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“Void Land’s current situation isn’t good,” Zhu Yan suddenly sighed.

Yang Kai frowned, “It’s not a matter of life and death yet.”

Zhu Yan nodded, “Be that as it may, being targeted by a High Rank Open Heaven master is not a good thing.”

Yang Kai thought he was worried about the Void Land’s future, so he quickly consoled, “Great Elder doesn’t need to worry, I have a way to deal with this.”

“I believe so,” Zhu Yan nodded, “The Star Boundary’s situation was so bad back then, and you led us to slaughter our way out. No matter how bad the current situation is, it’s still less dangerous than the Star Boundary’s situation back then.”

He suddenly changed the subject, “However, having more masters in the Void Land is not a bad thing, right?”

“Great Elder is right, we’ve already begun implementing this plan, and the progress is quite good.” In another two months, the Iron Blood Great Emperor should be able to attempt to break through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. This was an exciting piece of good news.

“The more masters there are, the better! Especially my Dragon Clan, if we can grow, each of us will be comparable to a High Rank Open Heaven master. At that time, what can a mere Zuo Quan Hui amount to?” Zhu Yan said proudly before turning to look at Yang Kai sincerely, “However, you also know that the growth of the Holy Spirit is extremely slow, the same goes for the Dragon Clan. You see, after following you from the Star Boundary to the Void Land for so many years, only the Fifth Elder has made some progress, while the others have basically been stagnant, so you’ll have to spend more effort!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable as he asked hesitantly, “What does Great Elder want me to do?”

Zhu Yan coughed lightly, “You’re also a member of the Dragon Clan after all, so you can’t favor one over the other. If there are benefits, you should at least share them, right? Us men and married women won't count on you, but look over there, there are still a few young women who haven’t married yet.”

The corners of Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help twitching slightly, while Fu Xuan, who was standing to the side, blushed to the tips of her ears. Turning her head, she quickly said, “Xiaoqi is waiting for me, I’ll go take a look at her.”

Saying so, she stomped her foot and soared into the sky.

Zhu Yan’s words were so clear, how could the people present not understand? Fu Xuan was too embarrassed to stay.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Great Elder, you’re pushing me into a pit of fire! The number of pure-blooded Dragon Race women is far fewer than the number of men, each of them is like a treasure. If the men heard your words, they would chop me into eighteen pieces!”

Zhu Yan said seriously, “Compared to the future of my Dragon Clan, what are personal sacrifices? If any of them dares to say anything, I’ll rip their heads off, and I’m sure these little girls will be happy to do so.”

“That’s not appropriate!” Yang Kai quickly waved his hand. Zhu Yan wanted him to become a breeding dragon, how could he do such a thing? There is only a few women left on the Dragon Clan, at least four or five. [MSN: If Yang boy is single, he would be happy to do so. Am i right? xD]

“There’s nothing wrong with that!” Zhu Yan put on a look of absolute authority, “Everything else can be discussed, but this matter concerns the future of my Dragon Clan, so you’ll have to listen to me. In any case, your wives are all in secluded cultivation right now, so it’s rare for you to see them. You’re also a young man with a strong physique, so don’t you feel lonely?”

Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat, “You’re the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder, is it alright for you to speak like this? If your clansmen were to hear this, where would your prestige go?”

Fu Zhun, who was standing to the side, interjected with a smile, “If we can really allow the Dragon Clan to have a few Big Dragons, so what?”

Yang Kai stared at her in shock, “Second Elder, why are you saying such things?” Turning to Zhu Kong, he asked, “Fourth Elder, aren’t you going to say something?”

Zhu Kong muttered to himself for a moment before reaching out to pat Yang Kai’s shoulder and sighing, “Thank you for your hard work!”

Yang Kai was dumbfounded!

Looking towards Bi Xi for helf, he saw Bi Xi observed the commotion for a long time before stroking his beard and saying, “If you work hard, you’ll definitely gain something.”

Yang Kai’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, feeling like someone had stabbed him in the back.

Seeing that Zhu Yan was about to speak again, Yang Kai quickly raised his hand and stopped him, “Great Elder, the Dragon Clan’s future cannot depend on me, but I can promise you that you will find the Dragon Altar as soon as possible. If I can find it, the Dragon Clan will no longer be trapped here, and the future will be bright.”

Zhu Yan was stunned for a moment before replying, “The Dragon Altar is the Dragon Altar, so we can’t be sure when we’ll find it. Let’s talk about you first.”

How could Yang Kai be willing to talk to him? Putting on an act, he took out his Message Bead and looked at it before raising his brow and saying, “Something happened in the Star City, I’ll go take a look.”

Turning his head to Bi Xi, he said, “Senior, please take care of Qing’er.”

Nodding, Bi Xi said, “Rest assured, if there are any changes, I will inform you immediately.”

Yang Kai thanked him and flew towards the Star City.

Seeing him flee, Zhu Yan couldn’t do anything but frown, Fu Zhun sigh “We were too anxious and it scared him.”

Zhu Yan chuckled, “A man’s heart is always filled with lust, how could such a good thing scare him? Perhaps he’s just too happy to say it out loud.”

