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After the Iron Blood Great Emperor had broken through, six more Sixth Order had appeared in the Void Land. Although all of them had just broken through and were unable to display the full strength of a Sixth Order Open Heaven, two against one shouldn’t be too difficult.

As long as Zuo Quan Hui’s side didn’t send out more than four Sixth Order Open Heaven, Yang Kai could deal with them, but it was impossible for him to continue concealing his strength.

A Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage wasn’t something that could be easily obtained. Yang Kai estimated that Zuo Quan Hui’s subordinates wouldn’t send out too many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. In other words, with Void Land’s current strength, they should be able to handle it.

A moment later, another stream of light rushed out from Heavenly Sword Palace and rushed towards the battlefield. The two leading people were obviously Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Yang Kai looked over, and when he saw the face of one of them, he was stunned. This person’s entire body was filled with Demonic Qi, it was none other than Myriad Demons Heaven's Pei Wen Xuan!

Why was this guy here? Was it because of Myriad Demons Heaven's orders or because of his own private actions? If it was the former, then the situation would be far worse for the Void Land. After all, Myriad Demons Heaven is one of the 36 Cave Heaven, so how could the Void Land resist such a massive force?

If Myriad Demons Heaven really interfered, Yang Kai would immediately gather everyone and return to the Void Land to hide under Bi Xi turtle shell.

However, Yang Kai didn’t find too many Myriad Demons Heaven disciples in the new batch of Open Heaven Stage cultivators, only three or five at most. This discovery made Yang Kai feel relieved. It seemed that Pei Wen Xuan’s interference in the Void Land’s battle with Heavenly Sword Union wasn’t ordered by Myriad Demons Heaven, otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent so few people here. It should have been him acting on his own.

Naturally, Luan Bai Feng was leading the group with Pei Wen Xuan.

At the same time Yang Kai saw her, their communication beads also moved. Yang Kai took them out and immediately understood the message Luan Bai Feng had sent him.

All the elites had been deployed to lure the snake out of its hole, so they had to be careful!

Yang Kai quietly put away the Message Bead and turned his head to look at the Iron Blood Great Emperor. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly felt two powerful forces appear out of thin air. Looking up, he saw two streaks of light approaching from the distance at an astonishing speed.

Feeling the aura of these two forces, Yang Kai’s expression became strange and he swallowed his words.

The two people who had suddenly appeared flew across the vast void like two sharp blades, directly charging towards the team led by Pei Wen Xuan and Luan Bai Feng, their momentum astonishing!

Pei Wen Xuan and Luan Bai Feng had received Zuo Quan Hui’s orders and were preparing to bring their people into the battlefield to pressure the Void Land so as to force Yang Kai to take action and create an opportunity for Zuo Quan Hui, but who would have thought that two more Sixth Order masters would suddenly appear and attack them.

Feeling the strength of this newcomer, Pei Wen Xuan didn’t even have time to think about where these two people had come from or what their identities were. Together with Luan Bai Feng, they both used their Divine Abilities to attack.

The two attackers didn’t try to dodge and instead seemed to be able to perform a joint attack. The two figures quickly intertwined and the World Force fused together to form a Taiyi Yin-Yang Chart which suddenly expanded and enveloped Pei Wen Xuan and Luan Bai Feng.

In the next moment, the Taiyi Yin-Yang Chart began rotating rapidly, like a giant millstone crushing the void.

The World Force fluctuated wildly as a miserable scream rang out.

On Shattered Spirit Province, a group of people were dumbfounded as they watched this scene. The Iron Blood Great Emperor and the others, who had been itching to fight, broke out in a cold sweat as they stared at the sudden change in the battlefield, secretly wondering what would happen if they were enveloped by this kind of Divine Ability.

Death was definitely not the fate. How could a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator die so easily? However, some injuries were inevitable.

“Who came?” Iron Blood Great Emperor turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai hesitated, “It should be Yin-Yang Heaven.”

“You invited them?” Bustling World Great Emperor asked. These two had suddenly appeared without any warning, and Yang Kai had never told them about this.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know about this either.”

He really didn’t know. If it weren’t for those two taking the initiative to attack, he wouldn’t have even known they were here. It seemed that Xu Linggong didn’t just ignore him, his status as Yin-Yang Heaven’s Son In Law was quite useful.

“Then do we still attack?” Iron Blood Great Emperor stared at Yang Kai.

“No need for now,” Yang Kai waved his hand, “Continue hiding.”

Many Great Emperors wore looks of disappointment on their faces. It had only been a short time since they had broken through to the Sixth Order, so they hadn’t had a chance to carefully examine the strength of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator. They had thought that this was an opportunity, but who would have thought that Yin-Yang Heaven’s people would suddenly appear and intercept them?

For a moment, he didn’t know if he should thank or blame them.

With a massive burst of energy, the Taiyi Yin-Yang Chart that had been suppressing the entire void suddenly shattered and several figures flew out.

Originally, Pei Wen Xuan and Luan Bai Feng had brought out at least forty to fifty Open Heaven Stage masters from Heavenly Sword Palace, but now only half of them had survived, and the rest were all dead. Almost everyone who was still alive was injured, with the exception of those above the Fifth Order.

Although Pei Wen Xuan wasn’t injured, he was still in a sorry state. After breaking free, he roared, “Qing Kui, Su Yingxue, you’re courting death!”

In the void, Qing Kui and Su Yingxue stood side by side, the former sneering, “Such impudence, you deserve a beating!”

Luan Bai Feng stood at the side, not saying a word as she adjusted her messy clothes slightly, but her heart relaxed.

