faintly sensing that there was some kind of secret involved in this matter, but since Xu Linggong didn’t say anything, he didn’t ask.

“It's still far away!” Xu Linggong waved his hand, “Let’s talk about your Star Boundary. Now that you’ve opened your doors, this old master has also done as you wished and invited many people over. Right now, only the first batch of people have come, there are many more after that. When news of this spreads, the 108 top forces will all come to your Star Boundary. This fat meat is so fragrant that even I want to take a bite out of it. Since my Yin-Yang Heaven is so close to you, I won’t be polite with you, I’ll take a bite first.”

“Elder Xu, please speak!” Yang Kai’s expression became serious.

Xu Linggong gently tapped the table with his finger and said, “Every hundred years, my Yin Yang Heaven will take in ten disciples from the Star Boundary. Can you agree to this?”

If the conditions were brought up, it would not be a conversation between an elder and a junior, but a conversation between Yin-Yang Heaven, Void Land, and Star Boundary.

“Ten people every hundred years!” Even though Yang Kai was mentally prepared, he still took a deep breath and smiled bitterly, “Yin-Yang Heaven want ten people each, 108 forces, that’s a thousand and eighty people! In a hundred years, how many geniuses can be born in the Star Boundary? Wouldn’t that mean you’ll take all of them? Can my Void Land still eat this fat meat?”

Xu Linggong looked at him askance, “What’s wrong, little brat? Do you want to do the same thing for the other family? Are you also their family’s son-in-law?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Of course not.”

Xu Linggong decisively said, “Every hundred years, if you give them a single person, they’ll laugh their heads off. In the Martial Dao, the most important thing is not having too many disciples. What’s the point of accepting so many? If we’re lucky, we can find one that can directly advance to the Seventh Order. It’s more valuable than finding a hundred.”

Yang Kai continued, “Since Elder Xu says so, Yin-Yang Heaven also only need one, why must there be ten?”

Xu Linggong only stared at him silently.

Yang Kai bargained, “Three!”

Xu Linggong stood up, “Little Qing, Little Xue’er, let’s go home! The Son-In-Law's family is not hospitable, this old master is frustrated! When we get back, tell Little Qu that this marriage is over, we’ll call off the engagement.”

“Ten people, ten people!” Yang Kai quickly pulled Xu Linggong to sit down and comforted him, “It was just a joke, how could Elder Xu take it so seriously?”

Xu Linggong picked up his teacup, but there was no more tea, so Yang Kai quickly poured more tea.

Taking a sip of tea, Xu Linggong said sincerely, “Little brat, don’t think you’ve suffered a great loss. You should know that now that the Star Boundary has appeared, this is only the first generation. The later generations will be influenced by the World Tree, so there will definitely be many young talents who can directly advance to the Fifth or Sixth Order, and there will definitely be many who can break through to the Seventh Order directly.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Of course I know.”

“With so many talented people here, can you afford to raise them with just your Void Land?”

Yang Kai replied honestly, “Of course not.”

“Since you can’t afford to raise them, then don’t delay their talent, just send them to another family to raise. They come from the Star Boundary, so no matter which Cave Heaven Paradise's disciple they become, their roots will always remain in the Star Boundary, and their life and death will always belong to the Star Boundary. In the future, when they become proficient in their studies, what need is there for the Star Boundary to worry about losing out? They are just like the World Tree you planted there, when they grow up, they will pay back.”

Yang Kai nodded, “It’s precisely because of this consideration that I took the initiative to open the door. Firstly, it’s just as Elder Xu said, using tiger skin as a flag, and secondly, I want to find a suitable way for the future talents of the Star Boundary.”

“It’s not easy for you to think of this!” Xu Linggong looked at Yang Kai in admiration.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue also wore looks of disbelief on their faces. When Yang Kai had asked Qing Kui to return to Yin-Yang Heaven to send a message to Xu Linggong, they had all thought that he was just trying to borrow strength to fight, but who would have thought that he had already thought so far?

If a child from a poor family had too many brothers and sisters, they really wouldn’t be able to support them. As parents, even if they couldn’t bear to part with them, they could only choose to give them to others. During the war and famine, how many people sold their children for money? It was just to find a way to survive for their children who were about to starve to death, a pity for all parents!

“Since you have such great foresight, have you ever thought that one day, a disciple from the Star Boundary would be able to spread his wings across the entire 3000 Worlds and stand at the top of the 108 Cave Heaven Paradise? What kind of scene would that be?”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up.

Xu Linggong smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Think hard about it, if that day really comes, this small Star Boundary will become the center of all the 3000 Worlds! Any Cave Heaven Paradise has countless connections with the Star Boundary, so if the Star Boundary is in trouble, how many top masters will come to protect it?”

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “As Elder Xu said, not only do I not need to bargain with those people, I should even take the initiative to cooperate?”

Xu Linggong sneered, “You also said before that if this piece of fat meat was eaten by others, what would your Void Land eat? Just looking at it isn’t a good thing. There’s a limit to this. If you grasp it well, everyone will benefit. If you don’t grasp it well, someone will always suffer.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand. Many thanks for Elder Xu’s guidance.”

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai chuckled, “Originally, I was thinking that Xuanyuan Cave Heaven and Myriad Demons Heaven would not be able to take any benefits from my Star Boundary. If they dare to come, I’ll make sure they leave in disgrace.”

“What about now?” Xu Linggong looked at him.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I will treat them with courtesy. If they are sensible, then so be it, but if they aren’t, I must ask Elder Xu to help!”

Xu Linggong wiped his mouth and said, “This old master has come prepared.”

Yang Kai blinked, “Do we need to put some oil into other people’s mouths so they can also contribute?”

“Naturally, but there’s no need to rush. Let them take a look around. The more they walk and the more they see, the more they will pay attention to your Star Boundary, and the easier it will be to bargain with them.”

“Elder Xu is indeed cunning!” Yang Kai laughed.

The laughter was cut off by Xu Linggong’s clap.

“Just now, I told you about accepting ten disciples every hundred years, this is just one of the conditions, there is another condition!” Xu Linggong patted his sleeves.

Yang Kai covered his head and said, “Elder Xu, please speak, I’m all ears!”

“My Yin-Yang Heaven needs to build a Training Hall in the Star Boundary. As the Sect’s branch, so this old master will choose the place. Don’t worry, I won’t snatch anyone’s property, nor will I bully the weak. The Earth Boundary… will be divided into five hundred thousand kilometers. All the materials needed for the Training Hall construction will be provided by my Yin-Yang Heaven. All you need to do is give that place to my Yin-Yang Heaven!”


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