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Under normal circumstances, even a fight between High Rank Open Heaven masters might not be able to break through the Void Barrier, but Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws, and with the help of the Heavenly Sword Palace’s explosion, Zuo Quan Hui had been able to borrow his strength to break through the passageways of two great domains, giving him a chance to escape.

Otherwise, even if Zuo Quan Hui was an experienced Seventh Order master, it would be impossible for him to escape from Yang Kai’s grasp. If Yang Kai could hold him back, after the dozen or so Sixth Order opponents of the Void Land finished off their opponents and joined forces to attack this old dog, Zuo Quan Hui would not be able to resist.

Unfortunately, he had missed such a great opportunity. He didn’t know if this old dog’s life wasn’t destined to end, or if the Heavens were not willing!

“I don’t know which Great Domain is on the other side!” Qing Kui frowned.

“Go in and take a look!” Yang Kai said as he took a step forward.

“I’ll do it!” Grey Bones arrived in front of Yang Kai in a flash and took the lead to rush towards the Domain Gate. After personally killing Huan Quan and obtaining his revenge, Grey Bones felt that he had no regrets in this life. He didn’t know if there were any ambushes on the other side of the Domain Gate, so the first one to rush over would be at a disadvantage. Yang Kai obviously hadn’t fully recovered, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to lead the way.

From this point alone, one could see the difference between Grey Bones and Mao Zhe’s group. Both of them had left their names on the Loyalty List, but Grey Bones was even more loyal.

Yang Kai didn’t dare let him enter the Domain Gate alone. Although this Domain Gate had been formed by him breaking through the Void Barrier with a single blow, it had just been formed and wasn’t very stable. With his Space Laws, he didn’t need to fear the interference of the Void Energy. On the other hand, Grey Bones was different. If he was unlucky, he might even lose his way in the Void.

Behind Grey Bones, Yang Kai followed like a shadow while the others quickly followed.

This Domain Gate really wasn’t very stable, and passing through it gave one a feeling of distortion. The surrounding Void Energy fluctuated, and occasionally, a chaotic nihility aura filled the air, causing one’s heart to race.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and in the blink of an eye, everyone had passed through the Domain Gate and arrived at the opposite Great Domain.

Everyone immediately circulated their World Force and became vigilant.

However, there were no ambushes, Zuo Quan Hui probably didn’t have the courage to remain here and wait for the Void Land to pursue him. More than half of his Sixth Order Open Heaven subordinates had died in the previous battle, and all those below the Sixth Order had been killed by Yang Kai’s spear. Since he had been left here to die, he might as well escape as soon as possible and find a place to recuperate and find an opportunity to make a comeback.

All he could see was a dazzling nebula that meandered through the void, filled with dazzling stars.

Such a scene stunned everyone, and even Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. Although he had been to many great domains, such beautiful scenery was still extremely rare.

No other great domain could compare to this place.

There were many stars in the sky, indicating that there were many Universe World in this great domain. There was also a great sun several million kilometers away that was emitting a dazzling light, and golden flare would occasionally flicker around it.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, secretly investigating.

On the side, Qing Kui took out the Universe Chart and compared it with his own body, trying to determine his position. A moment later, his eyes went wide with shock.

Su Yingxue, who was standing next to him, turned around and asked curiously, “What?”

Qing Kui raised his eyes and stared at her in a daze, muttering, “There are no markings of this great domain in the Universe Chart!”

Su Yingxue was stunned for a moment before whispering, “Really?”

Yue He, Grey Bones, and the others also turned to look at him in shock.

“What do you mean?” Duan Hongchen didn’t understand, and the other Great Emperors also wore similar expressions, not understanding why the others were so shocked.

Although the various Great Emperors from the Star Boundary had been brought to the Void Land by Yang Kai for many years, they had been cultivating in seclusion and had only recently broken through to the Sixth Order, so they didn’t know much about the outside world. Naturally, they didn’t know what the Great Domain that was not marked on the map represented.

Even Yang Kai didn’t dare to be certain, only vaguely guessing.

Yue He and the others also took out their Universe Chart and checked it, discovering that it was just as Qing Kui had said, there were no markings of this great domain on the Universe Chart, and their current location was impossible to determine.

It had to be known that even the Star Boundary’s border region was marked on the Universe Chart. However, because it was too remote and desolate, it was labeled as a nameless domain, showing the authority and accuracy of the Universe Chart.

The Universe Chart contained all of the great domains that had been explored, leaving nothing left behind.

But now, there was no indication of the Great Domain they were in, so there was only one possibility.

“This is a Great Domain that has never been discovered!” Qing Kui said excitedly.

Bustling World Great Emperor and the others were stunned for a moment before understanding the meaning behind Qing Kui’s words. “A new Great Domain?”

Qing Kui nodded repeatedly, “New Great Domain!”

A new Great Domain meant that the resources they could obtain and the wealth they could obtain were unimaginable. If news of this new Great Domain were to spread, it would definitely cause a huge uproar!

