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World Tree!

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. If the changes in the Star Boundary were related to the World Tree he had planted, it was not impossible.

The World Tree was simply too bizarre. At the very least, Yang Kai had never seen anything other than the World Fruit that could allow Open Heaven Stage to advance one grade.

Small Source World was already quite impressive. Yang Kai had gone to Yin-Yang Heaven’s Divine Weapon World to gain experience, and the foundation of his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage had greatly increased. However, if he could obtain a High Rank World Fruit, he could directly advance from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order. The effects of the two were incomparable.

If the World Fruit had such a heaven-defying effect, what kind of wonders would the World Tree that could produce the World Fruit have?

The World Tree planted in the Star Boundary was a root he had brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary. Because of the war between the Human and Demon Race, the Star Boundary had nearly been destroyed.

Even if he obtained the final victory and killed Mo Sheng, the severely damaged Star Boundary would not be able to survive. The reason why Yang Kai went to the Outer Universe was firstly to pursue a higher level of Martial Dao, and secondly to find the World Tree to save the Star Boundary.

Fortunately, he had succeeded and brought back the World Tree’s root from the Great Ruins Boundary.

On the day he returned to the Star Boundary and planted the root, Yang Kai faintly felt that there would be some changes to the Star Boundary. The cultivators who remained in the Star Boundary would grow together with the Star Boundary and obtain some unexpected benefits.

This kind of opportunity to grow and recover together with the entire Universe World was extremely rare. In the entire 3000 Worlds, only the Star Boundary which had the World Tree Root planted would have such a chance.

It was just that he had not expected this change to occur so quickly! Moreover, the effects were so obvious that even his parents had condensed Dao Seals.

No wonder Chief Manager Hua Qing Si who stayed at the Star Boundary had asked Hei He to come to the Void Land to find him. Such a huge change in the Star Boundary was indeed not trivial.

The hall went silent for a moment before Hei He thought for a moment and said, “Sir, the Chief Manager has investigated all the cultivators in the Star Boundary. Basically, everyone’s cultivation speed has become faster than before, and in recent years, many of the babies who were born have outstanding aptitudes. The various great Sects have now taken in many good seedlings, and with time, they will surely become great.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand, how were you captured?”

Hei He let out a bitter laugh, “When we were passing through the Shining White Territory' Universe Temple, Young Lady Lan Xun inadvertently mentioned the Void Land. Perhaps Yin Xinzhao had heard about it at that time, so he ambushed us in the void, and then…” Hei He's face became gloomy and he couldn’t continue. He was only a Fifth Order, and although Yin Xinzhao had only recently broken through, he was still a Sixth Order. Wanting to deal with him was like pinching ten fingers.

Using a Soul Searching Technique on Lan Xun, Yin Xinzhao led Hei He and Lan Xun through the Flying Smoke Territory and arrived at Heavenly Sword Palace.

Zuo Quan Hui naturally welcomed Yin Xinzhao’s arrival, not to mention that Yin Xinzhao had brought two gifts with him. After learning that Hei He and Lan Xun were actually from Yang Kai's homeland, Luan Bai Feng took the opportunity to escape with them while faking taking them to prison.

Fortunately, Luan Bai Feng was proficient in Array Dao and had many Formation Plate, otherwise she would not have been able to escape from Zuo Quan Hui’s pursuit.

However, she was still wounded, and what happened next was what Yang Kai saw.

After learning the whole story, Yang Kai once again felt a lingering fear. This time, it was all thanks to Luan Bai Feng’s decisiveness, otherwise he would have been forced into an absolute passive position.

With Hei He and Lan Xun in Zuo Quan Hui’s hands, Void Land’s situation was quite difficult to handle.

If it weren’t for this special situation, he would have immediately rushed to the Star Boundary to investigate whether the changes in the Star Boundary were caused by the World Tree he had planted.

However, now that the Heavenly Sword Union had crossed the Void Territory and was eyeing him like a tiger eyeing its prey, how could he possibly escape?

“Why don’t I go back and take a look?” Flower Shadow Great Emperor suggested. The Star Boundary is their homeland, so everyone in the Star Boundary had their own unique feelings for it. Although from what Hei He said, the change in the Star Boundary was undoubtedly a good thing, who would be willing to investigate it?

Flower Shadow Great Emperor is also a Sixth Order cultivator, so it wasn’t a problem for her to investigate the changes in the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai was just about to nod in agreement when Jin Yuan Lang rushed in from outside and cupped his fists, “Sect Master, Heavenly Sword Palace has made a move!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately rushed out of the hall. Looking up, he saw that the Heavenly Sword Palace, which had been outside the Domain Gate for more than a year, was slowly retreating and disappearing into the Domain Gate.

Zuo Quan Hui had actually escaped?

Seeing this, Yang Kai instinctively felt that something was wrong. After a moment of silence, he shouted, “Not good, Zuo Quan Hui is going to the Star Boundary!”

Yin Xinzhao used Soul Searching Technique on Lan Xun. No matter how much information he obtained from Lan Xun’s memories, at the very least, the location of the Star Boundary and the World Tree could not be hidden.

The Star Boundary is the homeland of Yang Kai and the various Great Emperors, and there was also High Heaven Palace and his parents there. If Zuo Quan Hui were to attack the Star Boundary, it would be impossible for the Star Boundary to resist.

There was no Holy Spirit there!

