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“Since Martial Uncle Zuo is so hospitable, Martial Nephew won’t stand on ceremony with you!” Wu Kuang grinned maliciously as he sat down cross-legged and activated his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, his body seemingly transforming into a bottomless pit as the surrounding World Energy rushed towards him.

In an extremely short period of time, Wu Kuang had pushed his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to its limit and swallowed all of the World Energy! Feeling the endless stream of pure energy, Wu Kuang couldn’t help showing a happy expression.

It was as if a perverted hungry ghost was holding a warm and fragrant body, one that could devour the soul!

When others were taken in by Zuo Quan Hui, they could only do their best to destroy the Small Universe around them. Even someone as strong as Yang Kai could only do so, but Wu Kuang was different. He could devour the Small Universe's Foundation and strengthen himself.

This was something Zuo Quan Hui had not expected, but also his biggest failure!

He had thought that Wu Kuang had broken through to the Sixth Order from the Fifth Order during the previous battle, but he didn’t know that Wu Kuang had long since reached the Sixth Order, but he had been carefully hiding his Sixth Order cultivation at the last moment in order to track down Zuo Quan Hui and inform Yang Kai.

There was no discussion between the two of them, but Wu Kuang knew that Yang Kai understood his intentions, and Yang Kai also understood Wu Kuang’s intentions. To a certain extent, their hearts were connected.

Destruction and devouring were two completely different things. Yang Kai and the others recklessly destroying the Small Universe here would undoubtedly cause irreparable damage to Zuo Quan Hui, reducing his foundation, but the efficiency would be far lower than Wu Kuang’s.

As he swallowed, the Small Universe's foundation began to rapidly deplete! On the other hand, Wu Kuang’s aura gradually grew stronger.

Yang Kai could clearly feel that Zuo Quan Hui’s resistance towards him had greatly decreased. As he continued to bombard his surroundings, Yang Kai laughed loudly, “You finally noticed? Too late!”

A figure suddenly appeared not far from Yang Kai, it was none other than Zuo Quan Hui, who had been hiding all this time. At this moment, this High Rank Open Heaven's face was slightly pale and his hair stood on end. Holding a long sword in his hand, he glared at Yang Kai and asked, “You knew this would happen?”

Yang Kai thrust his spear towards him, and with a shake of his spear, it transformed into a sky full of spear shadows, “Make a guess!”

Zuo Quan Hui’s figure did not move, but the sword light rushed forward and shattered the spear shadows, directly attacking Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly retreated, blocking the sword light that filled the sky, but his heart suddenly skipped a beat as he threw himself to the ground.

A bolt of lightning shot out from his back and brushed past his scalp, causing a few strands of hair to fly out.

Standing up again, Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat. It was indeed difficult to fight with someone inside their Small Universe, not to mention that this opponent was a High Rank master. Although Zuo Quan Hui had not fully recovered from his injuries, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

This battle had to be fought!

“Who are you? You are definitely not a disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven!”

On the other side, Wu Kuang was no longer able to sit in place and calmly devour his opponent. In fact, when he activated his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, Zuo Quan Hui suddenly appeared in front of him and slashed towards him.

Wu Kuang was so flustered that he quickly counterattacked and fled, but after exchanging blows with Zuo Quan Hui, Wu Kuang discovered that this Zuo Quan Hui in front of him wasn’t quite normal. He didn’t seem to be a real entity, but rather a projection, and he didn’t have the strength of a Seventh Order master.

Although he was being pursued by his opponent, he was not completely helpless.

He knew that Zuo Quan Hui wouldn’t be able to divert too much attention on his side, his expression was weak and helpless. After realizing this, Wu Kuang’s mind calmed down greatly, and as he circulated his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he greedily devoured it while grinning maliciously, “Of course I’m a Myriad Demons Heaven disciple, why does Martial Uncle Zuo say that?”

Zuo Quan Hui didn’t move, but instead appeared in front of Wu Kuang like a ghost and gently thrust out his sword. If it weren’t for Wu Kuang constantly changing his position, this sword strike would have been impossible to dodge.

“Myriad Demons Heaven definitely does not have such an evil technique, what kind of cultivation technique are you cultivating?” Zuo Quan Hui grit his teeth as a trace of fear flashed across his eyes. He had never seen such an evil technique before. It could actually swallow the foundation of others’ Small Universe and use it for its own use. This kind of cultivation technique was simply heaven defying. If everyone could cultivate it, how could it be so difficult to break through to the Open Heaven Stage?

Among the dozen or so Sixth Order cultivators he had collected into his Small Universe, Yang Kai’s strength was undoubtedly the strongest, but if there was anyone who posed the greatest threat to him, it would undoubtedly be this Myriad Demons HEaven's Disciple in front of him!

Even now, he still couldn’t understand why Myriad Demons Heaven's people would ambush him!

At the same time, Zuo Quan Hui’s projection appeared in front of the other Sixth Order masters of the Void Land. However, these projections weren’t very strong, at most being on par with the others, some of them even slightly weaker. Occasionally, they would attack with intermittent force, although it doesn't seem to work, clearly because Zuo Quan Hui was too distracted to control them.

At first, everyone was shocked by Zuo Quan Hui’s sudden appearance. Even a sick tiger was quite fierce, so when facing a Seventh Order master, no one was confident.

