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However, after exploring for such a long time, there is no trace of Open Heaven Stage cultivators in this Great Domain. The Martial Dao standards of the various Universe Worlds he had discovered were generally not high, most of them not even comparable to the Blue Clouds Continent. There were only a few who were comparable to the Blue Clouds Continent, and there was only one who was higher. The Universe World had produced several Great Emperors, but they had all stopped there.

This was also one of the more obvious characteristics of a newly born Great Domain. The Martial Dao was still in its early stages.

Now that he was sitting in a great domain filled with treasures and materials, the Void Land’s prospects were vast, but at the moment, it seemed to be lacking in resources.

In the past, with more than a thousand Open Heaven Stage masters, Yang Kai felt that this number wasn’t small. Among the 3000 Worlds, there were many Second Class forces comparable to the Void Land, but not many.

However, among the thousands of Open Heaven Stage masters, there is always someone who had to stay behind to guard the Void Land and the Void Land Star City, as well as explore and develop this new Great Domain. Which one of them didn’t need a large number of people? Especially the last one, not to mention a thousand Open Heaven Stage masters, even if ten thousand people were to be thrown in, it would still be barely enough.

Yang Kai could only comfort himself with the fact that he had to take things one step at a time. After all, it had only been a short time since the Void Land had risen to prominence. Having so many Open Heaven Stage masters was already a rapid development, so how could he be greedy?

The Jade was required to enter and exit the Domain Gate, so they had to arrange for someone to stay inside and outside the Domain Gate. Firstly, they had to be responsible for monitoring the situation so as to prevent anyone from trespassing, and secondly, they had to open the gate.

There was no need for Yang Kai to handle such a small matter, Yue He would arrange it for him.

After passing through the Domain Gate, Yang Kai returned to the Star Boundary.

A few months ago, he had led a large number of Sixth Order masters to intercept the Heavenly Sword Palace hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the Star Boundary. In the end, he had used the World Energy to temporarily break through to the Seventh Order before destroying the Heavenly Sword Palace.

The Domain Gate that was created was only a few hundred thousand kilometers away from the Star Boundary.

So, as soon as he returned from the new Domain, Yang Kai saw the Star Boundary.

Seeing this, Yang Kai was slightly startled, “How did it grow taller?”

The World Tree was much taller than it had been four months ago. When he had rushed back from the Void Land, the World Tree he had seen was only several hundred zhang tall. After an earth-shattering battle, countless Open Heaven Stage cultivators had been killed and countless World Force had been devoured by the World Tree, turning it into nutrients for its growth. In the end, it had grown to become a giant monster about a thousand zhang tall.

Now, even though he was standing in the void and staring at the Star Boundary from hundreds of thousands of kilometers, he could clearly see the World Tree’s towering figure.

What surprised Yang Kai even more was that the Demon Territory, which was originally separated from the Star Boundary, had now become one with the Star Boundary!

Inside the Star Boundary, there was an abundance of green and rich vitality. Inside the Demon Territory, Demonic Qi is rolling, one green and the other black, with clear distinctions.

The World Tree’s roots pierced through the two worlds, connecting the Demon Territory and the Star Boundary!

This kind of change was something Yang Kai had never expected, and he didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

“Junior Brother Yang!” Qing Kui was standing guard nearby, and when he saw Yang Kai appear, he quickly greeted him.

Yang Kai nodded and bowed, “Senior Brother Qing worked hard.”

Qing Kui smiled, “It’s just a trip, it’s nothing much.”

“Elder Xu is here?” Yang Kai asked.

Qing Kui nodded and said in a low voice, “When Master heard about the situation here, he immediately rushed over. Time is of the essence, so he only managed to invite a few of his good friends who are currently visiting Yin-Yang Heaven, but in a few days more people will come. Master has already sent a disciples to the several Cave Heaven Paradise to send messages.”

After hesitating for a moment, Qing Kui said, “Junior Brother Yang, Master asked me to inform you that in the next few years, the Star Boundary will become a place where all the top forces of the 3000 Worlds will gather, so please be careful.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Of course I know.”

Gently patting Qing Kui’s shoulder, he said, “Let’s go, follow me to meet Elder Xu and the other Seniors.”

With a flash of his figure, he traversed hundreds of thousands of kilometers, instantly bringing Qing Kui, Su Yingxue, and Yue He back to High Heaven Palace.

Inside the main hall, Hua Qing Si was sitting on a chair, bored out of her mind. Seeing Yang Kai and the others appear, she quickly stood up, “Palace Master!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and Qing Kui glanced around before asking in surprise, “Where are my Master and the several Seniors?”

Hua Qing Si smiled bitterly, “The Seniors is looking around the place, I can’t stop them.”

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense immediately detected the traces of these people and he couldn’t help laughing, “Then let’s wait a moment.” In his perception, there were indeed several powerful auras scattered throughout the Star Boundary.

The ones who had come were all Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters with great strength, so it was only natural that they could come and go as they pleased. Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to stop them, nor could he.

