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Profound Pill Sect was as lively as ever, especially near the Asking Pill Pavilion and Returning Platform, where crowds gathered all year round. Cultivators who wanted to rely on Alchemists to obtain pills came in an endless stream.

A figure descended from the sky and landed directly in front of the Asking Pill Pavilion. The aura of a Spirit Rank master was undoubtedly revealed, causing everyone who passed by to jump in fright. All of them turned to look at the person who had just arrived, secretly amazed at how daring this person was to act so impudently in front of the Profound Pill Pavilion. One had to know that this was the location of one of the Divine Weapon World’s Ten Great Sects, so no matter who it was, they had to walk up the mountain, otherwise it would be a great disrespect.

The guards on duty from the Asking Pill Pavilion all wore gloomy expressions and rushed forward to greet him, but after seeing the face of this person, they immediately cupped their fists and greeted, “Alchemist Yang!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and didn’t pay any attention to them. Looking up at the reception hall on the mountain, he walked forward.

A cry of surprise came from behind him.

Over the past few years, Yang Kai’s reputation in the Asking Pill Pavilion had been like the sun in the sky. He had refined countless Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills, the worst of which was Mid Rank. Many cultivators had broken through to the Heaven Rank because of this. Now, eight out of ten cultivators who came to the Asking Pill Pavilion to ask for Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills would seek Yang Kai’s help to refine pills, causing the other Heaven Pill Master to have very little business.

However, although he was refining pills on Moon Locking Peak, he basically did not appear in the Asking Pill Pavilion, so other than the people from Profound Pill Sect, no one knew who he was. At this moment, everyone knew that this young man was actually the famous Alchemist Yang, and all of them felt a sense of inferiority.

Walking past the Returning Platform, a melodious bell suddenly rang from the Profound Pill Sect, nine times in a row.

Everyone who heard this voice had a drastic change in expression as they looked towards the Profound Pill Sect’s headquarter in shock. The nine bell chimes represented an extremely important event. In the history of Profound Pill Sect, the number of nine bell chimes happening could be counted on one’s fingers, and each time it rang, it was almost a total annihilation!

The guards of the Asking Pill Pavilion immediately began to disperse the people who had come to ask for pills, sealing off the path up the mountain. In just a short time, all the outsiders had been driven down the mountain.

Although most of the people from the Profound Pill Sect still didn’t know what had happened, the entire Profound Pill Sect felt a sense of dread.

In front of the Receiving Guests Palace, a man stood there with a bitter smile on his face as he watched Yang Kai walk from the mountain, his expression somewhat dazed. He had never imagined that Yang Kai, who was only an Earth Pill Master a few years ago, would actually cause such a big mess today.

As for Yang Kai, he was the one who introduced him to the Profound Pill Sect.

Because he had a good relationship with Yang Kai, he was arranged to stay here.

In the cool breeze, Yang Kai looked up at the young man blocking his way and cupped his fists, “Senior Brother Gao!”

Gao Xinpeng looked at him with a complicated expression and returned the greeting, “Junior Brother Yang!”

The two guards behind him held their swords, their expressions solemn, like two cheetahs ready to pounce.

“Senior Brother Gao is here, does Sect Master have any instructions?” Yang Kai asked.

Gao Xinpeng smiled bitterly, “Junior Brother’s matter this time is a bit big, the higher-ups want to have a good talk with you.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I had the same idea, otherwise I wouldn’t have returned here.”

Gao Xinpeng let out a sigh of relief, “It’s best if Junior Brother Yang thinks so too. Since Junior Brother has such intentions, please hand over your sword and seal your own cultivation. Follow me to meet the Sect Master and the Elders!”

“Is this Sect Master’s intention?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Gao Xinpeng nodded slightly.

Yang Kai sighed, “I don’t have any malicious intent towards the Sect. Although I have some things to hide, it’s just a matter of convenience.”

Gao Xinpeng said, “I believe Junior Brother’s words, but with the current situation, Junior Brother must show his sincerity.”

Yang Kai slowly said, “My return here is my greatest sincerity! If the Sect insists on this, then I can only fight my way out. To be honest, I don’t want to do this, but if I can’t, I have no other choice.”

Gao Xinpeng’s expression changed, “Junior Brother, don’t be rash! You’re just one person!”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “One of me can equal an army!”

“Junior Brother!”

Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “Senior Brother Gao doesn’t need to say anything, please inform Sect Master and the Elders that I only have an incense stick’s worth of time!”

Gao Xinpeng took a deep look at him and sighed heavily, “I’ll take your words to heart, Junior Brother!”

Saying so, he led his two guards towards a nearby Spirit Peak and disappeared.

The moment Gao Xinpeng left, seven or eight figures appeared from their hiding spots and surrounded Yang Kai in an instant, each holding a different Spirit Weapon as they glared at him.

Yang Kai turned his head to look around and nodded lightly, “The Blood Servant Camp's Guard… are all good children!”

As soon as he said this last word, his figure suddenly blurred.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had passed through everyone’s blockade and appeared where Gao Xinpeng had just been standing, holding the Clear Void Sword in his hand, blood dripping from it.

