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Looking at the entire hall filled with Sixth Order Open Heaven masters, especially the seven who had reached the Sixth Order directly, Qing Kui could almost see another Cave Heaven Paradise rising thousands of years later!

“Senior Brother Qing and Senior Sister Su being able to come here today is a great help to my Void Land. Otherwise, if we were to really fight Zuo Quan Hui in the future, we wouldn’t be able to catch him off guard.”

Qing Kui’s eyes flashed, “So that’s your plan.”

He and Su Yingxue didn’t know that so many Sixth Order masters had suddenly appeared in the Void Land, so it was likely that Zuo Quan Hui didn’t know about this either. From the way Zuo Quan Hui had arranged his forces today, it was obvious.

According to the original intelligence, in addition to Yang Kai, there were eight Sixth Order masters in the Void Land, while the Heavenly Sword Union had a total of ten. First, they had sent out eight Sixth Order masters to deal with the Void Land’s eight Sixth Order masters, then sent out the last two to exert pressure. In order to stabilize the situation, Yang Kai had no choice but to show himself.

Once Yang Kai appeared, Zuo Quan Hui would have a chance to act. This was probably Zuo Quan Hui’s original plan.

The battle between the two sides was not only a life and death struggle between their subordinates and Open Heaven, but also a psychological contest.

Unfortunately, Zuo Quan Hui’s luck wasn’t good. Qing Kui and Su Yingxue, who had appeared out of nowhere, had ruined his plans. At this moment, it's unknown how he's going to vent his anger in Heavenly Sword Palace.

“Senior Brother Qing, I only have one question right now,” Yang Kai leaned forward slightly.

Qing Kui stretched out his hand and said, “Junior Brother, if there’s anything you want to ask, just ask. If Senior Brother knows, he won’t hide anything.”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a low voice, “Is that Zuo Quan Hui someone we can kill or not?”

Hearing this, Qing Kui’s pupils shrank, secretly shocked by Yang Kai’s courage and appetite, not knowing how to respond.

Although he and Su Yingxue had received orders from their Master to assist them, they had never harbored any hope of killing a High Rank Open Heaven master. Their original plan was to protect Yang Kai’s safety and retreat to the Void Land.

After all, they were from Yin-Yang Heaven, so Zuo Quan Hui was more or less wary of them and wouldn’t try to kill them. As long as they could retreat to the Void Land and be protected, Zuo Quan Hui wouldn’t be able to do anything to Yang Kai.

Pondering for a moment, Qing Kui asked, “Is Junior Brother Yang afraid of Thousand Crane Paradise?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “I killed Zhao Xing and a Zuo Quan Hui jumped out. If I kill Zuo Quan Hui, who knows if Thousand Crane Paradise will jump out?”

Qing Kui’s scalp went numb. He didn’t know why he had started discussing the topic of killing a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator with Yang Kai, but he felt like he was dreaming. After all, how could a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator be so easy to kill? Although the number of Sixth Order Open Heaven on Void Land’s side was massive, if they were to fight against a veteran Seventh Order, it wouldn’t be good.

Nodding slightly, “That’s true, but Zuo Quan Hui’s situation is different from Zhao Xing’s.”

Yang Kai said humbly, “Senior Brother Qing, please enlighten me.”

Qing Kui waved his hand and smiled bitterly, “I’m just saying, it’s nothing much. Zhao Xing is a core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise and has a chance to break through to the Eighth Order in the future. After being killed on Crime Star, Thousand Crane Paradise should be able to regain its face, otherwise it will become the laughing stock of the world. However, with my Yin-Yang Heaven pressuring them, they can’t make a big fuss about it. As Zhao Xing’s master, Zuo Quan Hui had no choice but to take a different approach.”

“The news from Thousand Crane Paradise is that Zuo Quan Hui’s faction has betrayed the Sect. Since they have betrayed the Sect, they are traitors. They have nothing to do with Thousand Crane Paradise and are different from the two of us. We were expelled from the Sect by Master,” Qing Kui smiled, “Let’s put it this way, after this matter is settled, Master can take us back into the Sect, but no matter what, Zuo Quan Hui will never be able to return to Thousand Crane Paradise. Otherwise, Thousand Crane Paradise will lose all face and this is the price he must pay.”

Yang Kai raised his brow and said, “If that’s the case, if I can kill Zuo Quan Hui, it would be the same as helping Thousand Crane Paradise clean up its mess. They should thank me instead.”

Qing Kui opened his mouth and smiled bitterly, “Normally, that’s true!”

But in fact, everyone knew what had happened to Zuo Quan Hui’s betrayal of Thousand Crane Paradise. If Void Land had really killed Zuo Quan Hui, Thousand Crane Paradise naturally wouldn’t be able to show any gratitude, but they had no right to seek revenge.

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand!”

All of a sudden, Yang Kai felt refreshed and the troubles he had been feeling for the past few days were swept away. Ever since Zuo Quan Hui began targeting the Void Land, Yang Kai had been somewhat worried about the Thousand Crane Paradise behind him. If he was alone, he wouldn’t have to think too much about it. After so many years of bitter cultivation, all he wanted to do was to either kill Zuo Quan Hui, clear all obstacles, or be killed by Zuo Quan Hui and end everything.

However, as the master of the Void Land, he had to consider the hundreds of thousands of Void Land disciples.

Now that he heard Qing Kui’s words, he no longer had any worries.

Zuo Quan Hui could be killed!

