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Flying Smoke Territory is a large domain adjacent to the Void Territory, so they could be considered neighbors.

There was a Second Class Force in the Flying Smoke Territory that wasn’t too strong. The Flying Smoke Territory’s name came from the Flying Smoke Palace, and its Palace Master was called Yu Xiushan, a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

When the Seven Skillful Land had been established in the Void Territory, there had been a lot of friction between them and the Flying Smoke Territory. This kind of grudge between forces from neighboring Great Domains was extremely common throughout the 3000 Worlds, not just in the Flying Smoke Territory or the Seven Skillful Land.

Back then, because of Xu Huang’s struggle for the Formation's control, Seven Skillful Land had suffered heavy losses, and even several Protector Venerable had died. Seven Skillful Land's Lord, Seven Skillful True Lord, had also suffered heavy injuries. After the Flying Smoke Palace learned the news, they naturally didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so Yu Xiushan gathered his forces and took advantage of the time before Seven Skillful Land's vitality recovered to kill them.

At that time, Yang Kai had just returned from the Great Ruins Boundary and was being pursued by Scarlet Star’s Great Manager Zhao Baichuan. In desperation, he thought of the Seven Skillful Land and used the Formation Jade that Xu Huang had given him before his death to sneak into the Seven Skillful Land's servant market.

After that, Zhao Baichuan and the others who had been chasing after Yang Kai somehow found a place with Yu Xiushan and joined forces to attack the Seven Skillful Land, exterminating all the Open Heaven Stage masters from the Seven Skillful Land and occupying their nest.

Yu Xiushan had a strong foundation in the Flying Smoke Territory, so he naturally wouldn’t remain in the Seven Skillful Land. As a result, he returned with a large number of spoils of war while Zhao Baichuan and the others stayed in the Seven Skillful Land, preparing to use it as their foundation to restore Scarlet Star’s former glory.

In the end, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, just as Zhao Baichuan’s beautiful dream began, Yang Kai led his men out from the shadows, catching Zhao Baichuan and the others off guard.

After the battle, many of Scarlet Star’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators had either died or fled, leaving behind only Chen Tian Fei who had even offered up his Loyalty List to save his life.

It was at that time that Yang Kai seized the Seven Skillful Land and became its master, later renaming it the Void Land.

Going back to the source, Yang Kai being able to obtain the Void Land, Flying Smoke Palace and Yu Xiushan had actually helped him quite a bit, but at that time, Yu Xiushan had been unaware.

Afterwards, the Void Land rose up and its prestige gradually rose. Yu Xiushan had also personally come to the Void Land, wanting to meet Yang Kai and pull some strings. After all, they were all neighbors, so it would be more convenient for them to build a good relationship in the future. However, when Yang Kai was cultivating in seclusion or out, Yu Xiushan hadn’t seen him even after running twice.

When the Heavenly Sword Union led the Hundred Force Alliance to besiege the Void Land, Flying Smoke Palace also participated! That battle caused Yu Xiushan’s courage to shatter.

Needless to say, Kong Feng died on the spot, the Hundred Force Alliance was routed, and Flying Smoke Palace suffered heavy losses, while Yu Xiushan escaped with heavy injuries.

Among the forces who had taken the initiative to visit and apologize, one of them was Flying Smoke Palace! For this reason, Flying Smoke Palace had paid a heavy price, but fortunately, the Void Land had no intention of settling any debts afterwards. The Flying Smoke Palace people had been on edge for several years before gradually calming down.

Yang Kai led Luan Bai Feng all the way back from the Black Territory, to the Flying Smoke Territory.

At this moment, several thousand kilometers away from the Domain Gate, Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng were concealing their auras and figures as they observed the situation over there.

The Domain Gate was connected to the Flying Smoke Territory and the Void Territory. In other words, after passing through this Domain Gate, one could return to the Void Territory.

However, at this moment, there were several large ships docked outside the Domain Gate.

The key was that the several large ships were obviously sealing off the Domain Gate. Yang Kai saw one of the flying ships arrive and was about to pass through the Domain Gate and enter the Void Land, but it was stopped by several large ships parked outside.

Both sides must have gone through a simple negotiation before the flying ship was forced to return.

This scene caused Yang Kai’s brow to furrow as he faintly felt that this matter had something to do with Zuo Quan Hui. He had left the Void Territory for less than half a year, but the situation seemed to have changed.

As for what exactly had happened, Yang Kai couldn’t say.

In less than half a year, Zuo Quan Hui’s injuries should have recovered. After suffering such a huge loss last time, even his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage Disciple, Zhou Ti, had died in his hands. Now, he would definitely seek revenge.

“Follow that flying ship and find out what’s going on,” Yang Kai couldn’t show his face, so he could only order Luan Bai Feng.

Luan Bai Feng pursed her lips and obediently flew away.

Yang Kai waited for about an hour before Luan Bai Feng quietly returned.

“So?” Yang Kai asked.

Luan Bai Feng’s expression became strange, “The one who sealed the Domain Gate is Heavenly Sword Union’s flying ship. Anyone who wishes to enter the Void Territory is not allowed to enter.”

“Heavenly Sword Union!” Yang Kai raised his brow, “Why did these trash jump out again? Why did they seal the Domain Gate?”

He feel a burst of anger, Heavenly Sword Union led the Hundred Force Alliance to besiege the Void Land. Other than Boundless Altar and Gold Rainbow Province, basically all the other forces had come to apologize, with only Heavenly Sword Union remaining silent.

