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“It was originally a creature from this world?” Yang Kai frowned slightly, vaguely understanding what Xu Linggong meant.

When he first entered the Divine Weapon World, he had become the Eldest Senior Brother of the Void Spirit Sword Sect at the age of seventeen or eighteen. Such a person naturally couldn’t have appeared out of thin air and should have truly existed.

After all, everyone in the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect had memories of him.

“But if that’s the case, then why is this person’s appearance and name no different from mine?” Yang Kai was somewhat puzzled.

Xu Linggong continued, “Originally, he might have another name or appearance, but since you entered the Divine Weapon World to gain experience, the Divine Weapon World will naturally adjust to you, displaying all kinds of information about you. This kind of adjustment is a fundamental adjustment, so those who know this person will not feel anything unusual.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before asking, “Does that mean that all these years I spent in the Divine Weapon World was equivalent to possessing this person’s body?”

Xu Linggong nodded and said, “You can say that, but that’s not entirely true. In short, the Small Source World is a very special place. It’s the same for the Divine WEapon World and other Small Source Worlds. You’ll be able to understand it after entering a few more times.”

Yang Kai nodded and looked towards the vortex.

Since 'Yang Kai' was a living being from that world, he would naturally stay behind after he left. This is good, Yang Kai had been worried about what the Void Spirit Sword Sect would do after he left the Divine Weapon World.

Now it seemed that these worries were unnecessary.

The flow of time in the Divine Weapon World was vastly different from that of the outside world. In just a short period of time, there had been great progress.

The higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect rushed into the forbidden area, but not a single Divine Weapon could be seen. Not only had the five Divine Weapons Yang Kai had brought with him disappeared, even the Medicine King Cauldron that had been placed here had disappeared.

Everyone was naturally shocked.

However, soon after, the Heaven Cult and several other Sects with Divine Weapons sent out news that the Divine Weapons controlled by the various Sects had disappeared at almost the same time.

Half a day later, a strange phenomenon occurred and ten streaks of light flew out, each of them carrying the aura of a Divine Weapon.

Only now did the people from the Divine Weapon World realize that a new round of Divine Weapon Contest had begun!

This was something that had never happened before. The contest for the Divine Weapon was held once every hundred years, and it had only been fifty years since the last Divine Weapon Contest.

Although they didn’t understand why such an unforeseen event would occur, every Divine Weapon Contest was a major event that swept through the world. All the Sects who had the qualifications to become Divine Weapon masters would go all out to fight for their Sect’s hundred-year destiny!

On the Profound Pill Sect’s side, Yang Kai saw that in the vortex, 'he' had led a group of Profound Pill Sect’s Spirit Pill Masters and Spirit Rank masters out of the Sect to fight with the other Pill Way Sects, using the strength of one Sect to fight against the other major Sects, eventually taking back the Medicine King Cauldron!

Afterwards, he continued to fight for the next Divine Weapon, Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear.

It wasn’t that they wanted to fight over this Divine Weapon, it was just that they were quite close.

This was like poking a hornet’s nest. The Profound Pill Sect had always been a sect that focused on Pill Refining. For generations, even if they participated in the contest for Divine Weapons, they would only compete for the Medicine King Cauldron. After all, this thing contained the essence of Pill Refining, so even if other Sects snatched it, it would be useless.

However, this time, because the Profound Pill Sect’s Pill Refining skills had greatly improved, the winner of the Medicine King Cauldron had been decided early on, so the Profound Pill Sect still had time and energy to participate in the next contest for the Divine Weapon.

How could the many forces who were fighting over the Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear endure this? They all gathered together to attack, wanting the Profound Pill Sect to retreat.

However, over the past fifty years, the Profound Pill Sect’s strength had not only increased in Pill Refining, but also in terms of overall strength.

This was especially true for the two guards who had been by Yang Kai’s side for so many years, Yang Huai and Hua Rong. Each of them had the ability to fight one against a hundred, let alone Yang Kai personally taking action.

After a fierce battle, the sky and earth became dark.

The Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear was finally seized by the Profound Pill Sect!

This Divine Weapon contest seemed to have lasted for several months, and the entire Divine Weapon World was filled with flames of war. Besides the Medicine King Cauldron and the Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear, the other Divine Weapons had all changed hands several times, and the various forces were fighting openly and secretly.

However, the battle for Divine Weapons had finally come to an end.

The biggest winner was naturally the Profound Pill Sect. Not only did they take back the Medicine King Cauldron, but they also took back the Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear. Throughout history, this was the first time a force had taken away two Divine Weapons.

The strength of Profound Pill Sect shocked the world, and the abilities of Yang Kai and his two guards were even more shocking.

They had never known that a Sect famous for Pill Refining could have such an ability, and Yang Kai himself was the highest under the heavens!

“That’s equivalent to an avatar you left behind in the Divine Weapon World. The strength you cultivate in the Divine Weapon World is something he can display,” Xu Linggong said as he pointed at Yang Kai’s figure reflected in the vortex.

Yang Kai grinned, “In that case, I’m relieved.”

When he was observing the Divine Weapon World, he had indeed discovered this point. The strength he cultivated in the Divine Weapon World had all been displayed by his avatar, otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to be so invincible.

