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The woman was simple-minded, but she was very stubborn.

Her child’s father’s final wish before his death was even more important than the heavens in her heart, so she didn’t dare disobey it no matter what, so even though she knew that the white-bearded old man was right and that Lord Void was sincerely trying to help her child, she still didn’t change her mind.

If the child’s father was still alive, they could have pulled him over to reason with him and change their mind, but now that the child’s father had passed away, they couldn’t possibly dig up his grave, right?

What’s more, even a dead person wouldn’t be able to say anything.

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, looked at Yu Changdao and said, “Martial Uncle, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink. Why don’t Martial Uncle try to find another? Although my Star Boundary is vast and sparsely populated, there are definitely many talented people here. Perhaps Martial Uncle can find another suitable candidate.”

Yu Changdao slowly shook his head, “Innate Dao Body is extremely rare. This old master has been to more than a thousand Universe Worlds, but I have never seen anyone like this child.”

“Then what should we do?” Yang Kai looked at him as if he was having a headache, gently patting the swaddling cloth in his arms, “The child’s father’s last wish can’t be violated, the wish of the dead is not something that can be ignored.”

Yu Changdao’s lips trembled slightly as he let out a long sigh. If he had known this would happen, he would have directly taken this child back to Free and Unfettered Paradise. How could there have been so much trouble? Originally, he had thought that if he had personally brought her here and allowed Yang Kai to step in, he would have been able to easily take in a good disciple, but who would have thought that the situation would develop to this point, causing him so much discomfort.

“How about Martial Uncle stay in my Star Boundary for a few more days and spend more time with the child? When the child grows up, you can ask him for his opinion,” Yang Kai suggested kindly.

Hearing this, Yu Changdao’s eyes lit up.

Liu Caixia whispered, “When the child grows up, he must enter High Heaven Palace!”

“You wench!” Yu Changdao was so angry he almost spat out blood.

Liu Caixia lowered her head and pinched the corner of her clothes, “If he can’t enter High Heaven Palace, my child won’t be able to cultivate.” Saying so, she took the child from Yang Kai’s arms, probably wanting to go home.

Yang Kai quickly blocked it and quickly said, “Don't leave yet, I’ll take him into High Heaven Palace for now. From today onwards, he will be my High Heaven Palace’s official disciple.”

Liu Caixia’s hands froze in mid-air as her eyes widened. She was stunned for a moment before her eyes turned red with joy as she said gratefully, “Many thanks, Lord Void. This child’s father will be able to rest in peace.”

“Martial Nephew!” Yu Changdao looked at Yang Kai with a pained expression, “How… how could you act like this?”

How could this happen? Because of Xu Linggong’s relationship with him, he still had a good impression of Yang Kai, but now it had completely disappeared. Stealing his future disciple was equivalent to cutting off his legacy. This was a great enmity, second only to killing his parents taking his wife!

Yang Kai pretended not to hear him and turned to Hua Qing Si, “Find a quiet place in the palace and let the child and mother stay there first.”

He then turned to Liu Caixia and said, “The child is still young and needs you to take care of him, so you should stay here and he can start cultivating when he is older.”

Liu Caixia was naturally grateful. A mother’s status was high because of her son, she knew that from now on, she wouldn’t have to suffer as much as before.

Yang Kai also asked her if there was anyone else in her family and if she needed to report to him. After learning that they were the only ones left in the family, it saved him some trouble.

After Hua Qing Si led Liu Caixia and her son away, Yang Kai turned to Yu Changdao and called out, “Martial Uncle Yu!”

Yu Changdao pulled a long face as he stood up and waved his sleeve, “Old fellow Xu, this old master has some matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Finished speaking, he turned to leave. He had finally found a disciple, but now Yang Kai had snatched it away from him. He was extremely angry and decided that when Yang Kai wasn’t paying attention, he would capture the child and the woman and take them to the Free and Unfettered Paradise. Let’s see if Yang Kai dares to go there and demand for them!

This disciple must not be given to others.

Xu Linggong remained calm while Yang Kai stepped in front of Yu Changdao and smiled, “Martial Uncle, please calm your anger. Martial Nephew was forced to act like this.”

Yu Changdao glanced over at Yang Kai and said, “Are you trying to snatch this old master’s disciple because you have no other choice? Move aside, otherwise don’t blame this old master for bullying the weak!”

Yang Kai didn’t pay it any mind and simply smiled, “Martial Uncle, can’t you see that Martial Nephew is retreating in order to advance?”

Yu Changdao frowned and looked at him suspiciously.

Xu Linggong tugged at him and said, “Although this little brat is a bit unreasonable, he’s not a rude person. Since he’s acting like this, he must have his own reasons. Let’s sit down and listen to his explanation first. If he can give a good reason, it’ll be for the best. If he can’t, you can beat him up to vent your anger, he won’t dare retaliate.”

Yu Changdao snorted, “He is the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, I don’t dare to step over the line and teach him a lesson!” If he really wanted to take action, Old fellow Xu, this overprotective fellow, wouldn’t fight him to the death?

Xu Linggong chuckled, “Then I’ll beat him up. I’ve long found him an eyesore.”

Yang Kai wore a bitter expression, “Elder Xu, these words hurt my heart.”

Xu Linggong snorted.

At the very least, Yu Changdao sat down again and stared at Yang Kai with a scrutinizing look.

