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In the past, when the World Tree grew, it mainly devoured the power of the Void and the energy of the entire Star Boundary, which could be used as nourishment for its growth.

In the past, it's growth had been slow because the Void Energy wasn’t very rich.

However, during this month’s battle, more than a hundred Open Heaaven Stage masters from Heavenly Sword Union had died, and several dozen people from the Void Land had also died. After their deaths, their small universe had collapsed and their World Force had been absorbed by the World Tree.

With such nourishment, the World Tree would naturally be able to rapidly grow, and the Star Boundary would also benefit greatly!

This was why the World Tree and Star Boundary had undergone such massive changes.

Yang Kai guessed so! Otherwise, there was no way he could explain what he was seeing.

This kind of change would undoubtedly bring unimaginable benefits to the World Tree and Star Boundary, but with such a powerful enemy in front of him, how could Yang Kai have the time to consider such things?

With a flash of his body, Yang Kai stood in the direction of Heavenly Sword Palace and pointed his spear forward, his eyes solemn.

They were only thousands of kilometres away from the Star Boundary, so if he allowed the Heavenly Sword Palace to continue forward, the Star Boundary would definitely fall into the enemy hands, and no matter what, they had to stop the Heavenly Sword Palace from advancing.

They could only fight to the death!

Swish swish swish…

One figure after another landed beside Yang Kai, seemingly sensing his determination. Iron Blood, Bustling World, Beast Martial, Serene Soul, Flower Shadow, and Ice Feather Great Emperors all arrived together without a word.

Immediately after, Yue He, Mo Mei, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan, Grey Bones, Qing Kui, Su Yingxue, Fang Yue, and Xiang Ying also appeared.

Twenty Sixth Order masters stood in a line, blocking the path between Heavenly Sword Palace and the Star Boundary.

Behind these Sixth Order masters were dozens of Fifth Order cultivators!

With a flash of light, thousands of Open Heaven Stage masters who were below the Fifth Order flew over to help.

As the army gathered, their momentum soared!

“This scene seems familiar!” Iron Blood Great Emperor smiled.

Beast Martial Great Emperor Mo Huang clenched his fists as a series of crackling sounds rang out, “Reminds me of the conflict between the two races.”

When they had fought against the Great Demon God back then, many Great Emperors had joined forces to fight the enemy. This was the first time they had gathered the highest level of strength in the Star Boundary and accomplished their task in one fell swoop. Although the ones attacking today were Heavenly Sword Union and Zuo Quan Hui, how similar was the situation?

In the past, they had been able to join forces to kill Great Demon God, but today, they could join forces to destroy the Heavenly Sword Palace and kill Zua Quan Hui!

With the weak fighting against the strong, it was enough to awaken one’s lofty aspirations!

“Little brat Yang, don’t die this time!” Bustling World Great Emperor turned around and warned Yang Kai.

During the fierce battle with the Great Demon God, Yang Kai had died in battle. Fortunately, the Eternal Tree had reconstructed his body and brought him back to life, allowing him to continue fighting the Great Demon God.

Yang Kai grinned maliciously, “Don’t worry, I won’t die!”


Using the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, Yang Kai’s figure soared 300 zhang into the sky as he sent his Azure Dragon Spear towards the Heavenly Sword Palace.

At the same time, the thousands of Open Heaven Stage cultivators all used their Divine Abilities and artifacts to bombard the Heavenly Sword Palace.

After nearly a month of fierce fighting, although Zuo Quan Hui, a seventh order open heaven, had personally taken charge, the Heavenly Sword Palace had still suffered some damage. However, this artifact’s defensive capabilities were quite good, it was still a bit lacking to complete destruction.

With a flash of light, Heavenly Sword Palace also launched a barrage of attacks.

Countless Divine Abilities collided in the void and disappeared as numerous Void Cracks appeared before quickly closing.

Most of the attacks were blocked while a small number of them struck the Heavenly Sword Palace, causing the layers of protective barriers to shatter and disappear.

Without waiting for the Void Land’s side to attack a second time, Heavenly Sword Palace’s light suddenly burst out and thousands of sword lights flashed out, densely packed together, like a storm as they enveloped everyone in the Void Land.

Yang Kai took the lead and stood at the forefront. With a single thought, a giant towering ancient tree appeared behind him, covering the sky and its branches falling down to form a protective shield, blocking the countless sword beams.

As the ripples spread out, the Towering Evergreen Secret Technique also became much dimmer.

Towering Evergreen was powered by his Wood Element while Yang Kai’s Wood Element was refined from the Eternal Tree, so not only could this Divine Ability help him heal his injuries, but it also had an extremely powerful defensive ability.

However, the Towering Evergreen was not omnipotent and was unable to envelop all the Open Heaven Stage masters. Although he was able to block most of the attacks, there were still some who managed to escape.

Even though the many Opem Heaven Stage masters in the Void Land had been prepared for this attack, every single sword light from the Heavenly Sword Palace was comparable to a Fifth Order Open Heaven.

Blood splashed as dozens of people died on the spot.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai’s spear smashed into the Heavenly Sword Palace, causing it to slow down and the entire Heavenly Sword Palace to shake violently.

Boom boom boom…

Spear after spear smashed down, releasing a massive amount of violent energy. The massive Heavenly Sword Palace was actually obstructed, and under the continuous attacks, the aura of several small universe collapsing could be felt.

Before Yang Kai could rejoice, a dazzling sword light slashed towards him. It was Zuo Quan Hui.

