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In comparison, Yue He’s attitude towards Lu Baiyang was obviously more friendly, not because of his high cultivation. Yue He was is now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so to her, there was no difference between a Great Emperor and an Emperor Realm. They were both existences she could kill with a single breath.

The main reason was because Lu Baiyang truly cared about this world, this was obvious from his previous question.

The Emperor Realm of the Primordial Sect cared about whether or not they could occupy a place in the World Bottle.

What Lu Baiyang cared about was how the other Emperor Realm would improve after the World Bottles reached their limit, something Yue He especially admired.

Half a day later, everyone dispersed with excited expressions.

Yue He’s narration seemed to open the door to a new world in front of them, allowing them to understand that not only was there the Blue Clouds Continent, but there were also many other universe worlds they didn’t know about, and beyond these great domain, there were even more.

After the Emperor Realm, there was still the Open Heaven Stage, and the Open Heaven Stage was divided into the High, Middle, and Low Rank.

This was something they had never encountered before.

Regardless of how much the Primordial Sect valued themselves, Lu Baiyang had asked Yue He for her opinion and after obtaining her approval, he summoned all the Emperor Realm on the entire continent. Two months later, he told them everything he knew and explained why the Blue Clouds Continent had changed so dramatically.

Naturally, the 'Saint' words weren’t just empty talk. When everyone heard this, they were shocked again.

Five days after the life and death battle with Zuo Quan Hui, a thousand Open Heaven Stage masters from the Void Land poured into this new Great Domain. They were separated into groups, separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers, forming a massive net that spread out over the entire Great Domain.

Half a month later, the rest of the Sixth Order cultivators who had mostly recovered couldn’t hold themselves back and left.

There were too many unknowns hidden in this new Great Domain, so no one knew what kind of opportunities there were or what kind of risks there were. Naturally, they had to find out.

Only Yue He and Su Yingxue remained in the Primordial Sect.

A month later, Yang Kai came out of seclusion and returned. Zuo Quan Hui’s power had been completely purged from his Small Universe, but the loss of his foundation from that battle was not something that could be made up in a short period of time. When their Small Universe were mixed together, the final battle was a complete loss for Yang Kai.

Fortunately, after many hardships, Zuo Quan Hui had finally been forced into a desperate situation.

Seeing Yang Kai, Yue He quickly greeted, “Young Master.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and nodded towards Su Yingxue before asking, “How is the situation in this Great Domain?”

Yue He said excitedly, “This Great Domain isn’t small, and it hasn’t been long since we last explored it, so we don’t know where the border is yet. However, we’ve found many Universe Worlds with abundant resources, although their grades aren’t very high.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Good.”

The Void Land was currently lacking in resources, so if they could replenish their resources in this great domain, they would naturally be able to resolve this crisis.

“Have you found any traces of Open Heaven Stage masters?” Yang Kai asked.

Yue He shook her head, “I haven’t found anything yet. In fact, many of the Universe Worlds only have the embryonic forms of life, not even sentient beings. I did find two Universe Worlds where living creatures gather, but the Martial Dao standard there is even lower than the Blue CLouds Continent.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Then it's certain that this is a new Great Domain!”

Only in the newly formed Great Domain would one’s Martial Dao standard be relatively low, with not even Open Heaven Stage cultivator being born.

“There’s a place that’s more interesting. Does Young Master want to take a look?” Yue He asked.

Yang Kai glanced at her and couldn’t help laughing, “Since you say it’s interesting, it must be. Let’s go take a look.”

Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “Young Master, come with me.”

Saying so, Yang Kai and Su Yingxue follow closely behind.

Flying into the void, Yue He continued forward.

The thousand disciples from the Void Land scattered throughout this domain, and once they found anything worth paying attention to, they would immediately report to Yue He and wait for Yang Kai to make a decision.

After more than a month, they were unable to investigate the entire Great Domain, but they had indeed made many discoveries.

On the way, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something and asked, “What grade can Lu Baiyang reach in the future?”

Yue He replied with a voice transmission, “I checked his Dao Seal and found that it’s not a problem for him to reach the Fifth Order. As for the Sixth Order, it’s a bit difficult!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “The first Great Emperor of the entire Universe World, blessed by the Heavenly Law, a Fifth Order is not law!”

Those who were able to directly reach the Sixth Order were the core disciples of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, each of them a one in a thousand years talent.

Of course, now that the Star Boundary had changed and became the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage, even Yang Kai couldn’t say for certain what would happen in the future. Perhaps it would be normal for a talent that could directly reach Sixth Order to appear.

“Does Young Master want to take him into the Void Land?” Yue He asked.

Yang Kai smiled, “This Great Domain is my Void Land’s back garden, so it doesn’t make a difference if he enters the Void Land. Later, I’ll have someone send over a set of resources condensed from the Gourd Vines. In the future, he’ll be able to reach Open Heaven. With his temperament, how could he forget his roots?”

