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Pei Wen Xuan smiled and said, “It’s just a mere Void Land, why bother the Sect? Does Martial Uncle Zuo still remember Xuanyuan Cave Heaven's Yin Xinzhao?”

Zuo Quan Hui pondered for a moment before recalling the appearance of a young man. Nodding, he replied, “Of course I remember.” These young men who were able to directly advance to the Sixth Order had great reputations, so Zuo Quan Hui was naturally not unfamiliar with them. Moreover, Yin Xinzhao had also been to Yin-Yang Heaven last time, so he had indeed seen him.

“Xuanyuan Cave Heaven's Brother Yin has a close relationship with me, and he also has some grievances with Yang Kai. If you send a message to him, I’m sure Brother Yin will be happy to join in the fun.”

Zuo Quan Hui’s eyes lit up, “Is Nephew confident?”

Pei Wen Xuan didn’t say anything else, “I’ll have someone send a message over to try. Whether Brother Yin comes or not will be up to him.”

“Good!” Zuo Quan Hui slapped the armrest of his chair, “Then I’ll leave this matter to Martial Nephew Pei. If Martial Nephew Yin can really come, he will be of great help to me.”

He felt a strange bitterness in his heart. There was actually a time when he had to place all his hopes on a newly promoted Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, but now that the situation was in a deadlock, any Sixth Order assistance was extremely difficult to obtain.

“Xuanyuan Cave Heaven isn’t too far from here, at least three months or even half a year journey. Brother Yin will have a reply at that time,” Pei Wen Xuan said before getting up to send a message to Xuanyuan Cave Heaven.

Zuo Quan Hui reprimanded the crowd a few more times before dispersing.

In the Void Territory, there was no shortage of battles and small conflicts. Almost every three or five days, the Heavenly Sword Palace would launch a surprise attack and the Void Land could only engage in fierce combat.

Looking across the 3000 Worlds, a battle of this scale was quite rare. Both sides had thousands of Open Heaven Stage cultivators involved, including twenty Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators and one High Rank Open HEaven cultivator. This was enough to attract a lot of attention.

Time passed quickly, and several months later...

In the Shining White Territory, Universe Temple, a group of people walked out of the hall, looking travel-worn.

Universe Temple was jointly built by the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Basically every Great Domain had one, and each Great Domain was vast. Many cultivators used the Universe Temple as a medium to travel, saving them a lot of time.

At this moment, several people walked out from the Shining Whit Territory's Universe Temple wearing the same blue and white robes. The leader was a handsome young man, his aura not obvious, but his clothes were slightly different from those of his peers, with a few conspicuous golden lines on his sleeves.

Walking out of the Universe Temple, the young man looked around before walking forward, the others following behind him.

When the surrounding crowd saw this, all of them showed looks of awe and respect as they quickly made way, even whispering amongst themselves.

“These people are from Xuanyuan Heaven.”

“How do you know?”

“They’re wearing the robes of Xuanyuan Heaven’s disciples, I’ve seen them before.”

“What are Xuanyuan Heaven’s people doing here? We’re completely broke.”

“The actions of the Cave Heaven's people are not something you or I can fathom. Shh, don’t say anymore, the one leading them is Xuanyuan HEaven’s Outer Sect Elder.”

“Outer Sect Elder? Doesn’t that mean he’s a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage?”

“Naturally, among all the Cave Heaven Paradise, only the Sixth Order is qualified to be an Outer Sect Elder. If he is a Seventh Order, then he is an Inner Sect Elder. Look at the golden thread on his sleeve, that is the symbol of an Outer Sect Elder.”

“I see.”

The surrounding discussions made the young man in the lead look extremely pleased, and as he walked, his eyes became more focused. The few of them simply walked around the Universe Temple without any intention of stopping. After walking a few streets, they headed straight for the exit.

Suddenly, the young leader’s eyes flashed as he turned his head towards the side of the street.

Inside a teahouse’s main hall, a man and a woman sat facing each other. The man was small and thin, with a cold expression on his face, making him appear taciturn. On the other hand, the woman seemed to be quite curious about everything, constantly glancing around.

When their eyes met, the woman was stunned for a moment before quickly looking away.

“Interesting!” The young man leading the group grinned and withdrew his gaze before continuing forward. A moment later, he left the Universe Temple and disappeared into the void with his followers.

Half an hour later, in the teahouse, the thin man said, “It’s time to set out.”

“Oh.” The woman quickly got up and followed behind the thin man.

A moment later, the two of them left the Universe Temple. The thin man took out a small boat and the two of them entered it. Circulating their strength, the boat transformed into a stream of light and sped off.

Inside the ship, the woman said, “Senior, you haven’t told me how far we are from the Void Land.”

The thin man said lightly, “There are still a few Great Domains, about a month’s journey.”

“Is the Void Land very powerful now?” The woman asked again.

The thin man shook his head, “I don’t know either, you’ll naturally know when we get there…” Before he could finish speaking, the man’s expression suddenly changed as he changed his hand seals and the flying ship rapidly moved to the side.

The woman was caught off guard and almost fell to the ground, quickly stabilizing herself.