Fu Zhun glanced at him casually, “Like you?”

Zhu Yan quickly replied, “I’m an old man, so naturally I won’t act like a young man!”

Fu Zhun coldly snorted, “Then what do we do now?”

Zhu Yan thought about it for a moment, then waved his hand to remove the barrier and swept his eyes over the clansmen in front of him, “Men, leave, girls stay, I have some things to tell you.”

The male Dragon Clan members looked at each other in dismay. Although they were all somewhat curious, since the Great Elder had spoken, they didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly left, leaving the five female Dragon Clan members behind.

Zhu Yan gave Fu Zhun a look, and the latter immediately stepped forward and whispered to the five female dragons, occasionally pointing towards Zhu Qing. Some of them had golden eyes, some were eager to try, some were blushing shyly…

Zhu Kong let out a long sigh in the side.

Star City’s popularity was low and nearly eighty percent of the merchants had left, causing Star City’s situation to deteriorate. Even the Void Harbor, which used to be extremely lively, was now deserted.

Yang Kai drank a few pots of tea in the Viceroy’s mansion until his stomach was full.

Mo Mei didn’t know why Yang Kai had suddenly come to her place, but she just quietly accompanied him and didn’t ask any questions, diligently reporting to Yang Kai about the Star City’s recent situation.

Half a day later, Yang Kai thought that it was about time, so he stood up and said, “Please take care of the Star City, I’ll go back first.”

“Sect Master, rest assured, I will definitely take good care of the Star City, i'll send you off!”

After returning from Star City, Yang Kai went to find Bian Yuqing to discuss the matter of the Iron Blood Great Emperor breaking through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage in two months. Although they couldn’t help much with the Iron Blood Great Emperor breaking through to Open Heaven Stage, it wasn’t a small matter, so they had to make some preparations.

At the very least, he had to isolate the vision and energy fluctuations during the promotion so that others wouldn’t be able to spy on him. Otherwise, if Zuo Quan Hui found out about this, he might not be able to hold himself back and attack.

The Void Land’s top priority now was time, and second was supplies.

After settling some details with Bian Yuqing, Yang Kai returned to his own palace.

Just as he pushed open the door to his room, Yang Kai frowned and looked towards the bed, only to see that there was something hidden inside the bed. Yang Kai could clearly feel someone’s aura and breathing.

Frowning, Yang Kai walked over to the bed and looked down. Before he could see who was hiding here, two snow-white arms reached out from under the blanket and wrapped around his neck, pulling him down.

Yang Kai quickly held onto the edge of the bed to steady himself.

A pair of bright eyes stared straight at him, as if wanting to eat him alive.

“Fu Ling? What are you doing here?” Yang Kai glared at this loose woman, Zi Long. Yang Kai had a deep impression of her. When he first entered Dragon Island in the Star Boundary, he had seen many things that nearly blinded his eyes. Before this, he had only heard that many Dragon Race members lived in an impure manner, whether they were male or female, but he had never seen them before. It could be said that Fu Ling had opened a new window for him.

“Brother-in-law!” Fu Ling called out sweetly, her eyes flashing like silk, “The Great Elder sent me here to serve you.”

Raising her hands, Yang Kai found that the thin blanket couldn’t cover her naked body at all.

“The Great Elder asked you to come?” Yang Kai was both amused and annoyed. Zhu Yan really wanted to treat him like a breeding dragon, sending Fu Ling over without warning.

“Yes,” Fu Ling’s breath was like orchids as she gently pursed her red lips, showing a seductive look on her face, “Brother-in-law, I also want to be like Sister Qing and grow into a Big Dragon as soon as possible. Brother-in-law, can you help me?”

Yang Kai quickly nodded, “Let go of me first, I’ll help you.”

Fu Ling’s beautiful eyes lit up as she cheered, “Brother-in-law is the best!”

A moment later, with an exasperated shout, Fu Ling, who was wrapped up like a dumpling, was thrown out of Yang Kai’s room.

Before she could land on the ground, the enraged Fu Ling transformed into her true form. The purple dragon, which was dozens of zhang long, shook its head and spat out a purple dragon breath. Outside the palace, the light from the Spirit Array constantly flickered.

After venting her anger, Fu Ling left angrily.

From that day on, whenever Yang Kai shows up in the Void Land, there would always be female Dragon Clan members who would appear and follow him. Not every female Dragon Clan member was as unrestrained as Fu Ling. Some of them were bold and hot while others were shy and tender. Being entangled by so many female Dragon Clan members, Yang Kai felt extremely helpless.

However, being a breeding dragon, Yang Kai could never agree to such a thing. Zhu Qing’s achievements today were not in a day or two, but rather because he had been nourishing her for a long time. If he really followed Zhu Yan’s thoughts, Yang Kai would probably have nothing to do in the future and could only throw his body on those female Dragon Clan cultivators.

If Yu Rumeng and the others were to find out about this matter later, Yang Kai estimated that he wouldn’t have any good days ahead of him, so although his heart was in turmoil, Yang Kai refused to surrender. Regarding this, Zhu Yan and the others were also extremely helpless. If a cow didn’t drink water, it couldn’t force its head down.


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