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Half an hour later, Yang Kai walked out of the secret room with Bian Yuqing following closely behind him. The two Third Order masters from the Wind-Snow Sect had already told him everything they knew, and after cross-referencing the information they had revealed, there was nothing suspicious about it, so there was no need to continue asking.

“Sect Master, what should we do with those families?” Bian Yuqing asked softly.

In order to survive, the two from Wind-Snow Sect had mentioned several forces, but they couldn’t be certain if these forces really had some kind of collusion with Heavenly Sword Union. Perhaps they were just speculating, or perhaps they were just spouting names trying to survive.

As such, dealing with these forces was quite troublesome.

“Send a message to the Viceroy to monitor the situation closely, but if there’s any disturbance…” Yang Kai paused for a moment before coldly saying, “We’d rather kill the wrong person than let them off!”

Bian Yuqing quickly replied, “Yes!”

She also knew that what the Void Land lacked the most right now was time. As long as they had a little more time, the Void Land would have more Sixth Order masters. At that time, when they fought with Heavenly Sword Union, every Sixth Order masters would be an indispensable force, and this kind of time restriction would be extremely important.

Otherwise, if Zuo Quan Hui found out about the situation here, he would definitely launch an all-out attack.

Just Zuo Quan Hui’s faction alone had brought out all of Void Land’s higher-ups last time, and now with Heavenly Sword Union’s help, if Void Land didn’t have more Sixth Order masters, it would be difficult to resist.

“What should we do with those two?” Bian Yuqing asked again.

“Detain them for now,” Yang Kai replied casually. He didn’t put two Third Order masters in his eyes, but since they wanted to make an enemy out of Void Land, he wouldn’t show any mercy. After the war here was settled, he would just throw them into the Black Territory to mine. Luan Bai Feng would be happy to take over a new batch of mining slaves.

After the order was passed down, the Star City also began to make arrangements. Sure enough, three days later, they caught another spy who wanted to leave the Void Territory. After interrogating them and confirming that there was no mistake, they also detained them.

Yang Kai didn’t know how much longer Zuo Quan Hui could endure. He had led Heavenly Sword Union to seal off the Domain Gate for three or four years. This period of time wasn’t long, but it wasn’t short either. It was enough for a newly established force to reach a dead end.

After all, the Void Land had only risen for a short period of time, unlike the Cave Heaaven Paradise that had been passed down for countless years, it did not have a rich stockpile of resources. Now, even the Star City’s source of income had been cut off, so the only reason it was able to persist until now was because of the benefits brought about by the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill.

From Zuo Quan Hui’s perspective, he is in an invincible position. As long as he waited quietly, the Void Land would one day be unable to hold back and jump out to seek a way out. At that time, he would be able to deal a heavy blow to the Void Land!

However, there was always a limit to his patience, and it was impossible for him to completely seal off the news from the Void Land. Although he didn’t need to worry too much about the Star City, there were still many people hidden in the Void Territory who were observing the Void Land.

Once the Nine Layers Heaven Formation was activated frequently, it would definitely arouse Zuo Quan Hui’s vigilance and at that time, he would definitely try to probe it.

As such, Yang Kai felt that the Void Land would at most be safe for another year or so.

It was enough!

Three months later, Bustling World Great Emperor broke through to the Sixth Order.

Another month later, Beast Martial Great Emperor advanced to the Sixth Order!

In another two months, Fang Yue and Xiang Ying both broke through to the Sixth Order.

Immediately after Fang Yue and Xiang Ying, Flower Shadow and Ice Feather also broke through to the Sixth Order!

At this point, the number of Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters in the Void Land had broken through to sixteen, not including Luan Bai Feng on Heavenly Sword Union.

Although the seven newly promoted Sixth Order masters were unable to display their full strength for a short period of time due to the instability of their cultivation, they were still Sixth Order masters. A starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

In addition, there were more than a hundred newly promoted masters under Sixth Order in the Void Land, and it could be said that the entire Void Land was in an uproar.

Just as Yang Kai had expected, the frequent activation of the Nine Layers Heaven Formation had alerted Zuo Quan Hui, and after the scouts hiding in the depths of the Void Territory had tried their best to send word back, the peace that had been building for several years was finally broken.

“Sect Master, a large number of flying ships suddenly appeared from the Flying Smoke Territory’s Domain Gate that leads to the Void Territory. They were confirmed to be from Heavenly Sword Union, and Mountain Lord Mao over there fought the enemy for a while.”

On Dragon Child Peak, Yang Kai was examining Zhu Qing’s condition when Bian Yuqing suddenly rushed over.

Yang Kai turned his head and asked, “How is the situation?”

After returning from the Black Territory to the Void Territory that day, Yang Kai had Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya lead a group of Open Heaven Stage masters to guard the Domain Gate. On one hand, it was to block the path to the Flying Smoke Territory, but on the other hand, it was to monitor the situation there.

Over the past few years, there had been many small-scale attempts on Heavenly Sword Union’s side, but all of them had been easily resolved by Mao Zhe and the others. Since Zuo Quan Hui had decided to exhaust the Void Land to death, he naturally wouldn’t start a war so easily before the time came.

This time, the situation was clearly different from the previous small-scale probing.

