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Heaven Cult, one of the Ten Great Sects, a Sect that had seized the Divine Weapon Sun Covering Bow several dozen years ago. It was a place filled with talents and experts.

But now, inside and outside the Forbidden Area of Heaven Cult, not only were there Spirit Rank masters from their own Sects, but there were also people from the other five top Sects.

The layers of defense were impenetrable.

It had been seven years since the last time the Thunder Staff had been stolen. Counting the days, it wouldn’t be long before the elusive Divine Weapon Thief made his move again. The Spirit Rank masters stationed outside the forbidden area didn’t dare to relax in the slightest, all of them focusing their senses to the maximum and staring at any suspicious movements.

In the deepest depths of the forbidden area, the Sect Master of Heaven Cult, Cao Kong, led his Left and Right Protectors to patrol the area, his eyes occasionally glancing towards the Divine Weapon Sun Covering Bow placed here. In the depths of his heart, he felt a faint sense of anxiety, as if something big was about to happen.


A sharp whistling sound suddenly came from outside the forbidden area. Cao Kong quickly turned his head and recognized that it was the sound of an arrow being shot from the gate. His expression couldn’t help changing, “What happened outside?”

“I’ll go take a look!” The Left Protector said, his figure flashing as he flew out.

A moment later, he reported in a frightened and excited voice, “Sect Master, that person has appeared.”

Cao Kong’s eyes narrowed, “Divine Weapon Thief?”

“It’s him!” The Left Protector nodded heavily.

“Sure enough!” Cao Kong took a deep breath. Although he had expected this, he was still somewhat resentful. Among the five Divine Weapon, why had this Divine Weapon Thief come to Heaven Cult for it? Did he think Heaven Cult was easy to bully?

Suppressing the distracting thoughts in his mind, he quickly asked, “How is the situation?”

Left Protector’s face showed a trace of fear, “This man’s strength is truly worthy of his reputation. Currently, the surrounding disciples and other masters are besieging this man and have been injured by him.”

Cao Kong sucked in a breath of cold air. Those who could be placed in this forbidden area were all Spirit Rank masters, while the other five families were all sent masters. With such a lineup against the Divine Weapon Thief, they had actually been injured by him. It seemed that this Divine Weapon Thief’s strength was truly unfathomable.

Left Protector continued, “Sect Master, I’m afraid the people outside won’t be able to stop this person. Sooner or later, he will break through. Should we go and support them?”

Cao Kong pondered for a moment before asking suspiciously, “Rumor has it that this person’s movement technique is like a ghost, he comes and goes without a trace. In the past, when he stole a Divine Weapon, he had never been entangled with anyone for too long. Basically, he would leave after taking a Divine Weapon. Why is he fighting this time?”

As he asked himself this question, he suddenly understood something and shouted, “Luring the tiger out of the mountain, he wants to lure us away from this place and steal our Divine Weapon! Pass down my orders, no one within the forbidden area is to act rashly, guard this place tightly and don’t let even a fly in!”

Left Protector cupped his fists, “Yes!”

“Right Protector!” Cao Kong looked towards another person.

“This subordinate is here!”

“Quickly send a message to the other Sects and inform them of the situation here. Tell them that if they want to capture this Divine Weapon Thief, they only have this one chance. If they don’t seize this opportunity, it will be difficult to capture him next time.”

The Right Protector instantly understood his Sect Master’s intentions and immediately shouted, “Subordinate accepts the order!”

Turning around, he circulated his spiritual force and flew away.

The Profound Pill Sect was not too far away from Heaven Cult, and if a Spirit Rank master flew at full speed, it would only take them two hours.

Inside the Profound Pill Sect’s forbidden area, the Heaven Cult's Right Protector had personally come to deliver a message, and the five great Sects’ masters who were guarding the Medicine King Cauldron were all shocked when they heard this.

A domineering Sect Master’s eyes lit up as he asked, “Did that thief appear in Heaven Cult?”

The Right Protector nodded, “Yes, the elites of the various families are currently besieging him. The Sect Master has ordered me to send a message.”

The domineering Sect Master grit his teeth and shouted, “Good, very good, this old master finally caught your tail!” Turning around, he shouted, “Tyrant Blade Sect’s Sect Master, listen up! Quickly come with me to assist Heaven Cult and capture that little thief who stole the Divine Weapon!”

The other four families also rubbed their fists, itching to fly over to the Heaven Cult's side and meet the mysterious guy from a few dozen years ago.

The group of Profound Pill Sect’s higher-ups glanced at each other before Baili Yunsang said, “My Profound Pill Sect is also willing to contribute.”

The overbearing Sect Master raised his hand, “It’s best if the Profound Pill Sect doesn’t move. That little thief’s movement technique is quite mysterious. If he sees that the situation in Heaven Cult isn’t good, he’ll immediately rush over. It’s best to be on guard here. Fortunately, Heaven Cult isn’t too far from here, so if something really happens, we can quickly come to assist.”

Hearing this, Baili Yunsang nodded, “That’s true, then I wish everyone success and victory!”

The domineering Sect Master shouted, “There’s no time to lose, we’ll set out now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a large group of people soared into the sky and disappeared.

On Limitless Peak, Hua Rong stared in the direction the group had left before turning around and entering the hall, bowing as she said, “Sir, they’ve left.”

Yang Kai sat up straight and nodded lightly, “Understood!”

Walking out of the hall, Yang Kai turned his head towards the direction of Profound Pill City.