The Blood Servant Camp's Guards were all shocked. Seven or eight Spirit Rank masters surrounded Yang Kai, but none of them saw how he managed to break through. By the time they reacted, Yang Kai had already left.

Just as everyone was about to intervene, a sudden change occurred, and as they circulated their spiritual force, each of them couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of blood as their strength rapidly flowed from their wounds, causing seven or eight of them to fall to their knees.

Everyone was horrified. Only now did they realize that they had been injured by Yang Kai. Fortunately, although their injuries were serious, they were not fatal, only losing the ability to fight. They could only watch as Yang Kai walked inside, their faces filled with shock and unwillingness.

However, everyone also understood that with the strange speed Yang Kai had displayed just now, if he really wanted to take their lives, it would be as easy as flipping his hand. The only reason he had not killed them was because he had shown mercy.

Chi chi chi chi…

A series of piercing sounds rang out as countless powerful crossbows shot towards Yang Kai from all directions, each of them containing a terrifying power.

Under such a dense barrage of attacks, even a Ninth Order Spirit Rank master might not be able to escape unscathed. However, the angle at which these arrows were fired was clearly calculated and not aimed at Yang Kai’s vital points. Obviously, the Profound Pill Sect was unwilling to harm Yang Kai’s life.

Yang Kai’s figure didn’t move, but the sword in his hand formed a sword curtain, and under the stimulation of his spiritual force, a series of clanging sounds rang out as the dense number of arrows were all blocked.

The many cultivators who had been hiding in the shadows all turned pale with fright. In a flash, Yang Kai had already disappeared from their vision, followed by a miserable scream.

Screams rang out continuously…

One by one, the cultivators who were hiding nearby collapsed into pools of blood.

In front of the main hall that was separated from the Receiving Guests Palace by several mountain peaks, the upper echelons of Profound Pill Sect gathered, with Sect Master Baili Yunsang as their leader and many Elders, Deacons, and Protectors gathered.

Gao Xinpeng had just finished reporting the results of his negotiations with Yang Kai when Baili Yunsang nodded slightly and waved him away.

Great Elder Wu Fenghua said, “He is indeed someone who values friendship and loyalty. He clearly knows he can’t win, but he still came back, just a bit too arrogant.”

Yu Boyang frowned and said, “Sect Master, that boy has only just broken through to the Spirit Rank, so even if he is strong, how strong can he be? Aren’t we a little too nervous? The entire Profound Pill Sect has mobilized all of their forces, if this matter were to spread, I’m afraid others would laugh at us.”

Baili Yunsang said, “I also hope we overestimated his strength, but… Old Man Qi’s words really made me not dare to lower my guard.”

Yu Boyang turned to look at Old Man Qi and frowned, “Old Man Qi, is that boy really so amazing that even you aren’t his opponent? Did you make a mistake?”

When they had heard Old Man Qi’s report, almost no one in the entire Profound Pill Sect had dared to believe it, but Old Man Qi had spoken so confidently, and Wu Zheng Qi had also been the witness, so it was difficult for them not to believe him. Although they had mobilized all the forces in the Profound Pill Sect, they still felt that they had been too cautious.

Old Man Qi lowered his eyes and said lightly, “In terms of Alchemy, this old man can’t compare to Third Elder, but in terms of fighting techniques, this old man has some experience. That boy is the most powerful person this old man has ever met in his life. If he really wants to kill me, he should be able to take my life within ten moves!”

Yu Boyang blinked and couldn’t help laughing, “Old Qi, there’s no need to be so modest. In this Divine Weapon World, you’re already one of the most powerful masters, so aside from those Divine Weapon Lord, there aren’t many who can kill you, let alone in ten moves.”

He subconsciously felt that Old Man Qi was exaggerating Yang Kai’s strength in order to shirk responsibility for his previous mission’s failure, but because he was the Sect Master’s personal Blood Servant and had a high status in Profound Pill Sect, Yu Boyang didn’t say anything.

Old Man Qi remained silent.

“Reporting!” A long shout rang out as a cultivator rushed over from the distance and landed in front of everyone.

Yu Boyang quickly asked, “How is the situation over there? Did you capture that brat?”

After asking this question, the messenger’s face was filled with panic.

The messenger’s voice trembled as he said, “Alchemist Yang has broken through the first and second lines of defense and is now closing in on the third!”

“What?” Yu Boyang exclaimed, while Baili Yunsang and the other Elders also wore shocked expressions.

Everyone couldn’t believe their ears. How long had it been? From the time Gao Xinpeng came to report to them until now, it had only been a few dozen breaths of time, yet he had already broken through two lines of defense?

It had to be known that the first line of defense was managed by the Blood Servant Camp's 'Heavenly' Guards, and all of them were Spirit Rank masters. Although their level wasn’t too high, their numbers were quite high, and they were also proficient in a combination battle technique. Even if Old Man Qi were to face them, he wasn’t confident he could win.

The second line of defense also had dozens of cultivators who were proficient in archery lying in ambush. Once they fell into the encirclement, even if they didn’t die, they would be severely wounded.

This… this line of defense is broken through?

Yu Boyang hadn’t believed Old Qi’s words before, but now it seemed that Old Qi was not exaggerating.

Such terrifying combat strength, what kind of Alchemist was he?


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