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After half an incense stick of time, a burly figure rushed into the depths of Sword Tomb. This person was none other than Concealed Sword Villa’s Villa Master, Ye Cheng!

Someone had quietly snuck into Concealed Sword Villa, and they had searched everywhere but to no avail. Ye Cheng naturally thought of the forbidden area and quickly rushed over to investigate. Along the way, the guards who were supposed to be guarding in the dark suddenly disappeared, causing his heart to sink.

When he arrived at the forbidden area, he looked up and his expression changed drastically.

The Clear Void Sword had disappeared!

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the four old men stood around the round platform, as if they had been struck by some kind of Fixed Body Art, maintaining their sword posture and not moving, each of them wearing a look of shock and anger.

In the void, there were still fluctuations of battle.

Ye Cheng’s arrival seemed to have triggered some kind of hidden aura, and with a series of sizzling sounds, the four old men each vomited blood and fell to the ground!

Ye Cheng was shocked and took a step forward, “Elders, what happened? Where is the Clear Void Sword?”

A strange red light flashed across Old Chun's face as he forcefully suppressed his tumbling Qi blood, his face filled with shame as he said, “The Clear Void Sword… was snatched away by someone.”

Ye Cheng was shocked, “Who could have such ability to snatch the Clear Void Sword from the hands of the four old masters!” It was no wonder he was so shocked. The strength of these four people in front of him had already reached the peak, any one of them could be considered an invincible existence, let alone the four of them working together.

Old Xia shook his head, “I don’t know, the face of this person is unclear, and from the sound of it, he should be a man, but his methods are unfathomable. We… are not his opponent.”

Ye Cheng felt a chill run down his spine. Listening to Old Xia’s words, not only had this person injured them and stolen the Clear Void Sword, but they hadn’t even been able to see what the enemy looked like.

If it weren’t for his trust in the four of them, Ye Cheng would have suspected that they had stolen something from him.

“That person has seized the Clear Void Sword, so he shouldn’t have gone far. Villa Master, please immediately split up and pursue him. We must find out the whereabouts of the Clear Void Sword. The Divine Weapon… must not fall into the hands of an outsider! We need to adjust our breathing for a moment before coming!” Old Dong waved his hand, “Quickly!”

Ye Cheng nodded heavily, “Yes!”

He turned around and strode away.

At the same time, a thousand kilometers away, Yang Kai flew through the air, with the Clear Void Sword in his hand as he silently refined it.

Thinking back to the battle just now, Yang Kai also admired the four old men of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The four old men had reached the limits of this world, and with the four of them working together, there was no one in this world who could stop them. Even with the help of the Space Laws, he had nearly been injured by them.

He had no choice but to fight back.

Fortunately, the Clear Void Sword was already in Yang Kai’s hands, he had planned to store it in his Space Ring, but who would have thought that his Space Ring would be unable to contain it? Thinking about it, it made sense. After all, it was formed from ten percent of the Divine Weapon World’s Source Energy, so how could a Space Ring contain it?

He could only hold on to it.

A moment later, Yang Kai slowly shook his head. He was now an Eighth Order Spirit Rank master and his cultivation was incomparable to the past, but refining this Clear Void Sword was still extremely slow. After a few attempts, he faintly felt that it would take several years to completely refine it.

Overnight, he had returned to the Profound Pill Sect and quietly returned to his Limitless Peak, entering a secret room to refine the Clear Void Sword.

Even though Concealed Sword Villa had immediately sealed the news, the news of Clear Void Sword being stolen still quickly spread throughout the entire Divine Weapon World.

The people who heard this couldn’t believe it. After all, Concealed Sword Villa had a long history and many masters lived in it. It was said that the ones guarding the Clear Void Sword were the Four Elders of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, each of them possessing extraordinary strength. Who in this world could steal the Clear Void Sword?

However, there was no way to hide the truth. Concealed Sword Villa did not refute this statement, and in the next few months, many people began to search for clues.

After more than half a year, the world finally confirmed that the Clear Void Sword had been stolen.

The entire world was in an uproar!

The world was shocked that even a peak force like Concealed Sword Villa had been broken through and stolen the Clear Void Sword, but they were also curious about the identity of the thief.

Who was it that had such ability and such courage?

Unfortunately, the person who had stolen it had not revealed himself, so no one was able to determine anything.

On Profound Pill Sect’s Limitless Peak, Dan Chengzi and Yang Kai sat opposite each other, a tea set placed between them, each of them sipping tea.

Dan Chengzi had come today to ask Yang Kai about some Pill Refining techniques.

Now that Yang Kai was an Elder of Profound Pill Sect, although his seniority was lower than Dan Chengzi’s, in terms of status and identity, they were on par with each other. The older generation of Alchemists in the Sect yearned for Pill Way, so they didn’t need to worry about their face and would come to him from time to time to ask him some questions.

Yang Kai also taught them carefully.

Wan Yingying knelt down and poured tea for them.

After more than a decade, this Junior Sister of the Void Spirit Sword Sect was now a Heaven Rank master, and with Yang Kai’s personal guidance, her progress in Pill Way had also improved by leaps and bounds. She is now a true Heaven Pill Master, while the other two Junior Brothers who had come with her were slightly worse, but they were still Earth Pill Master.

