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“Is that really Lord Void?” The woman glanced at Yang Kai again and asked softly.

Hua Qing Si smiled and asked, “Since you have a portrait of him in your house, why don’t you recognize him?”

The woman blushed slightly, “I can’t believe it.”

A person like her who face the earth with her back behind the heavens and humble status, and a person who is like the heavens suddenly appearing in front of her eyes, it was natural to feel that it was unreal.

“Then aren’t you High Heaven Palace’s Chief Manager Hua?” The woman suddenly remembered something and looked at Hua Qing Si in surprise.

Hua Qing Si asked curiously, “You know about me?”

“It’s really you?” The woman covered her mouth with her hand, a look of shock and admiration appearing on her face as she explained, “High Heaven Palace’s Lord Void has a capable assistant. As a woman, she is able to represent Lord Void to rule the world. This is something even this little woman has heard of. The reason why the Star Boundary has been able to remain peaceful these past few years is mostly because of that Chief Manager Hua.”

Hua Qing Si smiled lightly, “So I’m also quite famous.”

The woman smiled humbly and sat down awkwardly, appearing somewhat uncomfortable. Suddenly seeing the famous Lord Void and Chief Manager Hua, she felt like she was dreaming.

Pursing her lips, she hesitated for a moment before asking in a low voice, “Chief Manager, can this child enter High Heaven Palace?”

Hua Qing Si’s expression became solemn as she gently patted the back of her hand, “With this child’s aptitude, it won’t be a problem for him to become anyone’s disciple.”

Even the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage want to take him as a personal disciple, so who would despise such a talent? Although Hua Qing Si couldn’t see anything special about this baby.

The woman grit her teeth, stood up, and directly knelt down in Yang Kai’s direction, knocking her head against the ground as she loudly said, “I beg Lord Void to accept this child into High Heaven Palace to fulfill his father’s dying wish. This foolish woman is willing to do anything to repay Lord Void’s kindness!”

Yu Changdao, who was playing with the child, immediately turned his head and glared at Yang Kai, his aura surging as if he was ready to teach him a lesson if he dared to agree.

Yang Kai pretended he didn’t see him and gave Hua Qing Si a look while saying, “Get up and talk.” This woman was always kneeling to him, so Yang Kai was helpless.

Hua Qing Si helped the woman up and adjusted her clothes.

Before Yang Kai could speak, Yu Changdao suddenly said, “Martial Nephew Yang, allow me to speak with her.”

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t refuse such a small matter, so he simply stretched out his hand and allowed him to do as he pleased before picking up his teacup and taking a sip.

Yu Zhangdao walked over to the woman and whispered to her about the Universe World, the 3000 Worlds, the 36 Cave Heaven, and the 72 Paradise…

The woman listened with a blank look on her face, not saying a word nor asking any questions, just like a chicken talking to a duck.

Having spent her entire life trapped in a place with a radius of several dozen kilometers, perhaps she had never even left the small town she came from, how could she understand someone suddenly talking about the 3000 Worlds and Cave Heaven Paradise?

She only felt that the words spoken by this white-bearded old man were extremely profound and incomprehensible.

From time to time, she would sneak a glance at the white beard. The originally beautiful and neat beard was now a mess because of the child. Would this white-bearded old man be angry?

Yu Changdao had obviously noticed this as well. A grand Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator could destroy a star with a flick of his finger, but when he was angry, he couldn’t do anything to a young woman who had never cultivated before. He had a stomach full of bitterness and was unable to complain, only feeling a mouthful of blood in his heart.

“Do you understand now?” Yu Changdao was worthy of being a cultivator of the Heavenly Dao, his patience was excellent as he looked at the woman with a pleasant expression.

The woman shook her head, nodded again, and then shook her head again.

Xu Linggong couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

No matter how patient Yu Changdao was, he was still angered by this ignorant woman. If it weren’t for the fact that she was the mother of his future Closed Door Disciple, he would have cursed her.

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, Yu Changdao suddenly understood and asked, “What do you think of High Heaven Palace?”

The woman didn’t hesitate in the slightest, “Of course it’s the best. Before my husband died, he always said so. Back then, he also came to High Heaven Palace to learn from the master, but unfortunately his aptitude wasn’t good enough and he failed the test, unable to enter High Heaven Palace!”

Yu Changdao smiled and stretched out a finger, “In your eyes, High Heaven Palace is the best, but this old master can crush it with a single finger!”

The woman’s eyes were filled with horror as she stared at the white-bearded old man as if she was staring at a demon who had caused the Star Boundary’s upheaval a hundred years ago.

Yu Changdao didn’t know what she was thinking, so he asked, “What do you think of him?” Saying so, he pointed at Yang Kai.

The woman’s face was filled with respect as she replied, “Without Lord Void and the other great masters fighting fearlessly, there would be no Star Boundary, no us.”

Yu Changdao stroked his white beard and smiled, “He has to call me Martial Uncle! I can beat ten of him by myself!”

Knowing that he couldn’t get through to this woman, Yu Changdao simply changed some simple concepts and compared them to High Heaven Palace and Yang Kai, allowing the woman to understand the power of his Free and Unfettered Paradise.

