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The group of little kids below didn’t know what was happening, all of them following Yang Fourth Master's gaze and turning their heads back to look curiously.

“He's back, He's back, my son is really back.” After a long time, Dong Suzhu finally let go of Yang Kai and grabbed his arms, jumping up and down like a little girl, crying and laughing at the same time. After carefully observing him for a while, she suddenly pulled him into her embrace.

“Mother!” Yang Kai called out softly as he felt his clothes quickly become damp. Lifting his hand slightly, he gently patted Dong Su Zhu’s trembling shoulder.

After a while, Dong Suzhu finally recovered from her great surprise and raised her head to wipe her eyes. Looking at Yang Kai lovingly, she patted his arms and legs to make sure he was unharmed before letting out a long sigh.

Yang Fourth Master also walked over and sized up Yang Kai before coughing lightly, “You’re back?”

Yang Kai quickly greeted, “Father!”

Fourth Master Yang nodded lightly and glanced behind him, “Alone?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Su Yan and the others are all cultivating in the Void Land.”

Yang Fourth Master waved his hand, “I’m not asking about your wives.”

Yang Kai was a little puzzled. If he wasn’t asking Su Yan and the others, then who was he asking? After a moment of realization, he said, “Xue’er is also in secluded meditation in the Void Land right now, her cultivation is improving at a rapid pace. Father doesn’t need to worry.”

Yang Fourth Master glared at him somewhat resentfully and said in a dignified tone, “After so many years, do I have a grandson?”

So this was what he was asking! As soon as he said this, even Dong Suzhu, who had been crying just now, pricked up her ears and stared at him with a burning gaze.

Yang Kai’s face was filled with guilt, “This child is working hard!”

Yang Fourth Master was furious, “Useless thing, you’ve found so many wives yet you can’t even find a successor, what else can I count on you for? Do you want me and your mother to give birth to a younger brother or sister to strengthen my Yang Family?”

Dong Suzhu slapped Yang Fourth Master's back, causing a loud bang as she blushed and said, “What nonsense are you spouting? There are childrens here.”

When Yang Fourth Master turned around, he saw a group of little children staring at him, so he couldn’t continue. Waving his hand to the group of little children, he said, “Let’s end things here today. When you return, you must study hard and not slack off.”

The childrens all stood up and under the lead of bigger kid, they all bowed and said, “Disciple thanks Master Ancestor!”

Although the group of kids was young, their manners were excellent. They lined up in two rows and walked down the mountain. When they passed by Yang Kai, they all bowed.

Yang Kai watched them leave and raised his brow, “They really are good seedlings!”

Just now, he had secretly investigated the aptitudes of these childrens. Although he hadn’t observed them closely, when he swept his Divine Sense over them, he found that each of them had a clear temperament and outstanding aptitude. If nothing went wrong, all of them would be able to break through to the Emperor Realm!

Yang Fourth Master glanced at him, “If you can give birth to one, I’m sure it will be better than any of them.”

Yang Kai didn’t dare to say anything.

Fortunately, the Old Mother’s heart ached for him and she slapped Yang Fourth Master again, “It wasn’t easy for our son to come back, why are you spouting so much nonsense!”

Saying so, she turned to Yang Kai and said, “Ignore him, come in with Mother. You must have suffered outside. Why have you lost so much weight?”

Leaving Yang fourth Master standing outside with a face full of regret, beating his chest and stamping his feet, “Doting loving mother!”

A moment later, inside the bamboo house, the family of three chatted happily for a while before Yang Kai finally said, “I came back this time mainly to check on father and mother's situation. Hei He said that all of you have condensed your Dao Seals.”

Dong Suzhu nodded and said, “That’s true. Speaking of which, I must thank Hei He. If it weren’t for his careful guidance all these years, we wouldn’t know how to condense a Dao Seal.”

On the Inner Universe, the Emperor Realm was the limit. Only by breaking free from the Universe World's shackles would one be able to reach a higher level of Martial Dao. When Yang Kai chose to leave Hei He to guard the Star Boundary and Demon Territory, he had undoubtedly made the right choice. At the very least, under his guidance, his parents had successfully condensed a Dao Seal.

“Let me take a look!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grabbed Dong Suzhu’s wrist, immersing his consciousness into it and carefully examining it.

A moment later, a look of surprise flashed across Yang Kai’s face.

Dong Suzhu asked anxiously, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Yang Kai replied honestly, “There are some things, but it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. I’ll take a look at Father again.”

Using the same method, Yang Kai examined Yang Fourth Master's Dao Seal and the surprise on his face became even stronger.

“Since this is a good thing, let’s get straight to the point!” Yang Fourth Master shook his sleeves.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Since Hei He has told Father and Mother some things, then the two of you must know about the different grades of the Open Heaven Stage!”

Yang Fourth Master and Dong Suzhu both nodded, “Naturally.”

Yang Kai said, “The grade of a Open Heaven Stage cultivator determines the strength of their cultivations, while the grade of a Open Heaven Stage cultivator is determined by the quality of the Yin-Yang + Five Elements and refining higher grade resources. Naturally, the higher the grade of a Open Heaven Stage cultivator, the more stable the Dao Seal is needed to refine higher grade resources!”

Yang Fourth Master concluded, “The Dao Seal is the foundation to reach the Open Heaven Stage!”