Yang Kai had been busy with the Yin-Yang Heaven Dao Exchange and had wanted to wait for the Dao Exchange to end before taking care of Heavenly Sword Union, but after Zuo Quan Hui came looking for trouble with him, he had been left in a miserable state. Naturally, he didn’t have the mood to care about Heavenly Sword Union.

Unexpectedly, instead of finding trouble with them, they actually came to his doorstep to show off their strength!

Luan Bai Feng stared at him meaningfully, “Do you know who the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union is?”

Hearing her strange tone, Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning, “Who?”

“Zuo Quan Hui!” Luan Bai Feng called out.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly coming to a realization, “The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Zuo Quan Hui defected from Thousand Crane Paradise, and with his cultivation at the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, it should be more than enough for him to assume the position of Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master. It seems that Heavenly Sword Union is also eager to have such an expert overseeing them. This is simply a collusion!”

Luan Bai Feng said, “Zuo Quan Hui is now the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, so the people of Heavenly Sword Union naturally obey his orders. They have sealed off this Domain Gate in order to prevent outsiders from entering the Void Territory and sever your Star City’s foundation.”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “His thoughts are quite malicious, but what’s the point of doing so? There’s more than one Domain Gate to the Void Territory! Could it be that his Heavenly Sword Union has completely sealed it off?”

Luan Bai Feng shook her head, “There’s no need to completely seal it off, they just need to make a gesture and spread the news.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai frowned. Although his strength was stronger than Luan Bai Feng’s and he had used the Loyalty List to subdue this woman, in terms of experience and vision, Yang Kai might not be able to compare with this woman.

After all, she is a veteran Sixth Order master. Compared to Yang Kai, who was new and inexperienced, she had a better vision.

Luan Bai Feng said, “Zuo Quan Hui is an Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, and your Void Land is just a rising star. Although you have some reputation in the 3000 Worlds, most of it is based on Star City’s trade. Tell me, if there is a conflict between you two, who do you think outsiders will favor?”

Yang Kai frowned, “Naturally, it’s Zuo Quan Hui, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage.”

Luan Bai Feng nodded, “That’s right, High Rank Open Heaven can display more than just one’s own combat strength, it also has terrifying connections and deterrence. If it were anyone else, how could Heavenly Sword Union be willing to hand over the position of Union Master? However, Zuo Quan Hui can easily obtain it, this is Heavenly Sword Union’s trust in him. Now that he is the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, he has sealed off the Domain Gate that leads to Void Territory, giving others the impression that he is about to start a war with Void Land. If outsiders were to learn of this, what would happen to your Star City’s merchants?”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly!

Luan Bai Feng continued, “Zuo Quan Hui is powerful, so it won’t take a single soldier to isolate you from the Void Land, making it impossible for the Void Land to have any more resources. Even the Star City may not be able to sustain itself. With so many people in the Void Land, you should at least be able to cultivate, right? Without resources, how are you supposed to cultivate? No matter how much the Void Land accumulates, there will always be a time when you exhausted everything.”

“What a cunning old fox!” Yang Kai grit his teeth, “What a vicious heart!”

“This is an open conspiracy!” Luan Bai Feng said lightly, “Even if you know his intentions, there’s nothing you can do to stop him, unless your reputation surpasses his! So he doesn’t need to seal off all the entrances to the Void Territory. All he needs to do is act here and the news will naturally spread throughout the 3000 Worlds.”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “My Void Land is not a soft persimmon that can be easily kneaded. If you want to eat my Void Land, you’ll have to see if you have such good teeth.”

Luan Bai Feng couldn’t help nodding her head, “I know, you have two Holy Spirits guarding the Void Land, but that old man Bi Xi has difficulty moving, so he won’t be able to play much of a role in this situation. The only thing you can count on is the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider. If she can deal with Zuo Quan Hui, the predicament will naturally be resolved.”

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched slightly as he thought of Zhu Jiu Yin, his stomach filled with anger.

Without her status as a Dao Protector, Zhu Jiu Yin could do as she pleased. She couldn’t wait to see him suffer a loss, so how could she care about his life? If she had been willing to act last time, how could Zuo Quan Hui have escaped from the Void Territory?

However, Yang Kai also knew what Zhu Jiu Yin was worried about, so it wasn’t as simple as she said. Zuo Quan Hui was from Thousand Crane Paradise after all, if she killed him, she would definitely be worried that Thousand Crane Paradise would seek revenge on her.

Although Holy Spirits were strong, they were not invincible. Which of the Eighth Order Open Heaven in the Cave Heaven Paradise was weaker than a Holy Spirits? Zhu Jiu Yin had come from the Great Ruins Boundary and had no foundation, so once she was targeted by Thousand Crane Paradise, her life would not be easy.

With a heavy heart, Yang Kai asked, “How long has it been since Zuo Quan Hui became the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union?”

“A few months,” Luan Bai Feng replied.

Several months…

In other words, after Zuo Quan Hui was injured by him, he had gone to the Heavenly Sword Union’s territory to recuperate. It seemed like he had long since planned on taking over Heavenly Sword Union as his subordinate.

Thinking about it, although there were no Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage in the Void Land, there were many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. Zhou Ti had died in battle while Zuo Quan Hui only had the Sixth Order female disciples and the three from Crime Star left. Although all of them were powerful, their numbers were too few and they needed to rely on external forces. Heavenly Sword Union was undoubtedly the best choice.


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