Bian Yuqing shook her head and said, “The situation isn’t quite right. Heavenly Sword Union sent out several Sixth Order masters, and Mountain Lord Mao and the others were forced to retreat. The Domain Gate fell into Heavenly Sword Union’s hands.”

“Is everyone alright?” Yang Kai asked with concern. Although the Void Land was now filled with powerful forces, any Sixth Order cultivator is a rare talent.

“There were a few low-level Open Heaven Stage cultivators who died, but there weren’t many of them. The other party was only probing, so Mountain Lord Mao and the others were safe and sound.”

Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before sadly saying, “In a battle between two armies, death and injury are inevitable.” When the Star Boundary united to fight against the Demon Territory, there had been hundreds of millions of casualties and the entire Star Boundary had been plunged into misery and suffering. Now that they were fighting against Heavenly Sword Union, Yang Kai was naturally prepared.

“Zuo Quan Hui didn’t show up?” Yang Kai asked again.

Bian Yuqing slowly shook her head and rejoiced, “If he showed himself, Mountain Lord Mao and the others would definitely not be unharmed.”

Although Mao Zhe and the other two were veteran Sixth Order masters, they were definitely not Zuo Quan Hui’s match even if they were to fight together. The last time they had been able to defend against Zuo Quan Hui was because Yang Kai had been the one to bear the most pressure.

“Coward!” Yang Kai sneered.

Zuo Quan Hui was obviously afraid of the Holy Spirit of the Void Land, so he didn’t dare show his face easily. However, this was also in line with Yang Kai’s intentions. From this point alone, even if Zhu Jiu Yin didn’t participate in this battle, she would still be a great deterrent.

“Sect Master,” Bian Yuqing’s voice was somewhat hoarse, “Is the war about to begin?”

Although she was mentally prepared, when this day really came, Bian Yuqing couldn’t help feeling nervous.

As someone from the Star Boundary, she had never forgotten the intensity of the Star Boundary's War.

“It’s starting!” Yang Kai took a deep breath and turned his head, “Senior, I’ll have to trouble you to look after the Void Land and Star City.”

Nodding, Bi Xi said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of these two places for you. If you can’t defeat them, come back. With this old master here, they won’t dare act rashly.”

“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai expressed his gratitude before turning to Zhu Qing.

But before he could say anything, Zhu Qing stepped forward and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Yang Kai flatly refused, “No!”

Although Zhu Qing had undergone a Bloodline Transformation which greatly increased her Dragon Vein’s strength and allowed her to transform into a three to four hundred zhang long Dragon Body, Yang Kai had just checked that the strength she could display should be above the Third or Fourth Order.

It was also said that a true Big Dragon has a 1000 zhang body. Although Zhu Qing’s transformation this time had greatly increased her strength, there was still a gap between her and a Big Dragon. Perhaps she would need to undergo another transformation before she could truly become a Big Dragon!

On the other hand, in a battle between two armies, the situation was chaotic, and a Third Order or Fourth Order cultivator could die at any moment. How could Yang Kai dare to let her enter the battlefield?

Zhu Qing looked at him quietly, “I am the wife of the Void Land’s Lord. If I didn’t have the ability to participate, it would have been fine, but now that I have the ability to participate, I have to hide in the back, if those disciples who are desperately bleeding for the Void Land know about it, what will they think? They will definitely think I’m a coward.”

At the side, he couldn’t help shrinking his neck… he wanted to say something but held back.

Zhu Qing continued, “All these years, we’ve been cultivating hard, and while you were out and about, we weren’t able to help you much. Now that I have this opportunity, I want to do something! We can’t live under your wings forever and let you be exposed to the sun and wind alone. Big Sister and the others must be thinking the same and working hard for this goal.”

Yang Kai had a belly full of words he couldn’t say, his heart filled with warmth.

“In any case, if I want to go, even if you don’t allow me to, I’ll go myself unless you lock me up,” Zhu Qing said angrily.

Yang Kai stared at her for a moment before suddenly smiling and nodding, “If you want to go, you can go!”

Zhu Qing stared at Yang Kai in shock, “You’re not lying?” She hadn’t expected Yang Kai to agree to her request so easily.

“I’m not lying!” Yang Kai replied seriously before turning to look at the old man, “Senior, please take care!”

Saying so, he wrapped his arm around Zhu Qing’s waist and flew off.

A moment later, numerous large and small flying ships flew out of the Void Land, transforming into streaks of light as they headed towards the Domain Gate.

The 3000 Worlds is vast and boundless, so it would take at least ten days to half a month to reach the Domain Gate. If Yang Kai was alone, it wouldn’t have taken him so long, but now that there is a lot of Open Heaven Stage from the Void Land, this speed is normal.

Inside the room of the Lotus Fall ship, Zhu Qing’s clothes were in disarray, her hair was disheveled, and she was sweating profusely as she said with great difficulty, “Aren’t we going to participate in the battle? If others find out… what will we do?”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “It will take some time to get there, so we can’t waste any more time. Senior said that I can help you purify your bloodline, and the next time your bloodline transform, you will become a Big Dragon, so you must work hard!”

Zhu Qing was already in a daze, unable to speak, her entire body glowing with a faint red light.

Yang Kai suddenly felt somewhat annoyed, “If I had known this would happen, I would have worked hard and not wasted so much time.”


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