What’s more, the existence of the World Tree was enough for Zuo Quan Hui to covet it! Yang Kai didn’t know if the roots he brought back could grow into another World Tree, or if they could bear World Fruits, but something that could change the entire Universe World was definitely not ordinary!

The Heavenly Sword Palace’s inexplicable escape into the Flying Smoke Territory undoubtedly indicated that Zuo Quan Hui had some kind of intention towards the Star Boundary, otherwise he would not have acted in such a manner.

It was no wonder that Zuo Quan Hui had not taken action just now. A year ago, this old dog had tried to force Yang Kai to show himself so that he could launch a sneak attack and kill him. Just now, Yang Kai had indeed appeared, but Zuo Quan Hui had not done anything.

It wasn’t that Zuo Quan Hui was being kind, but rather that he had a better choice!

The many Great Emperors who had run out with Yang Kai also turned to look at him.

Yang Kai hurriedly shouted, “Everyone, come here!”

Shua, shua, shua, all the Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the temporary camp began to gather around.

Sweeping his gaze over them, Yang Kai said, “Don’t try to resist, I want to take you all into my Small Universe.”

When Old Bai heard this, he was shocked, “Take us to your Small Universe? Yang Kai, only a High Rank Opon Heaven Small Universe's can transform from illusory to solid and contain living things. You’re only a Sixth Order now, how can you do that?”

Yang Kai glanced at him and said, “My Small Universe has long since become real and solid!”

When he had broken through to Open Heaven, he had integrated the Mysterious Boundary Bead into his Small Universe. At that time, his Small Universe had been different from others. If not for this, his foundation would not have been so robust and he would not have been able to suppress his opponent in the same realm. It was just that this matter was not worthy of an outsider’s attention.

If it weren’t for the urgency of the situation and the lack of a large-scale artifact like the Heavenly Sword Palace in the Void Land, he wouldn’t have made such a desperate move.

Gathering other Open Heaven Stage into his Small Universe, although they're his disciple or his family, he had to bear some risks.

Old Bai was stunned!

Yang Kai had already begun to act, and the many Open Heaven Stage cultivators below the Sixth Order gave up resisting, only feeling a pulling force enveloping their bodies. By the time they regained their senses, they had already arrived in another world.

A large number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators disappeared and were all absorbed into Yang Kai’s Small Universe. However, Yang Kai soon noticed that his Small Universe had a feeling of fullness, a feeling he had never felt before.

Seemingly noticing the change in Yang Kai’s expression, Yue He nervously said, “Young Master, if you sense something is wrong, you should stop immediately! High Rank Open Heaven can indeed store living creatures into their Small Universe, but there is also a limit to its capacity, especially since all of them is Open Heaven Stage. Each of them has their own Small Universe, and although it is not a real Universe World, it is still quite a burden for you. If you fight with others at this time, it will be extremely disadvantageous to you.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand!”

Even so, the number of Open Heaven Stage that the Small Universe received continued to decrease, and the feeling of fullness became more obvious.

Over the past year, many Open Heaven Stage masters had died in the Void Land, but even so, there were still more than 1,300 Open Heaven Stage masters.

After spending an incense stick’s worth of time, Yang Kai finally managed to collect all of these 1,300 people into his Small Universe. At this moment, Yang Kai could clearly feel that his Small Universe was extremely full, as if he had accidentally eaten too much and couldn’t even circulate his World Force.

He understood in his heart that it was just as Yue He had said, if he were to fight in this situation, he would definitely suffer greatly.

If anything were to happen to him, under the collapse of the Small Universe, all of the 1,300 people hiding inside would die!

Because of this, under normal circumstances, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator would not be willing to accept another Open Heaven Stage cultivator into their Small Universe, while a Low Rank Open Heaven cultivator would also be unwilling to enter a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator's small universe. This was a risk for both sides.

Turning his head to look at the many Sixth Order masters around him, he said, “I can’t accept you.”

He had secretly experimented with this method with Yue He before, and although they were both Sixth Order, Yue He was unable to be taken into Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Perhaps only when Yang Kai advanced to the Seventh Order would he be able to collect the Sixth Order Open Heaven. [MSN: Dahell? He can do it just fine when getting out of Shadowless Cave Heaven.]

“Hei He!” Yang Kai shouted again.

“Subordinate is here!” Hei He quickly cupped his fists and saluted.

“I’ll leave Lan Xun to you. Take her to the Void Land, hand her over to Bi Xi, and carefully recuperate!”

“Sir, please rest assured, this subordinate will protect Young Lady Lan Xun to the death!” Hei He nodded heavily, secretly shocked that his Master had actually broken through to the Sixth Order!

It had only been a short time since he had been forced to leave his name on the Loyalty List, and Yang Kai was only a mere Emperor Realm.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai urged his Space Laws to wrap around the people around him before disappearing.

He didn’t pursue the Heavenly Sword Palace because he couldn’t guarantee that Zuo Quan Hui wouldn’t set up an ambush in the Flying Smoke Territory. Although this possibility wasn’t high, it was still a precautionary measure.

If he were to rush into the Flying Smoke Territory and be blocked by Zuo Quan Hui, he would definitely become flustered, especially since his current state was not suitable for fighting.

Fortunately, if he wanted to go to the Star Boundary, the Flying Smoke Territory is not the only route.

Although the World Force was unable to circulate smoothly, it wasn’t a problem for him to bring some people with him. It was just that the people around him were all Sixth Order, so the consumption was quite high.


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