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The worries of the Profound Pill Sect’s upper echelons didn’t happen. The Sword Child of Concealed Sword Villa stayed in Profound Pill City for two or three days before leaving on his own. When the news came back, the group of old fogies who were on edge finally let out a sigh of relief, all of them faintly wondering if they had misunderstood Yang Kai. The person who had stolen the Clear Void Sword wasn’t him.

But if it wasn’t for him, who in this world could achieve such a feat under the eyes of the Four Elders?

Concealed Sword Villa had been investigating this matter for five or six years and had searched almost the entire Divine Weapon World, but there was still no trace of the Clear Void Sword. In the end, they could only put it to rest and withdraw most of their forces, leaving only a small number of people outside to continue their search. However, they also knew that after such a long time, it would be impossible to find the Clear Void Sword again.

The matter of the Clear Void Sword being stolen also became a complete mystery.

This matter had raised a large number of storytellers from teahouses and wine shops. The mysterious man had visited Concealed Sword Villa in the middle of the night and fought against the four old men of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They had divided the story of the Clear Void Sword being stolen into 180 chapters and described it vividly as if they had seen it with their own eyes.

It had only been two years since the Concealed Sword Villa incident had been settled when another shocking piece of news broke out.

Tyrant Blade Sect’s Azure Dragon Blade had been stolen!

As one of the Ten Great Sects and also one of the Ten Divine Weapons, after eight years, the Azure Dragon Blade of Tyrant Blade Sect had been stolen almost exactly the same as when the Clear Void Sword of Concealed Sword Villa had been stolen.

There was a mysterious man who had suddenly appeared at Tyrant Blade Sect’s headquarter. His figure was like a ghost, and his methods were unfathomable. A dozen of Tyrant Blade Sect’s top masters had joined forces to stop him, but they were unable to stop this man’s ability to come and go without a trace. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, this man disappeared together with the Blade!

The entire world was shaken!

Because of the precedent of the Clear Void Sword being stolen, Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t conceal any information this time. Almost a few days after the Azure Dragon Blade was stolen, they immediately spread the news and asked the other ten great Sects of the Divine Weapon World to assist in the search.

This time, the situation was even worse than last time.

Clear Void Sword had been stolen and it could be said that the mysterious man had some kind of grudge with Concealed Sword Villa and had deliberately sought revenge, but the fact that Tyrant Blade Sect’s Azure Dragon Blade had also been stolen was enough to raise the vigilance of the other ten great Sects.

This sneaky fellow seemed to have set his eyes on the Divine Weapon. After witnessing what had happened in the past, the other ten great Sects naturally didn’t dare to let their guard down, otherwise no one could guarantee that the next one to suffer would be their own Sect.

For a time, the entire Divine Weapon World was in chaos as almost everyone was trying to track down the whereabouts of the thief. Even the Profound Pill Sect was not spared.

Baili Yunsang summoned all the Elders to strengthen the defense of the Medicine King Cauldron, but during the discussion, many of the Elders’ eyes would occasionally shift towards Yang Kai, causing him to feel helpless.

A few years later, there was no news of Azure Dragon Blade, so Tyrant Blade Sect had no choice but to give up. Such a grand search was extremely taxing on manpower and material resources, and even Tyrant Blade Sect was somewhat unable to hold on. In the end, they had no choice but to accept the fact that Azure Dragon Blade had been lost, just like what Concealed Sword Villa had done.

Several years later, Wishful Umbrella of Flower Rain Palace was stolen…

Nine years later, Cloud Moon Island’s Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear was stolen…

Another eight years later, Azure Sea Mansion's Thunder Staff was stolen…

To the entire Divine Weapon World, this was a period of turbulent decades, and it was also a period of treacherous decade. The Divine Weapon Thief’s name had spread far and wide across the world, and everyone knew of him. His fierce reputation was enough to stop children from crying at night.

It was rumored that this man was ten meters tall, fierce, and cruel, his strength was terrifying to the extreme. Moreover, he only stole Divine Weapons, coming and going without a trace. No matter how many masters there were, no matter where the Divine Weapons were hidden, they would all be easily found and stolen by him.

Concealed Sword Villa’s Clear Void Sword was the first, Tyrant Blade Sect’s Azure Dragon Blade was the second.

Since then, the other eight Divine Weapon Sects had been on high alert, especially when the Thunder Staff of Azure Sea Mansion was stolen. Almost all of Azure Sea Mansion's Spirit Rank masters had gathered in the Forbidden Zone, and it could be said that they had exhausted all of their Sect’s strength, but were still unable to stop the Divine Weapon Thief. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the Thunder Staff had been stolen, and many people had been injured. This was a great humiliation to Azure Sea Mansion.

When the Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear was stolen, Cloud Moon Island had made an imitation of a Divine Weapon in advance and spent a great deal of money to forge three Spirit Weapon, placing them in the three Forbidden Areas of Cloud Moon Island. The real Divine Weapon, Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear, was hidden in a safe place and guarded by the three strongest people on the island.

However, in the end, the three Spirit Weapon were left unattended, but the real Divine Weapon was stolen.

In just a few short decades, five of the ten Divine Weapons had been lost, while the remaining five great Sects who held the Divine Weapons all felt threatened.

No one knew who the next target of this Great Divine Weapon Thief was, but every one of the five great Sects was on edge.

