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What’s more, when fighting with others, once the Small Universe World became unstable, it was highly likely to cause natural disasters, causing many living beings to die.

Therefore, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was extremely cautious when it came to raising living creatures in their Small Universe World. Being qualified to do so was one thing, but whether or not one would do so was another.

Zuo Quan Hui didn’t have any kind of living creature in his Small Universe World, so he knew his own limits. A Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator wasn’t invincible, so instead of wasting his time and energy, he might as well refine the Open Heaven Pill.

However, as a Seventh Order, Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe World had indeed solidified.

At this moment, Yang Kai was inside Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe World!

Yang Kai had brought over a thousand Open Heaven Stage masters from the Void Territory all the way to the Star Boundary’s Great Domain while storing them in his Small Universe.

However, this kind of absorption method required the cooperation of others. Those who were accepted couldn’t resist too much, otherwise even if Yang Kai could accept it, he would have to spend more effort.

Zuo Quan Hui was obviously using a different method, because Yang Kai didn’t feel any absorption power.

He directly summoned his Small Universe World and spread it out, allowing it to encompass everything within its range.

Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling some of the things the Proprietress had told him before she went into seclusion, including how the Seventh Order Open Heaven use their Small Universe!

The Proprietress said that once a High Rank Open Heaven use this against an enemy, it would mean that they would really have to fight with their life on the line. This was also the most powerful technique of a High Rank Open Heaven, and also the trump card of every High Rank Open Heaven.

Because in their own Small Universe World, they ruled over everything, just like how Yang Kai ruled over the Mysterious Small World.

So when he noticed that Zuo Quan Hui had actually summoned his Small Universe, Yang Kai was both surprised and happy.

What surprised him was that Zuo Quan Hui had gone too far this time and was now really determined to fight to the death with him. He was happy because if he could resolve this situation, Zuo Quan Hui would definitely die!

This was a crisis, but also an opportunity!

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai immersed himself in his thoughts and carefully recalled what the Proprietress had said before she went into seclusion.

More than a dozen Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage had besieged a heavily injured Zuo Quan Hui. He knew he was no match for them, so without hesitation, he summoned his Small Universe World. It wasn’t that he didn’t know the risks of doing so, but he had no other choice.

In this way, by letting everyone in his Small Universe, he would be able to control the battle more easily. At the very least, he would be able to disperse everyone from the Void Land and allow them to fight on their own.

It was just like how Yang Kai was all alone at this moment. Just now, the others had clearly been with him, but now they had all disappeared.

However, doing so would be extremely risky.

Firstly, by summoning his Small Universe and placing it down, he could only use his full strength to control the various elements inside the Small Universe and could no longer interfere with the outside world. In other words, the Small Universe he summoned became a fixed target. If someone tried to attack him from the outside, he would be unable to resist and could only passively endure.

Secondly, taking more than a dozen Sixth Order Open Heaven into the Small Universe was a huge risk. All the damage Yang Kai and the others had caused to the Small Universe would damage Zuo Quan Hui’s foundation. This kind of damage from the Small Universe was extremely dangerous.

If there was no other choice, which High Rank Open Heaven cultivator would be willing to use such a method?

As such, Zuo Quan Hui was obviously at his wits’ end!

Yang Kai was also certain that not only had he taken himself into this place, but he had also not let any of the dozen or so Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters from the Void Land escape. After all, none of them had been standing too far away, and Zuo Quan Hui also had to be on guard against any attacks from the outside world!

Thinking up to this point, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Zuo Quan Hui, you really know how to play dirty! If you don’t die today, who will?”

Without any hesitation, he let out a low roar and with a dragon roar, his body suddenly expanded. The little body transformed into a 300 zhang giant and the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand also transformed into a giant spear.

Activating his World Force, Yang Kai thrust his spear forward, releasing a violent burst of energy that caused the world to collapse.

Since this place was Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe World, there was no need to worry too much about it. All he needed to do was use his most powerful methods to destroy it.

There was also no need to find Zuo Quan Hui. In this world, he could come and go as he pleased. Even Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Laws, might not be able to find him.

Zuo Quan Hui was nowhere to be found, but he was also everywhere. All the damage he had caused to this world could cause him some degree of damage.

What Yang Kai could do now was try his best to divert Zuo Quan Hui’s attention. If Zuo Quan Hui had a hundred percent of his strength, he would need to exert at least sixty percent of his strength. This way, Zuo Quan Hui wouldn’t have any more energy to deal with the other Sixth Order Open Heaven in the Void Land.

After all, not everyone was as powerful as him. If Zuo Quan Hui were to use his full strength to deal with one of them, the others would find it difficult to resist.

The ground cracked and huge ravines spread out like a spider web. Even the sky was filled with tiny cracks.

Yang Kai exerted his strength to his heart’s content, not caring about anything else. The Space Laws surged violently, and with every thrust of his spear, a giant black ball would explode from the tip of his spear, transforming into a black hole that swallowed everything.

