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A few days later, Yang Kai looked at the ugly ring in his hand and sighed.

After all, Yang Kai didn’t have a deep understanding of Artifact Refining, he had originally planned to refine a Space Ring, but after all this time, it had taken the shape of a black thumb ring instead, and there was no sense of beauty at all.

Fortunately, although this thing was a bit ugly, its practicality was not bad. Yang Kai had used his Space Laws to open up a large space inside it, enough to store many things.

He went to the storeroom and found some materials he could use before storing them into his Space Ring.

What Dan Chengzi said was right, Baili Yunsang really had the intention of raising him to become the next Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect. Ten years of solitary retreat and Yang Kai’s great contribution was enough to prove his attitude towards Profound Pill Sect.

After the Elder Ceremony, Profound Pill Sect’s side secretly promoted Yang Kai’s reputation.

A thirty-year-old Spirit Pill Master, the youngest Elder, and the future hope of Profound Pill Sect, all of these praises were directed towards Yang Kai alone. For a time, in the entire Divine Weapon World, Yang Kai’s limelight was unmatched!

The entire Profound Pill Sect was proud of this!

Concealed Sword Villa, one of the Divine Weapon World’s Ten Great Sects.

The so-called Ten Great Sects were not fixed, but rather changed according to the Divine Weapon Contest that occurred every hundred years. Only by obtaining the Divine Weapon would one be qualified to become one of the Ten Great Sects. This was an honorary title, and although it was also a symbol of strength to a certain extent, it was not absolute.

One of the Ten Great Sects currently exist a Sect, In terms of overall strength, it wasn’t the best, but because a heaven-defying person had obtained a Divine Weapon during the last Divine Weapon Contest, the Sect behind it had been promoted to the Ten Great Sects.

Concealed Sword Villa had a long history and had not fallen for a thousand years. In the past thousand years, it had obtained the Divine Weapon Clear Void Sword several times and had become one of the Ten Great Sects. It could be said that throughout the entire Divine Weapon World, Concealed Sword Villa was one of the undisputed overlords. Even without the protection of the Divine Weapon, no one dared to underestimate its strength.

Not to mention, the Clear Void Sword was currently in Concealed Sword Villa.

Under the night sky, the full moon hung high in the sky and the cold moonlight scattered down.

At the top of a tall building, a figure appeared silently.

Yang Kai stood at the highest point of Concealed Sword Villa, overlooking this massive Sect that had been passed down for a thousand years, the Clear Void Sword hanging on his waist constantly ringing.

Looking down, Yang Kai raised his brow.

The Clear Void Sword he wore on his waist was forged by the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Martial Ancestor at great cost and was an imitation of a real Divine Weapon. It was nothing more than a Spirit Weapon.

But no matter what, there was a subtle connection between an imitation and a real one. If not for this, Yang Kai wouldn’t have deliberately worn his Clear Void Sword and could have stored it in his Space Ring.

He had almost finished refining the Medicine King Cauldron and was only a step away from completely refining it. Once he took this step, he would definitely be able to obtain a trace of the Divine Weapon World’s power, but this World should also produce a powerful repulsive force that would expel him from the Divine Weapon World. At that time, he would have to leave even if he didn’t want to.

It wasn’t easy to come here, so Yang Kai naturally wanted to reap some benefits.

The Divine Weapon World’s Source had been split into ten, and the ten Divine Weapons were the manifestations of these ten Sources. In order to obtain more benefits, one had to refine more Divine Weapons!

Concealed Sword Villa was his first target because there was the Divine Weapon Clear Void Sword here!

Yang Kai really wanted to know what would happen if he refined all ten Divine Weapons. Would he be able to devour all the World Force of the Divine Weapon World and strengthen his Small Universe? If so, he would be able to immediately break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage!

As for whether he would be discovered or not, he didn’t need to worry about that. With his current strength, no one in the Divine Weapon World could match him. If he were to act so stealthily and be discovered by others, there is no need to live.

What’s more, the Divine Weapon did not have a master, so even if he snatched the Clear Void Sword, Concealed Sword Villa would not know who did it.

The fact that Divine Weapons had no masters was something he had specially learned from Dan Chengzi, because when he had refined the Medicine King Cauldron, he had already found it strange. Logically speaking, since the Medicine King Cauldron was in Profound Pill Sect, it must have a master.

But in fact, Yang Kai didn’t sense any outsider’s aura from the Medicine King Cauldron. Lan Yin had also said that no one in Profound Pill Sect could refine the Medicine King Cauldron.

The Medicine King Cauldron was like this, so were the other Divine Weapons!

These so-called Weapon Lord had only obtained these Divine Weapons. In their hands, these Divine Weapons were simply weapons sharper than Spirit Weapons, unable to display their true power.

Since ancient times, many heroes had tried to become the true masters of the Divine Weapons, but none had succeeded. Some had even suffered a backlash from the Divine Weapons and died.

From an outsider’s point of view, a Divine Weapon was a manifestation of this world’s Source Energy. If someone from this world wanted to refine this Source Energy, they would only be able to do so if they wanted to escape from this world’s perspective and strength.

However, every Divine Weapon represented the ultimate truth of the world, and the benefits of a Divine Weapon were immeasurable. For example, if one could comprehend some of the mysteries of the Clear Void Sword in Concealed Sword Villa, it would greatly enhance one’s attainments in the Sword Dao.