The people of the Void Spirit Sword Sect had been under the protection of the Profound Pill Sect for the past few decades and had steadily developed. The Sect had also gained many Spirit Rank masters, and in the Divine Weapon World, it could be considered a large Sect.

Before letting Yang Huai take action, Yang Kai had already prepared a way out for the Void Spirit Sword Sect. Even without him, the Void Spirit Sword Sect would still be able to survive.

Without any worries, Yang Kai’s pace became lighter.

“Eldest Senior Brother!” Wan Yingying was waiting outside. For some reason, she suddenly felt a feeling of separation between life and death. Although she was right in front of him, he felt like he was far away.

Yang Kai rubbed her head and smiled, “Cultivate well and take good care of Honored Master and the others.”

Wan Yingying opened her mouth, “Where is Eldest Senior Brother going?”

Yang Kai nodded, “A long trip.”

“When will Eldest Senior Brother return?”

“The date of return is still undetermined!” Yang Kai shook his head and smiled, “Perhaps you’ll see me when you wake up.”

“Wake up…” Before Wan Yingying could finish her words, her vision suddenly went black and she fainted.

Yang Kai handed her over to Hua Rong, “Take care of her.”

After receiving Wan Yingying, Hua Rong turned around and entered the hall.

As the wind howled and his clothes fluttered, Yang Kai stared at the Profound Pill Sect’s forbidden area and sighed lightly, “It’s time to end this!”

Circulating his spiritual force, a buzzing sound suddenly rang out from somewhere on Limitless Peak, followed by five streaks of light flying towards Yang Kai.

These five items had different shapes and were respectively Sword, Blade, Umbrella, Spear, and Staff. The Divine Weapons were simple and unsophisticated, and if one didn’t know them well, they would never believe these five were actually Divine Weapons.

The Divine Weapon World only had a total of ten Divine Weapons, and any Sect that could obtain one of them would be blessed by the Heavens. But now, five Divine Weapons were gathered in one person’s hands. If anyone were to see this scene, their eyes would probably pop out.

In fact, it was the truth.

When Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he used his Space Laws to appear in the Profound Pill Sect’s forbidden area, Baili Yunsang and the other Elders guarding the deepest part of the forbidden area were all stunned. All of them stared at Yang Kai and the five Divine Weapons behind him, feeling like they had fallen into a dream.

“Greetings Sect Master, Master, Elders!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Baili Yunsang muttered, “Martial Nephew, the things behind you…”

On the other hand, Dan Chengzi jumped up, gritting his teeth as he cursed, “I knew it was you, you little bastard! All these years you’ve been playing dumb with me!”

Yang Kai said apologetically, “Master, please forgive me. This matter is too important, it’s not convenient to say.”

Wu Fenghua’s eyes slowly filled with horror as he swallowed his saliva and asked, “Elder Yang, are those Divine Weapons that was lost a few dozen years ago?”

“Since Great Elder has already guessed so, why bother asking?”

The blood drained from Wu Fenghua’s face.

Yu Boyang even fell to the ground, “A disaster, a disaster!”

The Divine Weapon Thief who had been hiding in the Divine Weapon World for dozens of years was actually their own Elder. If news of this were to spread, wouldn’t the entire Divine Weapon World be mobilized to attack him? At that time, even the Profound Pill Sect, a Pill Way Sect, might not be able to survive.

This is a great disaster!

Baili Yunsang suddenly frowned and said, “That’s not right, since the Divine Weapons is with you, what about the Heaven Cult…”

“That’s Yang Huai!” Yang Kai replied.

“Yang Huai…” The group of people were stunned again.

Dan Chengzi was shocked, “Yang Huai’s strength is actually so amazing?”

Just now, when the Right Protector of the Heaven Cult came to explain the situation, they had all heard that the “Great Divine Weapon Thief” had appeared in the Heaven Cult and fought against countless Spirit Rank masters by himself. Not only had he not fallen into a desperate situation, he had even injured many people. Otherwise, the Heaven Cult would not have come to ask for reinforcements.

With such strength, everyone thought he was the Great Divine Weapon Thief, but it turned out he was just Yang Huai?

“What are you trying to do?” Baili Yunsang looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.

“What I want to do, everyone can see with a glance,” Yang Kai smiled.

As soon as he finished speaking, he appeared in front of the Medicine King Cauldron, and before anyone could even see how he had passed, Yang Kai was already standing there.

The six Divine Weapons had all gathered in one place, a scene that had never been seen before. Even though everyone was filled with doubts, they were still shocked by the scene before them.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and pushed his spiritual force to its limit, grabbing the Medicine King Cauldron and pouring his spiritual force into it.

The Medicine King Cauldron was the first Divine Weapon he had refined in the Divine Weapon World, and it was also a Divine Weapon related to Pill Way. However, after ten years of imprisonment and refining, Yang Kai didn’t dare continue to the last step.

After a few decades, this final step had finally been taken.

Along with the influx of his spiritual force, the Medicine King Cauldron also began to hum and emit a strange light.

In just a moment, the Medicine King Cauldron was completely refined, and an indescribable connection suddenly surged into Yang Kai’s heart, causing him to feel as if he was resonating with the entire world. Under this kind of perception, it was as if the world was right in front of his eyes and his thoughts were being expanded endlessly.

The Medicine King Cauldron was formed from a strand of the Divine Weapon World’s Source Energy. Now that this Source Energy had been refined, it was only natural that such a bizarre reaction would occur.


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