However, after exchanging a few blows, they discovered the truth and no longer panicked.

The dozen or so battlefields were like a raging fire, each collision damaging the Small Universe to a certain extent, and Wu Kuang was constantly using his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour Zuo Quan Hui’s foundation.

Yang Kai’s 300 zhang tall dragon body was covered in wounds and torn dragon scales, a shocking sight to behold. Zuo Quan Hui had placed most of his attention on him, making it difficult to deal with him. Although there was no danger to his life, the feeling of being suppressed was still quite uncomfortable.

However, if the situation continued like this, Yang Kai was happy to see it. The longer this dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for Zuo Quan Hui. Once he reached his limit, Zuo Quan Hui would undoubtedly lose!

Zuo Quan Hui is a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, so how could he not have realized this? He had originally wanted to capture Yang Kai first before dealing with the others one by one. As long as Yang Kai died, the number of Sixth Order cultivators in the Void Land's side would be useless.

However, after a while, he realized that his thinking was too simple. Even if Yang Kai was beaten up by him, he wouldn’t be defeated so easily.

Since things had come to this, he could only change his strategy.

As the two figures crossed each other, Yang Kai’s spear struck Zuo Quan Hui’s figure, but no blood flowed out. Yang Kai wasn’t surprised; he had already noticed that Zuo Quan Hui wasn’t a real entity, but a lifelike projection.

Raising his spear, he looked around, but Zuo Quan Hui’s figure was nowhere to be seen. Even the attacks he had launched from the beginning had ceased.

Yang Kai’s heart jumped!

Such a situation undoubtedly meant that Zuo Quan Hui didn’t want to pay attention to him and instead focused his attention on the others, and Wu Kuang was the biggest threat to Zuo Quan Hui on the Void Land's side.

Wu Kuang is in danger!

Although he could seize this opportunity to continue destroying Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe, Wu Kuang would probably be killed by Zuo Quan Hui in less than ten breaths.

Yang Kai instantly spread out his Divine Sense, but he couldn’t sense anyone’s aura, let alone find Wu Kuang’s location. All around him, Zuo Quan Hui’s aura was disrupting him.

How should he break out of this situation? Yang Kai asked himself. If he couldn’t find Wu Kuang, there was no way to save him.

Once Zuo Quan Hui killed Wu Kuang, he would be unable to stop the others.

Before that, he would definitely not be able to completely destroy Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe.

After a moment of consideration, Yang Kai slammed the Azure Dragon Spear into the ground, pressed his palms together, and pushed them to the side, as if he was trying to separate the whole world, shouting, “Heaven and Earth open!”

His Small Universe World rapidly circulated and crashed down!

The reason why Zuo Quan Hui was able to spread his Small Universe World was because his Small Universe had already transformed from illusory into a real and solid one. This was a trump card that could only be used by someone with a High Rank Open Heaven. Ordinary Sixth Order masters would not be able to do so.

However, Yang Kai was able to do so, because his Small Universe had long since been materialized!

He didn’t know what the consequences of doing so would be, after all, he had never experienced such a thing before, but he knew that if he didn’t do so, Wu Kuang would die without a doubt, and the others would also be doomed.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense instantly spread out, as if he had stepped into a different world.

He could clearly feel that his Small Universe was now nested inside Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe, and the two of them were overlapping each other, as if they were forming a big and small circle.

The big one was Zuo Quan Hui, while the small one was him!

An extremely uncomfortable feeling spread throughout his body, as if he was trapped in a cage. Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan.

But in the next moment, Yang Kai sensed the auras and locations of the others.

He knew everything about this place!

Wu Kuang was indeed in a dangerous situation, one of his arms hanging limply by his side, only his skin and flesh connected, his body covered in blood as he desperately tried to escape from Zuo Quan Hui’s assault!

In this moment of life and death, he no longer had the time to use his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour energy and could only focus on preserving his life!

Zuo Quan Hui was everywhere, his sword following him like a shadow. Just as Wu Kuang was about to die, Zuo Quan Hui’s movements suddenly became sluggish.

As he spread out his small universe, Yang Kai felt extremely uncomfortable, as if he was trapped in a cage. Zuo Quan Hui also felt uncomfortable. On the contrary, he felt like his small universe was bloated, as if he had eaten too much. Even circulating the World Force was somewhat inconvenient.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been such a slight pause just now.

Receiving such a good opportunity, Wu Kuang was finally able to escape from the jaws of death, his face filled with fear.

Zuo Quan Hui didn’t pursue, instead staring around in shock.

Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared, along with the dozen or so other Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Everyone had gathered together! The others obviously hadn’t realized what was happening, but since they could gather together again, it was better than fighting on their own.

Examining each other, seeing that no one was in danger, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re only a Sixth Order, how could you possibly open your heaven and earth?” Zuo Quan Hui stared at Yang Kai in disbelief.

“None of your business!” Yang Kai raised his spear and pointed it at him, his face filled with arrogance as he suppressed the surging blood in his heart.

“At the Sixth Order, the Small Universe has transform from illusory into solid, you really are a rare genius!” Zuo Quan Hui sighed.

Yang Kai sneered, “Don’t think that you can save your life just because of your flattery. Today, you must die even if you don’t want to!”

Zuo Quan Hui suddenly smiled and said, “Now that the two of us have joined forces, if one of us suffers, the other suffers. This King wants to see how I die!”


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