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As the sky lit up, Dan Chengzi’s sleeves fluttered as he landed on the mountainside of Moon Locking Peak, his expression somewhat strange as he stared towards Yang Kai’s cave mansion.

Yesterday, he had been shocked by all the methods Yang Kai had used to refine pills, so he hadn’t realized that in terms of seniority, this little brat was much shorter than all the Elders. How could he be so arrogant as to allow everyone to go to his Cave Mansion to listen to him talk about the Pill Veins?

Logically speaking, he should have been the one to report this matter to his Elders. Although the one who reach the 3000 Great Dao come first, etiquette should not be disregarded.

Therefore, Dan Chengzi had rushed over early to persuade Yang Kai to go to the Sect Master’s Spirit Peak. Judging from Yang Kai’s performance yesterday, he still recognized him as his Master. Since Yang Kai still recognized him as his Master, it would be best for him to persuade him.

Outside the Cave Heaven, Yang Huai and Hua Rong stood to the left and right, cupping their fists in greeting when they saw Dan Chengzi arrive.

Dan Chengzi nodded slightly and under the guidance of Hua Rong, walked into the Cave Mansion. Looking up, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Baili Yunsang and the others had arrived early, and the Elders of the Sect were all gathered here, each of them sitting on a mat.

The corners of Dan Chengzi’s eyes twitched. This scene in front of him seemed familiar…

Thinking about it carefully, he couldn’t help thinking back to many years ago when they were still a child, when they had listened to the teachings of many of their Senior Brothers and Sisters! After so many years, these old memories had almost been forgotten, but today, they had all come flooding back.

The youngsters from the past had all become famous Alchemists, but now, the scene in front of him was almost exactly the same as the one in the past. It was just that these elegant youngsters had now become old men with gray hair.

Dan Chengzi couldn’t help sighing.

“Little Junior Brother is here?” Baili Yunsang turned around and nodded towards Dan Chengzi.

Dan Chengzi was shocked, “Sect Master, why do you look so haggard?”

At this moment, Baili Yunsang’s eyes were bloodshot, as if he had not rested for a long time. Even his hair, which had been neatly arranged in the past, was somewhat messy, as if it had been scratched several times.

“Why are all of you… acting like this!” Dan Chengzi looked at the others and found that everyone present was in the same state as Baili Yunsang.

However, although they looked tired, their bloodshot eyes were filled with excitement, as if they had seen something they were extremely interested in.

Baili Yunsang smiled bitterly, “Martial Nephew's Pill Veins is quite profound, even after studying it for an entire night, we still haven’t learned anything about it. Since Little Junior Brother is here, please sit down, Martial Nephew should be up soon.”

Dan Chengzi didn’t know what to say. Originally, he had come here early to persuade Yang Kai to come to the Sect Master’s Spirit Peak so he wouldn’t be impolite, but who would have thought that the Sect Master himself had already run over, and from the way everyone was waiting, they didn’t seem to have any complaints.

In this world, who could make so many Spirit Pill Master wait patiently? In terms of status and position, no one in the Divine Weapon World had the qualifications to do so. Only their desire for Pill Way could make these Spirit Pill Master lower their dignity.

Dan Chengzi didn’t say anything else and also sat down cross-legged.

After half an incense stick of time, Yang Kai walked out from the inner room and bowed, “Greetings Sect Master, Master, Elders!”

Unexpectedly, everyone stood up and also bowed.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before raising his hand, “Everyone here is an Elder, please sit!”

After ordering people to serve him some fragrant tea, Yang Kai didn’t beat around the bush and immediately began explaining the way of Pill Vein. The Pill Way he had grasped far exceeded the scope of understanding of this Divine Weapon World’s Alchemist, so he could only choose some things that others could understand.

The group of Profound Pill Sect’s upper echelons listened attentively, from time to time someone would ask questions, and Yang Kai would answer them one by one.

The lecture lasted for three days.

The group of old fogies below were all old, and although they all had powerful cultivations, it was extremely taxing for them to maintain their mental state for a long period of time, especially when Yang Kai saw that although their physical bodies were clearly exhausted, but their mental state was extremely high, he was afraid that something would go wrong.

Everyone was still listening, but they knew that what they had heard these past three days was enough for them to improve their Pill Way.

When they were about to leave, Baili Yunsang suddenly asked, “Martial Nephew, do the Pill Clouds you mentioned really exist?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Of course it exists. Pill Clouds are above Pill Veins, but Pill Veins can be cultivated by man, while Pill Clouds can only be found by chance.”

Baili Yunsang frowned, “Even with Martial Nephew’s ability, you don’t have the confidence to refine Pill Clouds?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

Baili Yunsang let out a long sigh, “I really want to see what that Spirit Pill with Pill Cloud looks like! If I can see it, I can die without regrets.”

Yang Kai smiled, “There will be a chance. Perhaps one day Sect Master or the other Elders will be able to refine a Pill Cloud.”

Baili Yunsang waved his hand and said, “This old master knows his own affairs well, this Pill Vein may not even be fully comprehended, let alone the Pill Cloud. On the other hand, Martial Nephew’s Pill Refining skills are superb. If one day you can refine a Pill Cloud, you must let this old master broaden his horizons.”

