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Thinking back, when the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors faced the Great Demon God, it was exactly the same as what Lu Baiyang had encountered today. The only difference was that at that time, there were no masters who descended from the sky to enforce justice on behalf of the Heavens! Today however, the Void Land’s people had come together and resolved the world's inevitable death.

Lu Baiyang said somewhat nervously, “Senior is too kind.”

“What is this continent called?” Yang Kai asked casually.

Lu Baiyang respectfully replied, “Reporting to Sir, this place is Blue Clouds Continent!” His heart suddenly jumped. These people in front of him were indeed masters from the outside world, otherwise, they wouldn’t not know the name of this continent.

He had once speculated that there was a wider world outside of the Blue Clouds Continent, but his guess was only a guess and could not be confirmed. What he had seen today had confirmed his many years of speculation.

Seemingly seeing the earnest look in his eyes, Yang Kai smiled warmly, “Now that you have been acknowledged by this world's Heavenly Law, condensed your own Dao Seal and become a Great Emperor, after this, you will need to refine many resources and gather the power of the Yin-Yang + Five Elements to open a world in your body. The next realm will be the Open Heaven Stage!”

Lu Baiyang’s face was filled with fascination as he muttered, “Open a world in my body!”

Yang Kai said, “I’ll stay here for a while and have someone explain the mysteries of this Open Heaven Stage to you later.”

Lu Baiyang was overjoyed and immediately bowed, “Lu Baiyang thanks Sir for his grace!”

Cultivating alone was like a blind man crossing a river. If he could obtain the guidance of an expert, how many detours would he be able to avoid? This was a great surprise.

Yang Kai waved his hand, “Today’s calamity on the Blue Clouds Continent has something to do with me. Today’s battle caused your Blue Clouds Continent to suffer heavy losses, it can be considered compensation.”

Lu Baiyang immediately shake his head, not daring to agree.

Yang Kai changed the subject, “How old is this Blue Clouds Continent?”

After obtaining the acknowledgement of the Blue Clouds Continent’s Heavenly Law and becoming a Great Emperor, no one understood the Blue Clouds Continent better than Lu Baiyang.

When Yang Kai had become a Great Emperor, he had experienced the entire process of the Star Boundary’s birth and growth, so Lu Baiyang should be the same.

“About a million years,” Lu Boyang replied after a moment of silence.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “So young!”

The Universe World, which was born only a million years ago, was indeed young enough, and now it was basically certain that this was a new Great Domain.

“Mo Mei,” Yang Kai called out.

Mo Mei took two steps forward, “Sect Master!”

“Go back to the Star Boundary and bring the people here. Disperse and investigate this great domain. If you find anything unusual, report immediately!”

“Yes!” Mo Mei accepted the order and turned around to leave.

This was a newly formed Great Domain, a place without a master, a piece of fat meat. Since Yang Kai had discovered this place, he naturally wanted to get close to it. If there was really something good hidden in this Great Domain, with more than a thousand Open Heaven Stage masters searching around, they would definitely be able to find some clues.

Yang Kai naturally couldn’t let go of such a fat piece of meat.

The current financial situation in the Void Land was quite tense. Zuo Quan Hui had led Heavenly Sword Union to seal off the Domain Gate for several years, and the resources they had accumulated in the past had nearly been used up. Naturally, they needed to replenish their reserves, otherwise their future cultivation would become a problem.

The Star City’s trade needed to be restored, the Void Land’s resources needed to be settled, and the Star Boundary's problems also needed to be discussed. Although he had won against Zuo Quan Hui in this battle, there were still many things he needed to deal with. Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit of a headache, but he could only sigh, only after becoming the head of the family would he understand how expensive oil and salt were, it was better to just leave the job to others.

In this great battle, everyone had consumed a great deal of energy. After instructing everyone to find a place to recuperate and having Yue He teach Lu Baiyang about Open Heaven Stage's knowledge, Yang Kai went into seclusion.

Before Zuo Quan Hui died, he had collapsed his Small Universe on his own, and the World Energy had filled Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Although Yang Kai had managed to seal the heavens and earth in time, and Wu Kuang had even used his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to swallow all of the Small Universe's foundation within the boundary, some of the World Energy still managed to escape into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

To Yang Kai, this power that belonged to Zuo Quan Hui was no less than an impure existence. He had to find a way to expel it, otherwise it would affect his foundation sooner or later.

Lu Baiyang personally found a secret place for Yang Kai.

This was the forbidden area of one of the top four great Sects on the Blue Clouds Continent. Fixed Heaven Peak was originally a good place, or else it would not have become the Sacred Peak in the eyes of the cultivators of the Blue Clouds Continent. However, in the previous battle, Fixed Heaven Peak had already been destroyed, so this Sacred Peak naturally no longer existed.

Lu Baiyang is the number one cultivator in the Blue Clouds Continent, a man of virtue and prestige, so no one dared to disrespect him.

Yang Kai successfully entered this Sect’s forbidden area called the Primordial Sect.

In fact, it wasn’t that he wanted to enter the other party’s forbidden area to cultivate in seclusion. For the current him, he could find any place he wanted, but since Lu Baiyang had taken the initiative to mention it, Yang Kai decided to give him some face.

A group of the Primordial Sect’s upper echelons stood beside Lu Baiyang, personally witnessing Lu Baiyang’s respectful attitude towards this strange young man, and even showing disciple’s courtesy to someone, all of them felt their blood run cold.

They knew very well what kind of person Lu Baiyang was. He was a man who stood at the peak of the Blue Clouds Continent, so who can make him treat them so seriously?

