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All kinds of strange Pill Refining techniques, the control of the fire, even these Alchemists who had immersed themselves in the Dao of Alchemy for their entire lives could not compare. Every movement seemed to contain the mysteries of the Dao of Pill Way, and the person standing in front of the Medicine King Cauldron seemed to be personally experiencing it.

A trace of light suddenly appeared in everyone’s minds, and even the Great Dao Wonderful Sound that were normally extremely vague suddenly became clear. The wondrous sound of the Great Dao resounded in their minds, cleansing their minds and clearing away the muddled areas of the past.

Everyone was extremely excited. All of them were Spirit Pill Master, and in this Divine Weapon World and Pill Way, they had basically reached the pinnacle of their lives, unable to advance any further. However, today’s experience had allowed them to see a chance to improve.

Everyone couldn’t wait to go into seclusion.

With a loud buzz, everyone was pulled out from their mysterious state.

Everyone came back to their senses and, while feeling regretful, saw an even more shocking scene. They saw Yang Kai’s hands patting the Medicine King Cauldron rhythmically, each strike causing a visible ripple to appear on the surface of the cauldron. As he did so, the medicinal fragrance in the forbidden area became even stronger.

He was about to form a pill!

Many Spirit Pill Master stared at Yang Kai’s actions, their hearts filled with curiosity. No one had ever used the Medicine King Cauldron to refine pills before, so what would a pill from this Divine Weapon look like?

Everyone in the forbidden area held their breaths, afraid that the air they exhaled would disturb Yang Kai’s Pill Refining.

Following the final palm strike, the Condensing Pill Technique was released and a series of colorful light suddenly flew out from the Medicine King Cauldron.

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that what had flown out from the Medicine King Cauldron was not a light, but a series of colorful Spirit Pills! These Spirit Pills flew out in a straight line, creating an illusion.

“Full pills!” Baili Yunsang exclaimed as he stared blankly into the sky. In his vision, there were a total of nine Spirit Pills, each of them perfectly round and full of spirituality.

The Elders were shocked.

Nine was the highest number of pills. In theory, each furnace of pills could be refined into nine pills. If one could refine nine pills in a single furnace, it would be a Full Pill! But in reality, even the most skilled Alchemist would rarely have the chance to refine a Full Pill, because this required the Alchemist to fully utilize the medicinal properties of each medicinal ingredient during the process of refining pills, not allowing the slightest mistake to occur during the entire process. This was undoubtedly extremely difficult.

Only when one’s luck was extremely good would there occasionally be a furnace of Full Pills.

Up until now, Baili Yunsang had only refined two furnaces of Full Pill, and they were all Heaven Pills. As for Spirit Pills, even if he was an experienced Spirit Pill Master, he would not be able to refine them to achieve Full Pill.

Even he couldn’t do it, let alone other Spirit Pill Master.

On the other hand, the pills Yang Kai had refined at this moment were obviously Spirit Pills, but even so, it was still a Full Pill!

Perhaps the Medicine King Cauldron had contributed greatly to this scene, but to be able to achieve such a feat, it undoubtedly meant that Yang Kai’s skill in Pill Refining had surpassed everyone present!

Baili Yunsang couldn’t help feeling a sense of old age wash over him. Suddenly, he noticed that there were some strange lines on these pills. These lines seemed to be the meridians of the human body and were extremely mysterious. He had never seen these lines before.

Under the guidance of his spiritual force, the nine Spirit Pills were collected by Yang Kai. Although he had clearly refined a batch of extraordinary Spirit Pills, he still frowned and stood there, lost in thought.

No one dared to rashly disturb him, all of them quietly waiting.

Ten years was not a short time for Yang Kai. In the first two years, he had resolved the hidden dangers of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, then spent eight years cultivating while refining the Medicine King Cauldron.

Up until now, his cultivation had reached the Eighth Order Spirit Rank!

This was only secondary. The most important thing was that the Medicine King Cauldron was about to be completely refined by him and was only a step away from completion!

It wasn’t that there wasn’t enough time, nor was it difficult to refine. If Yang Kai wanted to, he could completely refine the Medicine King Cauldron in the next moment.

However, he had a feeling that once he took this step, he would immediately be rejected by this world and would have to leave.

Thinking about it carefully, this was normal. After all, he had come to the Divine Weapon World this time to refine a trace of this world's power. Once his goal was achieved, he would naturally be unable to remain here, which was also the rule of this world.

However, he wasn’t willing to leave just like that. It could even be said that he had never expected such a situation to occur.

When he first entered the Divine Weapon World, he had thought that he would have to wait a hundred years for the next Divine Weapon Contest to break out and snatch the Divine Weapons, but now it seemed he had been mistaken.

Entering the Profound Pill Sect and coming into contact with the Medicine King Cauldron ahead of time gave him an opportunity to refine it.

Moreover, since he come to the Small Source World, how could he not reap some benefits?

A vague plan suddenly appeared in his mind, but he still needed to carefully plan how to implement it.

Retracting his thoughts, Yang Kai saw that everyone was staring at him. Nodding lightly, he cupped his fists and greeted, “Greetings Sect Master, Master, Elders!”

Baili Yunsang couldn’t be bothered to be polite and asked anxiously, “Martial Nephew, what kind of pill did you just refine? Can I take a look?”