“As Sect Master commands!” Yang Kai nodded respectfully.

“In addition, you are also a Spirit Pill Master now, and your Pill Refining skills are far superior to us old fogies, not to mention that you have contributed greatly to my Profound Pill Sect these past few years, so you have the qualifications to become an Elder of my Profound Pill Sect. What does Martial Nephew think?”

Yang Kai was stunned, not having expected Baili Yunsang to make such a proposal, but whether he was willing to accept This Elder position or not didn’t matter to him, so he simply nodded and said, “As Sect Master wishes!”

“Good, after so many years, my Profound Pill Sect has finally gained another Elder, it’s time to celebrate!” Baili Yunsang smiled and left.

Dan Chengzi looked in the direction Baili Yunsang had left and patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “It seems Sect Master has high hopes for you and intends to let you take over as the next Sect Master.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Sect Master has this intention?”

Dan Chengzi smiled and said, “If that wasn’t the case, why would we be in such a hurry to let you become an Elder? We’re all old and don’t have many years left to live. Whether it’s Pill Refining or Martial Dao, your aptitude is the highest in Profound Pill Sect, so handing the Sect over to you is the best choice.”

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say. Ten years ago, he had caused a great ruckus in the Profound Pill Sect and nearly fell out with them. Ten years later, he was going to become their successor.

He had originally thought that Baili Yunsang’s words about celebration were just words of joy, but in reality, Yang Kai’s promotion as an Elder had really been made public.

Profound Pill Sect had sent out invitations to all the major and minor sects in the Divine Weapon World to attend the ceremony. As one of the Ten Great Sects and an Alchemist force, there was naturally no one who wouldn’t give Profound Pill Sect face.

Two months later, the entire Profound Pill Sect was celebrating, and the guests present were all extremely busy. Almost all of the famous Sects in the Divine Weapon World had sent people over, and Profound Pill City was once filled with people. Even the outside of the city was crowded.

An Elder’s inauguration ceremony was almost a grand event in the entire Divine Weapon World. Since ancient times, this was the first time! Many representatives of the various forces realized how extraordinary the new Elder of Profound Pill Sect was. If it weren’t for the fact that Profound Pill Sect attached great importance to him, they wouldn’t have created such a big scene.

Overnight, Yang Kai’s name was known to the world!

Countless people were filled with curiosity, but because Yang Kai had been in seclusion for ten years, there wasn’t much information they could gather. It was rumored that the reason why Profound Pill Sect had flourished so much over the years was because of this new Elder, and this new Elder was able to resonate with the Medicine King Cauldron and comprehend the mysteries of the Great Dao Wonderful Sound.

With his own strength, he had contributed dozens of pill recipes to Profound Pill Sect that had never appeared before, pushing the Pill Way of the entire sect to a higher level.

His attainments in Pill Way were so great that even Profound Pill Sect’s Sect Master, Baili Yunsang, couldn’t help sighing in admiration. He was truly worthy of being called the number one Alchemist!

The other Pill Way Sects naturally wouldn’t approve of this title. In fact, during the Elders’ Ceremony, several Spiirt Pill Master had joined forces to compete with Yang Kai in Pill Refining Technique.

No one knows how it turned out, but after the Alchemists from the various forces returned to their respective Sects, they immediately went into seclusion and disappeared.

The greatest benefit of becoming an Elder of Profound Pill Sect was to become a Peak Master and occupy a Spirit Peak.

Yang Kai used to live on Moon Locking Peak, and there were several other Heaven Pill Master living there. Gao Xinpeng was one of them.

Now that he had become an Elder of Profound Pill Sect, he had moved to Limitless Peak.

After the ceremony, Limitless Peak was still bustling with noise and excitement. Countless gifts from the various Sects had piled up the various storehouses of Limitless Peak, many of which were filled with precious treasures. Yang Huai and Hua Rong brought a large number of servants with them, but even after many days of packing, they were still unable to finish.

Inside the quiet room, Yang Kai was playing with a stone the size of a human head, circulating his spiritual force and Space Law to refine it.

Everything in this Divine Weapon World was good, but the biggest inconvenience Yang Kai felt was that he didn’t have any storage tools, such as a Universe Bag or Space Ring.

Now that he was cultivating, the amount of resources he consumed each time was extremely large. Without things like Space Ring, it would be very troublesome to move the resources around.

If he went out, he wouldn’t be able to carry many things with him, at most carrying some pills.

He had always wanted to find an opportunity to refine a Space Ring, but unfortunately, there was no way to refine a Space Ring here since there is no Space Spirit Crystal here.

On the other hand, this time he had found a strange ore from a certain force which had some characteristics similar to Space Spirit Crystal. Perhaps it could be used to refine a Space Ring.

The white Pill Fire churned. This pill fire could be used to refine pills, so naturally it could also be used to refine artifacts.

However, Yang Kai didn’t know much about Artifact Refining, so it was extremely difficult for him to refine it. Fortunately, his attainments in the Space Laws were profound, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to obtain a Space Ring.


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