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The baby in the arms of the gray-robed old man looked to be only a few months old. He was fair and plump, like a piece of jade, extremely pleasing to the eye.

At this moment, the baby couldn’t stop smiling as he raised his head and used his small hands to grab the old man’s white beard.

The old man didn’t mind and let him play around.

Click, a strand of his beard was cut off by the roots, causing the baby to giggle non-stop, as if he had found something fun to play with. The baby’s strength increased as he continued to pluck a few more strands of his white beard.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue watched with cold sweat dripping down their backs. Others might not know the identity of this old man, but how could they not know? This is an Inner Sect Elder from one of the 72 Paradise, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult for an ordinary person to even see him, but now, a baby in swaddling clothes had actually torn off his beard? If the disciples in the Paradise were to see him, what kind of uproar would they cause?

The two of them didn’t dare delay and quickly greeted, “Greetings, Martial Uncle Yu!”

The old man surnamed Yu only nodded slightly before raising his eyes to look at Yang Kai. Turning to the woman he had brought to this place, he said, “Don’t worry, this is High Heaven Palace, the one in front of you is High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master!”

He didn’t seem to use any of his strength, but his words seemed to have a calming effect. The woman no longer panicked and slowly turned her head to look at Yang Kai. Seeing that the face of the man sitting above her was exactly the same as the one in the potrait her family has, she quickly knelt down and kowtowed, “This foolish woman greets Sir!”

Standing to the side, the gray-robed old man frowned slightly but did not stop her.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and the woman couldn’t continue kneeling, and he looked at the gray-robed old man in confusion, “Senior, this is…”

He didn’t even know which Cave Heaven Paradise this old man came from, much less why he had brought an infant and a woman here.

The gray robed old man simply said, “This old master wants to accept a disciple!”

Yang Kai glanced at the woman he was holding up and couldn’t see anything special about her that could catch the eye of this Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Seemingly sensing Yang Kai’s thoughts, the gray-robed old man patted the swaddling cloth in his arms and sighed, “It’s this!”

As he spoke, another strand of his beard was cut off. The originally neatly trimmed white beard now appeared to be uneven, causing the gray-robed old man to no longer have the demeanor of a master.

Yang Kai’s expression was even more shocked than before. If the old man wanted to take this woman as his disciple, although Yang Kai didn’t understand, he could still accept it. It was likely that the old man had some kind of special method that allowed him to see how extraordinary this woman was. After all, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage could see through the sky, so it was normal for him to have some abilities he didn’t have. However, when the gray-robed old man said he wanted to take this baby as his disciple, Yang Kai couldn’t understand.

This baby was only a few months old and was quite muddle-headed, so how could one tell what kind of aptitude it had? However, the gray-robed old man held the baby in his arms like it was a treasure, not even caring about his beard being pulled.

He turned to Xu Linggong for help.

The tall and burly Elder Xu narrowed his eyes and watched the show for a long time before chuckling. Seeing Yang Kai look over, he took the initiative to explain, “Boy, this is Yu Changdao from Free and Unfettered Paradise, you may call him Martial Uncle Yu!”

“So it’s Martial Uncle Yu, this Junior has been rude!” Hearing that this gray-robed old man was actually from Free and Unfettered Paradise, Yang Kai’s attitude became much friendlier.

Ning Daoran came from Free and Unfettered Paradise and had a deep friendship with Yang Kai. What’s more, since this Yu Changdao was brought here by Xu Linggong, he was definitely on good terms with Xu Lingchong. No matter what their relationship was, Yang Kai didn’t dare act carelessly.

“What is the relationship between Senior Brother Ning Daoran and Martial Uncle Yu?” Yang Kai asked humbly.

Yu Changdao said lightly, “He is my Second Senior Brother’s disciple.”

Yang Kai understood. It seemed that Ning Daoran and Yu Changdao were also Martial Uncle and Martial Nephew.

“May I ask Martial Uncle Yu, what is going on?” Yang Kai looked at the woman and the baby and asked curiously.

Yu Changdao revealed a helpless look, “This child is born with Innate Dao Body and is compatible with the Great Dao this old master cultivates, so this old master wants to take him as a closed door disciple.”

Hearing this, Xu Linggong was stunned for a moment before turning to Yu Changdao in surprise, “Old Yu, are you serious?”

Taking a closed door disciple is not an empty talk. If he really did so, it would mean that Yu Changdao would never accept another disciple, and the baby in his arms would be his last disciple.

Back then, with Xia Ningchang’s innate Spiritual Medicine Holy Body, she was naturally qualified to become a disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor. However, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had already accepted his Fifth Disciple Ji Ying as his closed door disciple, so no matter how outstanding Xia Ningchang’s aptitude was, she was unable to become a disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.

However, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor wasn’t stingy with his guidance on Pill Way. The two of them didn’t have a master-disciple status, only a master-disciple relationship.

Yang Kai naturally knew what it meant to be a Closed Door Disciple, so he couldn’t help glancing over at the baby a few more times, but he still couldn’t figure out anything, let alone Innate Dao Body.

However, Yu Changdao is a Seventh Order Open HEaven Stage cultivator, so he naturally wouldn’t joke about such things. The several-month-old baby’s so-called Innate Dao Body was probably true.