She had been worried that Yang Kai would be forced to act and give Zuo Quan Hui a chance to kill him, but now it seemed that the sudden appearance of Yin-Yang Heaven had unknowingly resolved the crisis Yang Kai was facing.

From her standpoint, she still had to thank Qing Kui and Su Yingxue, so she naturally wouldn’t say anything and wouldn’t show it.

“The two of you dare to attack me?” Pei Wen Xuan stared coldly at Qing Kui and Su Yingxue, “I’m afraid you’ve forgotten what happened to Qu Huachang. I will definitely report this matter to Yin-Yang Heaven and condemn you as accomplices!”

Back then, Qu Huachang had only interfered with Yang Kai’s affairs, so it wasn’t too serious. She had been arranged to find a husband in a Dao Exchange Conference and had even been sentenced to a hundred years of confinement. Qing Kui and Su Yingxue’s actions just now were much more serious than Qu Huachang’s. If they really followed the rules of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, it was no surprise that they would be charged with the crime of colluding together.

Qing Kui, however, wasn’t intimidated and sneered, “If you can’t beat people, you complain. Is this Myriad Demons Heaven's inheritance? It’s really an eye-opener.”

Qing Kui also didn’t have a good impression of Myriad Demons Heaven. The reason why his Little Junior Sister had encountered such a terrible situation was because of Myriad Demons Heaven's Ti Zheng, so how could he show any goodwill towards Pei Wen Xuan?

Pei Wen Xuan coldly snorted, “Whatever you say, this matter will be decided by your Yin-Yang Heaven!”

Qing Kui wore an indifferent expression while Su Yingxue said lightly, “There’s no need to worry, Senior Brother and I are no longer from Yin-Yang Heaven.”

“What?” Pei Wen Xuan was stunned, wondering if he had misheard.

“Because the two of us defied our respected master a few days ago, we were expelled from the Sect, so we are no longer Yin-Yang Heaven’s disciples!” Su Yingxue’s expression was indifferent, as if she was talking about someone else.

Pei Wen Xuan’s face was filled with shock, “The two of you were expelled from Yin-Yang Heaven?” His first thought was that it was impossible.

Xu Linggong had taken in three disciples in his life and each of them was extremely precious to him. Even if they had committed a grave mistake, he would not be willing to expel them from his Sect. Moreover, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was an elite force in the various Cave Heaven Paradise and was more than capable of holding the position of an Outer Sect Elder. How could they be casually expelled from the Sect? Even if Xu Linggong was willing, Yin-Yang Heaven would not let him off so easily. At the very least, their cultivation would be crippled.

However, on second thought, this explanation sounded somewhat familiar…

Zuo Quan Hui’s faction could betray Thousand Crane Paradise, so why couldn’t Qing Kui and Su Yingxue be expelled from the Sect?

Xu Linggong, this old bastard, was obviously trying to cheat! But thinking about the other party’s character, it wasn’t strange for him to act shamelessly.

“Alright, enough idle chatter. Boy, are you ready?” Qing Kui clenched his fists tightly as he looked towards Pei Wen Xuan with a grin.

“Ready for what?” Pei Wen Xuan’s eyes twitched.

“Ready to be beaten, I hope your skin is thick enough so you don’t get beaten to death by this old master!” As he finished speaking, Qing Kui raised his fists and pushed his World Force towards Pei Wen Xuan.

Pei Wen Xuan cried out in alarm as the Demonic Qi around his body surged, transforming into a cloud of Demonic Qi that engulfed his body.

Although it had been a few years since he had broken through to the Sixth Order and his foundation had stabilized, how could he be a match for a veteran Sixth Order master like Qing Kui? Although he knew that Qing Kui couldn’t really kill him, being beaten half to death was still shameful, so when he saw Qing Kui rush towards him, he immediately used his Divine Ability to conceal himself and waited for an opportunity to act.

However, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had interacted with each other for countless years, so even if they didn’t know each other’s paths and Divine Abilities like the back of their hands, they at least had a certain understanding of them. Qing Kui didn’t even bat an eye as he rushed into the Demonic Cloud. A moment later, Pei Wen Xuan’s muffled groan rang out clearly.

On the other side, Su Yingxue directly went to find Luan Bai Feng, the two women engaged in a fierce battle.

Unlike Qing Kui beating up Pei Wen Xuan, he had to hold back a bit in order to avoid killing Pei Wen Xuan. In the end, Pei Wen Xuan was still a core disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven, so if he were to die, it would definitely cause a huge stir.

Wasn’t the current battle between the Void Land and Heavenly Sword Union because of the death of a core disciple? This was the result of Yin-Yang Heaven’s pressure. If it weren’t for Yin-Yang Heaven, the Void Land wouldn’t be facing Heavenly Sword Union, but Thousand Crane Paradise’s army.

Su Yingxue, on the other hand, didn’t need to worry too much about this. When she attacked, her killing intent surged and every move she made was deadly.

However, Luan Bai Feng didn’t dare to say anything to her and could only try to resolve the situation. Fortunately, Luan Bai Feng wasn’t a pushover. Although her background wasn’t as high as Su Yingxue’s, her Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was also extremely profound. For a time, it was quite a lively scene.

Pei Wen Xuan and Luan Bai Feng, who had been used as the last resort by Zuo Quan Hui, had no achievements, and the many Sixth Order masters he had sent out were also being held back by different opponents, unable to escape.

Those below the Sixth Order had suffered heavy casualties because they were outnumbered.

Inside Heavenly Sword Palace, Zuo Quan Hui’s face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping water.


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