“How could there be a new Great Domain?” Beast Martial Great Emperor frowned. He had just heard from Qing Kui that in ancient times, every Great Domain had existed on its own, and everyone thought that the Great Domain they were in was the entire universe. It was only after the masters of ancient times had broken through many Domain Gates that many Great Domains were connected and formed the current Three Thousand Worlds.

But after so many years, almost all of the great domains had been discovered, so how could there be a new one?

Qing Kui shook his head and said, “I don’t know, perhaps some of the ancient Great Expert left something behind when they were developing the Great Domain, or perhaps it was a newly formed Great Domain.”

The silent Yang Kai suddenly said, “This Great Domain is very young!”

Using the word ‘young’ to describe a Great Domain was undoubtedly strange, but everyone immediately understood what Yang Kai meant.

The mysteries of a Universe's Life and Death were difficult to comprehend even for those with extraordinary cultivation at the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. The Annihilation and Rebirth of a Great Domain was even more out of reach, and it was definitely not something they could comprehend with their current cultivation.

No one knew when this Great Domain would be born, but Yang Kai could sense the young and tender light of the shining sun millions of kilometers away.

Just like how he felt that day in the Black Territory, the Golden Crow True Fire in his body had a special connection with the Sun.

In comparison, the Great Sun of the Black Territory was like an old man on the verge of death, while the Great Sun in front of him was a newborn baby.

I was you, you will be me eventually!

If it were any other time, such a great discovery would have made everyone ecstatic, but now that everyone was chasing after Zuo Quan Hui, if they couldn’t find him, there would be a hidden danger.

Yang Kai was originally a bit worried that Zuo Quan Hui would escape. After all, he was already two hours late. For a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, two hours was enough time to do many things and run a long distance.

However, since they had confirmed that this was a new Great Domain, there was no need to worry about it.

Zuo Quan Hui had borrowed Yang Kai’s strength to break through the Void Barrier and escape to this place. Before, it seemed like he had only managed to obtain a slim chance of survival in this desperate situation, but now that he looked at it again, he had failed and fallen into a hopeless situation.

There was only one Domain Gate, so the current him had nowhere to run. He was like a turtle in a jar!

“We’ll discuss the matter of this Great Domain later, chasing after Zuo Quan Hui is more important!” Yang Kai shouted as he followed the traces of Zuo Quan Hui towards a certain direction. Everyone quickly restrained their excitement and followed closely behind.

Along the way, he would recover his strength and build up his strength.

Yang Kai didn’t activate his Space Laws. First of all, doing so would consume a lot of energy, he had to conserve every last bit of his strength so that he would have some chance of winning against Zuo Quan Hui. Second of all, it would be inconvenient for him to track the traces left behind intentionally while teleporting.

Luan Bai Feng followed closely behind Yang Kai, both shocked and impressed.

If she had only been guessing when she saw Yang Kai let the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage disciple from Myriad Demons Heaven go, she was certain now.

The man who had broken through from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order was actually Yang Kai’s spy!

But how was this possible? That person was obviously Myriad Demons Heaven's disciple, so when did Yang Kai get involved with him?

She vaguely remembered that when she was in Heavenly Sword Palace, Pei Wen Xuan had called that person Junior Brother Mo Sheng!

In the void, there was a trace of Demonic Qi that was almost undetectable. It was obvious that this man named Mo Sheng had deliberately left it here to lead Yang Kai in pursuit. If not for this, even if Yang Kai wanted to search for Zuo Quan Hui, he might not have been able to find him.

Luan Bai Feng couldn’t help admiring him! The more she look at Yang Kai, the more she felt that this guy was even more scheming than Zuo Quan Hui. What kind of sly old fox’s heart was hidden behind this young man’s face? Sending her into Heavenly Sword Union was one thing, but to think he could even interfere with Myriad Demons Heaven's disciple matter.

This is the Myriad Demons Heaven, one of the famous 36 Cave Heaven!

“What is it?” Sensing Luan Bai Feng’s strange gaze, Yang Kai turned his head to look.

Luan Bai Feng shook her head and couldn’t help laughing, “This servant was just thinking that losing to Sir back then was not an injustice!”

Yang Kai snorted lightly, “If you have something to say, just say it!”

Luan Bai Feng slowly shook her head, not saying anything.

Yang Kai looked at her strangely, but seeing that she really had nothing to say, he couldn’t be bothered with her and focused on chasing after the enemy.

Although Zuo Quan Hui had only been gone for two hours, the speed of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage is not slow, so it was not easy to catch up to him. Fortunately, Yang Kai and the others also needed to recover, so there was no rush.

After a full five days, a star suddenly appeared in front of them and a rich Universe World aura rushed towards them.

It was an azure star that should have been a peaceful and tranquil world, but at this moment, when one looked over from the void, they could clearly see that the weather on the surface of the Universe World was changing and thunder was rumbling!

“Over there!” Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and narrowed his eyes as he looked towards the Universe World.

Wu Kuang’s trail pointed directly towards the Universe World in front of him.

Qing Kui frowned for a moment before his expression suddenly changed, “Not good, Zuo Quan Hui wants to refine the World Force of the Universe World to strengthen himself!”

Su Yingxue’s pretty face sank, “To think he came from Thousand Crane Paradise, he actually used such despicable methods!”


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