“If that’s the case, then Master’s understanding of the Hidden Dragon Art was wrong,” After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, a look of enlightenment appeared on Dan Chengzi’s face.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Not entirely, just a slight deviation. Master only needs to make a few minor adjustments to condense the pill.”

Dan Chengzi nodded, “En, I understand.” Pausing for a moment, he put down the cup of tea and asked casually, “You’ve been staying at Limitless Peak for the past few days, have you heard about something big happening outside?”

Yang Kai looked up at him and asked, “What is Master referring to?”

Dan Chengzi stared at him with a burning gaze, “Concealed Sword Villa’s Clear Void Sword was stolen!”

“Oh?” Yang Kai was surprised, “There is such a thing happening?”

“I’ve heard that the Sword Thief’s methods are unfathomable, even if the four old man of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to stop him.”

“This is really quite incredible. With Clear Void Sword stolen, I’m afraid Concealed Sword Villa won’t let this matter rest, right?”

Dan Chengzi nodded and said, “That’s right, this matter has caused quite a stir. Although Concealed Sword Villa didn’t admit it at the start and has always acted in secret, there is no such thing as an impenetrable wall in this world. Right now, they have already begun searching for Clear Void Sword’s whereabouts.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “The person who stole the Sword is so powerful that even the Four Elders of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are no match for him. So what if Concealed Sword Villa finds him? Can they snatch it back?”

Dan Chengzi slowly shook his head, “The strength of that Sword Thief is indeed terrifying, but what about his friends and family? Since he has come to this world, it’s impossible for him to be all alone. The people from Concealed Sword Villa can’t beat him, so why can’t they try something else?”

“That’s true!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Dan Chengzi said seriously, “Concealed Sword Villa’s strength is unparalleled, and they’ve managed to seize the Divine Weapon several times over the past thousand years. If they really manage to find the person who stole the Sword, there will definitely be an earth-shattering battle. At that time, I’m afraid many people will die.”

Yang Kai nodded seriously in agreement.

The corners of Dan Chengzi’s eyes twitched, “Boy, do you have anything you want to say to Master?”

Yang Kai blinked, “Is there anything Master doesn’t understand?”

Dan Chengzi angrily slammed the table, startling Wan Yingying.

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Why is Master angry?”

Dan Chengzi took a deep breath and looked at Yang Kai helplessly, “The Medicine King Cauldron has the Great Dao Wonderful Sound while the Clear Void Sword also has the Great Dao Wonderful Sound. As long as someone is within a certain range of this Divine Weapon, if they are lucky enough, they will be able to listen to it. Just like when you lived on Moon Locking Peak, you were also able to hear the Great Dao Wonderful Sound of the Medicine King Cauldron. Currently, there are several Concealed Sword Villa disciples in Profound Pill City, one of them being the most outstanding Sword Child of Concealed Sword Villa. When Clear Void Sword was still in Concealed Sword Villa, he had heard the Great Dao Wonderful Sound several times. If he wasn’t too far away from Clear Void Sword, he would have noticed it!”

Yang Kai revealed a look of surprise, “Then this Sword Child’s aptitude must be extremely high. With him here, he can definitely find the Clear Void Sword as soon as possible!”

Dan Chengzi stared deeply at Yang Kai, a trace of suspicion appearing on his face. After a moment, he nodded and said, “Whether you really don’t know or not, this is all I have to say. You should consider it yourself.”

Saying so, he stood up.

Yang Kai stood up and respectfully said, “Master, please take care.”

Dan Chengzi waved his hand and left Limitless Peak.

On Purple Sun Peak, Baili Yunsang and the other Elders were waiting. When Dan Chengzi returned, everyone looked over.

Baili Yunsang asked nervously, “How is it? Is it him?”

Dan Chengzi slowly shook his head, “I can’t be sure.” He briefly explained what he had just heard from Yang Kai.

Wu Fenghua said solemnly, “From Concealed Sword Villa, it is said that the strength of the person who stole the sword is extremely terrifying, and his movement technique is like a ghost’s, extremely similar to what that boy did that day. Moreover, in this world, I can’t think of anyone other than him who can defeat the Four Elders.”

Yu Boyang also nodded and said, “That’s right. Back then, he had just broken through to the Spirit Rank, but he was already able to defeat my Profound Pill Sect’s people, rendering them powerless to resist. Now that more than ten years have passed, his strength has probably become even more terrifying. It’s understandable that the Four Elders of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are no match for him.”

Lan Yin frowned and said, “But since he refuses to admit it, what choice do we have? Right now, we can only hope that the one who stole the sword is not him, otherwise, my Profound Pill Sect and Concealed Sword Villa will definitely have a great battle. After all, he is now an Elder of my Profound Pill Sect, so everything he does is refelected on the Sect.”

The group of people were all deeply distressed as they sighed.

Dan Chengzi muttered, “There’s no need for everyone to worry too much. From what I can see, that boy is not someone who doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. If it wasn’t his actions, it would naturally be for the best. If it really was him, he should also have a countermeasure. Back then, he dared to brute force his way into Profound Pill Sect for the sake of the people from the Void Spirit Sword Sect. From this, it can be seen that he is a person who values friendship and loyalty. He definitely wouldn’t joke around with the lives of his friends and family.”

“If that’s the case, it’s for the best. I’m just afraid that the Sword Child at the foot of the mountain really heard the sound of the sword. If that’s the case, it’ll be difficult to explain!”


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