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Sword light flashed in all directions and a thick murderous intent filled the air. The Spirit Rank masters who had formed the Spirit Ranks Formation had long since fallen apart and were fighting on their own. Occasionally, some of them would be injured and fall into a pool of blood.

One of them suddenly rushed into the battlefield and shouted, “Rebel, stop!”

As he spoke, the man stood in front of Yang Kai, his long robes fluttering.

The Clear Void Sword suddenly stopped in the middle of the man’s brow, and a sword light that was constantly flickering stabbed into his brow, causing blood to flow down his nose.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai’s eyes is bloodshot, his eyes filled with a ruthless and destructive light.

After living for so many years, he had never seen such a wild look in someone eyes before. Old Man Qi was right, this little brat in front of him was indeed on the verge of reaching a certain limit, a limit that he could not maintain his rationality. Once this limit was broken, he would immediately transform into a murderous god that would slaughter all living things. At that time, perhaps he would completely lose his mind, but the entire Profound Pill Sect would have to be buried.

At this moment, the endless battle suddenly fell into a strange silence, with only the sounds of people crying out in pain from all around. The remaining seven or eight Spirit Rank masters all gasped for breath, not daring to act rashly.

Yang Kai blinked, his eyes filled with blood red as he looked down and saw the six fingers on the newcomer’s left hand. A trace of confusion flashed across his eyes as he seemed to recall something.

The man shouted again, “What are you doing? Are you trying to rebel?”

Even though Yang Kai had used his Spirit Weapon to touch his brow bone, the man’s expression remained unchanged, showing his courage and determination.

Yang Kai’s eyes flickered slightly, the thick redness fading slightly as his surging spiritual force slowly calmed down. Tilting his head, he asked, “Master?”

The battle came to an end and the killing intent in his mind began to dissipate, allowing him to think with clear mind.

He didn’t see anyone, but the characteristics of the six fingers on his left hand were too obvious. Anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to see them, and since he was able to appear in front of him at this time, he is definitely the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect.

Combining all of this together, the identity of this newcomer was obvious.

His 'master', Dan Chengzi!

After spending so many years in the Profound Pill Sect, Yang Kai naturally paid attention to all kinds of information about this fake 'master' of his. Unfortunately, the Heaven Pill Masters of the same generation didn’t know much, and it was inconvenient fo him to inquire about him from the Elders.

Fortunately, with Lan Yin, the two of them would occasionally meet in the Forbidden Area, and because Lan Yin’s heart belonged to his fake 'master', in some aspects, the two of them had some common topics to talk about. Yang Kai had intentionally or unintentionally asked around, and over the past few years, he had learned a lot about his fake master.

The fake master was called Dan Chengzi, the most talented Alchemist in the entire Profound Pill Sect. What was even rarer was that he was a master of both Alchemy and Martial Dao! Not only was his Alchemy skills superior, but his strength was also incomparable.

Because of his outstanding aptitude, Dan Chengzi was extremely arrogant.

When the old Sect Master’s lifespan was nearing its end, Dan Chengzi had thought that he would be the one to take over as the Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect, but who would have thought that the old Sect Master would actually pass down his position to Baili Yunsang? In a fit of anger, Dan Chengzi had left Profound Pill Sect. Although the upper echelons of Profound Pill Sect had been constantly searching for Dan Chengzi’s whereabouts these past few years, they had not found anything. No one knew where he had gone.

This kind of matter was naturally not known to outsiders, so in the entire Profound Pill Sect, other than the Elders of the old generation who knew the inside story, the other disciples didn’t know about the matter of Dan Chengzi. Most of them only knew that there was an extremely powerful Spirit Pill Master who had wandered outside and had disappeared without a trace.

These were the things Yang Kai had heard from Lan Yin over the years.

“It’s been more than ten years since we last met, this old master thought you didn’t recognize Master, but it turns out you didn’t forget!” Dan Chengzi’s expression was cold, but a drop of cold sweat dripped down his forehead. Anyone who was struck by a Spirit Weapon with such murderous intent would not be able to remain indifferent.

However, when Yang Kai called him Master, a look of relief flashed across Dan Chengzi’s eyes.

The redness in Yang Kai’s eyes became fainter as he lightly said, “Master’s kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain, how could I dare forget it!”

After a few simple words, the tension in the air eased and both of them understood each other’s intentions.

The so-called “Master-Disciple” was nothing more than an illusion. Dan Chengzi had never taught Yang Kai, and Yang Kai had never learned anything from Dan Chengzi, everyone was well aware of this.

However, in this current situation, there had to be a breakthrough point to resolve it. Dan Chengzi had taken the initiative to come here for this reason. Since Yang Kai had declared him to be his master, he might as well admit it.

Since Dan Chengzi had paved the way for him, Yang Kai naturally took advantage of the situation!

There was no need to discuss this beforehand. In the face of such an embarrassing situation, the old man and the young man had a tacit understanding.

“Since you haven’t forgotten, why aren’t you putting away your fierce weapon? Are you trying to kill your Master?” Dan Chengzi shouted.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before withdrawing his Clear Void Sword, “Master, please calm your anger. Disciple has no intention of doing so!”