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “For example, after an Emperor Realm master condenses their own Dao Seal, their entire life’s road is basically set. In the future, what grade they can reach depends entirely on how high the grade of the resources their Dao Seal can withstand.”

“Hei He said that you father and I can reach the Fourth Order Open Heaven, we can also try the Fifth Order, but there are some risks, so he asked us to ask for your opinion.” Dong Suzhu looked at Yang Kai somewhat uneasily. The Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage was not a high grade.

Yang Kai nodded, “This is what makes me surprised.”

He was well aware of his father and mother’s aptitude. When they first became Emperor Realm, he had spent a great deal of effort and resources to raise them. In his opinion, even if it was because of the World Tree, his father and mother’s cultivation had progressed at a rapid pace, and they had even successfully condensed their own Dao Seals, it would be good if they could reach the Third Order.

Although Third Order Open Heaven Stage was a Low Rank Open Heaven, it was still a Open HEaven Stage!

Unexpectedly, his parents had the ability to reach Fourth Order or Fifth Order!

This was a great surprise.

Was the World Tree’s return so miraculous?

After informing his parents of his thoughts, the two elders finally understood what this so-called good thing was.

“What grade are you now?” Yang Fourth Master asked curiously. Although he could feel that Yang Kai had advanced to Open Heaven, he couldn’t tell his grade. After all, the difference in their cultivation was too great.

“Sixth Order!”

Dong Suzhu was immediately overjoyed, “I told you that your son’s grade is definitely not low. With a Sixth Order Open Heaven, his limit in the future will be an Eighth Order master. If he can obtain the Open Heaven Pill that was made by the Universe Furnace, it’s not impossible for him to become a Ninth Order Open Heaven supreme master.”

Yang Kai was surprised, “Mother, you even know about the Universe Furnace?”

Dong Suzhu said proudly, “We haven’t wasted our time all these years, Hei He has told us a lot about the outside world.”

Yang Fourth Master waved his hand and said, “Let’s not talk about anything else for now, little brat, you should take a look at me and your mother first. Do you think we should break through to the Fourth Order, or do you think we should break through to the Fifth Order?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “The limit of Fourth Order is Sixth Order while the limit of Fifth Order is Seventh Order. One is a Mid Rank while the other is a High Rank. Since there is hope, it’s only natural to try to break through to Fifth Order! Father, Mother, don’t worry, there may be some risks if others try to break through like this, but my Void Land has a Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill, so there’s no need to be afraid!”

Unfortunately, he no longer had the Dao Divine Water in his possession, otherwise if he gave it to his parents, there would be no risk for them to break through to the Fifth Order.

His father and mother’s Dao Seals were quite stable, and what Hei He said was right. They were indeed a bit weaker when it came to breaking through to the Fifth Order, but the gap wasn’t too great. Of course, if they wanted to break through to the Sixth Order, even if they had the Dao Divine Water, it would be impossible.

Yang Fourth Master and Dong Suzhu didn’t know what the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill was, but since Yang Kai had said so, they naturally wouldn’t doubt it.

Yang Fourth Master immediately decided, “Good, just as you said, your mother and I will try to break through to the Fifth Order. In the future, if anyone dares to bully us, we’ll beat them to a pulp!”

“I’ll prepare the materials for the two elders, please wait a moment.”

Dong Suzhu seemed to have sensed something and frowned, “You just returned and you want to leave?”

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before deciding to explain, “When Hei He brought Lan Xun to find me this time, he encountered an accident. A powerful enemy learned of the location of the Star Boundary and the World Tree and rushed over here, wanting to harm the Star Boundary. I have to stop him!”

Even if this matter could be concealed for a while, it couldn’t be concealed forever. If they could stop the Heavenly Sword Palace at the Domain Gate, it would be fine, but if they couldn’t, Zuo Quan Hui would kill his way out of the Star Boundary. If a great battle broke out, it would only make Dong Suzhu more worried.

Dong Suzhu immediately asked nervously, “How is his cultivation compared to yours?”

“He’s stronger than me, but we have more people than him, so Mother doesn’t need to worry,” Yang Kai comforted.

Dong Suzhu’s expression became even more worried, “You’re already a Sixth Order, if he’s stronger than you, doesn’t that mean he’s a Seventh Order?”

Yang Fourth Master said, “Since a powerful enemy has come, there is no use worrying about it. That Great Demon God was so powerful back then, but he was still killed! Father and Mother only hate that their strength is too low right now and can’t help you much. You can go and face the enemy yourself. Your mother and I will take care of the Star Boundary, there is no need to worry!”

“Thank you, Father!” Yang Kai stood up, “Time is of the essence, this child cannot serve the two elders anymore, please take care!”

Saying so, he knelt down and kowtowed.

Dong Suzhu quickly helped him up and remind him with tearful eyes, “Be careful!”

Yang Fourth Master coldly snorted, “If he doesn’t leave any heir for my Yang Family, how could he die?”

“Nothing good comes out of a dog’s mouth!” Dong Suzhu glared at him fiercely.

Yang Kai smiled and cupped his fists, “This child will take his leave!”

Activating his Space Laws, he disappeared from the spot.

Dong Suzhu stretched out her hand and grabbed nothing but air, feeling as if a piece of her heart was missing, her heart filled with melancholy.

Inside High Heaven Palace’s main hall, Yang Kai suddenly appeared.

Hua Qing Si was startled for a moment before she quickly stood up happily.


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