“What happened?” The woman asked in surprise.

However, the man’s expression was cold as he stared at a certain spot in the sky and said in a low voice, “Which friend is joking with me? Please show yourself!”

The woman looked in the direction he was looking, but she didn’t see anything. However, she also had a faint feeling that something wasn’t right, someone had clearly attacked their ship just now.

In the next moment, a few figures suddenly appeared in front of the flying ship, all wearing the same blue and white robes. The leader was a young man with a faint smile on his face.

The man on the ship stared fixedly at their clothes, as if trying to determine something. After a long time, his face sank, “Xuanyuan HEaven’s people?”

The woman beside him immediately revealed a look of shock as she covered her mouth and whispered, “It’s Xuanyuan Heaven from the 36 Cave Heaven?”

Although she had just broken free from the universe world's shackles and come to this 3000 World, she was no stranger to all kinds of information about the 3000 World. Over the years, she had often sought out this Senior beside her to ask him about things on the Outer Universe, so she had some common sense.

However, she couldn’t understand why Xuanyuan Heaven, one of the 36 Cave Heaven, would attack them.

“You don’t need to say anything later, I’ll handle this!” The man hurriedly sent a voice transmission, instinctively feeling that something was wrong. The 36 Cave Heaven were such a huge force, how could they have targeted the two of them? Moreover, from the looks of these people in front of him, it was clear they were waiting here to ambush them.

The woman nodded heavily.

The man then appeared on the deck and he cupped his fists, “Hei He greets Xuanyuan Heaven’s Senior Brothers, may I ask what advice you have?”

The leading man smiled at him and asked, “You’re called Hei He?”

Hei He nodded, “Yes!”

“You’re a Void Land disciple?”

Hei He shook his head.

The man who asked this question frowned, “If you’re not a Void Land disciple, why are you going to the Void Land?”

Hearing this, Hei He's heart trembled. Just as he was wondering why this man knew he was going to the Void Land, he suddenly remembered a question his companion had asked him in the tea house at the Universe Temple.

It must have been at that time that they were overheard.

“Senior Brother misunderstands, I don’t want to go to the Void Land,” Hei He replied calmly. After all, he had not picked up the cultivation of a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator for nothing. His many years of experience told him that these Xuanyuan Heaven people in front of him probably had some kind of grudge with the Void Land, otherwise they would not have acted like this.

The leading Xuanyuan Heaven Elder smiled lightly, “You’re not going to the Void Land? Do you know Yang Kai?”

As soon as he said these two words, Hei He was able to remain calm, but the heartbeat of the woman skip a beat. Although her reaction was very weak, how could she hide it from a Sixth Order Open Heaven?

The Xuanyuan Heaven Elder immediately looked towards the direction of the cabin and smiled, “It seems you know each other.”

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Hei He suddenly stamped his foot and the World Force burst out, transforming the flying ship into a stream of light that flew towards the direction of the Universe Temple.

His reaction couldn’t be said to be slow. He had already been vigilant to begin with, so now that he noticed something was wrong, he immediately wanted to flee back to the Universe Temple. As long as he returned to the Universe Temple, no matter what these people wanted to do, they would be safe.

Fighting was absolutely prohibited in the Universe Temple, even for the disciples of the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

His movements were fast, but the Xuanyuan Heaven Elder's movements were even faster as he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the flying ship. Under the power of the Sixth Order Open Heaven, the flying ship suddenly froze in midair.

With a cold snort, he clenched his fist and the defensive array on the ship began to glow.

“Capture him!” The Xuanyuan Heaven Elder shouted as his subordinates immediately rushed out, each of them using their own Secret Techniques and artifacts to attack the flying ship.

Seeing the power of these people’s attacks, Hei He's face suddenly paled. He was only a Fifth Order, but these people who had jumped out were all Fifth Order, and there was even a Sixth Order, so how could he resist?

Using all his strength to activate the formations on the flying ship, the formations was broken in less than a dozen breaths of time. A few Divine Abilities flew towards him and Hei He struggled to resist them before flying backwards.

Only then did the Xuanyuan Heaven Elder stretch out his hand and grab the woman who had been hiding in the flying ship. The woman’s face was pale from the series of events that had transpired, but she was still someone who had seen a grand scene, so she didn’t show too much fear. Gritting her teeth, she stared at the young man in front of her angrily.

“You really know Yang Kai, right?” The young man asked coldly.

The woman gritted her teeth and refused to answer.

The young man scanned her from head to toe and clearly saw her cultivation. Frowning, he said, “Strange, you just condensed your Dao Seal, yet you have a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to escort you. It seems your identity is extraordinary. Tell me, what is your relationship with Yang Kai?”

The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage pressure was extremely powerful, and the woman had only just condensed her Dao Seal, so she was unable to resist it at all. She could only feel that her Dao Seal was showing signs of collapsing under this terrifying pressure, and the Qi and blood in her body were constantly surging, making it impossible to suppress.

“Pei!” she spat out a mouthful of blood towards the young man.

The young man didn’t move at all, and the blood spit disappeared under the pressure. With a backhand slap to the woman’s face, he knocked her unconscious.


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