This Secret Art of Collapse was the most suitable to destroy the foundations of the Small Universe.

Coupled with his current giant dragon body, after a dozen or so strikes, the entire space around him had been shattered. Unexpectedly, Zuo Quan Hui did not even try to counterattack.

Yang Kai clenched his teeth and coldly snorted, “You dare ignore me? Zuo Quan Hui, you are courageous!”

Up until now, he hadn’t encountered any obstructions, so it was obvious that Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t paid any attention to him. Zuo Quan Hui also knew that Yang Kai’s strength was the strongest among the Sixth Order masters in the Void Land, far surpassing that of an ordinary Sixth Order masters. Killing him in just a few moves wasn’t something he could do.

As such, his intentions were clear. First, he would deal with the others, then slowly deal with Yang Kai.

How could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? He had done his best to cause as much damage as possible here in order to draw Zuo Quan Hui’s attention. The more Zuo Quan Hui paid attention to him, the safer the others would be.

The Golden Crow let out a cry as the golden sun leapt out, followed by a silver and cold full moon. The sun and moon alternated as gold and silver swirled and Time Law filled the air.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel appeared again!

This time, he no longer had to worry about being blocked or dodged by Zuo Quan Hui. This is his Small Universe World, and he was everywhere, so he had nowhere to hide!

Originally, Yang Kai had expended a great deal of energy and was unable to use his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel again, but after consuming a Low Rank World Fruit, he immediately became energetic again, allowing him to successfully use it.

A strange power of Space and Time filled the air, and wherever the Divine Wheel passed, everything became crystal clear. Not only was the solid ground like this, but even the empty sky was the same. Moreover, the power of Space and Time was crazily spreading in all directions, forming a crystallized world wherever it went. It looked beautiful, but it also contained endless killing intent.

The surrounding World Force suddenly surged, transforming into a series of Divine Abilities that flew towards the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

Since Zuo Quan Hui had taken everyone from the Void Land into his Small Universe, he naturally wouldn’t sit back and wait for death. With Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, no matter how unwilling he was, he had to act to stop him.

He had been poisoned by the power of Space and Time, so he was well aware of how terrifying this strange power was. If he allowed Yang Kai to do as he pleased, even if he managed to escape this time, his foundation would be greatly damaged.

Boundless Divine Abilities and Secret Art filled the sky and earth as Zuo Quan Hui’s power surged. As the ruler of this Small Unvierse, he naturally had many advantages.

It took a great deal of effort to completely block the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, but the battlefield was already in a state of chaos as a strange power of Space and time spread out, eroding the Small Universe's foundation.

Zuo Quan Hui had no choice but to use even more of his strength to seal this Space-Time ability and wait for this battle to end before slowly eliminating it.

On the other side, Grey Bones stood there with cold sweat dripping down his forehead, blood dripping down his nose.

Just now, he had thought he was going to die, but for some reason, at this critical moment, the power of that murderous sword light had been greatly reduced, allowing him to survive.

Vaguely, he guessed that someone else had taken Zuo Quan Hui’s attention and saved his life.

Not daring to delay, he quickly pushed his strength to the limit and destroyed everything around him.

Since Yang Kai knew that this was Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe World, it was only natural that others would know about it, especially veteran Sixth Order like Grey Bones and the others. Even if they had never fought with a Seventh Order Open Heaven before, they were still familiar with their unique methods.

Similar to the Grey Bones, Luan Bai Feng’s figure swam about like a spiritual snake, never stopping in one place to avoid being targeted by Zuo Quan Hui.

She held a number of Formation Plate in her hand and continuously struck them. After these Formaation Plate were activated, a series of Killing Arrays erupted and wantonly destroyed everything.

It didn’t take long for the Formation Plates accumulate in thousands of years to be completely used up.

Ever since she had been taken into the Loyalty List by Yang Kai, the Formation Plate she had accumulated had been used up one after another. Previously, she had used up many Formation Plate for Illusion Arrays and Confusing Arrays in the Star Boundary's Great Domain. Now, she is almost out of Formation Plate and Killing Array.

The savings she had accumulated all these years were all gone.

In her heart, she swore that after she escaped this time, she would make Yang Kai compensate her ten times or even a hundred times over.

Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan, Qing Kui, Su Yingxue, Mo Mei, Yue He, all of them spread out, each of them simultaneously displaying their strongest attacks.

The Small Universe World is in a state of turmoil and the World Force was in chaos. Even with Zuo Quan Hui’s Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, he was still too exhausted to deal with it.

A figure covered in Demonic Qi stood atop a tall mountain. After entering this Small Universe, Wu Kuang’s eyes lit up as he sensed everything around him.

The surroundings were filled with an extremely rich World Energy, like a delicious feast that exuded an alluring fragrance!


[MSN: LMAO, it's a big mistake taking Wu Kuang into his Small Universe World.]

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