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Before the crowd could digest this shocking news, another person came to report that Yang Kai had broken through the third line of defense, crossed the Receiving Guests Palace, and headed straight for Wang Chuan Peak!

A rumbling sound rang out from several kilometers away, and everyone looked up. Although they were separated by a mountain range and couldn’t see the situation clearly, the constant flashing of light illuminated half of the sky. Outside the mountain range, there seemed to be an ancient vicious beast that had broken free and was rushing towards them. Even though they were more than a dozen kilometers away, its fierce aura was still terrifying.

A moment later, the ruckus died down, and the two defensive lines that had been set up on Wang Chuan Peak were completely destroyed!

Yu Boyang stared blankly ahead, “How could this be? How could this happen?”

Baili Yunsang’s face was also ashen!

The truth of today’s events was shocking. The Profound Pill Sect, one of the Ten Great Sects, was actually unable to stop an Alchemist who had just broken through to the Spirit Rank despite using all of its strength!

Gao Xinpeng stared off into the distance with a complicated look in his eyes as he recalled Yang Kai’s words. One of him can become an army!

He had thought that Yang Kai was just boasting to bolster his courage, but now it seemed that he could really become a powerful force. At the very least, an ordinary force would not be able to break through the blockade of Profound Pill Sect.

A moment later, two of Flying Tooth Peak’s defensive lines collapsed and Flying Tooth Peak fell.

Only Purple Sun Peak remained between Yang Kai and the upper echelons of Profound Pill Sect!

There was only one line of defense on Purple Sun Peak, and it was comprised of a total of thirty Spirit Rank masters from the Profound Pill Sect. The highest among them was an Eighth Order Spirit Rank master, while the lowest was a Third Order Spirit Rank master. This was an extremely powerful force that could sweep through most of the Divine Weapon World’s Sects, and only the Ten Great Sects could produce such a lineup.

Standing here and looking around, with everyone’s eyesight, they could see that there were more than thirty Spirit Rank masters standing in a large square on Purple Sun Peak, each of them holding a different type of Spirit Weapon as they stood in different directions, forming an Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation.

A figure stepped through the layers of buildings and slowly arrived at the square. The long sword in his hand was full of holes, and even though it was an extraordinary Spirit Weapon, after experiencing such a high-intensity battle in such a short period of time, it was still unable to hold on.

“He’s injured!” Yu Boyang exclaimed in a low voice. From here, it was clear that Yang Kai’s clothes were in tatters and there were countless large and small wounds on his body. Blood flowed from these wounds, leaving behind a clear trail of blood.

Wu Fenghua said, “Fighting against so many elites of my Profound Pill Sect alone, injuries are inevitable. It would be strange if he wasn’t injured. It looks like he won’t be able to last much longer, even his Spirit Weapon is about to be destroyed.”

Baili Yunsang nodded slightly, “I hope so!”

No matter what Profound Pill Sect’s initial goal was, at this point, this battle could no longer be stopped so easily. One side would definitely be defeated, but Baili Yunsang had not expected Yang Kai’s strength to be so terrifying. He had only just broken through to the Spirit Rank, if he were to break through to the Ninth Order, wouldn’t he be invincible?

No, the strength he displayed now could already be said to be invincible. If those Divine Weapon Lord didn’t appear, who in the Divine Weapon World would be his opponent?

While everyone was talking, a battle had already broken out on Purple Sun Peak! Dozens of figures shuttled back and forth, colliding with each other and causing loud rumbling sounds.

“What a thick murderous aura!” Lan Yin frowned slightly. Even from where she stood, she could clearly feel the strange aura emanating from Yang Kai’s body. It was a kind of violent and destructive aura that made people instinctively feel uncomfortable.

“What kind of movement technique is this?” Wu Fenghua stared at the battle. Even though he was also a Spirit Rank cultivator, he was unable to capture Yang Kai’s movements. From what he could see, Yang Kai’s figure was like a ghost, disappearing from one place and reappearing from another, leaving no trace behind. Even though there were more than thirty Spirit Rank on Purple Sun Peak, they were unable to do anything to him in a short time. On the other hand, this was the first time many of the Profound Pill Sect’s Spirit Rank cultivators had been caught off guard by Yang Kai alone, so they didn’t know where to exert their strength and were instantly thrown into disarray.

Old Man Qi narrowed his eyes as he watched the battle. Feeling the murderous aura from Yang Kai’s body grow stronger, a deep sense of unease welled up in his heart.

However, when Yang Kai cut half the neck of a Spirit Rank cultivator with a single sword strike, this sense of unease suddenly rose to its peak!

This sword strike had almost taken the life of the Spirit Rank cultivator.

“Sect Master, I want to investigate the casualties of the previous cultivators in the Sect!” Old Man Qi quickly whispered into Baili Yunsang’s ear.

Baili Yunsang was observing the battle and was shocked by Yang Kai’s unpredictable movement technique. Hearing this, he frowned and asked, “Why are you investigating this now?”

The defensive line that had been set up before had all been broken, so it was easy to imagine that these cultivators would not have a good ending.

“This matter concerns the survival of the Sect, please allow it, Sect Master!” Old Man Qi said solemnly.