The people of Concealed Sword Villa had studied the sword and had obtained the Clear Void Sword several times over the past thousand years, so there were countless Sword Dao masters in Concealed Sword Villa.

The Clear Void Sword on Yang Kai’s waist was still ringing. Although the noise was small, how sharp were the eyes and ears of the masters of Concealed Sword Mountain Villa? When Yang Kai had first appeared, no one had noticed him, but now they had.

A low shout came from the shadows, “Who is sneaking around!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a series of sword beams shot towards Yang Kai from all directions, instantly enveloping him.

When the light faded, more than a dozen figures had already arrived at the top of the tall building. Looking around, there was no one there.

“Where is he?” Someone asked curiously.

“Are you seeing things?”

“Impossible, I clearly saw that there was definitely someone here just now.”

“To be able to slip away right under our noses, he must be a high-level Spirit Rank master, but for some reason he’s acting so stealthily. Quickly report this to the Villa Master!”

After a few simple words, some people rushed forward to report, while the remaining people called out to their fellow disciples to search for any suspicious places.

The entire Concealed Sword Villa was in a state of panic as figures shuttled back and forth across the night sky, each one of them exuding a powerful spiritual force fluctuation.

At the same time, in a quiet place, Yang Kai suddenly appeared and stuffed the Clear Void Sword he wore into his Space Ring.

The instant the replica resonated with the real one, it was enough for him to determine where the real Divine Weapon was. If he continued to leave his Clear Void Sword outside, it would only cause trouble.

This was the entrance to a mountain valley. Turning his head, he saw a stone tablet beside the mountain valley with the words Sword Tomb written on it.

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. Concealed Sword Villa’s Sword Tomb was famous throughout the world and was also Concealed Sword Villa’s deepest forbidden area, so it was reasonable for Clear Void Sword to be placed here.

Yang Kai stepped inside, his figure flickering like a ghost under the moonlight. From time to time, the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground could be heard.

It was the sound of the guards outside the forbidden area being knocked down.

In a flash, Yang Kai had reached the deepest part of the forbidden area.

On top of a circular platform, a long sword was inserted into a stone groove. From its shape, it was exactly the same as the Clear Void Sword of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, reflecting a cold light under the moonlight.

Yang Kai stared fixedly at the long sword, as if he could hear a strange sound coming from it.

The Medicine King Cauldron has the Great Dao Wonderful Sound, and so did the Clear Void Sword. The Medicine King Cauldron contained the highest truths of Pill Way, while the Clear Void Sword was the Sword Dao! If one could comprehend the Great Dao Wonderful Sound here, they could naturally reach the pinnacle of Sword Dao.

On the four sides of the round platform where the Clear Void Sword was located, four old men with white hair and beards were sitting cross-legged. These four old men looked extremely old, and one even has the longest beard dragged to the ground.

One wore a green robe, one wore a red robe, one wore a yellow robe, and one wore a white robe.

Although Yang Kai’s journey from the outside had been silent, it was obvious he had not escaped the eyes and ears of these four people, so when Yang Kai arrived, all four of them opened their eyes and stared at him.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai had activated his Space Laws, causing the space around him to fluctuate. Even though the four old men’s strength was terrifying, they were unable to see Yang Kai’s true appearance. All they could see was a humanoid figure, unable to distinguish between male and female.

This kind of strange method was something they had never seen before, causing the four old men’s expressions to become solemn.

The green-robed old man asked, “Who are you?”

Yang Kai withdrew his gaze from the Clear Void Sword, swept his eyes over it, and nodded lightly, “I’ve long heard that Concealed Sword Villa has the Four Elders of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Everyone’s strength is at the peak and their achievements are extraordinary. Seeing you today, you truly live up to your reputation!”

Although they didn’t make a move, Yang Kai could feel an extremely powerful spiritual force aura from these four old men. This was almost the limit of this world.

The red-robed Old Xia said in a low voice, “Us old fogies haven’t appeared in this world for a long time, so we didn’t know that such a character had appeared in this world. It seems that there really is a talent in every generation!”

The yellow-robed Old Qiu asked, “Sir, what brings you here?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Let me borrow your Sect’s Clear Void Sword!”

The four old men glanced at each other, not showing any signs of anger. The white-robed Old Dong said, “We are under orders to guard this place and look after the Clear Void Sword. If Sir wants to take the Clear Void Sword, you must first kill us, otherwise you won’t be able to take it.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Respecting the old and cherishing the young is the virtue of our generation. All of you are old, so there is no need to fight and kill. I will take the Clear Void Sword and leave.”

Saying so, he stepped forward.

The four old men’s expressions changed drastically, but they didn’t show any signs of movement. Instead, each of them suddenly took out a long sword and slashed out in all directions.

The four of them didn’t use any fancy moves, each and every one of their movements had already reached the point of perfection, each of their attacks contained a terrifying amount of spiritual force.

Each of these four people was a top master in this world, and their combined strength could be said to be unparalleled. However, a shocking scene appeared.

Facing the attacks of these four people, the vague figure simply stood there indifferently, slowly advancing towards the Clear Void Sword. The surrounding space distorted and all the attacks aimed at him were inexplicably destroyed.


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