The group of old fogies were all suspicious, but none of them understood what was happening.

In the end, it was the current Sect Master of Primordial Sect who boldly asked, “Saint, who is that Senior?”

The word ‘Saint’ was the title many cultivators of the Blue Clouds Continent used to address Lu Baiyang. Not only did they respect his cultivation, but they also respected his character and temperament.

However, at this moment, Lu Baiyang’s face was filled with guilt as he glanced towards the beautiful woman standing next to him, thinking that with his meager cultivation, how could he dare to call himself a King or Saint in front of her? Seeing that she didn’t have much of an expression on her face, Lu Baiyang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “A Supreme Master from the outside world, the disturbance just now was the aftermath of that senior killing the enemy.”

Everyone from the Primordial Sect stared in horror.

The earth-shattering commotion from before had spread throughout the entire Blue Clouds Continent and many people had thought that the end of the world was approaching, but now they realized that it was actually the aftermath of someone else’s battle.

If the aftershocks were so terrifying, just what kind of cultivation did this person possess?

What’s more, Lu Baiyang had even mentioned the words ‘Supreme Master’.

The Primordial Chaos Sect’s disciples all stared with wide eyes.

Lu Baiyang waved his hand, “You all wait here carefully. Without Sir’s orders, no one is to approach!”

Everyone obediently bowed, “We will obey Saint's orders.”

Lu Baiyang turned to Yue He and bowed, “Many thanks, Senior.”

Yue He smiled lightly, “Since this is something Young Master has promised, I will naturally do my best. Don’t call me Senior, calling me old for no reason.”

Lu Baiyang didn’t dare to say anything, but in the midst of his excitement, he turned to look at the Primordial Sect’s higher-ups and hesitated.

Yue He understood what he was thinking and smiled slightly, “You’re quite open-minded. When ordinary people obtain this opportunity, they can’t wait to hide it and not show it to others, but you are willing to share it with them. No wonder you were able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Heavenly Law in a life or death crisis and become an Emperor.”

Lu Baiyang humbly replied, “Sen… Madam is too kind.”

Yue He’s eyes curved into crescents, as if this 'Madam' title made her feel very comfortable, and she said warmly, “Then let’s hear it together. In any case, it’s not a secret, it’s just some common knowledge. It’s just that your Blue Clouds Continent is too isolated and doesn’t know much about the outside world.”

Lu Baiyang let out a long sigh, “Many thanks, Madam!”

Turning his head, he shot a glance towards the Primordial Sect's people.

The group of old man and women’s hearts pounded as they shouted in unison, “Many thanks, Madam!”

They had originally thought that this beautiful woman was just a maidservant, but after seeing Lu Baiyang address her as Senior, they realized that they had eyes but couldn’t see gold or jade. It turned out that she was also a supreme master, so even if they didn’t know what this woman wanted them to hear, since even the 'Saint' cared about it, how could they not?

The Sect Master of Primordial Sect led everyone to a large hall and arranged for Yue He to sit at the head of the table.

In the eyes of the Blue Clouds Continent’s people, this group of people was high and mighty, the top cultivators in the Martial Dao. They were like the students in the school, all of them sitting upright and staring straight ahead.

Yue He talked about the division of Martial Dao, the Emperor Realm, the Heavenly Law, the Great Emperor, and the Dao Seal…

Whether it was Lu Baiyang or the higher-ups of the Primordial Sect, all of them felt like they had been struck by a giant wave. The 3000 Worlds had already unified the division of Martial Dao, after all, the 3000 Worlds had long been connected to each other and had many interactions.

However, in this new Great Domain, the way of Martial Dao was different from the outside world.

Comparatively speaking, everyone found that what this beautiful woman said about the different Realms was more reasonable. All of them seemed to be lost in thought as they compared themselves and found that they were all the Emperor Realm she had mentioned.

Listening about the Heavenly Law and Great Emperor, the breathing of the Primordial Sect’s people became rapid.

Yue He smiled slightly, “Every Universe World has its own bottleneck. There is a saying that the World is like a bottle. The World Bottle has its own limit. How many Great Emperors a World can produce depends on how much this World Bottle can accommodate. There is only one Great Emperor in the Blue Clouds Continent now, so there will be more in the future.”

Primordial Sect’s Sect Master took a deep breath and looked at Yue He earnestly, “According to Madam, we all have a chance to become Great Emperors?”

Yue He smiled and nodded, “As long as you obtain the acknowledgement of the Heavenly Law, you will naturally have a chance.”

Everyone looked at each other and became incomparably excited. This was a shocking piece of news. In the past, they had all thought that the 'Saint' cultivation was at its peak, but who would have thought that there would be a mountain higher than this one? With such a clear goal in mind, who wouldn’t be willing to climb up?

Primordial Sect’s Sect Master humbly asked, “How can I obtain the acknowledgement of the Heavenly Law?”

Yue He slowly shook her head and simply smiled.

Everyone thought she didn’t want to reveal the secret, but they didn’t dare force her.

Lu Baiyang frowned and asked, “Madam, if the amount of people who can become a great emperor in the Blue Clouds Continent reaches the limit, what will happen? Could it be that no one else can improve their Martial Dao?”

“Of course not, becoming a Great Emperor, one can use the Heavenly Law to condense one’s own Dao Seal, but that doesn’t mean that one can’t condense a Dao Seal without becoming a Great Emperor! I have never become a Great Emperor, as long as I can find my own Great Dao, I can naturally take another step forward. Perhaps I can even use a spirit medicine called Heavenly Dao Pill to condense a Dao Seal. There are many people in the Outer Universe who condense their Dao Seals from this.”


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