The power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was like a mountain pressing down on them, making it difficult for them to breathe and their Qi and blood roiling.

When this sword struck the protective barrier of the towering Evergreen Secret Technique, the Secret Technique which had already dimmed greatly became even dimmer.

Another sword strike came, and the Towering Evergreen was instantly destroyed, turning into specks of light that dissipated into the void. Yang Kai’s heart trembled, the small universe was turbulent, and he couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Just like Yang Kai’s continuous attacks, Zuo Quan Hui didn’t stop at all, slashing out again.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s head was spinning, his head was shaking, his body was staggering, and he was unable to defend himself. Moreover, under his small universe's shock, for some reason, he felt a strange connection with the Star Boundary.

At this critical moment of life and death, the various Great Emperors joined forces and stood in front of Yang Kai, each of them using their own Divine Abilities to resist the sword light.

When the halo exploded, the Great Emperors were forced back, all of them vomiting blood as their seven orifices turned red.

Even with the combined strength of all the Great Emperors present, they were unable to resist Zuo Quan Hui’s sword strike and were instantly injured. Fortunately, the sword directed at Yang Kai was intercepted.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” Inside Heavenly Sword Palace, Zuo Quan Hui sneered as another sword light slashed out from Heavenly Sword Palace.

Yang Kai shook his head vigorously before finally stabilizing himself and raising his spear to meet the incoming attack. At the same time, the injured Great Emperors also gathered their strength and joined forces to resist.

Yue He and Mo Mei also flashed over.

With everyone’s strength combined, they were finally able to resist Zuo Quan Hui’s sword.

However, the situation became worse.

After finally being stopped by Yang Kai, the Heavenly Sword Palace once again moved forward. Even if the people from the Void Land were to fight to the death, they would still be unable to stop the Heavenly Sword Palace’s advance.

Million kilometers, nine hundred thousand kilometers, eight hundred thousand kilometers…

Along the endless Void, fresh blood filled the air, and Open Heaven Stage cultivators were scattered all over the place. Every time the Heavenly Sword Palace’s Formation erupted, a Void Land cultivator would fall.

Although the Heavenly Sword Palace was also on the verge of collapse under the bombardment of the many Open Heaven Stage masters in the Void Land, it was still a hair’s breadth away.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were so many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stae cultivators on Void Land’s side, the outcome of this battle would have already been decided.

Even so, everyone in the Void Land was still struggling to survive.

Yang Kai had already fought to the point of madness, not caring about his own losses at all. The World Force continued to pour out, and the Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability Manifestation had been used several times, each time destroying a corner of Heavenly Sword Palace, but it was difficult to determine the outcome.

The Small Universe had long been shaken to the point where Yang Kai didn’t have time to investigate his own Small Universe, but he also knew that his Small Universe World was definitely turning upside down.

The more this happened, the more Yang Kai could clearly feel the strange connection between himself and the Star Boundary.

He is the Void Great Emperor recognized by the Star Boundary’s Heavenly Law, so it was not surprising for him to have such a connection. Yang Kai had used this connection to instantly return to the Star Boundary.

At first, Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to it, but as the fierce battle and the determination to protect the Star Boundary surged out, the connection grew stronger.

It was so intense that it was difficult for Yang Kai to ignore it. He didn’t know why, but for some reason, he felt like a powerful thought was about to burst out from the fog.

“So… that Zhu Jiu Yin isn’t here!” Zuo Quan Hui’s calm voice suddenly came from Heavenly Sword Palace.

When he was in the Void Territory, he had been holed up inside Heavenly Sword Palace, not daring to show his face. Even Heavenly Sword Palace was sitiing near the Domain Gate, he was afraid that Zhu Jiu Yin would suddenly appear and catch him off guard.

Coming to this great domain, although he was tempted by the World Tree and took risks, he was constantly on guard against hidden dangers.

However, up until now, he hadn’t sensed Zhu Jiu Yin’s aura at all. Seeing that the people from the Void Land could no longer resist his advance, he finally understood that what he had always feared was not here.

If that wasn’t the case, why had Zhu Jiu Yin been hiding all this time? Why hadn’t she taken action yet? Could it be that she would only take action after everyone in the Void Land had died?

Realizing this, Zuo Quan Hui couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed and angry, feeling that he had been acting so cautiously all this time, making him seem like a coward.

However, he was most pleasantly surprised and couldn’t help laughing, “Without Zhu Jiu Yin, what can you people use to resist this King? This King will occupy the Star Boundary and then destroy you clowns!”

Although he had confirmed that Zhu Jiu Yin was not here, he still had no intention of showing himself. He simply continued to activate the power of the Heavenly Sword Palace’s formation, causing everyone in the void to panic.

Just as Yang Kai feared, as long as he could reach the Star Boundary, he would be able to control everything. The people from the Void Land would definitely not dare to start a war in the Star Boundary. At that time, even if they wanted to fight, it would be better to fight here in the void.

The Heavenly Sword Palace was like a rainbow piercing through the sun, no longer having any scruples, directly rushing towards the Star Boundary.

The thousand Open Heaven Stage cultivators of the Void Land desperately tried to resist and were forced back!

A trace of light suddenly cut through the fog, and the feeling that he had been unable to understand for so long finally appeared like a rising sun. Yang Kai’s mind quickly dispelled the lingering doubts and cleared his mind.

So that was how it was!


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Nathanael Germain
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