Yu Changdao leisurely said, “For the rest of my life, I was able to obtain a successor and pass on my legacy, even if I die, I have no regrets!”

Xu Linggong’s expression became extremely solemn as he nodded, “Then I must congratulate you.” Turning to Yang Kai, he asked, “Old Yu wants to take a disciple from your Star Boundary, is there any problem?”

Yang Kai chuckled and said, “To be able to catch Martial Uncle Yu’s eye is a blessing for this newborn baby, so naturally there won’t be any problems.”

Xu Linggong looked at Yang Kai with a look that said he was a promising young man, full of pride.

Yu Changdao, however, let out a sigh and glanced helplessly at the woman beside him, “Although this old master is willing to accept this child as a disciple, his mother is unwilling. She said that when this child grows up in the future, she will be able to send him to enter your High Heaven Palace to cultivate. No matter what this old master says, she is unwilling. Martial Nephew Yang, why don’t you tell her?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing as he finally understood why Yu Changdao had brought thild child and the mother to this place. It turned out that he want him to persuade the woman.

Turning his head to look at the woman, when he was talking to Yu Changdao just now, this woman had been sneaking glances at him from time to time before lowering her head in shame. Now that she saw Yang Kai looking over, she couldn’t help feeling a bit flustered and quickly knelt down again.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only signal to Hua Qing Si to ask about the situation.

Women were always easier to talk to.

Hua Qing Si understood immediately and stepped forward to help the woman up, affectionately pulling her rough hand and sitting down. The woman was quite nervous, a lowly commoner suddenly coming to this majestic hall, so it was inevitable that she would panic, not to mention that there was a great figure standing in front of her, whose potrait their family offered incense day and night to pay respect.

At first, she couldn’t even speak properly, so Hua Qing Si poured her a cup of hot tea and comforted her for a while before finally communicating.

Yu Changdao carried the baby and sat next to Xu Linggong. Xu Linggong poked his head over to tease the baby, but Yu Changdao leaned over to shield him.

Xu Linggong couldn’t help curling his lips, “Stingy!”

Suddenly peeking his head out and seeing the baby, he laughed loudly, “So it’s a boy. Old Yu, don’t worry, I’ll find him a good wife in Yin-Yang Heaven. After you teach him, let him marry into my Yin-Yang Heaven.”

Yu Changdao turned his head and glared angrily, “If you dare to do this, this old master will fight you to the death!”

Perhaps it was because their voice was a bit loud, the baby who had been laughing non-stop suddenly burst into tears, and a stream of clear water shot out in a perfect arc and splashed onto Xu Linggong’s face.

This time, it was Yu Changdao’s turn to laugh as he gently patted the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, “Good Disciple, you know how to stand up for your Master, you really are intelligent!”

After being patted by him like this, the baby’s crying stopped and he began to laugh again.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue stood behind their Master, both of them raising their heads to look up at the sky, as if they were looking at some beautiful scenery.

Xu Linghong wiped his face and shook the water off his hands, not showing any anger as he chuckled, “A little boy’s urination can expel evil. Old Xu is going to hit a good luck.”

He wiped his hands on Yu Changdao’s gray robe.

Yang Kai simply couldn’t bear to look at this scene! The image of a High Rank Open Heaven master in his heart had completely collapsed.

On the other side, Hua Qing Si and the woman were still quietly chatting. The woman occasionally glanced towards the child with concern, but her mood had already calmed down.

Everyone in the hall had profound cultivations, so although the woman’s voice was soft, who couldn’t hear her clearly?

The woman continued, “My ancestors said that nearly a hundred years ago, there was a great upheaval in our Star Boundary. 90% of the world were destroyed and almost all of our people died. In the end, Lord Void from High Heaven Palace protected the last piece of clean land, and under the leadership of Lord Void and several other great masters, we fought a bloody battle to defeat the enemy, allowing us to survive. From then on, every family had several portraits of Lord Void and the other great masters. This little woman had never studied, nor did she have the aptitude to cultivate. She spent her entire life supporting her family, doing some rough work. The child’s father passed away half a year ago when he was sick, and before he died, he held my hand and touched the unborn child in his belly. He told me that when the child grew up, I would have him come to the High Heaven Palace to learn from Lord Void. I didn’t want him to become famous like Lord Void, only hoping that if there were any more natural disasters in the future, he can help Lord Void and the other great masters.”

Stroking her hair behind her ear, the woman looked up at Hua Qing Si in embarrassment and lowered her head, “The child was only born a few months ago. I don’t know if he will be able to cultivate in the future or if he will have the qualifications to enter High Heaven Palace, but this is the final wish of the child’s father before he dies. This little woman dares not disobey, otherwise, his father's death will be filled with grievances.”

Hua Qing Si’s eyes were slightly red as she held her hand tightly, “Rest assured, since this child is valued by that Senior, his aptitude must be extraordinary and his future achievements will not be small.”

The woman’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Hua Qing Si smiled and nodded, “I’m not lying to you.”

The woman let out a long sigh, “If he can cultivate, he won’t need to be as useless as his parents in the future. However, this little woman doesn’t dare hope that he can stand shoulder to shoulder with Lord Void, I only hope he can grow up safely.”

The wishes of an ordinary family were always simple and plain.


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