Su Yingxue, who was standing to the side, rolled her eyes when she heard this, “You asked Senior Brother Qing to invite Master out of the mountain and also asked him to invite all the friends from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so it’s quite unrealistic to think of this Great Domain as your Void Land’s private property.” After all, Yang Kai himself had said before that the fat meat was too big. If the Void Land really ate it alone, their stomach would burst. Isn't this new Great Domain be a huge piece of fat meat?

Yang Kai said indifferently, “Unrealistic or not, it depends on the respective means.”

As he spoke, he suddenly turned his head to the side and saw a star emitting a golden light. Even from a distance, Yang Kai could still feel a shocking sharpness coming from it.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

Yue He took out a jade slip and looked at it for a moment before saying, “There are no living creatures living in this Universe World, but it contains an extremely rich amount of Gold Element resources. Two disciples went down to explore it casually and obtained some harvest. Although it is only a Second or Third Order Gold Element resource, if it can be mined into the depths, we should be able to obtain higher grade resources.”

Yang Kai sighed, “I don’t know which ancient book I read about it, but the newly formed Great Domain is filled with abundant resources. In the past, I didn’t dare to imagine it, but now it seems it’s true!”

Each of the 3000 WOrlds now had their own new life, and during that time, all of them were like the scene in front of them, but as time passed and abundant resources were constantly being mined, they gradually disappeared from the eyes of the world, not to mention that the entire Universe World was a massive treasure trove.

In the entire 3000 Worlds, this kind of world was already extinct.

If such a treasury was completely excavated, what kind of wealth would it have?

Yue He said, “So far, we have discovered not only the Universe World which contains Gold Element, but also the Wood Element and Fire Element, as well as a Life Yang Land!”

Yang Kai was extremely surprised, “Life Yang Land?”

Yue He smiled and nodded, “En.”

The place where Old Bai had broken through to Open Heaven was a Life Yang Land. It was a hidden place near the Gold Rainbow Province. The Gold Rainbow Province had long since discovered this place, but they had used it as bait to lure Old Bai and the Proprietress there. In the end, after a fierce battle, the Life Yang Land had been destroyed.

That time, it had forced the Proprietress to go crazy and Old Bai had almost died. The Gold Rainbow Province’s loss of a Life Yang Land could also be said to be a serious blow.

It was also at that time that the Proprietress swore an oath to flatten Gold Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar, otherwise she would never advance to the Seventh Order.

The Yang Qi in the Life Yang Land was rich, constantly producing various grades of Yang Element materials.

Among the Yin-Yang + Five Elements, the resources of Yin and Yang attribute were the rarest and most difficult to find. There was a place like Life Yang Land, an existence that was several times more valuable than the Gold Element World.

Yang Kai nodded several times before releasing the joy in his heart. With this, he became even more determined to treat this place as his own backyard.

Although this action would definitely cause some trouble, with the word ‘profit’ in front of him, how could he allow others to extend their claws?

In his heart, he suddenly felt some gratitude towards that old dog Zuo Quan Hui. If it weren’t for him borrowing his strength to open a Domain Gate, it would have been impossible for him to discover this new Great Domain. Naturally, he wouldn’t have been able to bring such great benefits to the Void Land.

However, this gave Yang Kai a headache.

There were too many places to excavate in this new Great Domain. Just the few Universe Worlds that contained abundant resources required a large number of manpower. The Star Boundary had only been through near a hundred years of war, so its population was simply too small. How could it bear such a heavy responsibility?

Perhaps he could think of a solution in the Void Territory. After all, there were more than a dozen Universe Worlds under the jurisdiction of the Void Land, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him to bring some people here to help.

Flying along the road, they soon arrived at the Life Yang Land.

This was a star that accompanied the dead star. Although it wasn’t very big, its Yang Qi was extremely rich. The Yang Qi that filled the entire accompanying star was at least a Third Order.

In other words, if a cultivator who wanted to break through to the Third Order Open Heaven Stage came here, they could directly refine the Yang Qi in this place, and there would be no need for them to bother searching for Yang Element resources.

The creation of the world was truly wondrous!

After flying for another ten days or so, the trio finally arrived at their destination.

Staring blankly at the rolling nebula in front of him, Yang Kai could clearly feel the Chaos Qi from it! Thunder and lightning flashed as if it was trying to break through the Chaos Qi.

An aura that seemed as if the world had just opened filled the entire void.

“Chaos Qi Fluctuations, the birth of a world?” Yang Kai muttered, while Su Yingxue’s beautiful eyes also widened.

Although Yue He had already received a report from the disciples, when she saw it with her own eyes, she was still somewhat dazed.

After a while, Yue He nodded and said, “Young Master, this is the biggest discovery we’ve made so far, but from the looks of it, the Chaos Qi will not be broken yet, and we don’t know when the world will truly be born!”

Yang Kai carefully examined it for a moment but couldn’t understand what it was, so he helplessly said, “I don’t know either.”

Suddenly, he gnashed his teeth, “In the future, if anyone dares to extend their hand into this Great Domain, I will cut off their hands.”

Seeing him suddenly become angry, Yue He burst into laughter while Su Yingxue glared at him.


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