Baili Yunsang glanced at him and was stunned. After so many years of living together, he had never seen Old Man Qi’s face so serious. Nodding slightly, he said, “Go!”

Old Man Qi nodded and flew towards the Receiving Guests Palace.

Old Man Qi’s cultivation is at the Ninth Order Spirit Rank, so his speed was undoubtedly very fast. In just a few dozen breaths of time, he had already rushed back, but his expression was even more solemn than before.

“What did you find?” Baili Yunsang asked.

Old Man Qi replied, “No one died, everyone was injured!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Yu Boyang stared at him and asked, “None of them died?”

Old Man Qi nodded slowly, “None of them died.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Although there had been several people who had come to report this matter, all of them had only reported that the defensive line had been breached. As for the casualties, no one had asked. After all, in such a battle, some casualties were unavoidable. Everyone subconsciously felt that this time, the Profound Pill Sect had suffered heavy casualties.

After this battle, Profound Pill Sect’s strength would definitely be greatly reduced!

However, none of them had died.

Originally, the line of defense had been broken through one by one, which make them gloomy, but now everyone’s gloomy mood had greatly eased. Regardless, this was good news.

Baili Yunsang sighed, “It seems this child still cares about his old friendship and didn’t kill anyone from the Sect!”

Wu Fenghua stroked his beard and said, “Perhaps it’s because he's afraid of acting rashly. After all, the people from the Void Spirit Sword Sect are all in our hands.”

“Regardless, this is a good thing!” Baili Yunsang nodded.

Old Man Qi said, “Sect Master is wrong, this is not a good thing.”

Baili Yunsang looked over in confusion, “Why would Old Qi say that?”

Old Man Qi glanced over at the battlefield and explained, “Just now, this old master went to the various defensive lines to investigate and found that at the beginning, that Yang boy’s control over his strength was extremely precise. Although he had seriously injured everyone, the injuries were actually not serious and they only needed to rest a bit to recover, but as time passed, his control over his strength became more unstable and the injuries he caused became more severe. Sect Master, looking at the current situation…”

When Baili Yunsang heard this, he looked up and saw Yang Kai’s sword pierce into the chest of a Spirit Rank cultivator. When the sword flew out, blood splashed and the Spirit Rank cultivator retreated in horror.

Old Qi narrowed his eyes slightly, “In that instant just now, he forcefully shifted his position by an inch, otherwise that Rong brat would have died!”

The Rong brat he was referring to was the Spirit Rank master who had his chest pierced.

Baili Yunsang suddenly understood, “He’s suppressing his killing intent, but he’s almost unable to suppress it, so his attack is getting heavier!”

Old Man Qi nodded solemnly, “That’s right! When this old master fought with him in Heavenly Martial City, we had such an encounter. If this old master continued to pester him, he really would have lost control and killed me!” After a pause, Old Man Qi said, “Sect Master, do you still remember Alchemist Gao’s report?”

Baili Yunsang frowned, “Which one?”

“Yang Kai said he only had an incense stick’s worth of time!” Old Man Qi sighed, “We all thought he meant he would be exhausted after an incense stick’s worth of time, but now it seems that an incense stick’s worth of time is the time he can maintain his rationality. After this time limit, I’m afraid he really will start a massacre!”

“Why is it like this?” Baili Yunsang asked in confusion.

“This old master doesn’t know, but this old master’s guess is that it has something to do with the cultivation technique he cultivates. That Evil Art has definitely affected his temperament! Sect Master, we can’t continue fighting. If we continue fighting, even if we can kill him, my Profound Pill Sect will suffer heavy losses!”

Seeing the struggle on Baili Yunsang’s face, Old Man Qi asked, “Does Sect Master remember that he is an Alchemist? He still has his Pill Fire!”

As soon as these words came out, Baili Yunsang suddenly remembered the white Pill Fire.

Even though he had a steady temperament, at this moment, he couldn’t help feeling the urge to curse. Yang Kai’s strength was so formidable that he could almost destroy the entire Profound Pill Sect, causing him to subconsciously ignore Yang Kai’s identity as an Alchemist.

Although Alchemists weren’t ordinary people, it didn’t mean that Alchemists wouldn’t fight with others. Generally speaking, when Alchemists fought with others, Pill Fire was a great source of support!

From the beginning until now, Yang Kai hadn’t used the power of his white Pill Fire, so it was obvious he didn’t want to kill too many people. Otherwise, none of the people he had injured would have survived.

The white Pill Fire was the most mysterious and powerful Pill Fire in this world! Others might not know, but how could Baili Yunsang not?

With this thought in mind, Baili Yunsang no longer dared to hesitate and gently sighed, “Let them stop!”

Old Man Qi received the order and rushed towards the battlefield.

“I’ll go,” Suddenly, someone spoke up and rushed towards the battlefield before Old Man Qi could.

Lan Yin immediately let out a soft cry, her face filled with worry.

On Purple Sun Peak, a fierce battle was raging. Out of the thirty or so Spirit Rank masters, less than half of them were still able to move about. All of them looked as if they had seen a ghost, their faces filled with fear. Although they were barely able to resist Yang Kai’s bombardment, they were unable to grasp his unpredictable movement technique, so it was only a matter of time before they were defeated.


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