“The lifespan of a creatures in the Divine Weapon World isn’t very long, at most several hundred years. Since this avatar of yours is a native living being of the Divine Weapon World, it naturally won’t be able to break free from this shackle. After a few hundred years, no matter how high his cultivation is, he will eventually turn into dust,” Xu Linggong sighed slightly, seemingly somewhat moved.

“It’s enough,” Yang Kai nodded. Protecting the Void Spirit Sword Sect and the Profound Pill Sect for hundreds of years is enough. There was no Sect in this world that would prosper forever, so what would happen to the Profound Pill Sect and the Void Spirit Sword Sect after a few hundred years was not something he needed to consider.

“Let’s go,” Xu Linggong called out, “In the future, you will definitely have a chance to enter another Small Source World, so this trip can only be considered as accumulating some experience.”

The two of them bid farewell to Yin-Yang Heaven’s Supreme Elder and sped off.

Yang Kai followed beside Xu Linggong and asked, “Elder Xu, didn’t you say that Yin-Yang Heaven has three Small Source Worlds…”

“Don’t even think about it!” Xu Linggong immediately glared at him, “I let you enter the Divine Weapon World once and you already seized thirty percent of its World Force. Isn’t that enough? Do you still want to harm the other two?”

Yang Kai scratched his nose in embarrassment, “I’m just asking, there’s no need to be angry, Elder Xu.”

Xu Linggong coldly snorted, seemingly remembering that Yang Kai was the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, the future husband of his precious disciple, so he couldn’t help explaining, “It’s not that this King doesn’t want you to enter the other two Small Source Worlds, it’s just that the other two aren’t as high grade as the Divine Weapon World. Small Source Worlds are also divided into different grades. If you enter the Divine Weapon World to gain experience, you’ll gain a lot of benefits, but if you enter those two Small Source Worlds, even if you work hard, you won’t gain much benefits. On the contrary, you’ll be taking up a spot for Yin-Yang Heaven’s other disciples. For Yin-Yang Heaven, it’s not worth it.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding, “Small Source World is just like the World Fruit, also divided into the High, Mid, and Low grades?”

“That’s what I mean, as long as you know,” Xu Linggong nodded.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed, “No matter what, this time I must thank Elder Xu for his help.”

If it weren’t for Xu Linggong, he probably wouldn’t have been able to enter the Divine Weapon World and reap so many benefits. Now that the Divine Weapon World had suffered such a heavy blow, he felt somewhat embarrassed.

“You’re Little Girl Qu’s future man, so of course this old master has to treat you well. Otherwise, if you were to be killed outside, wouldn’t Little Girl Qu become a widow?” Xu Linggong casually waved his hand.

“How is Senior Sister Qu now?”

Xu Linggong coldly snorted, “She’s just locked up and meditating, what else can she do? This is also beneficial to her. She has just broken through to the Sixth Order and her foundation is unstable. Even without this punishment, it will take time to stabilize. A hundred years is nothing to us Open Heaven, so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, her Senior Brother Qing and Senior Sister Su will take good care of her.”

“Then I’m relieved,” Yang Kai nodded, “Now that this matter is settled, it’s time for me to return. A hundred years from now, I’ll come back here to visit Senior Sister.”

“You’re not in a hurry to leave,” Xu Linggong raised his hand and stopped him, glancing at him from the corner of his eye, “Have you forgotten what kind of trouble you’ve caused on Crime Star? Do you want to die just like that?”

Yang Kai blinked. Although it had only been a month in the outside world, he had been training in the Divine Weapon World for dozens of years and many of his memories seemed to be from his previous life. After a moment of silence, he remembered, “Thousand Crane Paradise?”

Xu Linggong snorted, “You killed that Zhao Xing on Crime Star, do you really think Thousand Crane Paradise will let this go?”

Yang Kai sighed, “Junior knows that this is a disaster, but even if it is a blessing or a curse, it cannot be avoided.”

“It’s best if you understand. After all, that Zhao Xing is a core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise and has a chance to break through to the Eighth Order in the future. Now that he has died at your hands less than a hundred years after breaking through to the Sixth Order, Thousand Crane Paradise can be said to be enraged. You should know that talents who can directly break through to the Sixth Order are hard to find even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, often less than one in a thousand years.”

“I know.”

“If it was an ordinary disciple, then so be it, but with the rules of my Yin-Yang Heaven Dao Exchange laid out in front of them, Thousand Crane Paradise would at least have to give some face. Right now, Thousand Crane Paradise is holding back because they don’t want to cause too much of a ruckus with my Yin-Yang Heaven, but if you leave alone, Thousand Crane Paradise will definitely take action. With their ability, it won’t be difficult for them to finish you off without anyone knowing. At that time, even my Yin-Yang Heaven won’t be able to say anything.”

“But Junior cannot hide in Yin-Yang Heaven forever.”

“Wait a few days, I’ll arrange for someone to send you off.”

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment but didn’t insist, cupping his fists, “Then I’ll have to trouble Elder Xu.”

Returning to his residence, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch immediately greeted, “Sir!”

Yang Kai was slightly dazed for a moment before remembering that when he participated in the Dao Exchange Conference on Crime Star, he had used the Loyalty List to subdue Grey Bones and even used him to kill many sinners.

The decades of experience in the Divine Weapon World was like a real cycle of reincarnation. Many things that had clearly happened not long ago made people feel like they were not real.


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