Suspicion filled his heart. This time, he had caused quite a ruckus on the Profound Pill Sect’s side. Although he hadn’t killed anyone, he had injured quite a number of people, and all of them were masters. If a powerful enemy were to attack at this time, the Profound Pill Sect wouldn’t be able to resist at all, causing such a big mess. He wondered how the Profound Pill Sect would treat him.

However, since Dan Chengzi had taken the initiative to come out, the chances of the Profound Pill Sect reconciling with him were very high, otherwise there was no need to act like this.

Dan Chengzi wore a pained expression, “This old master naturally knows that you didn’t do it on purpose. Your aptitude was too outstanding, your cultivation progress was too fast and you didn’t know how to control yourself, your temperament wasn’t steady enough, causing you to experience Qi Deviation during your breakthrough, causing your temperament to undergo a great change, nearly causing a great disaster. Fortunately, the Sect didn’t abandon you and instead used the entire Sect’s strength to restore you to your original state. Now that you’ve finally regained your consciousness, all efforts haven’t been in vain!”

Yang Kai stared at him, his eyes filled with admiration.

The old man was indeed a cunning old fox. Not only did he resolve the awkward situation of the Profound Pill Sect with just a few words, he even made it sound as if the Profound Pill Sect had done him a great favor.

He was clearly the one who had barged into the mountain alone, but now it had become the Profound Pill Sect who was willing to pay any price to restore his rationality, saving his fallen body and mind.

Yang Kai almost shed tears of gratitude.

However, today’s matter had blown up so much that the entire Sect really needed an explanation. This kind of explanation was undoubtedly excellent and could stabilize the hearts of many.

Moreover, Yang Kai could tell from Dan Chengzi’s words that he was still admitting his identity as a disciple of Profound Pill Sect, so he had no intention of giving up on him!

Yang Kai didn’t know if this was Dan Chengzi’s own idea or the entire Profound Pill Sect’s idea, but it didn’t matter. Staying in the Profound Pill Sect was his only hope, otherwise he would have to think of a way to take away the Medicine King Cauldron. At that time, it would definitely be a fight to the death.

“Cough…” Dan Chengzi coughed lightly, “Disciple, have you not recovered yet? Why are you looking at me like that? Was this old master wrong?”

Yang Kai quickly said, “Master’s words are correct. Disciple’s skills are not good enough, causing Master to lose face. Disciple will definitely work harder in the future to avoid today’s events from happening again!”

Dan Chengzi let out a sigh of relief and nodded, “It’s good that you think so. Come with me to see the Sect Master and the Elders.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied respectfully, as if he really was an obedient disciple.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Dan Chengzi led Yang Kai to the front of Baili Yunsang and the others, causing all the Profound Pill Sect’s higher-ups to look over with complex expressions.

The conversation between Dan Chengzi and Yang Kai wasn’t hushed at all, and most of the people standing here were Spirit Rank masters, so everyone had clearly heard what the two had just said.

Baili Yunsang and the other Elders were all old foxes, so how could they not understand the current situation? It was just that the development of the situation had far exceeded their expectations, causing them to be at a loss as to how to deal with Yang Kai.

Dan Chengzi was the first to speak, “Sect Master, Little Disciple has escaped from his Qi Deviation and regained his original nature.”

Baili Yunsang subconsciously nodded, “Very good, very good.” After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Since you’ve found your true nature, go back and rest well!”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Sect Master, this Disciple can’t thank you enough, but this Disciple has caused such a great loss to the Sect, so this Disciple can’t help feeling uneasy, so this Disciple asks for permission to be punished by Sect Master!”

Baili Yunsang’s brow twitched as he stared at Dan Chengzi in surprise. The latter slowly shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know what this brat was up to.

Baili Yunsang frowned and said, “You didn’t do it on purpose, it’s just a Qi Deviation, this old master understands, so there’s no need to punish you. I only hope that in the future, you will be able to behave yourself, and that will be our Sect’s blessing!”

After this battle, Baili Yunsang had experienced what it meant to have such terrifying strength. Even the elites of the entire Profound Pill Sect were unable to stop a boy who had just broken through to the Spirit Rank. After this battle, 80% of the Sect’s Spirit Rank had suffered serious injuries. If this happened again, who would be able to survive?

Yang Kai cupped his fists again, “With Sect Master’s magnanimity, this little brat is getting more and more uneasy. It’s just that today’s matter was caused by me. If you don’t punish me, I’m afraid that the Sect’s disciples will be dissatisfied with the Sect’s situation, I am willing to accept punishment for the Sect’s long-term measure!”

Baili Yunsang couldn’t help glaring at him, thinking to himself, 'What the hell are you doing, brat? You said you wouldn’t pursue the matter and would just obediently go back and rest, but now you’ve come up with such an excuse, making yourself sound so righteous.'

The Elders also frowned, but what Yang Kai said wasn’t wrong. Today’s matter had caused too much of a ruckus, and if they didn’t have an explanation for what had happened, it would be difficult to appease everyone.

Dan Chengzi frowned, “How do you think we should punish you?”

Yang Kai bowed and said in a low voice, “Disciple ask to stay on the forbidden zone to stare at the wall repenting for ten years, I hope Master and Sect Master will allow this!”


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