After letting Qing Kui and Su Yingxue rest, Yang Kai finally had time to investigate the casualties.

In this battle, the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators didn’t have much of an effect, but those below the Sixth Order had killed nearly a hundred enemies. Although there weren’t many of them, everyone who participated in this battle was a Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and all of them had died.

Yang Kai didn’t know how many Open Heaven Stage masters there were in the Heavenly Sword Union, but today’s battle was enough to make the hearts of the higher-ups of Heavenly Sword Union bleed.

There were also casualties in the Void Land, but the number of casualties was not high, only less than twenty, so it was a small victory!

After the great battle, everyone had recovered.

Yang Kai calculated the amount of strength he could use. There were ten Sixth Order masters from Heavenly Sword Union, sixteen from Void Land, and the arrival of Qing Kui and Su Yingxue had increased this number to eighteen.

There were eight more people than the other party! If Luan Bai Feng was included, the gap between them would be even larger.

However, because the Iron Blood Great Emperor and the others had just broken through to the Sixth Order, they wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage against an old Sixth Order master, so once they showed themselves and participated in the battle, they would have to fight two against one.

In other words, the seven newly promoted Sixth Order masters could at most restrain three or four opponents.

And if he wanted to kill Zuo Quan Hui, Yang Kai estimated that he would need six or seven veteran Sixth Order masters to cooperate with him to have a chance.

Their strength was still somewhat lacking!

After all, once the power of the Void Land was completely exposed, if he couldn’t kill the snake, it would be impossible for him to kill Zuo Quan Hui again. There was only one chance! Therefore, Yang Kai needed to be fully prepared and decisive.

Moreover, the most important problem was that the Heavenly Sword Palace was too close to the Domain Gate. Once Zuo Quan Hui noticed that something was wrong, there was a high chance he would return to the Flying Smoke Territory. Should he pursue them or not?

If he chased after them, Zuo Quan Hui would definitely ambush them at the Domain Gate. Who could resist a sneak attack from a Seventh ORder Open Heaven cultivator? If he didn’t chase after them, all his previous efforts would be wasted.

Yang Kai felt a headache coming on. Zuo Quan Hui’s cautiousness had given the Void Land some breathing room, but it also made killing him extremely difficult.

Now that things had reached this point, he could only take things one step at a time. The situation on the battlefield was ever-changing, perhaps he could find a suitable opportunity.

Perhaps he could send a message to Luan Bai Feng to find an opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Zuo Quan Hui.

After the first confrontation, the Heavenly Sword Palace side remained calm for a full two months. Two months later, great waves rose again as a large number of streaks of light flew out from the Heavenly Sword Palace side, heading straight for the Void Land’s encampment.

The Void Land had long since taken precautions, so when they saw this scene, they naturally charged forward.

The two sides once again engaged in a fierce battle in the void, leaving behind only dismembered corpses and broken limbs as they retreated.

In the main hall, after taking inventory of the casualties, Yang Kai looked down and said, “Zuo Quan Hui used his connections to gather a number of Second and Third class forces. Although they didn’t have Sixth Order Open Heaven, there were quite a few Open Heaven masters below the Sixth Order. Not only did they supplement the losses they suffered during the last battle, but they also made up for it.”

Most of the people below were shocked when they heard this. Right now, Void Land’s greatest advantage was that there were many Open HEaven Stage cultivators below the Sixth Order. If they didn’t even have this advantage, the situation would definitely change.

Qing Kui hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can the news be confirmed?”

During this time, he had been staying in this small Shattered Spirit Province, preparing for battle at any time, but he had not seen Yang Kai send anyone out to inquire about the situation, so he was naturally curious.

Yang Kai nodded, “I can confirm.”

The news had come from Luan Bai Feng, she naturally understood the situation of the Heavenly Sword Palace.

Qing Kui’s eyes flashed as he quickly realized this and faintly felt that Yang Kai must have some kind of spy in the Heavenly Sword Palace, so he didn’t ask any further.

“Then what is Zuo Quan Hui trying to do?” Grey Bones frowned, “Many of them died today.”

Yang Kai said, “No matter how many casualties there are, it has nothing to do with Zuo Quan Hui. All the forces under his command are outsiders, and only a Sixth Order Disciple named Zi Yan is his personal disciple. As long as Zi Yan doesn’t die, why would he care about the lives of others? The battles in the future will only become more frequent, so everyone should be prepared.”

“If he can’t conceal himself and has his subordinates fight to the death, what does he want?” Mo Mei was puzzled.

Yang Kai took a deep breath, “He still has the same plan, to waste time!”

Zuo Quan Hui had sealed the Domain Gate and spread the news that his original intention was to exhaust the Void Land to death. Star City’s popularity had plummeted and the Void Land’s income had plummeted. With so many people cultivating and needing supplies, Star City had been struggling to accumulate enough resources for many years.

Once the Void Land’s resources ran out, he would inevitably jump out, giving him a chance to act.

If it weren’t for the frequent activation of the Nine Layers Heaven Formation which made Zuo Quan Hui realize something was wrong, he wouldn’t have led Heavenly Sword Union into the Void Territory.

In the first battle, because of Qing Kui and Su Yingxue’s arrival, Zuo Quan Hui’s plan to lure the snake out of its hole had come to an end. Since he couldn’t produce more Sixth Order Open Heaven, he could only use his connections, force, or entice to strengthen his subordinates.

With High Rank Open Heaven, who would dare resist? Whether they wanted to or not, they had to submit.


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