This was something that could not be helped. Yu Changdao was filled with a sense of helplessness. If it was not reasonable, who would be willing to lower themselves to show off their strength?

The woman’s expression became even more panicked as she reached out and snatched the child from Yu Changdao’s arms, staring at him vigilantly, “Are you also going to wreak havoc in the Star Boundary and make things difficult for Lord Void and the other great masters?”

He said he could crush High Heaven Palace with a single finger, and now he was talking about defeating ten of the Lord Void, he didn’t seem like a good person.

Yu Changdao’s hands were empty as he stood there dumbstruck and resentful, “What are you saying? How does it come to that?!” His Dao Heart, which he had been cultivating for countless years, almost collapsed at this moment.

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, Yu Changdao said, “Martial Nephew Yang, this old master has met a disciple he likes. A few days ago, this old master was cultivating in seclusion and suddenly decided to pay a visit to Yin-Yang Heaven. However, he was inexplicably brought to this Star Boundary by Old Xu and then found this child in the Star Boundary. This is fate. This child and I have a fated master-disciple relationship.”

Although he had spoken a lot of nonsense, his words were clearly asking for Yang Kai’s help, so how could Yang Kai not know?

He immediately nodded and said, “Martial Nephew understand, please calm down. Sit down and drink some tea, I’ll talk to her.”

Yu Changdao looked at Yang Kai gratefully, “Thank you for your trouble, Martial Nephew. If I can accept this child as my disciple, this old master will owe you a favor!”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he laughed, “Good, good.”

A favor from a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was not cheap. If he had such a favor in the past, he wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble when he fought with Zuo Quan Hui in the Void Land. He would have directly asked Yu Changdao to come out of the mountain and all the problems would have been solved.

Not to mention that after Yu Changdao sat down again, Xu Linggong winked at him from the side, causing the old fellow to become extremely annoyed. Yang Kai walked over to the woman’s side and sat down, taking the child from her arms and sitting beside her right hand.

Yang Kai had never held such a young child before. Seeing the baby’s happy and carefree smile, the clear reflection of his eyes, and his white and fat little hands, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of tender affection for the baby, and for some reason, he felt like playing with the baby.

Even in his arms, Yang Kai couldn’t see any special characteristics of this child’s Innate Dao Body. Perhaps even Xu Linggong wouldn’t be able to see it clearly. Only Yu Changdao would be able to see it clearly.

After asking the woman’s name, he learned that her name was Liu Caixia.

It was an ordinary name, a simple and crude style common to peasants.

After asking the child’s name, he learned that it was a name after the deceased father, Shi Dazhuang.

He also asked about the family’s population, what kind of business they had, and whether their lives were miserable.

Liu Caixia answered all of these questions one by one. She didn’t dare to hide anything from the Void Great Emperor, not to mention the simple life of a peasant, there was nothing to hide.

After a few words, Liu Caixia no longer felt uneasy, perhaps because she had discovered that this obviously great figure in front of her was actually so amiable and approachable, she felt somewhat flattered.

This scene was witnessed by Yu Changdao and he let out a long sigh. When this woman was facing a dignified Seventh Order, she actually didn’t show the respect she showed for Yang Kai to him. How could this make sense?

“What my Martial Uncle Yu said just now was not an exaggeration. The force he belongs to is one of the top forces in the world, and his own strength is also extremely powerful. It is the child’s honor to be able to enter his eyes and cultivate with him. In the future, the child’s future will definitely be limitless,” Yang Kai said to Liu Caixia while teasing the child.

Liu Caixia lowered her head and pinched the corner of her clothes, whispering, “This foolish woman knows.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Since you knows, why wouldn’t you agree to him? It’s obvious that he sincerely wants to accept this child as his personal disciple. If it weren’t for that, with his ability, he could have directly snatched this child. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything to him.”

Liu Caixia didn’t answer.

Yang Kai continued, “Entering High Heaven Palace is not impossible, but if he can become his disciple, it will be a thousand times more beneficial to your child.”

Opposite him, Yu Changdao stretched out his hand and stroked his beard, nodding slightly as he looked at Yang Kai with a gentle expression filled with gratitude. Yang Kai’s persuasion was obviously not selfish at all, and as a Void Great Emperor respected by the child's mother, his words were undoubtedly more important than the white-bearded old man’s.

However, in the next moment, a few of the white-bearded old man’s beard were broken.

Liu Caixia raised her head and said firmly, “I still want to ask Lord Void to accept this child into High Heaven Palace!”

Yu Changdao was so angry that he nearly cursed.

Yang Kai looked up and gently asked, “Is it because of the child’s father’s dying words?”

Liu Caixia nodded, “This foolish woman doesn’t know much about the Great Dao, nor does she know who is stronger. I only know that when one is married, one must follow their husband. Before the child’s father died, he only has one last wish. If the child doesn’t have the qualifications to cultivate, then so be it. In the future, walk his father’s old path and grow up peacefully, find him a wife, give birth to children, work hard, leave early and return early, and his entire life will pass. But if he can cultivate, he can only enter High Heaven Palace, otherwise his father will die with a grievance, and this foolish woman will not have the face to see him again in the afterlife.”


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