“It’s a Spirit Yuan Pill, used to assist Spirit Rank cultivators. Didn’t I already give the pill recipe to the Sect?” Yang Kai said as he took out a Spirit Yuan Pill and handed it to Baili Yunsang.

A group of people immediately gathered around, wishing they could put their eyes on the pill and see it clearly.

After studying it for a while, Dan Chengzi frowned and asked, “I already know the recipe for the Spirit Yuan Pill, but why is it different from the one you just refined?”

Yang Kai explained, “This is a pill refining technique I created myself. Later, I’ll arrange a copy and hand it over to the Merit Palace!”

Dan Chengzi was greatly comforted, “Good child!”

Baili Yunsang held the Spirit Yuan Pill in his hand and looked at Yang Kai in confusion, “Martial Nephew, what are the patterns on this Spirit Pill? Why do I feel that these patterns contain some kind of profound mystery?”

“This is a Pill Vein!” Yang Kai took the Spirit Pill from Baili Yunsang’s hand, threw it into his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed, “With this Pill Vein, the efficacy of this Spirit Yuan Pill is twice that of an ordinary Spirit Yuan Pill.”

“What?” Yu Boyang exclaimed.

“Twice?” Wu Fenghua was also shocked.

Baili Yunsang’s heart ached, “Such a precious thing, how could you… how could you eat it?” From the looks of it, he wanted nothing more than to rush to Yang Kai’s side and pull out the pill from his mouth.

Yang Kai smiled, “It's a pill, so of course i can eat it, but only I can eat them, no one else can…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai’s body suddenly let out a buzzing sound, and his entire body suddenly expanded, turning into a bottomless pit as a massive amount of World Energy surged into his body. Even the Red Jade piled up near the Medicine King Cauldron was instantly reduced to dust.

Boom boom boom…

After a series of explosions, Yang Kai’s body expanded and shrank several times before suddenly returning to normal.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Baili Yunsang’s eyes glazed over as he looked to the side. In just a few breaths of time, at least three hundred thousand pieces of Red Jade had been completely consumed by Yang Kai!

This speed was simply astonishing!

However, now everyone understood why Yang Kai had said that only he could eat this pill. Since Yang Kai had contributed the Spirit Yuan Pill recipe, the Profound Pill Sect had also refined a lot of pills for the Spirit Rank cultivators of the Sect to use to supplement their cultivation. The effects of these pills were excellent, and those who used them have impressive results.

Ordinary Spirit Yuan Pills had extremely powerful effects, and Spirit Yuan Pills with Pill Vein had double the effects. It was indeed not something an ordinary Spirit Rank cultivator could withstand.

“This Pill Vein… how do I refine it?” Dan Chengzi’s eyes lit up as he stared at Yang Kai.

Although this was the first time he had heard about Pill Vein, Dan Chengzi had personally witnessed how terrifying it was. If this method could be spread throughout Profound Pill Sect, how could there be any other Pill Way Sect in the future?

“Refining Pill Vein is not an easy task. One relies on one’s talent, the other relies on hard work. Of course, the most important thing is still… luck!” Yang Kai muttered to himself for a moment before continuing, “How about this, everyone must be tired today. Tomorrow, when everyone comes to Moon Locking Peak, I will explain the way of Pill Vein to the Elders!”

Dan Chengzi nodded slightly, “Good!”

Baili Yunsang stared at Yang Kai, “Martial Nephew, can you give me another Spirit Yuan Pill? This old master will go back and study it himself.”

“Me too!” Wu Fenghua immediately said.

“Ahem… this old master also wants one,” Yu Boyang stepped forward.

Seeing that the other Elders were about to speak, Yang Kai quickly raised his hand and stopped them, “I don’t have many, so why don’t everyone go to the Sect Master’s side and discuss while studying?”

Everyone glanced at each other before Baili Yunsang nodded and said, “Good.”

Yang Kai immediately took out a Spirit Yuan Pill and handed it to Baili Yunsang, who took it as if it was a precious treasure and carefully put it away.

After obtaining the Spirit Yuan Pill, Baili Yunsang couldn’t wait any longer and said, “Martial Nephew, you’ve been in seclusion for ten years. Now that the deadline is up, you should go back and rest first!”

Saying so, he hurriedly left, followed by a large group of Elders.

Yang Kai called out to Dan Chengzi, “Master, please wait a moment. Disciple has something to ask!”

Dan Chengzi glanced in the direction the group had left and impatiently said, “If you have something to say, hurry up and say it.”

Yang Kai secretly stuffed a jade bottle into his hand and grinned, “It’s nothing, it’s just that I haven’t seen Master for a long time and miss him so much!”

Dan Chengzi lowered his head and smiled, “Consider yourself filial!” He then looked up at the Medicine King Cauldron and asked, “Is there a problem with you using the Medicine King Cauldron to refine pills?”

Yang Kai smiled, “The Medicine King Cauldron is a Divine Weapon after all, so how could there be a problem? Not to mention, it was born to refine pills, but because it is so precious, no one has ever dared to do so.”

Dan Chengzi nodded, “Good, go back and rest. You’ll be busy tomorrow.”

“Farewell, Master!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


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