However, after so many years, anyone with a discerning eye could see that although the Divine Weapon Thief’s methods were impressive, he had never killed a single person. All the masters who guarded the Divine Weapon were at most injured.

From this, it could be seen that this Divine Weapon Thief was not as cruel as the rumors said.

The other thing was the time pattern of this person’s appearance. It happened once every seven to nine years, at most ten years. No one knew why, but looking at the time when the five Divine Weapons were stolen, this pattern could be summed up.

Now, it had been seven years since the Thunder Staff had been stolen. Counting the days, it was about time for the Divine Weapon Thief to appear again. The five great Sects who held the Divine Weapon were immediately alarmed. The five great Sects who had their Divine Weapons stolen also sent out their elites to the other five Sects. Firstly, they had been entrusted by the five great Sects to work together to protect the Divine Weapon, and secondly, they wanted to seize this opportunity to capture this sneaky fellow.

However, those who had witnessed the strength of this great thief knew that this person’s methods were simply too extraordinary, so it was likely impossible to capture him. Their only hope was to figure out who this person was, or at the very least see his true appearance!

Profound Pill Sect, Limitless Peak, inside a secret room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged with his palms facing upwards, holding a long staff with a man-sized dragon and phoenix coiling around it. The staff was flashing with lightning.

One of the Ten Divine Weapons, the Thunder Staff, had been obtained from Azurer Sea Mansion seven years ago.

After spending so many years, Yang Kai had finally refined it to the last step. Letting out a sigh, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked around.

This secret room was personally arranged by him, and there were more than a dozen layers of restrictions inside, he was always the only one who could enter. Even Yang Huai, Hua Rong, and his Little Junior Sister, Wan Yingying, who had followed him for many years, didn’t know what was inside this room.

If an outsider were to enter this place, they would definitely cry out in alarm.

This was because the Divine Weapon World had lost five Divine Weapons over the past few decades.

Clear Void Sword, Azure Dragon Blade, Wishful Umbrella, Ten Sides Evil Shadow Spear, Thunder Staff!

Each of the five Divine Weapons was surrounded by layers of restrictions, he had no choice but to do so. The Divine Weapons has Great Principle Wonderful Sound, allowing those who obtained an opportunity to listen and comprehend its mysteries.

For so many years, Profound Pill City and Profound Pill Sect had been visited by masters from other Sects from time to time, and if they are not guarded, it was very likely they would discover some clues, such as the Sword Child who had wandered around Profound Pill City.

With these many barriers protecting it, even if he couldn’t completely isolate the Great Dao Wonderful Sound, he could still block a portion of it. As long as they didn’t get too close to these Divine Weapons, there shouldn’t be any problems.

On the other hand, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of these so-called masters. His current strength had reached the limit of this world. With the power of the Dragon Vein and the Dao of Space, even if the entire world was his enemy, he could still come and go as he pleased.

However, once this news was leaked, Profound Pill Sect would face a great catastrophe, and even the Void Spirit Sword Sect which was attached to Profound Pill Sect would not be able to survive.

For the sake of the people from Profound Pill Sect and Void Spirit Sword Sect, he still needed some protection.

He had been in this Divine Weapon World for more than fifty years and had refined six Divine Weapons in total, but he had only been one step away from completely refining them.

He had originally wanted to collect all ten Divine Weapons, but after refining the Thunder Staff, he had no choice but to abandon this plan.

This was because after all these years of refining Divine Weapons, he had clearly felt the repulsive force of this world. As he refined more Divine Weapons, this repulsive force became stronger, and now, it had almost reached its limit.

If he were to find another Divine Weapon to refine, the repulsive force would immediately expel him from the Divine Weapon World.

As such, he could no longer refine a new Divine Weapons, even the six Divine Weapons he had already refined, he was not confident he could refine them all.

After spending so many years here, it was time to pick some fruits and leave. As for how many benefits he could obtain, it would all depend on luck.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai stood up and left the secret room, summoning Hua Rong to ask about the current situation of the Profound Pill Sect.

Hua Rong reported honestly.

The time limit for the appearance of the Divine Weapon Thief was approaching, so the five Sects who had lost their Divine Weapons had all sent out their elites to assist in guarding the Divine Weapons.

Inside the Profound Pill Sect’s forbidden area, not only were there Profound Pill Sect’s Spirit Rank masters, but there were also Concealed Sword Villa, Tyrant Blade Sect, and five other families. It could be said that the inside and outside of the forbidden area had been completely surrounded!

Yang Kai silently pondered. With the current situation, it was almost impossible to enter the forbidden area without being discovered.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai waved his hand to dismiss Hua Rong before asking her to call Yang Huai over.

A moment later, Yang Huai stood in front of Yang Kai, cupped his fists, and called out, “Sir!”

Yang Kai looked him up and down, “Big guy, how many years have you been with me?”

Yang Huai said solemnly, “Since Sir brought this subordinate out of Blood Servant Camp, it has been fifty-two years.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Fifty-two years… you’ve also reached the Ninth Order Spirit Rank.”

“It was all thanks to Sir’s guidance.”

“I have something I want you to do. Although it’s dangerous, as long as you act carefully, there shouldn’t be any big problems.”

Just like how Yang Kai had brought him out of the Blood Servant Camp fifty-two years ago, Yang Huai cupped his fists and shouted, “I am willing to die for Sir!”


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