After the few of them sat down, Hua Qing Si asked someone to serve tea while Yang Kai took some time to ask about the changes in the Star Boundary. The last time he had returned, he had immediately returned to the Domain Gate and fought with the Heavenly Sword Palace. After the battle, he had chased into the newly formed Great Domain and spent several months dealing with the Domain Gate Formation.

He had only returned here today.

Hua Qing Si excitedly said, “Palace Master, the changes in the Star Boundary are too great. Not long after Palace Master left, the World Tree suddenly began to rapidly grow, and the World Energy became richer, allowing people to comprehend the Heavenly Law and Martial Dao more easily. In the past few months, news has spread that many people have broken through to the Emperor Realm, and those who were originally at the Emperor Realm have also grown significantly. Even our High Heaven Palace’s overall strength has increased by at least thirty percent compared to a few months ago.”

To be able to grow so much in just a few short months was simply unbelievable. In all of the 3000 Worlds, there was no place like this, only in the Star Boundary.

The World Tree was growing at a crazy pace, and an unimaginable amount of energy was being fed back to the world. The cultivators who lived in the Star Boundary were naturally close to it, and their past bottlenecks were easily broken, allowing everyone to have a chance to improve.

“What about the Demon Territory?” Yang Kai asked.

Hua Qing Si replied, “Sir Embodiment said that the Demon Territory’s side is similar. Previously, the World Tree’s roots had somehow connected the Star Boundary to the Demon Territory. Now that the two worlds have merged together, the changes there are also quite obvious.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “The limit of the World Bottle has also been expanded. In the future, more Great Emperors and Demon Saints will appear in the Star Boundary and Demon Territory.”

Hua Qing Si was slightly stunned. She hadn’t noticed this before, but since Yang Kai was the Void Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, he couldn’t be wrong. The World Bottle of the Star Boundary could only accommodate ten Great Emperors, but now that it had expanded, it could naturally accommodate more Great Emperors.

“It’s a pity that you condensed your Dao Seal a little too early, otherwise you might have had a chance to become a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary!” Yang Kai looked at Hua Qing Si with some regret.

Hua Qing Si pursed her lips and smiled, “This Mistress is already very satisfied with her current achievements, I dare not be too greedy.”

“It’s naturally for the best if you can accept it,” Yang Kai smiled.

Becoming a Great Emperor didn’t seem to be anything special, after all, one had to break through to Open Heaven. The value of a Great Emperor lay in the recognition of their origin Universe World, allowing them to temporarily display the strength of Open Heaven Stage cultivator with a cultivation at the Emperor Realm.

However, the strength they could normally display was only a Low Rank Open Heaven, so it wasn’t worth much.

The Star Boundary was different! With such a deep foundation, if one could become a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, even if they were at the Emperor Realm, they would at least be able to borrow the power of the Heavens and Earth to display the power of Open Heaven. In comparison, the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were not on the same level as the Great Emperors of the other Universe Worlds.

This experience of being able to feel a higher realm and stronger power ahead of time would also be of great help to future growth, just like how Yang Kai had felt the strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

That was why Yang Kai felt sorry for Hua Qing Si.

However, since Hua Qing Si had already condensed her Dao Seal and had a chance of reaching the Fifth Order in the future, it wasn’t too much of a pity.

Everyone had their own opportunities, and compared to the other Emperor Realm, the ones from the Star Boundary had too many advantages.

This was only the first generation, the later generations would have an even greater advantage. Otherwise, why would Elder Xu and the other Seventh Order Open Heaven Stgage masters rush out to investigate?

After chatting with Hua Qing Si for a while, Yang Kai suddenly looked up and saw a figure flash in front of the hall, Xu Linggong’s burly figure appearing.

“Master!” Qing Kui and Su Yingxue stood up and saluted.

“Elder Xu!” Yang Kai also quickly stood up.

Xu Linggong’s mind was filled with heavy thoughts, so when he heard this, he simply waved his hand and casually found a chair to sit down, while Hua Qing Si brought a cup of tea over.

Xu Linggong frowned and thought for a long time before drinking his tea and turning to Yang Kai, “Boy, you’ve given this old master a big problem!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “What does Elder Xu mean?”

Xu Linggong said, “I went out for a stroll and saw many good saplings, everyone want to take them all as their disciple. What do you think we should do?”

Yang Kai’s face darkened as his eyes twitched, “Elder Xu isn’t here to complain, he’s here to take advantage of the situation.”

Xu Linggong snorted, “I was just casually talking, I didn’t really make a move, it was someone else who did!” Saying so, he stretched out his hand and pointed.

As soon as he finished speaking, another figure flashed past the door, and an old man wearing a simple gray robe appeared. What was surprising was that this old man was holding a baby in his arms. It seemed the baby had only been born a few months ago, and beside him was a woman with tears in her eyes.

The woman wore simple clothes, and although her figure was a bit plump, she was obviously not from a wealthy family, just an ordinary family.

The woman didn’t show any signs of cultivation and was clearly just an ordinary peasant girl. Her child had suddenly been taken away by an old man who looked like a transcendent being, and she had even rushed to this unfamiliar palace. For a moment, she was at a loss for what to do.

However, that pair of eyes never left her baby, filled with concern and worry.


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