Yang Kai chose his words carefully and said, “Martial Uncle has also met her. That child’s mother is stubborn and her husband had a final wish before he died, so no matter what happen, she would never violate it, so no matter how great the outside world is, the child will eventually enter High Heaven Palace, unless Martial Uncle has the means to capture the child’s father’s soul and ask about it.”

Yu Changdao didn’t say anything, his expression gloomy.

Yang Kai chuckled, “But even if he enter my High Heaven Palace, it doesn’t mean that he won’t have a master-disciple relationship with Martial Uncle.”

Yu Changdao raised his brow, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai pretended to shake his sleeves and put on a wise look, “Martial Nephew has a small suggestion, it will depend on whether Martial Uncle agrees or not. If you agree, you can take that child as your disciple. This way, not only will you fulfill the child’s father’s dying wish, but it can also let Martial Uncle accept your beloved disciple.”

“Oh?” Yu Changdao’s interest was immediately piqued and his expression became much gentler, “Tell me, how do we get the best of both worlds!”

Yang Kai shook his sleeves and bowed, “Martial Nephew would like to ask Martial Uncle to assume the position of High Heaven Palace’s Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder!”

Xu Linggong’s hand, which was fiddling with his teacup, paused for a moment before he raised his eyes to look at Yang Kai with a look of ‘I knew you had ill intentions’.

Behind him, Qing Kui and Su Yingxue both opened their mouths wide in shock!

How… how dare he make such a proposal? What kind of status did a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master have? How could a Sect from the Universe World be able to invite them? Even if it was a Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder, it would only be a passing cloud.

One had to know that a character like Yu Changdao was also an Inner Sect Elder in the major Cave Heaven Paradise, so how could he normally be interested in a Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder position for a force like High Heaven Palace?

Even if he sent out the entire High Heaven Palace in a package, they might not even spare it a glance.

Yu Changdao was stunned for a moment before breaking out into laughter, as if he had just heard a joke. After a moment of silence, his expression changed slightly as he lightly tapped his finger on the table and nodded, “En, this is a good idea.”

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue both turned to look at him in disbelief.

Yang Kai smiled happily, “Does Martial Uncle agree?”

Yu Changdao was in no hurry to answer, after a moment of silence, he said, “This old master must consider this matter carefully.”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “There’s no need to be anxious, Martial Uncle just needs to think about it carefully. There’s still a lot of time left, so Martial Uncle can stay in High Heaven Palace for a few more days and carefully weigh the pros and cons.”

Yu Changdao nodded, “En, I’ll go see the child first.”

“I’ll lead Martial Uncle,” Yang Kai volunteered, but Yu Changdao raised his hand and stopped him, “No need, this old master will go alone.”

In a flash, he disappeared from where he stood. From how anxious he was, it was obvious how important this child was to him.

Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief and turned his head to see Xu Linggong staring at him with a faint smile.

“Elder Xu, have some tea!” Yang Kai called out.

Xu Linggong chuckled, “This little brat has dug a good trap, but Old Man Yu is willing to jump into it.”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with grievance, “Elder Xu, you’ve wronged me. I just wanted to fulfill the child’s parents’ painstaking efforts.”

“Nonsense!” Xu Linggong snorted, “Perhaps you didn’t have such thoughts at first, but after seeing the attitude of that woman and Old Man Yu, do you dare say you didn’t have any malicious intentions?”

Yang Kai sat down on the chair next to him, leaned over, and whispered, “If you see through it but don’t say it, it’s better. Elder Xu, what do you say?”

Xu Linggong snickered.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue looked down and saw two foxes baring their fangs.

Yang Kai suddenly became a bit worried, “Will it work?”

Xu Linggong wiped his mouth, “80-90%, Old Man Yu has been looking for a suitable successor all these years, but unfortunately, he didn’t get his wish and never expected to encounter one here, so how could he be willing to let go? If he wants to accept that disciple, he must become your High Heaven Palace’s Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder, otherwise how could he accept the disciple? This little brat is as cunning as a ghost, a mere swaddling baby was enough for you to tie down a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, a profitable business. Moreover, after that little brat’s cultivation reached a certain level, he was still a disciple of your High Heaven Palace, so Old Man Yu’s efforts were all for nothing. No wonder you, a little brat who had only debuted a few years ago, was able to build such a big family business. Who knows how many people have been tricked by you.”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious, “Elder Xu has wronged me. Being able to have such a family is because of my charisma, it has nothing to do with anything else.”

Xu Linggong didn’t answer him, “However, Old Man Yu has lived for so long that he hasn’t been able to reflect on it for a while. Being deceived by you doesn’t mean he will never be able to see through it. Perhaps he has already seen through it, but he just can’t be bothered to argue with you.”

Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “An expert naturally has the demeanor of an expert, and us juniors can only dream of catching up to them. This little brat is just relying on his low status and young age to secretly take advantage of this old master.”

“Don’t flatter me!” Xu Linggong slapped him on the shoulder, causing Yang Kai’s body to shrink a little, “Boy, Old Yu has gained some benefits, but what about me? You’re the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven after all, not only can you not favor one over the other, you must also consider Yin-Yang Heaven!”

Yang Kai quickly replied, “Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked Senior Brother Qing to inform you immediately.”

Xu Linggong smiled lightly, “A promising young man!”


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